r/Entitledparents Karen MOTHER Sneaks on my Property, I CALL THE COPS!

Jan 24, 2021
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r/Entitledparents Karen MOTHER Sneaks on my Property, I CALL THE COPS!
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    r/mr redditr/mr redditMonth ago
    • Thats alot of words and links and emojis ._.

      Anubis YTAnubis YT5 days ago
  • In the job story op definitely isn't the butthole but the mom is

    janique van der beekjanique van der beek16 hours ago
    • The daughter didn't *steal* the job she *earned it*

      janique van der beekjanique van der beek16 hours ago
  • Allergies can be very dangerous, often triggering other hidden, dormant problems.

    Grant KilbourneGrant Kilbourne2 days ago
  • The girl with the dog allergies needs to dump her boyfriend. He is a jerk and thoughtless.

    Cathy MarvinCathy Marvin3 days ago
  • Trapping deer?? That'll get you several years of 3 hots and a cot at the iron bar Hilton. I can only imagine what the common law penalties are for poaching large game on someone else's property.

    doug perrydoug perry6 days ago
  • Pepsi

    Jackie DunnJackie Dunn9 days ago
  • Blanket girl Kick that bf to the curb..

    Jag GirlJag Girl10 days ago
  • I may be mistaken about other states but in my state, trapping dear is illegal...

    Jim BJim B11 days ago
  • Holy crap. Give that lady the worst mother of the year award. She's definitely in the running for the lifetime achievement award for that category. Wow.

    Ricechrispy0527Ricechrispy052711 days ago
  • That finger print story is gold 😂

    Ricechrispy0527Ricechrispy052711 days ago
  • for the story bout the sister & brother and the job thing... sounds like the mom is the one playing favorites and the dad is the one treating the kids equaling. giving them both an equal opportunity at a job that was hiring while the mom only wanted to help the brother find a job and seems to only want him to get the job.

    mnemosyneslunarianmnemosyneslunarian11 days ago
  • The wife being called after being let go reminds me of a work story where the company I worked for laid some of us off. A few days later my home phone rings and a FAA guy and engineer from the company that laid me off were out at a remote site and couldn’t figure something out. I told them I couldn’t help them unless the FAA wanted to hire me on contract. They cried about being on an expensive charter and need help immediately. . O well. I got a better job.

    Chris Alden in AlaskaChris Alden in Alaska12 days ago
  • Entitled people poaching on private land, way too close to homes is a very common problem. We deal with it every dang year.

    KanjiwinyanKanjiwinyan12 days ago
  • Coke Zero.

    Bradley OgdenBradley Ogden12 days ago
  • Entitled Person can't be on time ?

    Lee DavisLee Davis13 days ago
  • It is illegal to set traps for Deer in all 50 States.

    Lee DavisLee Davis13 days ago
  • Coke due to Pepsi giving me heartburn

    Hanna FardewHanna Fardew14 days ago
  • All i know is Mr. Pibb is just a lazy Dr. Pepper. Couldn't even bother to get a degree.

    Nino MitchellNino Mitchell15 days ago
  • To the right of the eagle with American flag.

    Cooky_yarn_mom82Cooky_yarn_mom8217 days ago
  • Coca Cola reigns supreme among all colas.

    Jeffrey UllrichJeffrey Ullrich18 days ago
  • The malicious compliance in the fingerprinting story is gold tier

    Hawkmoon LacrueHawkmoon Lacrue20 days ago
  • I hate to admit Karen is right but.... Pepsi is better

    Filipe BarroqueiroFilipe Barroqueiro22 days ago
  • RC is the best cola choice.

    Aether ToastAether Toast26 days ago
  • Demand a brand new blanket AND to have your car professionally detailed by professional car cleaners. The boyfriend pays for everything. If that doesn’t solve the dander/allergy problem then boyfriend has to pay all fees associated with trading in your car and getting a different one as a replacement. If he doesn’t agree break up with him, anyone who lies that easily is very suspicious. Can you imagine what he’s lied about to you before? 🤨

    mrsjuiceyj8mrsjuiceyj828 days ago
  • Pepsi Zero (Formerly Called Pepsi Max), I hate Diet Pepsi because it leaves a bad aftertaste and regular Pepsi was fine as a kid, but I find it too sweet now.

    Angela DaleyAngela Daley29 days ago
    • I’ve never had Pepsi zero. I’ve had Coke Zero, and it’s not too bad at all. When I was in my diet soda phase I preferred Diet Coke vs Diet Pepsi. You’re right Diet Pepsi has a really awful taste.

