r/Entitledparents Karen REFUSES to Eat my Cooking, I GET REVENGE!

Feb 18, 2021
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r/Entitledparents Karen REFUSES to Eat my Cooking, I GET REVENGE!
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    r/mr redditr/mr reddit10 days ago
    • The OP was called scary is a bit tricky. I would play a along a bit with a gentle smile. However, I would have turned it around her, and tell the kid “Oh I’m very nice, and friendly. But if your mom wants you wants to be the scary lady, I can put you to work before she gets you. 😂

      Richard HunkeRichard Hunke8 days ago
    • I’ve met America family from my adopted dads sad of the the family before he passed away. His previous ex didn’t like to travel, and spent money , some acquaintances that refused to try anything that isn’t Vietnamese, just Chinese and “California rolls” I took her to a Pho 🍜 place and ate some of it, but I understand some people have a different taste pallet. Which reminds me of a story I will elaborate later and maybe I can have Mr. Reddit and everyone read it.

      Richard HunkeRichard Hunke8 days ago
    • Stay safe! This has been one crazy winter. Do what you need to do. We'll be here.

      Patti SimmonsPatti Simmons9 days ago
    • That explains why there wasn't a video yesterday

      Dalton GDalton G9 days ago
    • I missed your video yesterday but I'm glad you're okay.

      Tavia BaldwinTavia Baldwin10 days ago
  • I'm pretty sure the hobby shop with the rhyming name is hobby lobby since that too was closed on Sundays

    gamecrazigamecrazi2 days ago
  • my favorite food is chicken katsudon

    caitlin sessomcaitlin sessom4 days ago
  • There was an eight year age gap between my parents. Once a workmate of Dad's saw Mum and accused Dad of "robbing the cradle". Mum only mentioned the one incident so it can't have happened often. They had a happy marriage which lasted until Dad died. Mum and Dad were very much in love.

    Stephanie MayStephanie May5 days ago
  • Behaviour training comes from home. Ideally, taught by parents.Using other people as a threat puts them in an awkward and embarrassing position. Not fair.

    Stephanie MayStephanie May5 days ago
  • Beef barbecue ribs I’m a country girl I’ll like good barbecue ribs.

    Bonnie WooleyBonnie Wooley6 days ago
  • My favorite food is Kelaguen. Its a dish from my culture, I am pacific islander. It can be made with beef, chicken, spam, or shrimp and can be spicy and mild! My mouth is watering thinking of it now.

    Jared CastroJared Castro7 days ago
  • REEE!

    Cobalt BleuCobalt Bleu8 days ago
  • There is a 27 year age difference between me and my wife. I feel that after 25 age is a number and should not matter in a relationship.

    Lester ForneyLester Forney8 days ago
  • Dang....free ethnic food? COUNT ME IN!

    RayShell dRayShell d8 days ago
  • The funny thing is, majority of ‘American’ foods didn’t originate in the States. We are like a cultural library for the world.

    Admiral GlennAdmiral Glenn8 days ago
  • Breakfast cereal. My All time favorite food. Not one specific kind either I like most cereals I've tried.

    Stephen VanBurenStephen VanBuren8 days ago
  • Lol etninic food storry. The dutch oliebollen ( good attempt on the pronounciation). The girl may not know but The Netherlands are in Europe, so by her definition its not etnic if its american or european. A new Karen in the making ....

    Isabelle CasierIsabelle Casier8 days ago
  • I know why Entitled Dude was following OP from the library. It's quite simple if you think about it, but it's really dark. He wanted to violate OP and steal her belongings, probably also case her house for a break-in. He's a dangerous man and I hope to God OP does not run into the man again.

