r/Entitledparents Karen SECRETLY RECORDS ME and SHOWS MY BOSS!

Feb 16, 2021
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r/Entitledparents Karen SECRETLY RECORDS ME and SHOWS MY BOSS!
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    r/mr redditr/mr reddit13 days ago
    • @4twentyluvr I hope so, too, as he forgot to post today's episode (2/17/21). Perhaps he and Karen are taking a break today.

      Karl SpethKarl Speth11 days ago
    • Hope you're doing well Mr. Reddit 👍👍

      4twentyluvr4twentyluvr11 days ago
    • Karen: top center cosplaying Scorpion (GET OVER HERE!)

      Libra Guy The JadedLibra Guy The Jaded12 days ago
  • Retro-toy: I had this blocky, metallic, wind-up-style, “robot”. It would move a little and it’s head would spin and it’d make grinding noises. Years later I was given a battery-powered version that moved more and it’s eyes lit up, it’s torso would spin around then it’s chest would pop open and these little “lasers” popped out and lit up while making pew-pew sounds. I like the battery-powered version more. Yes, I’m older; but I was a child at that time.

    RustedOneRustedOne6 days ago
  • Op's mom and family are jerks b/c you should understand that he's happy in the relationship and welcoming a baby. If she can have an outburst than so can he.

  • My favorite toy was a Playskool chime rolypoly bird. It was like a big weeble with a bell in it. My mom saved it and now i have it for my kids!

    Chelsea MadisettyChelsea Madisetty8 days ago
  • Soccer

    den Dyerden Dyer8 days ago
  • Hey Mr.Reddit I have a idea One Karen has to Read my story Dragons Angel The story is in my deviant art ((Angelmaidava)) if anyone wants to giv e it a read

    Kage UzumakiKage Uzumaki9 days ago
  • The Moon Boots trampoline shoes! I loved those!

    Master NatakaMaster Nataka10 days ago
  • OP in the first story has SO much emotional awareness. He knew he built his life around his physical activities, and he recognized that this is why this hurt so much. I love reading stuff like that. 🤣

    GTA Su SuGTA Su Su10 days ago
    • @Kayenne54 this is true, but life is always a journey. Most people don’t even have that much awareness, they spiral and cope with substances or with unhealthy activities. At least they were able to ascertain why they felt that way. That’s the first step.

      GTA Su SuGTA Su Su9 days ago
    • Op still has a little way to go though. Still hinging self esteem on physical fitness, when it's their mental and emotional fitness that needs work.

      Kayenne54Kayenne549 days ago
  • There are do many red flags in the relationship in story 2. Like, looking in the actual thread and the OP’s comment history is... really bad. I think the sister has the right to say “hey, your relationship is kinda concerning” without having her marriages thrown in her face.

    Lady PhoenixLady Phoenix10 days ago
  • Connecticut wine Karen one parent has a spring pasta I don't want nothing bad. I don't have my prince miles

    The little that engine could 20th anniversaryThe little that engine could 20th anniversary10 days ago
  • karen:OUCH are you serious!?!?! karen: I'LL GET YOU FIRED THUMB TANK

    Itachi UchihaItachi Uchiha10 days ago
  • Loved the story of Karen stealing the shower gel..👍😁

    Jag GirlJag Girl10 days ago
  • Hate the background music!!! It's so distracting!!

    Melecia BoonzaaierMelecia Boonzaaier10 days ago
  • In the first story they're both a couple of Karens.

    PiffTheMagicDragonzordPiffTheMagicDragonzord10 days ago
  • Retro toys? A Glow Worm and Simon

    Adair StewartAdair Stewart11 days ago
  • Was there no video today?

    Ashlyn JanelleAshlyn Janelle11 days ago
  • retro toy....stretch Armstrong

    Adam WeberAdam Weber11 days ago
  • Anyone knows what the thumbnail is???

    Dimariah GunnemannDimariah Gunnemann11 days ago
  • Mom was a B!#$@!! My husband is 20 years older, and even a couple months older than my mom. It took a couple months but she loves him more than I expected.