      Erica SchaidtErica Schaidt23 days ago
  • Excuse me, but RC Cola hits different than Pepsi and Coca-Cola :

    Usagi ChibaUsagi ChibaMonth ago
  • Coke is king.

    Matthew SchaeferMatthew SchaeferMonth ago
  • .25 lira in USA dollars is not $.25 it’s actually $.03 🤯 so wrong

    MarieD13MarieD13Month ago
    • Where are you getting Lira? The symbol shown in the post doesn’t denote Lira, it denotes Pounds. So £0.25 would technically be 25p (25 pence). Pence=penny essentially. So verbally saying “25 cents” is accurate. So you’re wrong.

      Erica SchaidtErica Schaidt23 days ago
  • 26:18 i like the way you think karen my friend!!!

    timore2152timore2152Month ago
  • Pepsi Coke Sucks 🤮

    vernon jacksonvernon jacksonMonth ago
  • Of course the father shouldn't ground his daughter just because she got a job her mother wanted the son to have. She accused the father of playing favorites when she was favoring the son.

    Donna BrewerDonna BrewerMonth ago
  • Dog blanket - It's YOUR fault if you keep this boyfried.

    Rj RoyRj RoyMonth ago
  • " Listen honey if your going to play favorites with our son I am going to stop paying for anything you require."

    Ryan LesnerRyan LesnerMonth ago
  • Ah yes, the good old day. When it was easier for businesses to take advantage of their workers without consequence.

    This_is_FineThis_is_FineMonth ago
  • Nobody: Me: Pepsi is just rebranded Coke and Coke is just rebranded Pepsi

    This is an altThis is an altMonth ago
    • Not at all. Pepsi and Coke taste no where close to similar. They each have a very distinct flavor. The regular versions and diet versions of each are vastly different from the other.

      Erica SchaidtErica Schaidt23 days ago
  • Rivella is the best.

    swisschris81swisschris81Month ago
  • Hunting deer that close to homes? WTF!

    gary anthonygary anthonyMonth ago
  • ayyyyyyy

    py wangpy wangMonth ago

    Blue StarBlue StarMonth ago
  • Fingerprint op, hilarious 😂🤣😂

    Diane WegerDiane WegerMonth ago
  • That poor kid, saw her father get up and leave her twice. Thank goodness for the mother showing up.

    9lives lie-cat-lie9lives lie-cat-lieMonth ago
  • The appointment dude needs to get to appointment on time/early.

    biscuitninjabiscuitninjaMonth ago
  • Pepsi 100% The mother is playing favourites. My brother is 4 years younger, we HAVE worked at the same job at 3 jobs and we NEVER thought one was better than the other.

    Ot3pOt3pMonth ago
  • Entitled parent left kid at Airport... KEVIN!

    Crimsonfox2283Crimsonfox2283Month ago
  • Break up with dog bf immediately.

    EricmsheeleyEricmsheeleyMonth ago
  • The wife in the job story is an awful parent. It's not daughter's fault her brother is a loser.

    EricmsheeleyEricmsheeleyMonth ago
  • Wife/mother demanding daughter quit because of the brother, is a giant POS!!

    Jennifer RabenJennifer RabenMonth ago
  • Wife is a sexiest. I prefer diet coke.

    alaskanspartan89alaskanspartan89Month ago
  • There should be a r/ProLessons in teaching instances such as itching powder in your underware so the boyfriend learns an allergy lesson.

    Lara CharmingLara CharmingMonth ago
  • The story about the brother and sister, and the sister getting the job.. how do you think you the jerk the mother is the jerk!!! this story sound crazy you shouldn't even be married to her a woman thinks like that!!!

    Rock JonesRock JonesMonth ago
  • Erm... Isn't it illegal to trap deer anyway?

    usernamedaniedmrgusernamedaniedmrgMonth ago
    • It may vary state to state.

      Erica SchaidtErica Schaidt23 days ago
  • I believe the time that people worked without pay was called "slavery".

    L.S.SquirrelL.S.SquirrelMonth ago
  • Coke

    Gods TreasureGods TreasureMonth ago
  • re the soda, Irn Bru is better than both.

    Stuart FauldsStuart FauldsMonth ago
  • Dr Pepper is better.

    Brian AndersonBrian AndersonMonth ago
    • @Erica Schaidt Yes I like it also and have you tried Cherry Dr Pepper and vanilla cherry dr pepper (no longer made)? All good.

