r/Entitledparents Karen MOTHER Spends MY LIFE SAVINGS!

Feb 13, 2021
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r/Entitledparents Karen MOTHER Spends MY LIFE SAVINGS!
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    r/mr redditr/mr reddit15 days ago
    • I love Nintendo systems but the Nintendo Switch is the only thing I’ve ever gotten from them that I have some reason to really complain about and that is the joystick drift even on the Wii U Wireless controller thing doesn’t have that problem they should send out a automatic recall to fix all of them free of charge besides that I’ve never had a problem with any other Nintendo system I once had a Nintendo DS who’s hinge completely snapped off on the right side and it just kept working like nothing was wrong with it.

      USS Gray GhostUSS Gray Ghost15 days ago
    • Please read my comment

      Spy ninja FanSpy ninja Fan15 days ago
    • Can you cover in one of your future videos r/neckbeards.

      Reaper legionReaper legion15 days ago
  • 15:26 It was either get fired by her, or get fired on by grandpa.

    Michael LehnerMichael Lehner2 hours ago
  • In the first story, OP's mom had better hope she doesn't need anything later in life, because OP isn't going to pay for her I'm sure.

    Ruth MeowRuth Meow7 hours ago
  • I almost lost my breath at the second story. OP just showed us how to destroy a Supermarket Karen. And the methods are very effective. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Superior'sLiveSuperior'sLiveDay ago
  • Ikea restaurant? Thought that was just a home appliance brand

    FirstSwordCorvusFirstSwordCorvusDay ago
  • Is it just me or does Mr. Reddit sound like little Gideon from Gravity falls around the 34 min point

    Mathew HammerMathew HammerDay ago
  • Craziest thing that ever happened to me work wise was someone taking my water bottle out of my back pocket because I wouldn't give them their acholic back. Was working the front gate at a music festival and all staff were given water bottles thought-out the day. I don't know what she thought it was when she took it but I do know she got a surprise that is was just water. People doing the weirdest things when going to music shows of any kind. And that wasn't funniest thing that had happened during that 3 day weekend of work either.

    wiccacat17wiccacat17Day ago
  • I can't really remember a time where I hasn't been wearing boots I've always been a really long gangly kid with poor coordination so my grandfather bought me a pair when I was pretty young I started wearing them out about 6 I want to say since then they've only gotten bigger and more impressive

    Robert RighterRobert Righter2 days ago
  • uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im heck a late

    Miguel ValenciaMiguel Valencia2 days ago
  • bubu oh no :c

    jtdog200jtdog2002 days ago
  • fatem

    jtdog200jtdog2002 days ago
  • The church crowd on Sunday are the absolute worst people to serve at a restaurant they are rude and cheap af and never tip remember god is watching

    D BlockD Block3 days ago
  • That mother that stole money from her kid is messed up! I would disown her as my mother if she did that

    Midknight 74012Midknight 740123 days ago
  • "you're never going to get a girlfriend if you play video games". Ok karen, guess I, a girl who plays video games daily, will have to break the bad need to my gamer boyfriend XD

    Kiara KoerperKiara Koerper4 days ago
  • I've seen the Lettermen, Drifters, Coasters, Platters and Weird Al

    Jerry StaufferJerry Stauffer5 days ago
  • I just ordered new checks yesterday. I write half a dozen a month

    Jerry StaufferJerry Stauffer5 days ago
  • I had my mother irene take 10,000 dollars from me when I went to college and she told my dad I spent it on candy

    Jenny BoltJenny Bolt7 days ago
  • They got rid of the problematic customer, and without losing any money.

    Petra LehtoPetra Lehto7 days ago
  • Telling my age here...pac man...pong :)

    NanaVicki1NanaVicki17 days ago
  • I'm a girl and I absolutely love playing fable 2

    mommacat 243mommacat 2438 days ago
  • The entitle sister in law and her kid, If I know that they are entitle I would have remove all my stuff out of the room so their would be no owner ship of the games playstation and TV

    Earl BlackmanEarl Blackman8 days ago
  • I would gladly annoy/trick a Karen, but there doesn't seem to be that many wild Karens here in Finland. Or at least they are able to somewhat restrain themselves in public. ...Leaving all the worst of the entitled behaviour, shouting, screaming, stomping, threatening and other typical-Karen-nonsense being solely released upon their poor forever-suffering family members. This is the impression I have anyway. Also "talking to the manager" isn't that big of a thing here either..🤔

    Petra LehtoPetra Lehto9 days ago
  • Wally McWallersonWally McWallerson9 days ago
  • I am a percussionist myself My drumkit is like a baby to me It's my only one right now And i'm thinking of saving up to buy a new cymbal

    Nathan 3778Nathan 37789 days ago
  • I used to work computer tech support, and I would occasionally get customers who would demand to speak to a man because a woman couldn't possibly know how computers work 🙄

    SilverOwl13SilverOwl139 days ago
  • The first story shot me in the chest when they mentioned Panic Talk Action- I could practically hear the Karen before she was even narrated

    Ohnali IronyOhnali Irony9 days ago
  • Cont. Of my last all concerts were country stars

    Jennifer NunnJennifer Nunn9 days ago
  • Cheques are still paper, so it really doesn't tell anybody anything.

