r/Entitledparents Karen REFUSES TO PAY RENT!

Feb 8, 2021
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r/Entitledparents Karen REFUSES TO PAY RENT!
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    r/mr redditr/mr reddit20 days ago
  • In the Sarah story, OP should get with Sarah

    Erik ZayasErik Zayas10 days ago
  • That guy will be better off without his insane wife. She is TROUBLE, and it is only going to get worse.

    Peter DugganPeter Duggan11 days ago
  • 🦕🦕🦕

    Alyn CookAlyn Cook12 days ago
  • My bf technically owns a house but he put it under his moms name so she wouldnt have to live in an apartment. Both have asked me to move in rent free and I told them no cuz it wouldnt feel right not paying. Me and my bf are looking at apartments and have made an agreement for who pays what. We split rent 50/50 and ill take care of bills while he pays for internet and food while we split any other payments

    Dez RoseDez Rose15 days ago
  • Tom and Jerry but it's Mr. Reddit and Karen

    Legofan 98Legofan 9818 days ago
  • “I don’t believe in paying rent for the house I don’t own” This just short circuited my brain.

    ZeroZero18 days ago
  • 1st OP, you are 100% the jerk for even asking this question. She is 100% the jerk for expecting you to be the cash cow. Get some balls.

    Abby NormalAbby Normal18 days ago
  • Op was in the wrong to lend the money without talking with her wife, but she blew the all thing out of proportion, asking him to cut contact with a 30 year old friend, who is also a family friend, when she did nothing wrong, she became a Karen.

    msreduxmsredux18 days ago
  • First story, drop the girlfriend she is a mooch

    msreduxmsredux18 days ago
  • 11:55 I think the wife is insecure , jealous about Sarah & ops friendship . The wife seriously has to stop trying to control her husband and realise if she can be friends with males he can have female friends.

    Zoe WalkerZoe Walker18 days ago
  • First story - OP - remind the GF that if she was not paying rent to live in "your house" that she does not own, she would be paying to live in some other house or an apartment that "she does not own". And then let her take her pick. Also, I would like to ask OP if that $900 that she agreed to pay, does that include a share of the utilities, internet, cable, etc and food/general house hold groceries, or is it just rent (aka housing). Either way, she is getting of easy at $900. A gentle reminder now and then that she knows where the door is and how it works might be enough to shake her loose of the $900.

    cimogmcimogm19 days ago
  • It honestly breaks my heart that the op had a rough fall out with her brother. He was definitely insensitive by dating her school bully and attacking the op for defending herself, but the fact that he’s asking her for help after their fall out sounds like he’s in a desperate situation (I mean they had a go fund me, that says something doesn’t it?). Maybe helping him out would help repair their relationship, and even if he takes it for granted, at least Op can know she was trying to do the right thing. And her brother and his wife might deserve not receiving help, but what about their kids? They did nothing wrong, and it sounds like they need help. Of course, maybe there are other factors that I’m not considering, but that’s just my opinion

    Nox LupaNox Lupa19 days ago
  • I think the wife is just TOO jealous and needs to get over it and for the bro. DO. NOT. HELP!!

    willie taylorwillie taylor19 days ago
  • Dude you just have a selfish and jealous wife

    Morgen Glende-MichalskiMorgen Glende-Michalski19 days ago
  • To the curb

    Snowflake SlayerSnowflake Slayer19 days ago
  • The wife

    Chris TidwellChris Tidwell19 days ago
  • reeeeeee

    Alexander O'BrienAlexander O'Brien19 days ago
    • REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit19 days ago
  • Entitled 'cousins' are SOL - If their 'father' had wanted them to have the money, he would have left it to them, not to OP.

    Robin MitchellRobin Mitchell19 days ago
  • Mr Reddit is washing off on Karen doe

    Keir LynchKeir Lynch19 days ago
  • Estranged is not the AH. People change but I doubt this would end well even if OP did Loan him the money. In fact, it would probably get worse, with thinking OP was an ATM.

    Robin MitchellRobin Mitchell19 days ago
  • SILs are AHs here, not OP.

    Robin MitchellRobin Mitchell19 days ago
  • OP is not the AH, gf is -- she agreed to pay rent even though house would be in his name only. When/if he kicks her out, she'll be paying rent to someone else.