      Brian AndersonBrian Anderson23 days ago
    • Have you tried Cream Soda Dr. Pepper? If not you should. It’s my new favorite.

      Erica SchaidtErica Schaidt23 days ago
  • 17:43 It's not illegal to not pay for every minute. It's perfectly legal to round up and round down. Ain't no one paying you for 5 minutes of OT.

    Gan LenGan LenMonth ago
    • @Erica Schaidt What I'm saying is that it doesn't matter if he clocks in early. They legally don't have to pay him for it. So long as he clocks in 7 minutes early or less they can just round it down and not pay him. You'd think a payroll company would know this.

      Gan LenGan Len22 days ago
    • @Gan Len but that’s not really the issue here. The issue is the boss wants OP to start working BEFORE clocking in. It’s not about rounding up/down The boss doesn’t want any OT showing up on the record. As such there’s no question of any extra time being paid down to the minute.

      Erica SchaidtErica Schaidt23 days ago
    • @Tony Rockwell Untrue -- even computers can round up and down. There is a commonly used program for this

      Gan LenGan LenMonth ago
    • It depends. If the time clock is computerized, then yes you will get paid for 5 minutes OT. If it's the old fashioned time cards, then the company might round up or down a few minutes.

      Tony RockwellTony RockwellMonth ago
  • Time for a new boyfriend!

    Merlin AthrawesMerlin AthrawesMonth ago
  • Restaurant job story: Which parent is playing favorites?

    Merlin AthrawesMerlin AthrawesMonth ago
    • Right? Obviously the mom is. 100%

      Erica SchaidtErica Schaidt23 days ago
  • You can’t trap deer it is illegal

    Luke ArbuckleLuke ArbuckleMonth ago
    • I would think the rules on hunting are different state to state. So maybe it’s illegal to trap deer where you live, but it may be legal elsewhere.

      Erica SchaidtErica Schaidt23 days ago
    • you can but it must be in a stress free trap like a large corral and only for the purposes of tagging and recording of tagged ones. and you must have a liscense to do so

      That Creepy FamilyThat Creepy FamilyMonth ago
  • as someone who gets hives she is tonning down the severity of it, DROP THE BARSTED he doesnt care that you spend DAYS in pain feeling like your skin is on fire in pain to the point of wanting to skin your self ALIVE. total blatent disregard to her health.

    Furry from FinleyFurry from FinleyMonth ago
  • To the waitress, people are just stupid and enjoy complaining.

    Reme AReme AMonth ago
  • Hippity hoppity get off my property! lol ;)

    Big DBig DMonth ago
    • BOOOO BAD JOKE XD (this reply is a joke btw just for how cheesy this is Lol)

      Anubis YTAnubis YT5 days ago
  • whats better? the sams cola as its 70 cents per 2 liters

    chris feltnerchris feltnerMonth ago
    • 🤢

      Gan LenGan LenMonth ago
  • Op is not a jerk for grounding the daughter. the mom should be happy the daughter got a job. she can help the son find another job he'd be better suited at. the daughter should be complimented not grounded.

    WanupgurlWanupgurlMonth ago
  • Pesi

    Glenda F CargillGlenda F CargillMonth ago
  • The mom in the story at 19 minutes in sounds like she'd fit right in with a certain group of dudes in South Park 😂

    SteviiLoveSteviiLoveMonth ago
  • To the op with pet allergies, kick your bf to the curb. Hives IS a severe allergic reaction.

    Maria FoxMaria FoxMonth ago
    • @Shawna Burt I’m sure that the severity of hives varies person to person. While hives CAN be a mild allergic reaction symptom, it can become severe ESPECIALLY if accompanied by angiodema. Angiodema is similar to hives, however the swelling occurs beneath the skin. Severe angiodema can become life threatening if the swelling causes your throat or tongue to block your airway. It’s best not to down play any allergic reaction, even those that have been minor in the past. It is NOT uncommon for someone who has had mild allergic reactions in the past to experience anaphylaxis after subsequent exposure to an allergen.

      Erica SchaidtErica Schaidt23 days ago
    • Hives is a mild allergic reaction.

      Shawna BurtShawna BurtMonth ago
  • OP do not ground your daughter just because she got a job that son by the sounds could not do. Sounds like the son is a momma's boy

    Stephanie PedersenStephanie PedersenMonth ago
  • Second story. I thought he poured coke on the entitled dad on purpose. 😔

    skyler marshskyler marshMonth ago
  • Pepsi

    Sean GrovesSean GrovesMonth ago
  • Pet allergies are no joke and should replace the blanket. The boyfriend was the jerk.

