r/Entitledparents Karen WIFE Demands I Pay her MEDICAL BILLS!

Feb 14, 2021
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r/Entitledparents Karen WIFE Demands I Pay her MEDICAL BILLS!
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    r/mr redditr/mr reddit14 days ago
    • Happy Valentine's Day to you as well. I have a crappy hp Windows Laptop that cannot even download Fortnite because I don't have enough Space. The only thing I have downloaded so far on it though is Google Chrome, Steam (deleted as of now), and Crunchyroll (deleted as of now). I can't really do anything on it. One because I don't know how to work Laptops, and also I cannot download anything and play it smoothly. Not even USworlds will run smoothly. But I'm gonna see if I can get install Valorant on it rn. Even if I could though, I doubt it would be playable.

      SeventyTewSeventyTew14 days ago
  • The one about the dress code, I feel that the mask dress code that has been going on for the last two years is bad.

    Tony McTony McDay ago
  • I have a working service dog people are always bothering working dogs it's an everyday thing

    Becca JacksonBecca Jackson2 days ago
  • Ok so with the first story I feel as though it is a 50/50 because OP could have just agreed on paying for some and the wife paying on the other half. OP could have handled the situation better and the wife could have been more understanding in the fact the OP was not really in a good spot to pay all of the medical bills. That is just my opinion 😁

    Sophia ArnoldSophia Arnold2 days ago
  • A dress code my school had would allow girls to wear headbands but not boys. Now I was fine but there were a few boy my 7th grade year that started wearing them until the dress code was changed.

    Jonathan DubielJonathan Dubiel3 days ago
  • We all had this dress code....no tank tops with thin straps.......like seriously?

    Sarah HoldererSarah Holderer3 days ago
  • way back in the late 1960's I lived in Virginia and there was a dress code saying girls could not wear pants/slacks. We got snow and plenty of cold weather in the winter. I remember wearing pants to school then removing them before class so my legs didn't freeze.

    Oline WrightOline Wright3 days ago
  • The update on the first one made him a jerk only about the things he said about his child. When you have a child you should take care of them no matter the situation. The ex is also a jerk for rubbing salt on wounds

  • First story- It’s both your kid so since you have no money while she was rolling in it why didn’t she pay half or come up with some plan if she pays and you owe her something. It’s not just your kid, it’s hers too. OP’s wife is sounding kinda money hungry rn

    Nemein ShirwellNemein Shirwell8 days ago
  • The dress code that women or girls are not allowed to wear tank tops no matter the weather to satisfy a boys' relationship with education that is messed up

    Nita EnyeartNita Enyeart8 days ago
  • I was going to say OP is only partly the jerk, should pay at least half, but then makes it sound like hes literally blaming his daughters health condition that he has 50% chance of contributing to in the first place, as it takes two to make a baby, and one for defects most of the time, yea... he def sounds like a jerk. I still think he should only have to pay half of it, but he comes off as a jerk for different reasons.

    AhlamkinAhlamkin10 days ago
  • 7:43 How would they have lost the case? That makes no sense.

    Gan LenGan Len10 days ago
  • 2:11 Yeah, this guy's a tool. My husband used to get the mail and just leave it in random weird places without telling me about it. That nonsense isn't ok.

    Gan LenGan Len10 days ago
  • I didn’t sign up for this! Major jerk!!!

    DrewDrew12 days ago
  • First story: you should not have paid them, yes she is your daughter but your significant other has the money whilst you didn’t

    KonekoGamingKonekoGaming12 days ago
  • No. You're not a jerk

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra13 days ago
  • He should have been helping you more!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra13 days ago
  • The wife!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra13 days ago
  • the boyfriend who said he can't find time to clean and only did 4 things. I'm sorry that's BS. I homeschool my daughter and upkeep my place no problems. he's just lazy.

    WanupgurlWanupgurl13 days ago
  • Medical bill: it was there before the wife even left, and if she was the one that was supposed to pay it anyways I don’t get why OP had to pay the late fees? Yes realistically since it’s their daughter they should both pay but we are in the real world when circumstances change. OP lost his job, she didn’t. I bet there were times in the past when he took care of stuff that she couldn’t. That’s how it is in relationships. It’s not always going to be directly 50-50, context matters.

    krystal floodskrystal floods13 days ago
  • In the medical bill story op’s so was the jerk cuz he doesn’t have any source of money whereas his so does and the bills were also directed at her

    The DefiantThe Defiant13 days ago
  • The story with the out-of-work lazy boyfriend. You're the jerk for allowing him to mooch off of you. Omg! He turned down a guaranteed job... And now he's upset with you because you won't clean up behind him and for him ....Wake up

    nunuthings1945nunuthings194513 days ago
  • Watching these types of videos helps me fall asleep at night (its currently 2am right now)

  • Op your making excuses for your golden child. Your lying to all us. I think with that income she could find a place. You just a jerk who plays favorites.