    MrRedstoneMrRedstone8 days ago
  • All time fav food has to be mashed potatoes with sausage sauce, specifically made by my dad. I always ask for this when I come visit them from uni

    Enna MatildaEnna Matilda8 days ago
  • My best friend's fiance is old enough to be her father and they're happy, honestly if both parties are consenting adults I don't see an issue

    annabel fazukimiannabel fazukimi9 days ago
  • Dude, Vietnamese food is tasty, & I’m not even Vietnamese

    La Manga NostraLa Manga Nostra9 days ago
  • how is the first one an entitled *parent*? i get that shes entitled, but she isnt a parent-

    Michał RogalskiMichał Rogalski9 days ago
  • I have a story back from 2019 So I was walking into a local GameStop to but the new game Control and when I walked in I felt so lucky I got the last copy in the store so I head to buy it when a guy grabs my arm "Excuse me I want that game" the guy says "Umm sorry I got this one and please let go of me" I say "No give me the game I D̳E̳S̳E̳R̳V̳E̳ it more than you" he says back in a disrespectful tone "Dude let go of me I got this copy not you!" I yell "GIVE ME THE GAME" he yells grasping for the game at this point I back hand him and security comes and pulls this man away I was deemed in the clear the manager said it wasn't fair that this happened and he hated that it happend in the store and he gave me the game free! I did leave a big tip though out of respect while he was baned from most if not all of the game stops in the area and got a hudge fine Justice was served.

    Anubis YTAnubis YT9 days ago
  • Story 3: You seem good hearted but oblivious... he was trying to steal the laptop

    Morgen Glende-MichalskiMorgen Glende-Michalski9 days ago
  • 2nd story: Girl chill you coulda completely stopped the kids tantrum. Jesus you’re overly sensitive...

    Morgen Glende-MichalskiMorgen Glende-Michalski9 days ago
  • You don't want to scare kids, then don't wear violet contact lenses.

    Axe PagodeAxe Pagode9 days ago
    • @2 Blessed Were you wearing violet or purple contact lenses on your eyes? Violet eyes are creepy.

      Axe PagodeAxe Pagode7 days ago
    • How is a color scary? OP's appearance had nothing to do with the situation, I had similar experiences as a cashier, and I am very average in appearance, small with brown hair and brown eyes.

      2 Blessed2 Blessed7 days ago
  • Whats the big deal with the 8 yr age difference....it's not that big an age gap considering OP is an adult.

    luvuforever james2020luvuforever james20209 days ago
  • the story with the age gap... so wait the sister is grossed and think op's bf is a creep for an 8year gap but her own husband is 7years older than her? How is her logic working? Is she saying her own husband is a creep that like younger girls and has a kink???

    Sunilda ArkElSunilda ArkEl9 days ago
  • If the classmate doesn't like the food OP prepares then she doesn't have to eat it. Other people had brought food as well. I used to work in an office with a lot of Indian staff and we loved it at Divali because the Hindu staff would bring in all the left over snacks to share with us. True some of the food wasn't to my taste but I would never have been so rude as to complain and there was plenty of other snacks to try. That mother trying to make OP discipline her child was a lazy, incompetent mother. It's her place to discipline her child.

    Flame LilyFlame Lily9 days ago
  • the only thing that's weird is in the last story she says "i have cotton candy hair" and then "I have dark hair" unless she means her natural hair but idk I'm a little sus but it's possible situation. eh

    Terrian WarriorTerrian Warrior9 days ago
    • I guess she means her hair is dark, but big and fluffy like cotton candy. Or its naturally dark, but she dyed it a bright color, and as mentioned before, is big and fluffy like the stuff. Probably one of those.

      LonelyRoninLonelyRonin7 days ago
  • I would love to try all those yummy new foods from that first story. It's like being able to travel the world 🌍 with your taste buds.

    Flashing Unicorn Cupcake KissesFlashing Unicorn Cupcake Kisses9 days ago
  • ​@UCjw29SrGqLPHcA47IMrKW8g agree completely, my grandparents, parents have never made authority figures eg police to be bad people who will punish you, maintaining these people are here to protect you, keep you safe so deserve respect. story 1 i grew up in australia, childhood late 50's - 60's most food no ALL food seved within my family was -yuck! meat & thee veg, generally overcooked. so when we (in the seventies began to realalise there were more cuisines out there, huzzah! european, asian middle eastern, its oh so great. my best friend in the early 70's introduced me to different foods, she was maltese & we would often swapped lunches ( goodness knows why she wanted mine) so one day she had olives in her lunch 15 yo me never had on before bit down hard, hit the pit and nearly broke my tooth. i have to say i was more cautious after that, though that tooth seemed to have ptds, & never recovered, it broke , chipped , had root canal, finally more filling than tooth to be honest, til 3 years ago we parted ways and now i have a falsie.