    Darryl KinslowDarryl Kinslow9 days ago
  • That first story was funny and awesome

    Jennifer NunnJennifer Nunn9 days ago
  • That table that doesn't tip...I don't drink but I'd partake in that shot if I had to deal with them.

    JessJess10 days ago
  • Seriously, refuse to serve someone because they don't leave a tip? When serve them is literaly your job?

    msreduxmsredux10 days ago
  • It should have said "you spent my life savings, now your gonna spend your life *gunshot sound*"

    KyermikeKyermike10 days ago
  • My mother in law used to take whatever money my wife had when we were still dating. And that first story was like that on steroids. My heart just hurts thinking about it.

    TurtleDude05TurtleDude0511 days ago
  • Time to watch while waiting for the Nintendo direct And yes that first story was right about the rhythm mini game

    Cats eat meow mixCats eat meow mix11 days ago
  • the karen voiceover sounds like that avatar the last airbender warden

    shin asukashin asuka11 days ago
  • I get a safe

    Steven FadrowskiSteven Fadrowski11 days ago
  • 38:00 is not a Karen like they should not have act that way but she can get it replaced bfor free because they are at fault they soled her a faulty thing

    assasin ytassasin yt11 days ago
  • We have in school detention here in Australia. You basically sit in a classroom with others who are on detention. Just catch up on all your homework and assignments. Stealing 10K from your child is inexcusable.. Disgusting woman. And stuff the 2 Karen's and their $10 screen protector..lol

    Jag GirlJag Girl11 days ago
  • I love how Mr. Reddit's Karen voice was starting to crack and he almost laughed. OP is a bloody genius. I swear that story would fit in a comedy show.

    MrRedstoneMrRedstone11 days ago
  • I would've checked on any legal recourse against my mom should she have stolen 9k+ from me.

    Ulises UrquiaUlises Urquia11 days ago
    • @Jerry Stauffer well that sucks.

      Ulises UrquiaUlises Urquia5 days ago
    • It's not like she had any way to pay it back. There's no way to prove the money ever existed. It's horrible but she got away with it for basically nothing.

      Jerry StaufferJerry Stauffer5 days ago
  • I milk the crap out of these stories😂

    Itz VanzItz Vanz11 days ago
  • I hit like when Karen sung "apple bottom jeans"

    H. TillotskiH. Tillotski12 days ago
  • Diablo II or Titan Quest Immortal Throne

    vernon jacksonvernon jackson13 days ago
  • I loved the in school suspension over a well trimmed beard

    Carol AndersenCarol Andersen13 days ago
  • The Red Dragon!!!!

    Allen WoodleyAllen Woodley13 days ago
  • This is good one!

    Allen WoodleyAllen Woodley13 days ago
  • 2:36:27 Tacky AF

    Gan LenGan Len13 days ago
  • my parents like most aren't perfect, but i have no idea what it feels like to not beable to trust them. i could only imagine how crushing that is..and how it imprints a lasting impression that never really goes away. No matter what was going on in my life i could always call my parents if i needed them...please never break that bond with your own kids. try to remember back to how much power and influence they held in your life, and probably still do. some lines should never be crossed and messing with your own kids money is definitely one of them.

    thelaughingman79thelaughingman7913 days ago
  • In refence to "Wearing combat boots during nursing school", Yes, as a military veteran myself, I have worn, and continued to wear combat boots after I was discharged. Until I got a job that, according to dress code, I could not wear. I was disheartened, but the disipline instilled in me, I conformed to the regulations, and adapted.

    tunellrat2tunellrat213 days ago
    • Well the women wasnt a veteran but her husband was, plus there was no rule stating against combat boots

      dreadful beefdreadful beef13 days ago
  • I ate a 24 pack of sausage and the expiration date is just 3 days away I DEMAND A REFUND!! 🤣🤣🤣

    CaustonCauston13 days ago
  • I would sue her for stealing the money 💰

    MR.WILLIE 95MR.WILLIE 9513 days ago
  • Boy oh boy she finally got the hint she doesn't work there and then to assume that she has the right to treat people like getting kicked out of the store that was the best thing for her 🤣😂🙃

    aundrea Streetaundrea Street13 days ago
  • Taking from your kids hard earned money is wrong think mom should pay it all back with 5% to 10% interest tacked on it for not asking first oh and a one time $500:00 fee for not asking and for lieing about it

    aundrea Streetaundrea Street13 days ago
  • Not my money, but growing up my dad would get me an ipod for my birthday and christmas every year, then a week later he'd pawn it so he could buy whiskey.