    April HaycoxApril Haycox11 days ago
  • Where's is Wednesday the 17th new Reddit? I'm having withdrawls.

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney11 days ago
  • Anyone know where Mr. Reddit might live? I know the U.S. had a nasty snow storm hit the south, that's usually unprepared for winter weather like this. Is he caught up in it?

    IrisIris11 days ago
  • Surprise announcement that you are engaged and you're getting married and you've got a baby coming is no excuse for your mom to get nasty. Surprised yes. Concerned Maybe. Nasty no. The rest of your family seems to have been blindsided as well since their excuse for her nasty Behavior is your excuse for snapping back. You had a perfect right to stand up for you and your partner.

    Joyce NealJoyce Neal11 days ago
  • Found Karen, she's Scorpion from Mortal Kombat.

    Edgar LujanoEdgar Lujano11 days ago
  • Never thought I'd hear a story involving Asda 😀 most of the time its Walmart lol

    Gabrielle .GGabrielle .G11 days ago
    • What is Asda?

      Ricei RoniRicei Roni10 days ago
  • When is today's one?

    Killian MooreKillian Moore11 days ago
  • 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❤️

    kittykim3kkittykim3k11 days ago
  • Ahahahaha 😆 Longer than a year! Does your sister also go telling someone who paints for a living how to color when she has only finger painted in preschool!

    Richard OrtaRichard Orta11 days ago
  • Age gaps make other people crazy. Not sure why.

    Teddicus BoozicusTeddicus Boozicus11 days ago
  • When I was in high school, my grandpa was sick with cancer. I had an indwelling catheter. My doc had told me I needed to be careful cuz it could be accidentally pulled out. So I was pretty paranoid about it. One day when visiting my grandparents I was coming in the back door. One of my grandma's dogs ran in front of me and disconnected the catheter from the drainage bag tube. I freaked out for a second and my grandma, who happened to be walking by comforted me. After she walked away my uncle told me I shouldn't have worried my grandma. I was stunned by that as he never said anything like that to me. I regret not telling him off but I was a very shy person.

    regina simpsonregina simpson11 days ago
  • Vertibird for the win.

    Fred Farrell ProductionsFred Farrell Productions11 days ago
  • For the Zoom call, OP had every right to call out their mother out on their behavior, even if they could've handled it slightly better, although it's pretty difficult when emotions are involved. I say they cut their mother out of their life until their mother can reevaluate their attitude toward the situation.

    VibronicPoppy82VibronicPoppy8211 days ago
  • I understand how the grandma in the story felt about getting the right toy for her grandchild. It can be hard to be able to find exactly what a child wants for Christmas. I do think she shouldn’t have waited so late to try and find it. I also understand that kids do change their minds often. You’re a great grandma by the way.

    Kimberly DavisKimberly Davis11 days ago
  • Found Karen! - She's in a yellow business suit standing by a bunny

    Imzadi83 FanVidsImzadi83 FanVids11 days ago
  • Problem is most of the toys that you guys would consider retro were not retro when I was a kid

    Joe MJoe M11 days ago
  • OP in the zoom call story is NTA. As long as it is genuine, and both involved are of age, there is nothing wrong with age differences in a relationship. I had a girlfriend who was 24 when I was 37. The age gap was no problem at all, as we were both mature adults. Although the romantic aspect of the relationship didn't last, we are still kindred spirits and remain good friends to this day.

    DamonNomad82DamonNomad8211 days ago
  • When did mr Reddit and Karen change roles

    Luis ContrerasLuis Contreras11 days ago
  • First story. I completely understand the dynamics of your relationship, in fact I have the very same relationship with my husband for the last 37 years and going. We are super close, happy and still madly in love. I wouldn’t change anything in my relationship with my husband! Rien, nada, niet!! Don’t let anyone get involved in your life.

    Sylvie CarpentierSylvie Carpentier11 days ago
  • Ohh! I soo love your channel! Thank you so much for your wonderful work.