    Robin MitchellRobin Mitchell19 days ago
  • Story with the bully now being the sister in law: I would give financial help (I would not want my brother to suffer - he would still be my brother, no matter who he married) but they could f*** off with babysitting or anything else and I would not want any further contact with them - except maybe if I would get an apology from my brother and my sil.

    Heike AbelnHeike Abeln19 days ago
  • It is never wrong to be kind.

    Tica McgarityTica Mcgarity19 days ago
  • That wife has serious issues. Why would she be like that? Sara and OP obviously doesn't have feelings beyond strong friendship for each other. I really think only the wife is the AH and OP shouldn't even have apologized, if they've given money without consulting each other before. What an insecure and toxic wife...! I hope his daughter doesn't take after her!!

    ColdxNorthColdxNorth19 days ago
  • Karen’s side commentary with the narrator saying the Karen’s they read about were selfish makes her sound like she’s actually agreeing with us instead of saying the Karen’s in the stories deserve all of what OP is getting

    satmtcaksatmtcak19 days ago
  • 1 story, the guy is a Muppet!!!

    Craig Mc DermidCraig Mc Dermid19 days ago
  • No, you're not the jerk. Unmarried couples sharing a home are roommates, she needs to contribute her fair share. If she moved out, she would pay rent somewhere!

    Linda HowardLinda Howard19 days ago
  • You’re not a jerk for giving $3000 to your friend but should have told her(not ask) knowing she is jealous.

    Nancilyn LymanNancilyn Lyman20 days ago
  • For the OP with the SIL bully: When extended family calls and tells you that you HAVE to help your brother, tell them (repeatedly, if necessary) "Why don't YOU help then?" Don't discuss issues, just keep saying it every time and eventually they will stop bothering you.

    L TL T20 days ago
  • On the surface, the Sara-hating wife is the jerk. But I feel like there's stuff the OP isn't telling us. The wife getting mad would make her a jerk. The wife separating all of their money and leaving? There's something more to the story. If I were to guess, when OP and the wife were dating, he screwed around with her with Sara, and the wife married him regardless. I just feel like she has to have some reason for this level of jealousy. I'm not saying she's right to be jealous, but the fact she moved out over this... there's definitely something more that OP is neglecting to tell us.

    Jimbob JonesJimbob Jones20 days ago

    Elizabeth FergusonElizabeth Ferguson20 days ago
  • I think the Wife is the one in the wrong. She's only pitching a fit over the fact it's Sarah. Especially if they've been able to give people money before without consulting each other.

    Gaming Burrito56Gaming Burrito5620 days ago
  • "i don't feel comfortable paying rent in a house I don't own" ... Literally how rent works. Find a new gf she's a mooch. Also. If she likes her job more than career advancement she doesn't get to complain about the pay.

    Janice WilcoxJanice Wilcox20 days ago
  • What an insecure and immature person that Sara hater wife is... She wants total control over OP and once it was clear it wasn't going to happen, she goes all paranoid about him _"stealing her money for the mistress"_ and asks for separate finances and also a complete sever of OP's relationship with Sara. Whatever happenings notwithstanding, that is a mega red flag and OP should quickly get away from what is assuredly a ticking bomb that will stop at nothing to prove she's right and drag him down no matter what.

    Jesús Adrián Altamirano UruñuelaJesús Adrián Altamirano Uruñuela20 days ago
  • Stroy 1: GF is the jerk and looking for a free ride. She needs to pay her way.

    Robert CromwellRobert Cromwell20 days ago
  • For the story with the bully being her sister in law. Don’t help ur brother he cut you out his life because his gf and now when he needs something he wants you to help him. Then when he doesn’t need you he’ll throw you away again.

    Karina CampKarina Camp20 days ago
  • The wife needs to grow up and grab a bite of reality. They might as well be siblings. She is a very jealous woman who needs to learn about trust. Because without trust you don't have a real relationship. Attempting to pick and choose who you can and can't be friends with. As your psudeo sister doesn't sound like she has done anything but attempt to be nice. Wife will become more manipulative and controlling as time goes on and you give in.

    Cindy PrestonCindy Preston20 days ago
  • Rent: yes, she should have to pay rent; she eats the food and uses the water and electricity.