    PartiallyObliviousPartiallyOblivious14 days ago
  • I think that every poster has ADHD, PTSD or is bipolar in these stories ...

    jlawrence01jlawrence0114 days ago
    • LOL, yes or they all have “anxiety” issues.

      Wendy PWendy P4 days ago
  • "When you become a mom, you'll understand you will want to do anything for your children," said the lying, thieving, scum bag mother. Apparently not ALL your children, Karen. You stole from your daughter to buy an expensive party for a one year old who won't even remember the party.

    Patricia OConnorPatricia OConnor14 days ago
  • The funniest "Do you work here?" moment I had was in my 20s and was working at Walmart as an overnight cashier. It was about 3AM at night things were so slow during those times, there would only be two cashiers working up front. Although often only one of us was cashiering while the other one worked on stocking the front end. Cashier would also watch the door during slow times. (years later we got busier and so had offical door greeter then) One night the other girl called in and I was only person up front being the cashier and the door greeter. It was nice that night so we had the doors wide open and it's been an hour since I had a customer so I stood just outside the door catching a rare cool breeze when a car rolls up; Driver roll down the window and asked "Do you work here?" Me= "Yes" Driver= "Are you open?" Here I pause, I look over my shoulders at the open doors and brightly lit interior. Then I look up at the big sign hanging on the side of the building. Then Looking at them, "Yeah, I think so." The big sign? It's huge as in over 10 ft tall pure white sign that read "Open 24 hrs"

    KatzztarKatzztar14 days ago
  • Despite working nearly 15 yrs in retail, i had very few interactions with the Karen types. And had only a few rather humerous "Do you work here?" moments . Only time a DYWH moment had a Karen was the first event and was back when I was 16, back in the 80s.(since this was so long ago, I don't recall exact words but the situation) I was working at my first job as a sacker and since I lived at home with mom, I didn't do grocery shopping. Karen had asked me THAT question and after I replied yes i work here. She asked where the Tomato paste was. I looked up at signs to see what isle the pasta was on and told her. She got an annoyed look and sniffed "WHERE in that isle?!" I replied "Sorry I don't know beyond that, I'm only a sacker..." She cut me off and snottily said "You DO work here, right?" Again I tried to explain, "I'm only a sacker, I don't shop here.." I tried to finish with I don't go further in the store than needed to sign in (which wasn't far as office was up front to clock in) Again she cut me off with "If you work here then you should know where everything is!" and with that she stomped off. I waited until she was out of sight and looked around and saw only the cashier that the woman had ignored. We both rolled our eyes.

    KatzztarKatzztar14 days ago
  • My all time favorite game is Persona 5 Royal

    Noah ChristianNoah Christian14 days ago
  • The first story made me sick to my stomach! Shame on the mother!

    Trina DaileyTrina Dailey14 days ago
  • Yep! Another awesome 2 1/2 hours. Thank you, as always, Mr Reddit!

    Lee ScalesLee Scales14 days ago
  • I stand by what I said before, these entitled people are trash and I would and I have cut ties with them as soon as I can and could safely do so.

    ZhontacZhontac14 days ago
  • I am SUPER ANGRY with EM. WTH she was thinking? Was OP not her daugther or something? Was OP picked up from somewhere or what? What happen next? Did she go to Havard like she want? Did EM at least apologize? Ooh, OP can't even report it. R U HAPPY KAREN RUINING SOMEONE FUTURE? Not someone else but YOUR OWN DAUGHTER. It's not like OP want to enjoy and spend her money rexklessly. OP wanted to save it for college. As A PARENT you should support her. If u can even call yourself that. OP almost finish high school that time and then will apply for universities. EM STEAL from HER OWN DAUGTHER to showing off. Yeah, shame on u. 👏👏👏. The kid not even go to school yet. Saving for college? Yeah!🙄 What about the sister? Who gonna pay for her?

    Quratul AinQuratul Ain14 days ago
  • Man, who needs parents? I got fictional characters

    Tokoyamis Dark shadowTokoyamis Dark shadow14 days ago
    • Stopped seeing any of my family 10 years ago and life's been great since. Finally peace from age 41 and I'm now 52. On!y regret is not leaving decades ago.