    Julio RodriguezJulio Rodriguez13 days ago
    • Depending on where they live she probably couldnt afford an apartment and a baby!! A 2 bedroom where I live is like 1600 and I have a son and struggling as it is!! One child wanted it for free the other was willing to pay rent! Plus she still had 2 places to stay at if she wanted to! Sooo whose really the Golden child?

      Holly's Crazy WorldHolly's Crazy World9 days ago
  • I would have kicked him out. No job, doesn't help out with household chores!. He's major red flag.

    Julio RodriguezJulio Rodriguez13 days ago
  • Funny video

    Shomari MonroeShomari Monroe13 days ago
  • I love how you always do different subreddits!

    Blake BondBlake Bond13 days ago
  • We had to wear dresses to school. No pants allowed. We petitioned the school to change dress code so girls could wear pants or jeans we won!

    Judy OramJudy Oram13 days ago

    MakenaMakena13 days ago
  • Both the parents of the kid with late medical bills are the *jerk* for using the kid against each other.

    Dezi StegientDezi Stegient13 days ago
    • Exactly. Perfect response right here.

      AhlamkinAhlamkin10 days ago
  • Definitely the pregnant girl should have the apartment. Not only she will be paying rent but she could look after her baby but the parents don’t get disturbed by the baby. They will be close by though to be of help should the new mom needs it

    Theresa AtkinsonTheresa Atkinson14 days ago
  • OP goes on chore strike. Good for you. You are not the jerk, your boyfriend is. You open your home to him to help him out and he treats you like his personal maid. If he is not actively looking for work how does he not have the time to do chores? If things don' change maybe it's time to ask him to leave.

    diane sabbathdiane sabbath14 days ago
  • Last story: Only an entitled parent would _punish_ their child for not stealing something that didn't belong to them. Just because the aunt _wanted_ to solve the "graphics cartridge" aka graphics card issue in that way doesn't make it right unless the owner agrees to it. So she's okay with stealing her family's belongings but will punish her child for not actually allowing that to happen? She's toxic.

    Angela EdwardsAngela Edwards14 days ago
  • Not the Jerk! SD has a room and bath in the same house!! Daughter is having a baby and needs an "apt" type residence to take care of child's needs. School girl doesn't need it yet and can't pay anything, so the daughter with child should have it! Plus, I think the college SD is wanting a "place to invite her friends" to come to to hang out and party!!

    Linda HowardLinda Howard14 days ago
    • Doesn’t matter. She asked first and was flat out told no because they wanted to make money off of it. The real daughter is not going to be paying actual market value. And I bet once the baby comes her mom will tell her she doesn’t have to pay rent at all. Her deciding to have a child has nothing to do with it. She chose to keep a baby she can’t afford. It’s still not fair at all to the stepdaughter.

      krystal floodskrystal floods13 days ago
  • If your boyfriend moved in with you after he lost his job, has lived with you for 5 months without getting another job or helping with the chores he is a freeloader and needs the boot. You work and have time to clean up too, he doesn't work and has no time to do chores? what is he doing all day? you are right to refuse to do chores until he does at least half of them, but you are not "forcing him to live in this kind of environment". He can move out if he doesn't want to live this way,'

    Que Areste EstaviaQue Areste Estavia14 days ago
  • Boyfriend is a JERK.

    Linda HowardLinda Howard14 days ago
  • Sounds like Karen has a cold.

    Jeremy BolanosJeremy Bolanos14 days ago
  • Hm ... Let her live and pays her bills ... Or ..... - looks at the plug - .. Whoops ~ - unplugs the Karen -

    shadow raiden23shadow raiden2314 days ago
  • Happy Valentine’s Day everyone

    Ashes FliverAshes Fliver14 days ago
  • LOL OP thinks Step-daguhter will pay rent in the area of around 1300.00 a month. Ya.....I'd like to see a follow up post on that in a couple years. She will claim some sort of financial problems or quit school or job to "take care of the baby." and will not be paying anything, plus asking you for money for baby needs and groceries and for her going out wih her dates or her girl friends. Yes I am cynicle.....but its from years of experience. I understand the reasoning of allowing the one daughter over the other, but should have been NO to both to prevent issues between them.

