r/Entitledparents Karen MOTHER Sues the School, GETS KICKED OUT!

Jan 27, 2021
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r/Entitledparents Karen MOTHER Sues the School, GETS KICKED OUT!
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    r/mr redditr/mr redditMonth ago
    • A* = A plus. While A = just A. Just A is still a very good score, tho.

      Nutty InsomniacNutty InsomniacMonth ago
  • Is there a two and a half, because think that's where I'd fall?

    rj1982iirj1982ii16 days ago
  • I was hoping I misread the thumbnail.

    rj1982iirj1982ii16 days ago
  • Story number three would be good for malicious compliance

    EsroganEsrogan19 days ago
  • Okay. As a professional crochet artisan I honestly can attest that there are soooo many yarn snobs. I use both acrylic and wool and even silk yarns but I don’t care. There’s a time and place for all yarns. I use acrylic for cheaper projects for markets and farmers markets and wool and silk for artisan pieces. People are just so dumb 🙄 they want something to feel special about

    Heather VHeather V23 days ago
  • Favorite classes in high school, JROTC (Junior Reserve Training Corps one of the four branches of the military. Mine was Army) and Chamber Choir (lot of songs in Latin).

    Hillbilly JackholeHillbilly Jackhole27 days ago
  • I think my favorite classes were French and literature

    Donna BrewerDonna Brewer28 days ago
  • Listens to reddit story about knitting group drama, as she knits

    Kanime18Kanime18Month ago
  • the last video was heart warming, glad to know not every story is negative. 😁

    Midnight WildspiritMidnight WildspiritMonth ago
  • school sucks.

    gavin coopergavin cooperMonth ago
  • I liked Finnish and English at school.

    ElvenpathElvenpathMonth ago
  • Ok I knit, I have knitted for years and I always use acrylic yarn. Why? Because its affordable and washable and dryable. The snobs can go f themselves.

    paula brillpaula brillMonth ago
  • Punish a woman for her kid after they apologized? Thats disgusting he should be fired

    ArcadiusArcadiusMonth ago
    • But he won't because his boss agreed.

      ambush bobambush bobMonth ago
  • I love how the relationshop between Karen and Mr Reddit has evolved from mortal enemies to an elderly, bitter married couple. XD

    LOONLOONMonth ago
    • She threatened to divorce him in a recent video

      Christopher HortonChristopher Horton16 days ago
  • I a

    Robert HoggRobert HoggMonth ago
  • Dude, you managed to make that first story make no sense, lol. Emma didn’t get an A, she got an A PLUS. The way you read it, you were saying EK deserved Emma’s A but EK only got an A. That makes zero sense.

    The Crafty CyborgThe Crafty CyborgMonth ago
  • #1 rule. NO Bullnit. Lol

    lucysmarts77lucysmarts77Month ago
  • My favorite subjects in school were English and History. And as for the dude who sent adultery pics to the guy's DAUGHTER, and not just the wife----rotten, despicable low class thing to do, no class, no conscience and no morals. A zero jerk move, and not manly at all, sunshine! And anyone who doesn't get this, needs to go back to nursery school and begin again.

    OldMaidWhovian akaNancyGOldMaidWhovian akaNancyGMonth ago
  • op DID THE RIGHT THING. those karens were clearly trying to judge her and make her feel insecure about what she was using

    J. BondJ. BondMonth ago
  • that manager should have been fired not relocated in the company

    J. BondJ. BondMonth ago
  • op should have sued both of them

    J. BondJ. BondMonth ago
  • Favorite subject in school, math. I was a math boy so it was one of my strongest

    Dalton GDalton GMonth ago
  • I have a few favorite classes. I like all of mine for different reasons, math cause of the kids, English cause I love to write, science because I love chemistry and playing with chemicals, history cause my teacher makes it fun, Spanish cause of the games, advisory cause its down time and I can catch up, and multimedia cause I can sleep and the tasks are very simple and I can do over a course of a week. But I prefer the extra class I take which has to do with children and their development and how you as a parent or guardian can help them achieve those milestones.

    Raven _WolfRaven _WolfMonth ago
  • My favorite class was final bell.

    Dennis BillingtonDennis BillingtonMonth ago
  • ah yes, mean girls "subtweeting" IRL.

    shebakobyshebakobyMonth ago
  • History

    DelgadoNinaDelgadoNinaMonth ago
  • If my kids get bad grades, I would launch a small investigation to get to the heart of why they got them. Lawsuits are only ever considered if a teacher holds a verifiable vendetta against us, like Mr. Bates in Freaky Friday. Otherwise, if it’s lack of effort, I audit homework much more often. Otherwise I audit randomly, like by asking to read their essay and offering spelling corrections (OlgaKay beware!)