    Sylvie CarpentierSylvie Carpentier11 days ago
  • Glow Worm Teddy Ruzpin Cabbage Patch Preemie (She was extremely special. It's one of a kind. My cousin went to Canada to get her for me I have searched and searched. No luck. Not giving up!). She was made somewhere between 1978 and Jan of 1980

    Alrica NeshamaAlrica Neshama12 days ago
  • fels good to do that

    Sleepy Soup BoiSleepy Soup Boi12 days ago
  • I swear I went to already actually read this won on redet you're scaring your grandma cuz he came from job and he laid on the floor by the fire and he was scaring the grandma

    Sleepy Soup BoiSleepy Soup Boi12 days ago
  • my retro game - i had a yahtzee handheld thing when i was a kid. loved that thing. i don't remember exactly what happened to it - i think it finally died?

    Dee Elle BeeDee Elle Bee12 days ago
  • My toys were original. NOW they're retro.

    Grandma NancyGrandma Nancy12 days ago
  • Awesome video

    Shomari MonroeShomari Monroe12 days ago
  • I hope my kids grow up with the work ethic of the OP in the third story.

    Tony RockwellTony Rockwell12 days ago
  • Cart pusher... either very out of shape or very dramatic. I’ve pushed carts for target before Christmas so I know exactly what the extent of the work can be. Plus the statement where OP says they FINALLY ask what’s wrong after laying in front of the fire until someone comes to them? Sounds like a 4yr old who got a little bruise and acts up to get sympathy when they are fine. That coupled with living with parents who seem to still treat this OP as a child....

    Morgen Glende-MichalskiMorgen Glende-Michalski12 days ago
  • That guy who said work ethic. You are working too much. It's not work ethic when you hurt yourself and the company will toss you out faster than expired soup. Take care of your body. I didn't I was like you and I have back problems and my company doesn't help me pay rent

    InfidelLunchboxInfidelLunchbox12 days ago
  • Get over yourself steve🦊

    kk44kk4412 days ago
  • The guy with the younger pregnant fiance is a rock star. Its important his mom knows the boundaries and keep them. sounds like his mom thinks his wife is not important because she's not old enough to deserve respect and really needed to be put in her place. If he treats other episodes consitantly it will ensure that age nonsense will not be a part of their relationship and his family and others will respect their union far more in the long run.

    Toy AiryToy Airy12 days ago
    • @atarijawa462 oh wow i got it backwards. sounds like mom is going to have to learn her little boy is grown up and she needs to start respecting that. while its not as bad as it would have been had mom been disrespecting a younger partner to her son, she was still disrespecting his adult decisions and life changes.

      Toy AiryToy Airy12 days ago
    • Its the other way around. The pregnant fiance is 41 and he's 28.

      atarijawa462atarijawa46212 days ago
  • Speak and spell

    Betsy SternhagenBetsy Sternhagen12 days ago
  • having your appendix out does not cause the issues from the first story. sorry but you have 3-7 day recovery for the incision to heal. god I hate fake stories

    Genghis ChuanGenghis Chuan12 days ago
    • if you look up the recovery time it can go up to 3 weeks.

      j marinej marine12 days ago
  • So....people are suppose to be able to say any rude thing they want and everyone has to be okay with it? I think not. I would cut mom out and not let her see the baby that "was used to trap her son." I can not believe how people think that anything that comes into their minds is okay to let come out of their mouths. SMH.

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney12 days ago
  • I want to say Ninja Turtles, but to make it special I am going to say it was this picture globe. For almost every country there was a picture you could see trough a peephole.

    swisschris81swisschris8112 days ago
  • I suspect that OPs Grandma and parents thought his laying down and not moving was the fault of drugs or alcohol, not from working too hard so made him get up. SMH. Should be thankful they have a 16yo who wants to work and have work ethics.

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney12 days ago
  • No!!! And yes it does. Karen

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra12 days ago
  • Yeah. Raggedy Ann and raggedy Andy and Atari hand held video game.