    Pamela DykePamela Dyke9 days ago
  • So the OP in the first story lives in a predominantly white area that only eats American food and then proceeds to tell us how many other people brought in their own ethnic food? Anyone else see the incongruence here?

    Wendy PWendy P9 days ago
  • Total raised: US$420.00 😏

    MorfoMorfo9 days ago
  • 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❤️

    kittykim3kkittykim3k9 days ago
  • Not sure if the classmate understand all food is considered ethnic food.

    Ben PattenBen Patten9 days ago
  • I’ve had parents say things like that and I would turn around and say no I won’t. The store worker needs to be someone of safety not to be feared

    Theresa AtkinsonTheresa Atkinson9 days ago
  • NTA-It is NOT your responsibility to discipline other people's kids. The Customer was wrong to do that to you. I really can't stand when Customers allow their kids to scream & act up when shopping or out. If my kid acted up, we left. I didn't expect everyone else to deal with my kids bad behavior.

    Cookie CrumbsCookie Crumbs9 days ago
  • Think the standard social standard let's you date as young as 18 up to 28, at 30 19 would be standard, so not creepy. (Half age +4)

  • Favourite food has to be General Tso! It's really good!

    Kotaro JujoKotaro Jujo9 days ago
  • Half Texan, half Cajun. Grew up in a diverse culture with exposure to many ethnic/international cuisine. But I will admit, if I can think of a way to keep food from falling through the grill, nothing beats grilling/bbq!

    M E G JM E G J10 days ago
  • Why do you change the words from pandemic to lockdown? Not all countries have lockdowns 😝

    Frostlilja JarlstenFrostlilja Jarlsten10 days ago
  • Give me potitca anyday.

    The DiamondragonThe Diamondragon10 days ago
  • My favorite food so far has to be Curry 🍛

    Wesley HarrisWesley Harris10 days ago
  • I don't understand why the sister was so upset about the age difference where sister and her boyfriend, my husband is 18 years older than me and we have been together for almost 14 years... age is just a number SMH

    Kristin TassosKristin Tassos10 days ago
    • When it's a 40 year old guy getting with anyone under 30, it's weird and creepy.

      Shawna BurtShawna Burt10 days ago
  • In the last post I got really mad. OP must have been really scared

    Kim DiernerKim Dierner10 days ago
  • In the first story, I’d let that dude cook for me anytime!

    Mary Sue BurnettMary Sue Burnett10 days ago
  • In Chicago we had a thing called "The Chief" It was an Italian beef but on garlic bread smothered with mozzarella cheese. The Philly cheesesteak and gyro are both tied for second in my book.

    Holden McGroinHolden McGroin10 days ago
  • Story 2, the manager was a jerk for saying OP should have gone along with the customer to calm the child down. It is not the responsibility of a worker to help discipline a customers child. The mother was a jerk for saying that OP would punish him and make him work. Also wrong to call her a scary lady.

    diane sabbathdiane sabbath10 days ago
  • Last story: Op, Bill was sexually harassing you. Hope you called the cops on him.

    Maria FoxMaria Fox10 days ago
  • Surprisingly fried chicken actually comes from England

    Nickie LongNickie Long10 days ago
    • @Melissa Dunton i checked and it turns out that I was mistaken it comes from Scottish and west African recipes

      Nickie LongNickie Long9 days ago
    • No. It doesn’t.