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney14 days ago
  • School I went to had us girl wear dresses. Boy could wear any kinda pants they wanted and a button up shirt. Totally hated that school.

    Ology the ponyologiestOlogy the ponyologiest14 days ago
  • Dress Code: I was lead programmer for a small website shop. Because I sat in the back office and never interacted with clients, the boss said I could wear what I wanted (shorts/sweats and t-shirts) until he hired an office manager who complained. So boss asked me to dress business casual. I asked what he meant - dockers like pants and polo or button down shirts was the answer. I asked for a week because I didn't have time to shop over the weekend (a lie). I got online and ordered my new wardrobe which arrived in time for the start of the new week and waited until everyone had already gone into the office into our obligatory Monday morning meeting and then waltzed in wearing a bright orange Hawaiian shirt. Boss tried to conceal a smile (he had an idea what was coming) while my co-workers razzed me, and the office manager gave me the stink-eye. Tuesday, bright red Hawaiian shirt. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday - blue with ukuleles, black with chili peppers, and yellow with classic cars. Office manager fumed, but I was meeting the requirement, and I wore them the rest of the time I worked for the guy. Still have them nearly 20 years later. Still fit and are in good shape so I wear them to my current job every now and then.

    TlalocWTlalocW14 days ago
  • Why can you not spell sexism or read it out loud on your reddit?

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney14 days ago
  • 100

    The gaming wizard of ozThe gaming wizard of oz14 days ago
  • 99

    The gaming wizard of ozThe gaming wizard of oz14 days ago
  • 98

    The gaming wizard of ozThe gaming wizard of oz14 days ago
  • 97

    The gaming wizard of ozThe gaming wizard of oz14 days ago
  • 96

    The gaming wizard of ozThe gaming wizard of oz14 days ago
  • 95

    The gaming wizard of ozThe gaming wizard of oz14 days ago
  • If these are bills for your daughter, then YOU and her mother are responsible for them. Your attitude of “they are in my daughter’s mom’s name so they are her responsibility” is an AH move.

    Stephanie NStephanie N14 days ago
    • Also there's "I never signed up for this." As the father, that's *exactly* what you 'signed up' for! How anyone could think otherwise is unbelievable.

      a man of many partsa man of many parts13 days ago
  • Reeeeee

    PotatotsPotatots14 days ago
  • I had to look like an entitled person and was judged

    Ed PalmerEd Palmer14 days ago
  • 3:45 no he is not the jerk his wife is. He did state that he is not doing well financially meanwhile his wife is doing just fine financially. So since the wife is financially stable enough to pay for the bills she should be the one to do it instead of demanding him to do it despite his situation.

    Veloci RaptorVeloci Raptor14 days ago
    • 1) The bills came in when they were together, 2) the bills were for His daughter not his wife 3) he Is partially responsible for the bills since he is the father. Just because they are split up and he's struggling doesn't mean he's not responsible; and then he has the gull to try and gain sympathy by complaining about his daughters medical issues .

      JemimakittenCatJemimakittenCat14 days ago
  • The budding lawyer is my new hero. Happy valentine's day to everyone from a genuine very real 'old maid.'---If you don't know what that means, Google it...NOT the card game!

    OldMaidWhovian akaNancyGOldMaidWhovian akaNancyG14 days ago
  • Games I play, Runescape, Star Wars the Old Republic, & Magic the Gathering Arena, all on the PC.

    James ScheurichJames Scheurich14 days ago
  • What Computergames ? Oof...Stardew, Wow, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Life if Feudal, Civilasation, Heros of might and magic, Sims...just a few.

    SaltyWytchSaltyWytch14 days ago
  • The school in story 2 was majorly stupid and trying to bully the kid just made it worse for the school. If they'd told my parents all the dirty jokes I told at school, my parents would've just laughed and said, 'where do you think she learned them from?'

    Raven FoxRaven Fox14 days ago
  • League of Legends, baby. Yayuh.