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra12 days ago
  • Thank you for your amazing videos. It's been so snowy and around -24 outside and my Dish goes on and off so at least I have you and Karen's videos to keep me entertained

    Suzy Boyle AndersonSuzy Boyle Anderson12 days ago
  • Only thing I can say is have a nice day; because some of that I agree with and the other part of it, I don't.

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra12 days ago
  • My friend is a single mom and doesn't ask for handouts like these shameless single moms in these stories.

    Suzy Boyle AndersonSuzy Boyle Anderson12 days ago
    • There are always people who represent the best of humanity, and a few who are selfish and short sighted. The selfish ones make stuff look worse.

      Nancy JayNancy Jay11 days ago
  • What I think is odd is to have a rule about what brand of water you can buy. Why do you need to make rules about such a trivial thing? That just seems controlling to me.

    Oliver C. GriffinOliver C. Griffin12 days ago
  • Zoom call guy: yea you're kind of the jerk because you did hang up on everyone else who was being supportive. Like...didnt even give them a chance and honestly, acted pretty childish. On another note, seriously...good luck with that pregnancy. Her age makes her high risk, and also high chance of miscarriage. It's why you're told as a woman the best age is between 20 and 35, because the farther outside that range, the higher chance of complications/miscarriages. Good luck!

    AhlamkinAhlamkin12 days ago
  • I had a mini record player. It was my all time favorite as a kid lol.

    AhlamkinAhlamkin12 days ago
  • For the worker story: you're young, so you dont get it quite all the way. I don't think anyone was making fun of you when claiming you're working too hard. Nor do we not understand work ethic. No, sweetheart, we understand it very well. Because once upon a time, we used to be like you. Now...we know how the real world works. Especially in places like that. Your work ethic means Jack in regards of promotions. They dont see you as an employee who "cares" and has job security because of it. Had it been you stuck at the resort trying to let workers know via wifi, itd be you either fired or written up for no call/no show. Because THATS how the real world works. You're lucky if you find a boss that cares enough to listen. But you're fooling yourself if you think that's how the real world works. So yes, I think I agree with others in saying you DO work too hard, and for real? Dont. Its NOT worth it. You DO NOT get paid to be in pain, and when that pain suddenly doesnt suit the company, you'll be let go and will see how much they valued your care for the company. Sorry its harsh, but it IS the truth.

    AhlamkinAhlamkin12 days ago
  • What I need on a Snowy day

    Birds 3214Birds 321412 days ago
  • Everybody else talking about snow days and I'm just sitting here in sunny 85° Florida weather lol. It's not actually nice, though. Theres NEVER a happy medium here. Either too hot, or too cold.

    AhlamkinAhlamkin12 days ago
  • Used to have a bunch of turtles stuff from the toys to a big stuffed michaelangelo doll and a leonardo foam chair.

    Ryan WesemannRyan Wesemann12 days ago
  • The story about the age gap..... I feel you my girlfriend is 42 I'm 27 lol. Tho so far my family hasn't said anything. Then again I live states away

    confused dullahanconfused dullahan12 days ago
  • I thought she was talking about a Light-Bright. I had hours of fun with that at a child.

    Liz CassLiz Cass12 days ago
    • Oh man! I loved my light bright! (I think I actually still have it in my attack! Complete with the original POINTED pieces! Ya know, the ones that would puncture right through your skin when you step on them... not the new rounded ends.)

      Amy T.Amy T.11 days ago
    • OoooOOOoo light bright! Omg flashback...I just showed my age. sad face

      Alison CasilliAlison Casilli12 days ago
  • Too bad somebody didn't get the Reee!! On camera lol

    John SmithJohn Smith12 days ago
  • Does anyone else enjoy 'spot the Karen', almost as much fun as the stories?

    YoungieYoungie12 days ago
    • @Sh'Vira Snowcat I've only had a couple I couldn't find. But even my grandkiddos with young eyes couldn't find her.