      Melissa DuntonMelissa Dunton9 days ago
  • For the 2nd story, NTA. I work as security, I will sometimes going to a store in my uniform to either pick up lunch or do some shopping after but even on my days off in the winter time I wear my security jacket because it's big and poofy and very well-insulated. I had a dad with a little girl about two or three that was basically running around and doing what kids do while looking at the toys the dad turned around and said you need to behave or that security guard will take you away and lock you up. I hate it when parents do that Because it makes it seem like we're all the bad guys and we're not. I told the kid I'm a good person but listen to your daddy so you do not get hurt or lost. She started behaving right away after I said that. and by the way when the dad said what he said he started laughing at how his daughter was freaking out. I think this is cruel and not funny or good form of punishment. It makes kids think we're all bad guys especially if they do not know any better. Usually when I want kids to behave AKA my cousins when they were younger I would just scare the crap out of them by telling them something like Elmo was going to get them because his fur is Red from all the blood of all the bad kids or tell them the boogeyman will get them and grab their feet in the middle of night to freak them out. Is that cool? Yes it is but you also have to realize I was about 12 when I first started doing this and stopped at the age of 17 but will sometimes bring up something like Boogeyman even at the age of 29 just to get kids a little spook

    nikki merznikki merz10 days ago
  • Steve🦊

    kk44kk4410 days ago
  • My top 3 favorite foods are; pizza, butter chicken curry and Yankee pot roast. USELESS and POINTLESS TRIVIA; m the northeastern US, the i in cashier is silent---pronounced 'cash-sheer.'I worked as a cashier--cook at a bowling alley in Menands NY back in 1977 and as a secretary--cashier for a muffler shop in 1987 in Albany NY.

    OldMaidWhovian akaNancyGOldMaidWhovian akaNancyG10 days ago
    • Glad I’m not the only one.... 😉

      Melissa DuntonMelissa Dunton9 days ago
  • Stevie wonder🦊

    kk44kk4410 days ago
  • Okonomiyaki ftw. (No, I am not Japanese... Or even Asisn. I just like the cuisine.)

    Fairy NiamhFairy Niamh10 days ago
  • I rarely not believe most of the stories. Start off by using the normal stereotype of a political party as the bad person, there just isn't that many of them out there, that foolish. So, I stop the videos then.

    David SeegerDavid Seeger10 days ago
    • That story hit a little close to home huh?

      SchismSchism4 days ago
  • WOW 🎉 I wish I could be in that class!

    monkeynumber ninemonkeynumber nine10 days ago
  • Wow that sister is a massive hypocrite and is the AH.

    TheRuneTailTheRuneTail10 days ago
  • I like the karen voice

    Robert BeasleyRobert Beasley10 days ago
  • Since I make a ton of Korean foods I'd be first in line for the Vietnamese dish and all the rest, too.

    MamaaudriMamaaudri10 days ago
  • Food is food and free is free.

    Ot3pOt3p10 days ago
  • I honestly wish someone would bring ethnic food, lol yicks my Taurus is showing 😅

    danielle dillerdanielle diller10 days ago
  • What decides the Chad#2 voice while reading, like is there some mental criteria or something? Just curious

    Pokeman2rg8Pokeman2rg810 days ago
  • I think that last story was fake but that's just me, but I am so glad that you are here and okay mr. Reddit. I missed you the other day. And am I the only one who starting to like Mr Reddits Karen? I hope you two are okay and staying warm, be safe guys

    girl4spideygirl4spidey10 days ago
    • Was it that she started the story with cotton candy pink hair and suddenly had wavy brown hair halfway through the story?

      cocoidie Acocoidie A10 days ago
  • 👋💜👋💜👋💜👋💜👋💜👋💜👋💜👍

    Platte pussPlatte puss10 days ago
  • MR. REDDIT.......what happened to 2-17-21 reddit? We didn't give you a day off. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney10 days ago
    • @r/mr reddit Oh okay then. You are forgiven. I didn't think about that.

      Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney10 days ago
    • Power outages due to the winter storm 😢

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit10 days ago
  • Trying to be a sister? Then a good sister would keep her opinions to herself and wish their relationship to be a good one. SMH. Maybe Karen sister is telling you in her own way that the age difference in her and her hubby has been an issue for her.