    Holden RossHolden Ross14 days ago
  • In primary school, they brought out these nice jacket/blazers, they were lighter material than the jumpers, so good when there was just a mild chill in the air or cool breeze, but we werent allowed to wear them unless we had on jumpers underneath... i still dont know the logic behind that choice 🤷‍♀️so if we either had to freeze without the jacket or sweat with the jumper

    Veronica FerrisVeronica Ferris14 days ago
  • I played PC games with XBOX achievements.

    Karla BoergerKarla Boerger14 days ago
  • Sorry I’m late. I’m here now.

    Jo Buck87Jo Buck8714 days ago
  • You know you guys had that baby together! Your daughter is covered under your wife’s insurance. The money for that insurance come out of your wife’s check. Quit feeling sorry for yourself ! Get off your else and get a job! Wait tables do something until you find a better job. You may not of signed up for “THIS”. No parent signs up to have a special needs child. The Lord gave you that child as a gift! Put your Big Boy Pants on and do your job!

    Kathleen GreenKathleen Green14 days ago
    • and she was paying the main bill she just wanted him to cover the late fees he caused, the reschedule fee he caused, and schedule a new appt for the daughter but "I don't know how an HSA card works and I don't know those office people my wife handled the scheduling the appts before"

      LadywizardLadywizard14 days ago
  • The boyfriend is the jerk because he just lazy and doesn't want to look for a job or to clean up the house

    Mickey ReynaMickey Reyna14 days ago
  • A friend of mine fought the new "jacket and tie" dress code but wearing a leather bimver jacket or sport jacket and tie as a headband. School tried to write him up but he pointed out that he wasn't viokating the dress code. They wrote him up and then the parents got involved. They took it up with the school board. No suits and ties were required next year.

    Curtis BerardCurtis Berard14 days ago
  • right hand side near the heart.

    WanupgurlWanupgurl14 days ago
  • The service dog one: Vest interferes with the work? I doubt that. The dog NEEDS a vest. Yes, it doesn't keep EVERYONE away but it will help when they do interfere.

    IrisIris14 days ago
    • Actually I have a friend at work who has seizures. Her dog can’t wear a vest best her hand got caught in the strap while seizing and it not only snapped her wrist but really bruised her poor doggo.

      Rebecca ShearnRebecca Shearn14 days ago
  • Last story: I play world of tanks, war thunder, cod wz and phantom forces

    Jose PorfirioJose Porfirio14 days ago
  • Found karen in the "Can you spot the karen"

    Chris Of AbyssChris Of Abyss14 days ago
  • That boyfriend is horrible i would of told him get out

    Alysa CyrAlysa Cyr14 days ago
  • K has every reason to be upset. If the daughter can’t afford rent she can’t afford a baby either.

    Jasper Cat .ProductionsJasper Cat .Productions14 days ago
    • ❤️🌹❤️🌹Happy Valentine's Day 🌹❤️🌹❤️

      Bonnie GoyerBonnie Goyer14 days ago
    • I think you've misheard - the daughter having the baby is the one who can afford the rent; it's the one going to uni that can't

      Frank HooperFrank Hooper14 days ago
  • In the last story, Karen called her bother (OP's father) a miser. I'm thinking, how could he be a miser when he offered to buy the graphic card for Karen's kid. I see Karen as the miser, because she wanted OP to give them the graphic card with the offer of paying for the replacement. I doubt Karen would pay OP back.

    Lee HarriganLee Harrigan14 days ago
  • The Karen who picked up OP'S service dog, without asking. What came to my mind is this... Weather or not OP's dog was a service dog, the Karen had no right to pick the dog up without asking if she could. If OP'S dog wasn't a service dog, it still might not like having strangers (or anyone besides OP) pick it up.

    Lee HarriganLee Harrigan14 days ago
    • I was thinking the same thing. Anytime I see a dog (or cat) I stay back and ask first if I can pet it. (I ask the people not the animal lol) unless of course it's wearing a vest or any other indicator of being a working critter.

      Jennifer ApplegateJennifer Applegate14 days ago
  • I see service dogs all the time at walmart. I try to do is not go near them. Dont want to accidently distract them. if they are blocking most of the aisle (with the owner). I either way or take a longer route. These stories tell me that anything could distract them.

    Power_struggle55Power_struggle5514 days ago
  • medical bill story: I think both are the jerks. Yes bill was in her name, yes she is equally to blame but it wasnt her bill. It was their daughter's. If it was just the wife's....yeah OP not the jerk but it was his daughter's.