      Emeraldwitch30Emeraldwitch3012 days ago
    • @Emeraldwitch30 me too and failed each time

      Sh'Vira SnowcatSh'Vira Snowcat12 days ago
    • I pause and search every time

      Emeraldwitch30Emeraldwitch3012 days ago
  • Pregnant older Fiance'; OP should be proud of how he stood up for his Lady against his mom. Mom is a total AH & had no business telling the Lady she was a 'gold digger' (implied) who 'trapped' her son. Son is only a little AH for hanging up but I'm backing him.

    Robin MitchellRobin Mitchell12 days ago
  • In the "stay married for more than a year" story, the sister gets more jerk points OP seems to have a healthy relationship going.

    SphealSpheal12 days ago
    • half healthy. they need to address the no friends of the opposite gender. that screens insecurities. but you are correct.

      j marinej marine12 days ago
  • F karen

    grain craftergrain crafter12 days ago
  • I watch this site when I am bored, but to say the truth, the stories you so call are true HA HA HA really, I've read so many of them, that whoever writes this, must be running out of ideas None of it is real., to dumb

    Ocilia CantonOcilia Canton12 days ago
    • You've been quarantined for too long, havent you? Lol while a lot do come off as fake, many are very believable. And its def become worse in during this pandemic. All I can say, is feel lucky you havent seen it yet.

      AhlamkinAhlamkin12 days ago
  • I think OP in the first story needs to stop basing all her self worth on her ability to physically perform. She's getting over surgery. Her body needs time to heal. That's normal. If it depresses her to not be able to go from a sick bed to peak performance, if seeing herself on a video makes her uncomfortable, she'd be a lot happier in the long run if she got beyond those issues. Also, she won't be physically perfect forever. The aging process is going to be really hard on her if physical failings are such a source of emotional discomfort.

    Wf CoakerWf Coaker12 days ago
    • That story just seemed fake compared to the others.

      atarijawa462atarijawa46212 days ago
  • Hm, depending on the state, you can have her criminally charged for filming you without permission.

    Wesley ThomasWesley Thomas12 days ago
    • @Kayenne54 Walmart is private property too, but you are allowed to film people there are even though it’s private property, it is accessible to the public and you do not have a reasonable expectation of privacy there. Unless you are somewhere like a locker room, it is unlikely that you will be considered to have a reasonable expectation of privacy while at a gym/training facility.

      BrandonBrandon9 days ago
    • OP said they were training in a private facility. Not sure what that entails though.

      Kayenne54Kayenne549 days ago
    • @Brandon you do have partial privacy. it is something to get accidentally filmed when someone is filming themselves, but purposely filming others is a violation of privacy, and depending on the state it can result in criminal chragers.

      j marinej marine12 days ago
    • The head coach handled it properly. You can't legally discuss medical concerns with other people without the individual's consent (in the US). This is basic federal HIPAA Law. The OP could explain to the parent if they chose but the coach could not. Not at least without a consent form on file.

      Super DaveSuper Dave12 days ago
    • @Brandon Good point

      Wesley ThomasWesley Thomas12 days ago
  • I just read the first story to my husband last night. We both laughed since my husband used to coach.

    Lisa FLisa F12 days ago
  • The woman who told off her sister is awesome. It sounds like her sister just loves to stick her nose where it doesn't belong and finally got the verbal slap down she deserved. I used to be friends with someone like that. Let's call her ‘Molly.’ Molly always had something to say and craved attention. It didn't matter what the subject was, If she perceived it as an opportunity to pass judgment, she leapt at the chance. Vainly insecure and rotten to the core, Molly wasn't content unless she was talking crap. One of her favorite pastimes was doling out unsolicited ‘advice’ regarding life, finances, relationships, and everything in between. It's worth noting, that Molly was always perpetually broke (she refused to work), was ‘trapped’ in a bad marriage (she tricked a guy she barely knew into marrying her by getting pregnant) and had made so many poor life choices, there was no chance of achieving anything remotely resembling happiness. One day in particular, I was not in the mood for her usual one-sided conversation. I clapped back with something along the lines of: “Considering your endless list of poor life choices, you have no place offering up any kind of judgement regarding mine.” Cue the righteousing dignitation, the verbal insults and her abruptly hanging up. If her reaction seemed juvenile, that's because it was. It was her go-to response when she didn't get her way or was called out. You know, the whole “rules for thee, but not for me” attitude. To preserve my sanity, I cut her off completely and I'm told by another mutual friend, who also eventually cut her off, that she lost her mind when she realized I had blocked her on everything. I truly wish I could have seen the epic tantrum she threw. I just can't even fathom a woman past the age of 50 behaving that way. It's been nearly eight years and I couldn't be happier.