    Barry McCartyBarry McCarty20 days ago
  • OP's "cousins are no relation to Op, and his uncle gave OP the money, not his non bio kids, so OP should keep all the money. The aunt and cousins made their bed, now they have to deal with it.

    Que Areste EstaviaQue Areste Estavia20 days ago
  • If OP agrees to help the brother make the former bully SIL come ask for the money and apologize or they get nothing!

    whofandbwhofandb20 days ago
  • First story. He's dumb and being used as an ATM. Time to leave her. 22:36) Sharing would be a stupid thing to do, even if the 3 were blood relatives.

    leon dillonleon dillon20 days ago
  • bruh, i'm an asian aerospace engineer and I get the same crap from my family for not being a doctor.

    Teh HaynTeh Hayn20 days ago
  • Nta. The husband and wife had separate accounts to use the money on whatever they wanted. He just wanted to make sure his friend was doing alright and could support herself during these times. Just because they were friends from childhood, doesn't mean they're in love. It sounds like OP's friend may be more into girls than guys alway. I'm willing to bet if the situation was reversed, everyone would hate the husband and prise the wife. God I really hate the moral compus of reddit sometimes.

    Fake_Gamer _CatFake_Gamer _Cat20 days ago
  • I think both at fault here since op didn't explain that cutting someone out from his life for the past 28 years, his wife hated Sarah for no reason and uses her gut ask her answers without anything supporting it

    Blazer ZeroBlazer Zero20 days ago
  • Dump your renter. Business and love are two different contracts

    Alan HammerAlan Hammer20 days ago
  • Just got divorced and needed a distraction

    Hano HHano H20 days ago
  • This comment is for the first story. To the boyfriend, your girlfriend is a user pure and simple. If she had less degrees than you or somehow not able to make as much money than you then that would be one thing. But she has to Advanced degrees and it doesn't feel like getting a job. If the roles were reversed you would be considered a deadbeat, but in her mind it's perfectly okay for her to mooch off of you. This isn't the 1950s women are capable of making their own way. Honestly they were capable of it back then but Society wasn't on board with that for some stupid reason. The women of past decade did not struggle and strive to empower women just to some stupid digit could mooch off of her boyfriend and not apply herself.

    Jon WaltonJon Walton20 days ago
  • She is a Karen

    Addison ShafferAddison Shaffer20 days ago
  • Get a divorce

    Addison ShafferAddison Shaffer20 days ago
  • I bet Karen gf wouldn't be saying that if SHE had paid for the house. Bottom line: they aren't married so she should pay for half of everything unless OP insists on living outside of his or her means. Other story: wife is upset OP used his money to help Sarah because she feels threatened by his female friend's place in his life. Some people don't think opposite sexes can be platonic friends. Other OP: do not share your $60,000. Uncle wanted you to have it and the whorish aunt and her offspring are not your family in any sense of the word. You don't even have a relationship with them. Uncle gave all his money away so cheating wife wouldn't get it and he racked up the debt so she'd have to pay at least half of it back to say f you about her cheating. Good for him.

    Patricia OConnorPatricia OConnor20 days ago
  • With the one with the Karen wife not liking the best friend, you guys need to have a serious talk. She's going way too far, OP is not at fault.

    Kosta KatsoulisKosta Katsoulis20 days ago
  • that girlfriend story showed too many red flags before they even got the house.

    SaigylSaigyl20 days ago
  • The wife, because that's completely uncalled for. No one and I mean no one has a right to cut you off from people who have been in your life that long. Wife is the toxic one, not the friend.

    Ash M.Ash M.20 days ago
  • OP in the "Sarah" story, not you guy. Wife has some issues that SHE needs to think about. Give her time to think things out. If she still can not come to terms, time to cut her lose.

    Barbara HarrisonBarbara Harrison20 days ago
  • You need to get rid of your wife

    Adam dAdam d20 days ago
  • 1st story, OP you should have figured things out when GF said she wanted you to be a "sugar mama". Now you are. Your mistake.

    Barbara HarrisonBarbara Harrison20 days ago
  • The bride is NOT A JERK! The sisty-uglers are the jerks in this story.

    Ned BarnettNed Barnett20 days ago
  • first story: Break up with her, sorry but all the red flags starting with 'seeing you as a sugar mama' and ending with 'I do not beleive in paying rent in a house you don't own. Lady, if you OWENED the house you don't pay rent. You pay rent when you don't.