    Power_struggle55Power_struggle5514 days ago
    • But he didn’t have the money and she did

      The DefiantThe Defiant13 days ago
    • Yeh first OP is a jerk there married it sounds like they never should have tied the knot in the first place!!!

      JamesJames13 days ago
    • Agreed, if the bills came after she moved out, he'd be more at fault, but they still would both be responsible considering it's their child

      Mr. & Mrs. SmithMr. & Mrs. Smith14 days ago
  • story 1 ESH both have to pay

    Lori JimersonLori Jimerson14 days ago
  • You guys are awesome. I listen to u all the time when I work on my order. Keep up the great work and thanks for the shout out yall

    Ravendeath ,Ravendeath ,14 days ago
    • Thank you Ravendeath, you rock!!! 😎

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit14 days ago
  • Good morning mister Reddit

    Kage UzumakiKage Uzumaki14 days ago
    • Good Morning Kage!!! 😃

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit14 days ago
  • The second story is nothing but a kid throwing a tempertantrum cause they didn't get their way and made someone else pay for things they shouldn't have to

    Kenneth HauckKenneth Hauck14 days ago
    • I thought that, too.

      KelfKelf14 days ago
  • I had a professor who was always very nice or so we thought. One day I got called into his office and he pulled a jekkel and hyde. Yelling, screaming, (ever leave a place shocked and you cant even wrap your head around what happened?) When I told ppl what happened all were like your fibbing and he wouldnt do that. Well he did it to a couple others and when then they were came to me and said you werent lying wtf. Btw he yelled bc my journal notes werent typed and he didnt like to read cursive. Nowhere did it say notes had to be typed. In fact they were notes taken in class.

    Nimi SilverbirdNimi Silverbird14 days ago
  • OP you are not the jerks your boyfriend talent in this way I can point teller said find a place to sleep I know the museum in my apartment on my house and pick kicked you out and by the way you have white your wife is going on strike

    The little that engine could 20th anniversaryThe little that engine could 20th anniversary14 days ago
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, Mr. Reddit and Karen!

    Scarlett SteeleScarlett Steele14 days ago
    • Happy Valentine's Day Scarlett!! 😎

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit14 days ago
  • Oh yes you are

    Herbert RushlowHerbert Rushlow14 days ago
  • No she job. Wont clean. Get a new man. Who doesn't have time to clean when they have nothing to do

    Nimi SilverbirdNimi Silverbird14 days ago
    • he figures he can just mooch, kick him out

      velvety2006velvety200614 days ago
    • Op should most definitely break up with and kick out her bf

      J DJ D14 days ago
  • When the guy refused to pay the medical bills he was not the jerk. The wife forgot to pay them, she was irresponsible.

    Dragon SlayerDragon Slayer14 days ago
    • Nope his fault... one of his "chores" while unemployed is sorting the mail and she just wants him to cover late fees

      LadywizardLadywizard14 days ago
    • Happy Love day❤️🌹❤️🌹

      Bonnie GoyerBonnie Goyer14 days ago
    • at the star, I agreed with you but when he said the bills were for his daughter that`s when all sympathy was lost. if he couldn`t pay them he should have given them to his wife early. he is lucky he is only paying the late fee.

      j marinej marine14 days ago
    • The bills were for his daughter. He is and should be partially responsible for them, especially since they were living together when the bills came in.

      Tony RockwellTony Rockwell14 days ago
    • This was the first story forgot to say

      Dragon SlayerDragon Slayer14 days ago
  • The first OP IS the KEVIN. Geez. He might have been laid off but that is his DAUGHTER.

    Glo CGlo C14 days ago
  • Happy Valentines day Mr. Reddit.

    Tammy BaileyTammy Bailey14 days ago
    • @r/mr reddit Thank you!! 😊

      Tammy BaileyTammy Bailey14 days ago
    • Happy Valentine's Day Tammy!! 😎

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit14 days ago
  • $1800 a month?!?! wtf!?! where do they live?!?