    horrorflickguyhorrorflickguy12 days ago
    • @Penny Sautereau Not naive. I saw her for what she was very early on. I distanced myself but didn't end the friendship because I didn't believe in giving up on people. It wasn't until I confronted the obvious warning signs, or red flags as you put it, that I realized she was never going to change. I went no-contact to preserve my mental health and she went trotting off to find her next victim.

      horrorflickguyhorrorflickguy12 days ago
    • @Penny Sautereau you think having fun little rules are red flags???

      Addison MooreAddison Moore12 days ago
    • That's an awful lot of words to say "I'm ridiculously naive and can't see massive red flags so ill call the op cool for snubbing her sister for spotting the obvious red flags".

      Penny SautereauPenny Sautereau12 days ago
  • No idea what happened to them, but I had a set of blocks that had numbers and letters and stuff on them and they opened up and there were little plastic animals in them. They were from the 50s/60s. I think my mom let one of the grandkids borrow them so they're probably at the dump now. I wanna try to find a set, but I can't find them

    Candie BarrCandie Barr12 days ago
  • The guy who left the zoom call when his mom insulted his fiancee is NTA. His mom is probably one of those who is insecure.

    Adrienne GormleyAdrienne Gormley12 days ago
    • what relationship you have with your adult children hinges on how you treat them. I would absolutely not have anything to do with a mother like this. such a blatant lack of respect and manners.

      Nini RossauNini Rossau10 days ago
    • yeah exactly. I could understand if OP had been younger when meeting the gf as the mom could have just been worried he was groomed etc but common he was 25, they've been togehter for 3 years.. at this point she should understand that it's a serious relationship and no one is trapping anyone,, tsss

      Sunilda ArkElSunilda ArkEl12 days ago
    • I feel the same way, def NTA

      Zoe McGintyZoe McGinty12 days ago
  • Simon

    MelissaMelissa12 days ago
  • I still have some toys I loved as a kid, and I'm grumpy retiree now. None of them run off the power grid or batteries; that's how retro. Although one I got later in live *late 50s, early 60s, is, I kid you not, spinning wheel. Made my own yard to knit and/or crochet. I do love handicrafts.

    Adrienne GormleyAdrienne Gormley12 days ago
    • Spinning yarn is incredibly relaxing.

      Kayenne54Kayenne549 days ago
  • My favorite toy as a young kid in the 80s was my Alphie II robot. It was an educational toy. It had multiple different "lessons" on cardstock cards you slid into Alphie's tummy. I can't explain the technical side of it, but the toy would "read" whatever card you inserted and then you could play. It was huge, blocky, colorful, and loud. I can still hear the happy beepy sounds it would make when you answered right!

    Jessica LeeJessica Lee12 days ago
  • one of my favourites was a fisher price cash redgister with plastic coins. I got my daughter one and also this plastic stroller for dolls which I found an original one for my daughter at a thrift store.