    Corey EvanCorey EvanMonth ago
    • Sick days were my favorite subject btw lol

      Corey EvanCorey EvanMonth ago
  • Why didn't you read Emma's mark correctly any of the times it was indicated? She got an A*, like an A+, so better than EK's A. The way you read it, they had the same grade and anyone not reading along would be confused.

    condar419condar419Month ago
    • I mean it's entirely possible he just didn't know what an A* was. Because to be fair I wouldn't have known what that was either I would have just assumed it was a typo. And I mean yeah context clues should imply that it meant A+ but still not everybody knows that

      Brian DurioBrian Durio24 days ago
  • I'd give the guy how got f over by the xxx work girl revenge a 6-7 it could of been worse/better like sending the stuff to there boss and the bosses boss and so on

    digitale playerdigitale playerMonth ago
  • Knitting Group: Passive-aggressive bullying is still bullying. Buh-bye.

    morallyambiguousnetmorallyambiguousnetMonth ago
  • Accounting for the win

    Kelli HudsonKelli HudsonMonth ago
  • I knit with acrylic yarn just because its easier to work with and cheaper.

    Fake_Gamer _CatFake_Gamer _CatMonth ago
    • I use acrylic yarn a lot too. Most of my yarn in my yarn storage box are acrylic and they work wonders for knitting/crocheting projects. The best part is that my favorite craft stores has a very good selection of acrylic yarn in all beautiful shades of colors.

      DarkerMoonlightShadowDarkerMoonlightShadowMonth ago
  • With with craft group. The OP is NTA. Because OP is head of the group. And can make any dam rules the OP only.

    Karla BoergerKarla BoergerMonth ago
  • I'm glad we bigfoots don't have to worry about being sued out here in the wilderness

    Just Some Bigfoot With MemesJust Some Bigfoot With MemesMonth ago
    • I've seen you before XD

      ★Stardust__Studios★★Stardust__Studios★Month ago
    • Yes

      Ashton NovakAshton NovakMonth ago
    • Even a sadistic God fears Karens :'(

      jester of the innernetjester of the innernetMonth ago
  • 23:13) No dandelions ?? If some were growing nearby, I would have added a few.

    leon dillonleon dillonMonth ago
  • The 15 👎is clearly Karen and crew.

    Tesynia LaZuri UhuruTesynia LaZuri UhuruMonth ago
  • How are these people not ashamed to make such a holy show of themselves?

    Wf CoakerWf CoakerMonth ago
  • My favorite class was a toss up between band and Hawaiian culture class (I lived in Hawaii from 5th grade to my junior yr in hs)

    Abbe OliverAbbe OliverMonth ago
  • Snob knitters are AHs in general and Major AHs for violating the rules of the group. OP is NOT the AH for keeping the rules of her own group. If the snobs don't like it, they can form their own group. Just let me know their group name so I never get involved with them by accident.

    Robin MitchellRobin MitchellMonth ago
  • Great job

    Maria IbarraMaria IbarraMonth ago
  • His Karen voice reminds me of Frieza. XD

    ShadowjumperShadowjumperMonth ago
    • Or even stage 1 Cell 😂😂😂

      Pixie LPixie LMonth ago
  • Op isn't a jerk!

    Maria IbarraMaria IbarraMonth ago
  • Dang; indeed....

    Maria IbarraMaria IbarraMonth ago
  • 20th Century Military History.

    Neil HaleNeil HaleMonth ago
  • aww that last story is so wholesome!!! 🥺🥺🥺 also for the AITA stories... the one where OP called out behaviour? NTA, their group their rules. as for the other one? OP and the boss are the jerks here, they used something outside of work against the mom edit: can i have a link to the last one?

    Devin SchweissDevin SchweissMonth ago
    • In the interview for the promotion, while it sucks she lose the promotion because of her child bullying, OP didn't take that promotion from her. OP took him/herself away from the interview because the bullying made him/her incapable of being impartial. this means the boss gave the interview. the boss did use child bullying as a reason why the promotion was not granted which is unfair but from the boss's point of view, a promotion demands responsibility and leadership. if the person shows a lack of leadership at home it could be a sign of that person not being ready.

      j marinej marineMonth ago
  • i watch these videos every time i shower and i love these videos

    Gaming with jay JohnsonGaming with jay JohnsonMonth ago
  • I would say it was a 6

    Tommy SouzaTommy SouzaMonth ago
  • I think I would prefer to be told I was sweet right off the bat, than saying I was sweet right off the boat. Aheeeemmmmm. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    Mary MulrooneyMary MulrooneyMonth ago
  • I think OP did the right thing in reporting the info to HR, although fellow employee apologised, but just incase it escalated later, its good that it was reported to HR.