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney10 days ago
    • A good sister would certainly voice her concerns, but to her sister, in private! Not by attacking the boyfriend during dinner. If she had seen some action or behavior from the boyfriend that was concerning, that would be reasonable, but saying it to his face could put the sister in danger, if there were a serious issue.

      2 Blessed2 Blessed7 days ago
  • that 7/11 story is fake. Try to do a better job mr reddit

    sam starksam stark10 days ago
    • @j marine they’re talking about the last one.

      Maria FoxMaria Fox10 days ago
    • it is not strange for mothers to use a stranger to scare kids. I once played along to it.

      j marinej marine10 days ago
  • NTA she needs to control her own kid and not threaten the child with others

    Nimi SilverbirdNimi Silverbird10 days ago
  • Love 💕 corned beef and cabbage

    Kathrine KellyKathrine Kelly10 days ago
  • I'm not a big fan of ethnic food and I work at a place where a majority of the Staff is Philippine so most work parties only have have food from the Philippines and instead of complain I find something I can eat or force something down because it's free.

    Drake LokiDrake Loki10 days ago
    • @Drake Loki except India. Dang they have SUPER SWEET desserts. Like....it hurts your teeth when you eat them, sweet. They’re still good, but a little goes a looooong way.

      Melissa DuntonMelissa Dunton9 days ago
    • @Laura Catania The ones I have had were good just keep in mind American sweets and pastries or on another lvl when it comes to sweetness than most other counties again from my experience.

      Drake LokiDrake Loki10 days ago
    • @Leanne Standring I guess I could have chose my words better, but for me at least when it comes to the entitled person of that story it is more about not complaining about free food. When the higher up bring in food for the staff I don't care if I cant pronounce the food, if it is so spicy it feels like it is burning a hole in my insides, or if it is made with coconut or coconut milk which I cant stand the taste of ( which relates more to my last job with a similar situation to my current job but most of the staff was from India and Pakistan). Free food is free food which even it just saves me a couple buck for not having to buy a meal or ingredients that is money I can put to something else. Don't get me wrong I'm not so indifferent to other cultures I do ask about the dishes and other things to at least make small talk and I do like learning about other cultures but here I was just railing on complaining about free food. Eat don't eat it but unless it is a dietary issue then keep your mouth shut because you could ruin things for others.

      Drake LokiDrake Loki10 days ago
    • Yeah but when you say you force something down it does kinda sound a tiny bit harsh. Its great you try it, but talking about it like that takes that nice action of you trying it and smashes it to smithereens all in the name of a 'I hate anything other than "normal" food' attitude. Not trying to dig at you, just the way you worded that was a little bit mean. Sorry😞 😞 😞

      Leanne StandringLeanne Standring10 days ago
    • A former co-worker has been baking some traditional Philippine desserts and posting them on Instagram. I’m fairly daring with food and I’m really interested since they look fabulous

      Laura CataniaLaura Catania10 days ago
  • No way, not your place to be her scape goat for her bad parents

    Rick DeckardRick Deckard10 days ago
  • Did I miss yesterday’s video?

    Ashlyn JanelleAshlyn Janelle10 days ago
    • Power outages due to the winter storm 😢 Yesterday was the first day I couldn't post in almost 2 years. But hopefully power stays on now!

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit10 days ago
    • No. You didn't. There wasn't one yesterday. I was at home sick all day yesterday. Stalking all my favorite USworlds channels and nothing was posted yesterday. By the way, if anyone is wondering, I'm feeling a lot better

      Stephanie HassellStephanie Hassell10 days ago
  • The girl friend that got tired of taken boy friend to work and he was paying half the expensive of the car and not paying rent , she is looking at her boy friend as an cash cow

    Earl BlackmanEarl Blackman10 days ago
    • Hope that OP fines someone else who doesn't seem her as a bank

      runt_07runt_079 days ago
    • oh yeah this girl is using boyfriend big time. known toxic people like this, in friendships, in relationships. drop her half an hour before NOW!