    Nightbane StrongarmNightbane Strongarm20 days ago
  • The first Karen is a cheapstake and should be shown the doornail permanently. Had a fiance like t h.g at once, cost me $30k, cheap at twice the price. Giving anything of value to a "friend" without checking with his wife first, is a real jerkwad move. Especially when the "friend" used to live with him. Yes, he's a true butthole. And yes, her reaction is to be expected. He betrayed her trust. She's jealous and rightly so. No wonder the wife is cutting her losses. How, after 7 years, could he be do blind?

    Ned BarnettNed Barnett20 days ago
  • The story with brother married the bully. Yea op is not the jerk. Brother hasn't out in years and only reached out for money. Soon as he got it he probably go quiet till he needs money again.

    James SweatJames Sweat20 days ago
  • The wife is jealous. She is a terrible person.

    Champ TooChamp Too20 days ago
  • The girlfriend is a gold digger.

    Champ TooChamp Too20 days ago
  • Steve big nose🦊

    kk44kk4420 days ago
  • No! Op shouldn't!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra20 days ago
  • Yes! Op because she's also involved their mother who will be her future mother in law!!!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra20 days ago
  • I agree with Karen...your bro made his bed. He marrys the bully, who's still a bully.. Pat him on the shoulder, asks how's it feel...letting bully to still be and giving her honor and ignoring you and your feelings Messing with you re wedding He made his bed

    Katherine StahlKatherine Stahl20 days ago
  • I agree with your wife!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra20 days ago
  • Their girlfriend is a jerk!!!!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra20 days ago
  • Listened to this while using my new power shovel, made the work all that more enjoyable!!!

    DrewDrew20 days ago
  • They were not family, never will be. Keep the financial gift your uncle gifted you.

    Rose GomezRose Gomez20 days ago
  • Your brother is the jerk, and his wife.

    Rose GomezRose Gomez20 days ago
  • Your brother is the jerk, and his wife.

    Rose GomezRose Gomez20 days ago
  • Keep quiet about the money, it is no bodies business.

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney20 days ago
  • OP's brother is the JERK. He made his choices and he needs to live with them. No do not help him out. Keep him iut of your lives, it is not over, she will keep to poison your relationship. Tell your extended family to give him money then if they do not like your decision not too. Tell them to put their money where their mouths are.

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney20 days ago
  • wow so many stories in the video, awesome thank you mr reddit.

    WanupgurlWanupgurl20 days ago
  • The man who's wife is jealous of Sara needs to maybe get a divorce. That wife is absolutely ridiculous. People are ALLOWED to have friends. It is unacceptable to CONTROL your partner. My partner doesn't control me nor do I control him. He loves me, like really loves me! I know this. I would not even imagine him cheating. He's allowed to have friends and that man is too. Some women give the rest of us a bad name. What a sorry sob of a wife.

    I.M.watching AlwaysI.M.watching Always20 days ago
    • the fact that the friend sent him those screenshots shows that she wants them to break up. she's no angel

      MamaaudriMamaaudri12 days ago
    • @Mamu aight so are you going to tell your mom about every purchase you make? If not why not? Your a jersey by your own.standards

      blue dragonblue dragon13 days ago
    • @Ranger 357 Correct. And it isn't his problem directly that she is insecure. You cannot act that way. Having a fit to get your way should have stopped by age 6. She needs to work on herself, then maybe she can have a healthy and trusting relationship. The dude doesn't sound like a sleezy cheating jerk, so what's the problem?

      I.M.watching AlwaysI.M.watching Always19 days ago
    • @Mamu That depends on whether or not they make a habit of informing each other about when they give money to other people. Also, keep in mind that both OP and Erin have their own separate accounts along with a joint account. OP gave money to Sarah out his PRIVATE account. Meaning that it doesn’t affect Erin at all. And again, I stress this point, OP never specifically said that he and his wife inform each other of when they choose to give someone else money. He only said that neither of them ask for each other’s permission when doing so from their personal accounts. So it’s not really a jerk move.

      Ranger 357Ranger 35719 days ago
    • That may be true but the wife finding out from someone else that he gave money away to the woman she is insecure with is a jerk move. He didn't have to ask her permission but he should have informed her.