    Mary MulrooneyMary MulrooneyMonth ago
    • Reporting the incident to HR was the correct thing to do however sandbagging a possible promotion was not.

      ambush bobambush bobMonth ago
  • Those two hours were not wasted, if it got Karen to stop being so stupid. I'm only sorry they did not charge the card.

    rmhartmanrmhartmanMonth ago
  • Last one ❤️❤️❤️

    Sarah ClappSarah ClappMonth ago
  • If you start a group and set guide lines, if someone refuses to follow them, that's not censure ship. Until the lockdown, I was part of a knitting/crochet group. And I can guarantee you that if a group had come in and acted like that, while I doubt that they would have been kicked out (was in the library and was more or less under the county control), that would have been given the cold shoulder.

    Dizzy's DoingsDizzy's DoingsMonth ago
  • In the first story Emma got an A* (star) it’s higher than a standard A grade in the Uk back then it’s quite difficult to get an A* especially for someone in set 3 I should know as I was in set 3 when I did my exams in 1998

    Steph BarnesSteph BarnesMonth ago
  • And here I sit listening to this using Acrylic yarn for a project. Sadly some people especially those used to the craft can’t afford indie wool brands. Or people can be allergic to wool. 🙄 it’s not censorship to stop people from openly bullying.

    Shelby SammonsShelby SammonsMonth ago
    • @Shelby Sammons and not too expensive to repair if they manage to get a limb off or create a hole.

      velvety2006velvety2006Month ago
    • @velvety2006 I use it for that too. It’s so easy to clean off.

      Shelby SammonsShelby SammonsMonth ago
    • I use acrylics to knit and crochet toys for kids, more diversity in colors and they can be washed at a higher temperature than if I would use wool. also as you said very little allergy risk.

      velvety2006velvety2006Month ago
  • I laughed when he did the male karen voice

    David AcostaDavid AcostaMonth ago
  • I kinda wish I could have seen all those yellow flowers. But I'm the type who would smile at a 1000 yellow daisies lol.

    Nimi SilverbirdNimi SilverbirdMonth ago
    • @Nutty Insomniac my thoughts exactly

      Nimi SilverbirdNimi SilverbirdMonth ago
    • Nothing wrong with daisies!!

      Nutty InsomniacNutty InsomniacMonth ago
  • No karen you cannot have an opinion. Also as for ppl leaving if they dont like something. Then maybe karen and her Karen crew should leave if they dont like ppl using acrylic yarn.

    Nimi SilverbirdNimi SilverbirdMonth ago
    • @Adrienne Gormley me too. I can't touch wool.

      SilverMaychanSilverMaychanMonth ago
    • @Adrienne Gormley someone at an online knitting group asked about alpaca yarn because she wanted to make a sweater with it. Pretty much everyone advised a blend because of the stretchiness

      velvety2006velvety2006Month ago
    • I dont do either. Would live to learn but always busy. My grandmother did bc I can remember. But I do know ppl like those ladies and they are not fun to be around bc they constantly seem to believe themselves superior bc of the name brand stuff they used. I also have great admiration for anyone who can do stuff that creates. It's so cool.

      Nimi SilverbirdNimi SilverbirdMonth ago
    • I knit and crochet with acrylic yarn because I'm allergic to wool. 'Nuff said.

      Adrienne GormleyAdrienne GormleyMonth ago
    • I knit and crochet with acrylic yarn, I find it good for kids toys.

      velvety2006velvety2006Month ago
  • Wow. Not trying to get her kids grade raised, but another kids lowered??

    rmhartmanrmhartmanMonth ago
  • Regarding the crafts group: The entire objective of the "mean girls" clique's comments was to drive out everyone else and make the group theirs.

    Bob BlumenfeldBob BlumenfeldMonth ago
  • Yarn snobs...

    Jeremy BolanosJeremy BolanosMonth ago
  • History was always my favourate because I like to say you just cannot make up some of the absurd things that have happend. For example Napolean being attacked by bunnies. If that doesn't sound like a Monty Python skit IDK

    Eric GoodwinEric GoodwinMonth ago
    • @WeltonvilleGal The teeth

      Eric GoodwinEric GoodwinMonth ago
    • It’s only a bunny rabbit........

      WeltonvilleGalWeltonvilleGalMonth ago
  • OMG!!! I was wondering how I can log into my partner account until I contacted OPTIMUMTECHNOLOGY1 on IG whom got me access to my partner's facebook and instagram account without traces.

    Carlos JimCarlos JimMonth ago
  • I'm highly against censorship, I think if someone is too sensitive to handle insults or bad language then they probably should leave or not have joined.... The highly right we have as poeple is to think and say what we want to whoever we want and I won't have change my mind on that.

    Huskymax 2011Huskymax 2011Month ago
    • that club was specially designed to not have bullying or toxic behaviour. it is not censorship to enforce the rules. they agree to that rule when joining and crying censorship is a jerk move.

      j marinej marineMonth ago
    • OP was reiterating a rule; that everyone agreed to, not censoring anyone. OP only did this after the other members !continuously! stated their opinion about the same subject.