      Pamela DykePamela Dyke9 days ago
    • not a healthy relationship. dump her.

      Nini RossauNini Rossau9 days ago
    • It was girlfriend and girlfriend but you're right about the cash cow part.

      Joanne KingJoanne King10 days ago
  • My favorite ethnic food is Mexican.

    Sharolyn WellsSharolyn Wells10 days ago
  • as an american highschooler it is stressfull

    Chase MilliganChase Milligan10 days ago
  • Always loved the surfer-dude-esque Entitled Dude voice.

    Mark SykesMark Sykes10 days ago
    • It’s the best

      Swedish make-up geekSwedish make-up geek9 days ago
    • Same here

      Windows 7 Dev Pre 2Windows 7 Dev Pre 210 days ago
  • Peach cobbler 😍

    HeccHecc10 days ago
  • My friend, a woman, is 13 years older than her husband. They were friends for several years before they got married and have been happily married for almost 20 years.

    Champ TooChamp Too10 days ago
  • 8 years isn’t a big difference.

    Champ TooChamp Too10 days ago
  • Mmmmm...Jambalaya.....

    Blits RiderfieldBlits Riderfield10 days ago
  • Now im curious to watch a vedio on that viatnamese dish

    Hano HHano H10 days ago
  • Kid giving mom a hard time in store: lol first off, I wonder if shes really mom and not like aunt, or babysitter? Secondly, I'm sorry, but I'm going to say you are slightly the jerk lol. Mom or whatever may come off as one, but having been in that situation, no...shes just desperate for a solution and running out of patience herself. Plus, more than likely also exhausted. If you wouldve offered something to keep him entertained, than yea. But I would say in that kind of situation, just dont say anything. Grin and bear it. Chances are that kid is NOT going to remember you or this encounter anyways. If anything, it's on par with telling kids they'd have to wash dishes if they cant pay in a restaurant. Or telling anyone that, really. The kid was knocking stuff down with the potential to break something, so the idea she was pushing it seemed was if the kid broke something, hed have to work to pay for it. A good deterrent. So I'm going to have to give mom a pass for exhaustion and because parenting can be extremely difficult at times, and you are somewhat the jerk, because you really didnt help the situation lol.

    AhlamkinAhlamkin10 days ago
    • @Ahlamkin I’m not childless or clueless and I agree with @Shawna Burt. I don’t agree with only running errands alone, as she said in another comment, as that’s not usually an option. But I do agree that it’s no one’s job but the parent’s to teach the child proper behavior and if you can’t handle your own kids then you should just leave the store and go back once you’ve dealt with the situation. Btw, the cashier didn’t eavesdrop, it was very clear the mother in he story was rather loudly proclaiming that the kid would get in trouble and she expected the cashier to go along with her little scare tactic. You can teach a child that if they break something they have to pay for it or work for it without turning a complete stranger into your own personal boogeyman.

      Melissa DuntonMelissa Dunton9 days ago
    • @Shawna Burt you're not forcing another to do anything. If they werent listening in to begin with, they wouldnt even really know. But easy to speak coming from someone who apparently is childless and clueless...

      AhlamkinAhlamkin10 days ago
    • Nope. You don't get to force other people to deal with the child YOU CHOSE to have. You either keep them under control and behaving appropriately in public, or you don't take them out.

      Shawna BurtShawna Burt10 days ago
  • Karen is getting chased by the dinosaur! ☺️

    KelfKelf10 days ago
  • 200 Karen has to shovel snow now

    Sh'Vira SnowcatSh'Vira Snowcat10 days ago
  • Where were you yesterday?

    Scarlett SteeleScarlett Steele10 days ago
    • @r/mr reddit oh ok! Well I’m glad you’re ok. Stay safe. It’s snowing where I’m at but not bad like in some places. ❤️

      Scarlett SteeleScarlett Steele10 days ago
    • @r/mr reddit hope you are alright and safe.