      MamuMamu19 days ago
  • Good Grief, the future sister in law was already mad, so what difference did bride to be's comment made anyway? Plus his sisters did not want him to marry her so I do not see what all their issues are with them not being in the wedding. Good grief, the things some people fight about. I just don't see why his sisters care at all.

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney20 days ago
  • Couples not ready to share their finances shouldn't be living together.

    Sephtis WolfSephtis Wolf20 days ago
    • Not true. Not true at all. My guy and I have lived togerher coming up on 4 years. We don't have 1 single shared account. We have an amazingly healthy relationship. You can't put everyone in the same square box. Life and relationships are not objectively one way. Life isn't like that.

      I.M.watching AlwaysI.M.watching Always20 days ago
  • OP who helped a friend out financially, whom he knows his wife has some issues with, did wrong in not telling her he was doing so (one time loan supposedly) even though they have his, hers and their accounts, he still should have told her that he was going to do it, not ask if it was okay, but just that he was going to do it. That way the act doesn't seem so secret and under the table like sneaky. BUT I think his wife has some problems other than the Sarah thing, its almost like she is trying to find a reason to leave. Especially if she left the baby behind too. I have never understood the mentality of people who are jealous, yet do all sorts of stupid things that could cause their loved one to leave or not love them anymore. So his wife leaves and basically gives Sarah an open door???? Plus if he loved Sarah, he would have married her, not the gal he did marry. Geez people. Its like my ex who used to beat on me because he had it in his head I was having affairs. How is that suppose to make me love him more to stay? Especially if he thought I was having affairs. Nope, I left him after 8 years. (He was the one having affairs, that is why he suspected me, that if he could be, then I could be. I could go on with more details, but I will spare you.

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney20 days ago
  • Your videos are perfect listening material on a snowy Monday morning when school has been canceled again. Thank you!

    paden1865ablepaden1865able20 days ago
    • Thank you paden!!! 😎

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit20 days ago
  • OP you no jerk but just changed her mind and not his cousin supposed to find out the man for the money well up with me no do not forget the money talk to me how much for a oil a lot of money sorry uncle

    The little that engine could 20th anniversaryThe little that engine could 20th anniversary20 days ago
  • Wife is wrong she is a jerk

    inferno Drakul Infernalinferno Drakul Infernal20 days ago
  • 1st story: People are sticklers about the words that get used in these situations. Focus on results here: "your half of the mortgage" and then just make it clear how assets will be divided if/when there's a break-up.

    Pathoes RPathoes R20 days ago
  • She’s only going to get more entitled the longer you’re together. Run!

    Susan MinerSusan Miner20 days ago
  • If your wife is that insecure in your marriage it's her problem. If you can't trust in your relationship then you don't have one period. Sorry OP. I'm old and have seen this happen too many times. She's, "poisoning the well", so to speak, and projecting her insecurities on to you rather than to take ownership of them for herself

    Matthew ColvinMatthew Colvin20 days ago
  • Either help me pay the mortgage or you can move out. 4:10

    Ryan LesnerRyan Lesner20 days ago
  • First story. Sounds like what is her's is her's and what is OP's is theirs. She is not saving for her future, so she figures someone else will be keeping her.....her "sugar mama".

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney20 days ago
    • First STory, GF is the jerk. Wants OP to support her so she doesn't have to be responsible for anything. Bet you anything if they moved in together, Karen would end up trying to get OP to pay all her overdue credit card debt. Get out NOW.

      Adrienne GormleyAdrienne Gormley20 days ago
  • FYI the first story are both females from what I could gather from the SUGAR MAMA comment. Not that it matters, just people keep saying "HE" will be stuck with taking care of her the rest of their lives. I agree end this relationship before you waste too much more time on her and have trouble getting her out of "Your" home. Might need to start eviction proceedures already. She doesn't sound like she will leave willingly. She wants her Sugar mama.

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney20 days ago
  • So many more stories in this video than normal. I love it!