    Christopher BevardChristopher Bevard14 days ago
    • @Christopher Bevard One last thing try to invest in the stock market. that`s the only thing politicians care about. Stay safe friend.

      j marinej marine14 days ago
    • @Christopher Bevard Wise choice especially with how tone-deaf politicians are. Republicans believe people can make a living with 100 dollars and democrats want to use the promise of wage raises to force people to vote for them. Biden made it so wages get raise by 2025 a subtle and corrupt "vote for me". someone the was asked since 2015 both sides don`t care about us. they only care about their donors.

      j marinej marine14 days ago
    • @j marine woof. I'll stay in Iowa lol

      Christopher BevardChristopher Bevard14 days ago
    • @Christopher Bevard You want to come to new york rent goes from 1,200 in the Bronx to 3k to Mahanta. on average you can expect to pay between 1,800 to 2,400

      j marinej marine14 days ago
    • @j marine I pay around $600 for a three bedroom house

      Christopher BevardChristopher Bevard14 days ago
  • First story OP is a jerk. The bills were for his daughter, he should have been willing to help pay those bills from the beginning. Third story the boyfriend is definitely the jerk. If he isn't going to work, he should have been helping around the house without being asked.

    Tony RockwellTony Rockwell14 days ago
    • @John Miller Yep and him paying the reschedule fee since he missed the doctor's appointment sleeping in but oh no a week ago before she found that bill(she said she'll move back if he covers the fees that he caused) they were still in same house and she had broke down handed him a chore chart and he waited until she was buying the groceries and tossed it

      LadywizardLadywizard14 days ago
    • @Xavier Jones sounds like SHE was paying the majority of the bill, only asking him to take care of the late fee since he didn't notify her it came in the mail.

      John MillerJohn Miller14 days ago
    • @Dragon Slayer he admitted that the bills came in while they were still living together. That alone makes him partially responsible for those bills not getting paid. It doesn't matter that he's almost broke, taking care of your kids should come first.

      Tony RockwellTony Rockwell14 days ago
    • @John Miller another part of being a parent is helping your significant other with costs of life, like the lady could've (and in my opinion, should have) done

      Xavier JonesXavier Jones14 days ago
    • @Dragon Slayer part of being a parent.

      John MillerJohn Miller14 days ago
  • Happy Valentine's day everyone

    Birds 3214Birds 321414 days ago
  • The first one, I felt like it was ESH but the updates OP made showed that he feels bitterly towards his child and ex

    declan rodgersdeclan rodgers14 days ago
  • Hey Mr. Reddit today i snuck my new 2 month old puppy in to work :)

    Lokiwolfgirl 1Lokiwolfgirl 114 days ago
  • Happy V-day Mr. Reddit and anyone reading this 😁 Loved finding Karen infront of the love heart! Very fitting for today ❤️

    Joany DelgadoJoany Delgado14 days ago
    • Happy Valentine's day❤️❤️❤️❤️.

      Bonnie GoyerBonnie Goyer14 days ago
    • Happy Valentine's day to you

      Brittany loweBrittany lowe14 days ago
  • I hope everyone has a great day happy Valentines day

    Wile e coyote BeardeddragonloveWile e coyote Beardeddragonlove14 days ago
  • Second story: talk about the school getting schooled

    JleavsJleavs14 days ago

    Ethan Carberry-HoltEthan Carberry-Holt14 days ago
  • Weeeehaaàa...love you Mr Reddit and Karen

    Sabi KernowiteSabi Kernowite14 days ago
    • Happy Valentines day

      Wile e coyote BeardeddragonloveWile e coyote Beardeddragonlove14 days ago
    • Thank you for being here so early Sabi!!! 😎

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit14 days ago
  • I'm finally early! Claim your here before an hour ticket by liking the video and subscribing to Mr Reddit!

    Moonlit BookwormMoonlit Bookworm14 days ago
    • @r/mr reddit no problem! I love your channel and don't really have much to do today! I love your podcast too! Have a happy Valentine's day!

      Moonlit BookwormMoonlit Bookworm14 days ago
    • @J D welcome

      Moonlit BookwormMoonlit Bookworm14 days ago
    • Here

      J DJ D14 days ago
    • @Wile e coyote Beardeddragonlove Happy Valentine's day!

      Moonlit BookwormMoonlit Bookworm14 days ago
    • Happy Valentines day

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  • Ha, have fun with debt Karen. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Richard WhittakerRichard Whittaker14 days ago
    • Happy reeeeeeeee Valentines reeeeeeeee day

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    • REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Good morning and happy Valentine's day every one

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    • Happy Valentines day

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    • Good Morning Kyle, and Happy Valentine's Day!!! 😃

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  • Good morning Mr. Reddit!!! 💯💯❤️❤️

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    • Happy Valentines day

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    • Good Morning Teresa!!! 😃

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