      Jessi da Fennec FoxJessi da Fennec Fox10 days ago
    • Power outages due to the winter storm 😢 But hopefully the power stays on now!

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit10 days ago
  • My favorite food is YES

    Zachriel 011Zachriel 01110 days ago
  • Sweet and Sour chicken

    Mickey ReynaMickey Reyna10 days ago
  • 9 year age difference between my parents, so your sister's attitude seems little odd to me! NTA, but your sister is one! A party was not the proper place for her interrogation, so she deserved to booted, even if it was her birthday party!

    Delma PlainDelma Plain10 days ago
  • @24:25 Good on OP! I swear, these entitled idiots are so unobservant. Notice how the Karen was only listening to reply but not comprehehd. A similar thing happened when my boyfriend and I were shopping at Big Lots. I looked nothing like an employee and the two of us were admiring the selection of huge throw pillows that were on sale. A woman approached me and asked if I had light bulbs. Mind you I was wearing a message T-shirt, jeans, converse and a mask with my dog's picture on it. I didn't answer for at least five seconds hoping she'd realize her error. "I don't work here, ma'am. I'm shopping with my boyfriend." I got an embarassed I'm sorry and she headed in the opposite direction. Afterwards, my boyfriend informed me he was stopped twice on the way to and from the restroom by customers who thought HE worked there as well.

    horrorflickguyhorrorflickguy10 days ago
  • NTA! The manager was in the wrong. I hate when people try to scare little kids into being nice, when the problem is that they are simply overstimulated or tired! Edited for spell checking that is a pain!

    Delma PlainDelma Plain10 days ago
    • @Shawna Burt LoL. So glad you always have the option to leave your kid(s) at home or with someone when you have to run errands. Most parents don’t have that luxury.

      Melissa DuntonMelissa Dunton9 days ago
    • Or Hangry.....my nephew was usually a sweet and calm boy, but watch out when he was hungry. That boy is the reason “hangry” became a word. 😂

      Melissa DuntonMelissa Dunton9 days ago
    • If they're overstimulated or tired, they shouldn't be out and about.

      Shawna BurtShawna Burt10 days ago
  • I'd be super stoked if someone brought me a whole loaf of Wonder Bread 🍞

    Joyce CJoyce C10 days ago
  • Thank you Mr reddit Snow won't stop me from having my morning complete time for your playlist

    Birds 3214Birds 321410 days ago
  • 9:45 This guy may have followed you for other reasons OTHER than you not letting him use your laptop.

    Sandy R-wSandy R-w10 days ago
    • @Shawna Burt wtf ok? I misunderstood what Sandy meant. Thats it. I thought she was trying to excuse the guy; when they explained themselves I understood and I can believe that.

      Rain ElizabethRain Elizabeth10 days ago
    • @Rain Elizabeth Your disbelief doesn't change the FACT that men use all kinds of things as pretexts to creep on women.

      Shawna BurtShawna Burt10 days ago
    • @Rain Elizabeth i didnt say better or worse, I said OTHER!

      Sandy R-wSandy R-w10 days ago
    • @Sandy R-w wow... Thats not better. Thats much worse.

      Rain ElizabethRain Elizabeth10 days ago
    • I don't doubt it,. For all we know, he may have followed to find out where they lived so they can break in while everyone sleeps, to take whats nothis, OR break in to force himself on her or other.

      Sandy R-wSandy R-w10 days ago
  • Yay like number 67

    2cruz1012cruz10110 days ago
    • ello

      Yousrie SandayYousrie Sanday10 days ago
  • Woot! Now I have something to listen to while I drink my coffee!!