      Cooky_yarn_mom82Cooky_yarn_mom82Month ago
    • Exactly! They agreed to the terms when they joined.

      Cooky_yarn_mom82Cooky_yarn_mom82Month ago
    • Well hi Karen. No one Should be mean and judgemental for of other op had every right to mute them.

      Shantell SpeakerShantell SpeakerMonth ago
  • Interview: If OP was conducting the interview, they were correct in reporting to HR, and removing themselves from the process. Had OP interviewed and then decided not to recommend her for the position there could have been issues. The 'grin' disturbs me, however, and I am not certain they didn't influence the decision in other ways (intentionally or unintentionally). The co-worker was innocent and apologised for her spawn's behaviour. She sounds like a decent person and this should not have influenced her promotion.

    Mark MansellMark MansellMonth ago
    • I understand that OP was angry about the way sister was bullied like that. However it had nothing to do with work and shouldn’t even have been mentioned to anyone there. It absolutely influenced who was chosen for the promotion. Unlike 99% of the stories the co-worker didn’t go all entitled mom on OP even apologizing for spawn’s behavior. There seems to be more to the story than we know or OP wouldn’t have taken such delight in preventing the co-worker from getting the promotion. In this instance OP became the bully! We all know parents can do their very best to raise good kids but sometimes kids do a 180. Like I said there seems to be stuff in co-workers life that we don’t know about.

      pat vancepat vanceMonth ago
    • Yeah grinning at her was out of line. She came to op to apologise for her daughter's actions unprovoked. If she'd defended them it would have been different. OP should have said 'I made sure I wasn't the one interviewing you so the decision wouldn't be biased' and left it at that. No need to punish a mother who clearly condemned the actions of her kid by making her think they'd manipulated the interview.

      Leo WLeo WMonth ago
  • My best class was history and was taught by Mr. War. 1978!

    Ken DrakeKen DrakeMonth ago
  • OP still owes "Ted" some major payback. Maybe it's my own strong vindictive streak, but I feel he hasn't gone far enough.

    Lance RevellLance RevellMonth ago
  • Favorite class = MATH!!!!

    Thomas CowanThomas CowanMonth ago
    • Same! I love math!

      Nevaeh VineyardNevaeh Vineyard27 days ago
  • That last story got me right in the feels!!

    Angi PylantAngi PylantMonth ago
  • i couldnt wait to graduate from high school cause my school days was a living nightmare

    Brandon RaskeBrandon RaskeMonth ago
  • Hey everyone

    Birds 3214Birds 3214Month ago
  • Sry I'm late

    Amanda DavisAmanda DavisMonth ago
    • Thx mr reddit

      Amanda DavisAmanda DavisMonth ago
  • hi mr reddit we meet again sorry i was 26 minutes late sorry but i'm definitely watching this while class no questions asked

    matthew non existentmatthew non existentMonth ago
  • Emma got an A* =A star, the top grade. EK got a straight A, one down from A*.

    Midnight MosesMidnight MosesMonth ago
    • Thx for explaining, That's not how grade works in my country

      RavenRavenMonth ago
    • @Mary Mulrooney so if your american its like A+ and an A

      Dizzy MappingDizzy MappingMonth ago
    • Thanks for the explanation, I was curious what the issue was.

      Mary MulrooneyMary MulrooneyMonth ago
  • Hi and another awesome video.

    Charles LeonardCharles LeonardMonth ago
  • Hey Mr Reddit and Karen! I just got my new VR so I'm gonna listen to this while I set it up! Hope you have a good day!

    JessaJessaMonth ago
  • I like ya cut g Karen

    RafiqachuRafiqachuMonth ago
  • Karen never won in court. Do to the courts have a no Karen policy. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Richard WhittakerRichard WhittakerMonth ago
  • You could say Karen got schooled ... **Crickets chirping** Okay I'll see myself out than...

    John SmithJohn SmithMonth ago
    • @Wolf spirit 🤣🤣🤣 definitely not. Last time I ended up in China

      John SmithJohn SmithMonth ago
    • @The Fool 👍

      John SmithJohn SmithMonth ago
    • Bad pun, off cliff Kidding please don’t actually jump

      Wolf spiritWolf spiritMonth ago
    • That was cringe. I LOVE IT!!

      The FoolThe FoolMonth ago
  • Hellooooo Mr. Reddit! Have a fantastic day!

    Jessica LeeJessica LeeMonth ago

    Denise MettsDenise MettsMonth ago
  • First comment & 3rd like! Hello Karen!

    Princess EverfreePrincess EverfreeMonth ago
  • Hiiiii Mr Reddit

    Teyha HudsonTeyha HudsonMonth ago
  • Yesss I’m finally first again