      Roger RamjetRoger Ramjet12 days ago
  • Holy crap! That money wasn’t all spent on a Bday guaranteed. On a first bday that won’t be remembered no less!

    Phoenix SkyPhoenix Sky14 days ago
    • Don't forget the $1000.00 bank account

      Tori VincentTori Vincent10 days ago
  • I wouldn't let anyone touch my PS4, because my brother gave me his TV and the ps4 while my brother has his own gaming pc.

    FirePrincess HinoFirePrincess Hino14 days ago
  • I go to a country school (I.e. middle of nowhere town with a couple of other middle of nowhere town feeding into it) they aren’t allowed to give out after school detention due to the fact a large number of pupils, (over half) take a bus into school and most have two working parents who can’t pick them up.

    Sarah Just SarahSarah Just Sarah14 days ago
  • I want to hear some stories about Karin teachers vs entitled parents.

    DrewDrew14 days ago
  • Why does the Karen on the thumbnail look like jim carrey

    Nub Nub SanNub Nub San14 days ago
  • Down voted because I couldn't stand looking at the drooling dog over and over again. Not watching the video.

    GubbahGubbah14 days ago
  • “God and Evolution are arguing about whose fault this brainfart is, given that chicken mcnuggets aren’t usually served here at all.”

    Maria FoxMaria Fox14 days ago
  • Favorite sauce? N00bsauce.

    Fryode - The Fried DiodeFryode - The Fried Diode14 days ago
  • I wouldn't know if I'd like IKEA or not, I've never seen or even been in one.

    Kelly WalkerKelly Walker14 days ago
  • I went to the Thompson Square band concert

    Heather KecklerHeather Keckler14 days ago
  • Answering all of his questions Minecraft on Nintendo switch lite Coca-cola Nintendo switch lite Don’t do the exchange Haven’t lived on farm don’t want to live on one

    Luke McLeavyLuke McLeavy15 days ago
  • The mom that stole 10k she needs the Middle East treatment off with her hands!

    Skip DracoSkip Draco15 days ago
    • lol

      QuestionAyQuestionAy13 days ago
  • Oh, Karen. I d definitely would!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra15 days ago
  • Yes. She did! And yeah I had a family member who did some stuff like that.

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra15 days ago
  • Chicken Alfredo with pasta!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra15 days ago
  • Wrong!! He doesn't! Because it's not his! Case closed!!!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra15 days ago
  • Never been there.

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra15 days ago
  • My favourite game of all time is doom 1993.

    kjcxb1kjcxb115 days ago
  • Yeah. Had a teacher like that;

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra15 days ago
  • "Doing Anything for your kids" does NOT include stealing from one kid to give to another.

    whofandbwhofandb15 days ago
  • Clearance items are usually final sale. The Karen should have been happy with the $10 refund or exchange!

    Darlene CaneDarlene Cane15 days ago
  • Yeah I like boots; and without fur,.no Apple bottom jean!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra15 days ago
  • Hey Mr. Reddit! It's my Birthday today and I love your videos!!! Reeeeeeee!!!

    F.E. BullockF.E. Bullock15 days ago

    A_single_pale _artistA_single_pale _artist15 days ago
  • Who the frig cares if someone else has a beard. And the professor was a hypocrite

    Darlene CaneDarlene Cane15 days ago
  • Underrated!

    Andrew SmithAndrew Smith15 days ago
  • I went to a Ghost BC concert. It was amazing 👏

    Mangle StudiosMangle Studios15 days ago
  • 59 years old and love my Switch Lite. You are never too old

    Darlene CaneDarlene Cane15 days ago
  • me: hmm yes i have time (its 1am) me again after 2 hours: how the f**k is it 3am

    xxxShadowHunterxxxShadowHunter15 days ago
  • No!!!!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra15 days ago
  • Haven't played any since 2009 for personal reasons.

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra15 days ago
  • 7 up, diet Coke and diet Pepsi, a&w root beer!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra15 days ago
  • Yeah she did everything wrong!!!!! Karen AND I'm talking about the mother!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra15 days ago
  • Redwing boots for the win, I’m a paramedic and I love mine!

    DrewDrew15 days ago
  • Lol. That holy Karen is a drop kick.

    TheSolidMidgetTheSolidMidget15 days ago
  • OP want you to stay save money I want you science buy your own house her way back for you and her I want you and your nephew and your sister, I'm leaving you don't back for Christmas your nephew toys and tell them I got a surprise for you is a Teamster the tickets Disney world what's going on that trip for Florida for your birthday you you are a good uncle I'm proud of you but your own house 4 roombed

    The little that engine could 20th anniversaryThe little that engine could 20th anniversary15 days ago