    WanupgurlWanupgurl12 days ago
    • My grandkiddos loved playing store too. My mother bought them a cash register that had a beeping scanner and beeping credit card slider things. We shopped for hours lol

      Emeraldwitch30Emeraldwitch3012 days ago
  • Here before ANYONE is done tickets 🎟️🎫🎟️🎫🎟️🎫🎟️🎫🎟️🎫🎟️🎫🎟️🎫🎟️🎫🎟️🎫🎟️🎫🎟️🎫🎟️🎫🎟️

    ★Stardust__Studios★★Stardust__Studios★12 days ago
  • The granny getting help finding toy made me miss my granma and uncle,bless all great grammas

    WencheWenche12 days ago
    • All my grans are gone too and I'm a grandma myself. I miss them all and always try to treat the elderly like I'd want my grandparents treated.

      Emeraldwitch30Emeraldwitch3012 days ago
  • My husband and I are equals but he is the head of the house. He respects my wants and opinions and considers them in everything but he has final say. Most of the time we are on the same page, rarely do we have to compromise and very, very rarely does he use his "husband powers" as my friends and I call it, to make decisions. Again I can always trust that he's considered me first and he spoils the heck out of me in every single way. I normally get my way lol,so I respect when he feels strongly about something. Anyone attacking OP for her and her husband for that dynamic when it's what they both want and are comfortable with are the controlling ones who want people to do and act like they think they should. There is a very large amount of women out there that want and prefer this because at the end of the day we want a man that can take control of things when it's needed instead of cower and not be able to handle them. Strong women require strong men that can take control and handle the hard things. Week ones feel like they need to have full control over everyone and everything all the time. Like, ya know, trying to force other women to treat their men and relationships the way they think they should. Funny thing is that women that allow and want their husband's to be the dominant figure, are usually in happier, healthier relationships. Men and women both have needs, unfortunately we live in a time where women want their needs fulfilled while refusing to fulfill their partners and can't figure out why they are miserable or wind up single 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Queen WilcoQueen Wilco12 days ago
    • So you prefer to have your husband tell you that you can’t have male friends? If she actually didn’t want to have male friends then she wouldn’t have had any in the first place so the fact that she had to tell her male friends that she couldn’t be friends with them anymore proves that she is just cooperating with her husband’s wishes even though they are not her own. If you want to live in an insecure, controlling, and manipulative household then that’s your prerogative, but it doesn’t make the household any less insecure, controlling, or manipulative.

      BrandonBrandon12 days ago
  • *kinda smart karen*

    ChirpChirp12 days ago
  • I haven't laughed so hard listening to Karen lol talk about her electric piano and her sheep noises.... Thanks Mr Reddit. I love Karen's and Your Videos I listen to them every morning. So thank you again... You are a total Legend.. From your Aussie Fan

    Livestar1978Livestar197812 days ago
  • Found karen hint: looking up and feeling yellow mellow

    Isaiah HarrisIsaiah Harris12 days ago
  • "no friends of the opposite gender"...? Wow, insecure people much? Rules like that make a relationship reek of trust issues and obsession IMO

    Carpal TunnelerCarpal Tunneler12 days ago
    • For me, if I wasn't allowed friends of the opposite gender, I'd be suspicious

      Midknight 74012Midknight 740122 days ago
    • @Wendy P I was giving an example of an opinion.

      Mitsuri KanrojiMitsuri Kanroji10 days ago
    • @Mitsuri Kanroji What constant fighting are you talking about? OP said she enjoyed rules because it made life easier. Where did she say she was constantly fighting?

      Wendy PWendy P10 days ago
    • @Wendy P I mean I get what you're saying but in my opinion, constant fighting that may get physical is unhealthy.. does that mean that that viewpoint isn't right?

      Mitsuri KanrojiMitsuri Kanroji10 days ago
    • @Wendy P not everything in this world is black and white, but distrust and insecurity being bad attributes in a relationship is about as black and white as it gets.

      BrandonBrandon11 days ago
  • I hate people who comments on other peoples relationships...like...unless someone is getting hurt it’s no ones business. If you try and give relationship advise when people don’t want it..you should expect them to then do the same to you oh and REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Skull DinosaurSkull Dinosaur12 days ago
    • It's not OP'S fault the sister has to have a comment or be nosy. Unless OP asks the sister should keep her comments to herself. I bet the sister if the situation was reversed would she appreciate the parenting advice OP were to give her? I doubt it and she would throw a tantrum/rant about her being accused of being a bad parent.