    Erin CaldararoErin Caldararo20 days ago
  • Hello

    Birds 3214Birds 321420 days ago
  • Op brother is the jerk since he didn't stand up for his little sister and let his wife try to bully her so op shouldn't help him he dug his own grave and need to accept it

    Mickey ReynaMickey Reyna20 days ago
    • and of course extended family is saying 'let go' why are they not helping them.

      velvety2006velvety200620 days ago
    • OP's brother and wife (OP's bully) are the jerks for demanding money and a free babysitter. They're also the jerks because they expect OP to forgive/forget everything the bully put Op through and help them because their "family". The brother and his wife are delusional.

      Rita RodRita Rod20 days ago
  • Hey Karen AITA for liking this video?

    Kage UzumakiKage Uzumaki20 days ago
  • "I dont believe in paying rent for a home I dont own" Yeah thats how renting works. You dont own it, you pay the landlord who owns it to live there. I think its fair. house is in OP's name, he is paying mortgage. all op wants is money each month to go to expenses.

    Power_struggle55Power_struggle5520 days ago
    • Ok Karen

      Mini Maiden AllieMini Maiden Allie20 days ago
  • First story: LISTEN to what the girlfriend said "sugar mama". Red flag. She has been bucking OP when it comes to money and this is NOT an equal partnership. OP is getting used and if the girlfriend does not want to pull weight financially - hasta la vista - baby.

    Stephen DeCesareStephen DeCesare20 days ago
    • One word-- RUUUUUN!!!!

      Michael WestMichael West20 days ago
    • Apparently the girlfriend has a different definition of equal partnership and needs to go back to school. All the schooling and degrees are wasted on her because she decided she didn't need to put any effort into their relationship and expect OP to take care of everything.

      Rita RodRita Rod20 days ago
  • OP you no jerks you go girlfriend why won't my house my rules our house by the house. My name on it on the payment what happens when you have to stay rent your pineal gland I have with you I want a broke up

    The little that engine could 20th anniversaryThe little that engine could 20th anniversary20 days ago
  • I agree with Karen on this one if op fiance sister don't like her why should she invite them to the wedding and they need to get over it if they're brother love op then they need to accept his happiness instead trying for him to get rid of his wife

    Mickey ReynaMickey Reyna20 days ago
  • Second to last story no. OP should not share a single cent with those “cousins”. You know one of my favorite parts of the story is when they brag about all the money because the Uncle worked so hard they brag about all the money flexed their stuff on people and then get smacked in the face with reality. Beautiful. Op 0/5 Aunt and cousins 4.5/5

    Kaden LemonKaden Lemon20 days ago
    • Even if they were real family, still not OP's problem! The 'but family' excuse, is a bs excuse for entitled people! You own your family NOTHING, some special cercumstances excluded!

      Robert XRobert X15 days ago
  • The guy between wife and best friends should just go ahead and change the locks. His wife is crazy. My best friend growing up is a guy. I was really confused when he married a girl I never met or even heard of. I wasn’t invited to the wedding. He wanted to make me the god mother of their first child, she refused. Then she insisted he couldn’t be friends with me at all. He tried to reason with her but she just was being horrible about me. We’d been best friends since we were ten. Ultimately she forced him to end our friendship but wouldn’t allow him to even talk to me ever again. His sister told me all of this when I finally asked her what happened. Ten years later, I reached out via email. We exchanged a few emails just catching up a little then I got an email from here accusing me of trying to steal him. I’ve never contacted him again because she is crazy. I still miss him after all these years.

    Deb ShawDeb Shaw20 days ago
    • I have a similar situation. I have a male friend who I have known since the early 90s. Since we’ve known each other for so long, we can talk to each other about things we can’t talk to each other about. Some of the women he’s been with had the attitude that since he was with them, that meant that he couldn’t talk to anyone else.

      Mary Sue BurnettMary Sue Burnett19 days ago
    • @BooBoo Baire I’m really good friends with my last boyfriend’s wife. We talk almost every day. He and I broke up a couple of years before they met but we remained really good friends. I don’t understand some women. They don’t trust their husbands, apparently.

      Deb ShawDeb Shaw19 days ago
    • So sorry that happened to you! Can't understand why girl/boyfriend cannot accept the friend. My first boyfriend told his soon to be wife that I would be in his life and we still are friends.

      BooBoo BaireBooBoo Baire19 days ago
    • He sounds like he would be alot happy if he divorced her

      jacthing1jacthing120 days ago