    Amy T.Amy T.10 days ago
  • Lawyer:"And why are you looking to file a lawsuit today?" Bitch:"I don't like ethnic food and I was told to go eat bread!" Lawyer:"And that's the end of your appointment, please pay my Secretary the £67.54 plus VAT on your way out."

    flashstudiosguyflashstudiosguy10 days ago
  • On one side tgats a di*k move for the mother. On another that is the perfect opportunity to create a local legend. Maybe not santa level but I'll take it

    scoots291scoots29110 days ago
  • 155th Person to view and 10th Comment

    Jason KeaneJason Keane10 days ago
  • The second story: I cannot stand entitled parents who expect strangers to discipline their kids. It's called don't squirt out the kid if you don't want the responsibility of raising them. OP was not the butthole. The manager and the mom are though.

    horrorflickguyhorrorflickguy10 days ago
    • @Cynthia Poritz she actually came back to find you so you could discipline HER children??? Oh my god....I am actually speechless....I have no clue how to say, or write, an answer to that. Just...wow. SMH

      Leanne StandringLeanne Standring9 days ago
    • I worked at a major chain store, and a woman with two children, ~ 4-6 in a cart, and they kept standing up in the cart, which is very dangerous. I told the children they had to sit down or get out of the cart, and they did. A few minutes later, the woman wheeled the cart and kids back to where I was working, and asked me to tell them to sit down again, as they weren't listening to her! SMH Many years working in retail has exposed me to a large number of people who should never had had children!

      Cynthia PoritzCynthia Poritz9 days ago
    • Agreed completely

      Adam BakerAdam Baker10 days ago
    • This was a regularly donething when I was kid. You'd see mum's see someone who was authoritative, or at least looked like they were and they'd tell their child "that manager/security guard is gonna tell you off if you don't stop..." whatever they were doing. I even heard them say it about policemen, though I didn't agree with that, we are meant to feel safe with policemen, not scared of them. I actually saw 1 lady say it about 1 of my mums friends when I was little cos he was about 6'4" and covered in tattoos. The mum said "if you don't stop being naughty, the scary man will take you away, and mummy won't be able to stop him". That 1, I admit was too far. Mums friend looked really hurt cos he was a true gentle giant. But if these people are that bad at parenting, I guess they have to use these underhanded and shady techniques to get their kids to listen. In some scenarios you can play along "look that lady is watching you so don't put xyz in your pocket/or break/ knock abc over" but saying "the scary lady will do blah blah blah" is a little harsh. I guess it's all about the context

      Leanne StandringLeanne Standring10 days ago
  • I was waiting for you!! I missed you yesterday. I live in Texas and we had rolling blackouts and no water, my day was ok until I didn’t get a notification!! Lol. Thank you for all your content.

    Jo Buck87Jo Buck8710 days ago
    • @Leanne Standring Lol yes it’s a real thing. And yes my central heat is electric so when the power goes out, the heat goes out. It’s was 13 degrees and I was without power for 17 hours. You have to make do. I wore a lot of clothing and bundled up as best I could. Today I have power, but for how long I’m not going to guess.

      Jo Buck87Jo Buck8710 days ago
    • Oh my god rolling blackouts are a real thing?!? I thought that was something made up for movies!?! Please tell me your central heating isn't electrically powered??? Even in warm places like Texas I'm guessing, its still gotta get a little chilly round wintertime?? ETA holy crap!!! I just Googled the weather in Texas atm, that is whole kinds of crazy, and also kinda scary! I hope everyone is ok! We have had 1 week of snow all winter, which got maybe 5 inches deep, huge amount for us on the east coast of the UK, and it was cold, like -10°c 1 night, average of -2°c or -3°c otherwise, but we never lost power, or gas supply, and half the houses round here use oil fired heating. I can't imagine that weather with no heat and no power. Please guys, stay safe, warm and well x 🙏 🙏 🙏 ❤❤❤

      Leanne StandringLeanne Standring10 days ago
    • Same here Jo! They turned our power back on this morning and it hasn't gone out yet. Fingers crossed! Hope you're staying warm! 😎

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit10 days ago
  • Then op goes outside to see a snowman Karen. Covered in snow and ice. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Richard WhittakerRichard Whittaker10 days ago
  • Ramen I literally have it tattooed on me

    Lache CastleLache Castle10 days ago