      Rita RodRita Rod12 days ago
    • I agree

      COURTNEY gordonCOURTNEY gordon12 days ago
  • Hey, I got here just in time. School was a late start due to the latest dumping of snow, so a cup of coffee and listening to this is helping me warm up cause we're talking single digit temperatures here in Iowa.

    paden1865ablepaden1865able12 days ago
    • In SC, there's no snow, but rain. Ice cold rain, everything is wet, cold, and my dog keeps putting his damp paws IN my shirt to keep warm. But we fixed that with blajnkets, bathrobes, and socks fresh from the dryer, and free USworlds movies. Its nice.

      LonelyRoninLonelyRonin11 days ago
    • Stay warm. Im up here in michigan and had to remove about 8 or 9 inches of snow off my jeep this morning. It was clean last night lol. I think our area has had about 2 feet of snow in the past 2 weeks. I think tonight is the coldest night with projected -1°f degrees. Im sick of the cold. My sister lived in Iowa and its beautiful there! Stay warm!

      Emeraldwitch30Emeraldwitch3012 days ago
  • So you can insult someone relationship in from your daughter but when they dish it back now it's bad?

    HeoBabyHeoBaby12 days ago
    • @Brandon You seem to have missed the part where she said the rules applied to both of them and she agreed to them. If it’s mutual and the woman said she has no problem with it, what is YOUR problem? You don’t approve, I get it but it’s her life, not yours. Does it even occur to you that people are all different and nobody lives exactly like their neighbour? What may seem a horrible arrangement for you may be perfectly fine for her. You’re fantasizing she’s a battered woman. I did not get that impression at all.

      Wendy PWendy P11 days ago
    • @Wendy P not trusting your partner enough to have friends of the opposite gender is not healthy under anyone’s standards. Only a fool would defend such insecurity and distrust as being ok in a relationship. I bet you wouldn’t apply your same “well it’s her standard so who cares” logic to a woman who is suffering from battered woman syndrome.

      BrandonBrandon11 days ago
    • @Alison Casilli According to your standards. Maybe her’s are different. It’s not your place to say.

      Wendy PWendy P11 days ago
    • @Muteteli Harvey so does a relationship magically become healthy just because the wife is ok with her husband being insecure and distrusting of her? Her mindset is no different than someone with battered woman syndrome.

      BrandonBrandon11 days ago
    • @Muteteli Harvey Because it is still controlling behavior.

      Alison CasilliAlison Casilli12 days ago
  • Why thumbtacks? Legos work so much better

    Jonathan RatseyJonathan Ratsey12 days ago
  • We have a snow day today, so time for my daily dose of Mr. Reddit and Karen! 😁

    Elizabeth I, Queen of England and IrelandElizabeth I, Queen of England and Ireland12 days ago
  • Hello

    Foxortrot TFoxortrot T12 days ago
  • Karen can't even stay married for a month, let alone a year. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Richard WhittakerRichard Whittaker12 days ago
    • Flipping right why would she want marriage with another pillock😂🦊

      kk44kk4412 days ago
  • Gotta get here early! How’s ur day mr Reddit? 😊

    RogueWolfRogueWolf12 days ago
  • Be thankful it's just a thumbtack and not a Lego.

    funny4urface101funny4urface10112 days ago
    • I'm a welder and I once had a molten blob of slag fall into my boot......I'd rather have that happen again than step on another lego

      Holden McGroinHolden McGroin12 days ago
    • As someone who has stepped on both a thumbtack(it went through my heel)...and a lego..i support this but if you want to see the ultimate feet killer google D&D metal D4 dice...it's essentially a metal pyramid the size of a lego

      Josku2411Josku241112 days ago
    • Was just thinking that

      KillerChrono666KillerChrono66612 days ago
    • Hahahahahahahahahaha

      grain craftergrain crafter12 days ago