    Norma Wagner-BarnesNorma Wagner-BarnesMonth ago
  • Everyone should have clapped when he said they werent coming back. If you can't afford to tip, you cant afford to eat there. Period

    Nimi SilverbirdNimi SilverbirdMonth ago
  • found her. semi middle of the picture. beside a character with pink hair

    WanupgurlWanupgurlMonth ago
  • You know I recently went shopping with my friends Jimmy and Josh (we had to buy things for Jimmy’s mom’s upcoming birthday) and we saw a Karen yelling at the manager of the store (who is a good friend of my other friend Martin’s dad) saying he can’t be the manager because he is black so we literally just said nope and left cause we don’t wanna deal with that

    Domonic SantaluciaDomonic SantaluciaMonth ago
  • That airport dad, it’s obvious he’s divorced and doesn’t actually like his daughter. Hopefully the mom gets full custody of her daughter.

    Tania BamsTania BamsMonth ago
    • I'm sure after that incident, she wont have any problems getting full custody.

      AhlamkinAhlamkinMonth ago
  • The allergy story - I'm with Karen. Put some poison ivy in the wash with just her boyfriend's clothes and see how much of an allergy HE has when he wears them.

    Stephen DeCesareStephen DeCesareMonth ago
  • There's nothing more DISGUSTING than hunt 😑😡

    alice chiarialice chiariMonth ago
    • @Erica Schaidt yes I'm vegan (almost 11 years) 😏 and you?

      alice chiarialice chiari23 days ago
    • Question, are you a vegetarian or vegan? If not, then to call hunting disgusting is pretty hypocritical.

      Erica SchaidtErica Schaidt23 days ago
  • First story is Karens vs Karens

    Of Course You Can Pay Me In GumOf Course You Can Pay Me In GumMonth ago
  • Throw back Mountain Dew real sugar and all the caffeine

    Russell BondRussell BondMonth ago
  • So not the A hole that kind of allergic reaction gets worse when you aggravate it, and can lead to anaphylaxis

    Susan KearneySusan KearneyMonth ago
  • coke

    James KrouseJames KrouseMonth ago
  • The mother is the jerk (restaurant story) ... the dad is perfectly reasonable.

    Ned BarnettNed BarnettMonth ago
  • Faygo above all others

    • Hollah!

      Bradley OgdenBradley Ogden12 days ago
  • Found Karen! She's in a giant blond wig.

    Imzadi83 FanVidsImzadi83 FanVidsMonth ago
  • OP, you are not the idiot. You wife is. I would have a private conversation with just your daughter telling her to inform her work that if they ever get a call about her quitting for what ever reason, they are to call her to confirm because I can see your wife calling into your daughter's place of employment to tell them that she quits

    repomanrepomanMonth ago
  • Pepsi is the nectar of the gods and I worship daily. It’s my coffee.

    WeltonvilleGalWeltonvilleGalMonth ago
  • Last OP. You were trolled by grandmasters.

    David YaconisDavid YaconisMonth ago
  • On boyfriend with dog episode. Dump the blanket and boyfriend. He does not respect you and lies to you.

    Robert CromwellRobert CromwellMonth ago
  • 20:58 When the 18 year old daughter is being the adult and the adult mother is being the child... Sounds like one of my aunts.

    David YaconisDavid YaconisMonth ago
    • Thats the dofference between raising an adult and raising a child

      Christopher CathcartChristopher CathcartMonth ago
  • How Dare You Karen! I loved RCCola as a kid.

    whofandbwhofandbMonth ago
    • She has no taste.

      Bradley OgdenBradley Ogden12 days ago
  • Neither its rootbeer or other

    Firedragn 118Firedragn 118Month ago
  • Blanket lady dump him!!! He's a chronic liar.

    Melanie OrtizMelanie OrtizMonth ago
  • Dog hair allergy is bad. This guy is selfish and I can't see why you are wasting your time with him? Did not have gas in his car? There are gas stations all over the place. And not washing the blanket or replacing it? Small things now, but could escalate into daily irritations. Replace the fellow.

    Vilma MaritzVilma MaritzMonth ago
  • Rc cola is the best

    Kevin StallKevin StallMonth ago
  • NTA: Tell the wife that if she makes the daughter quit, you're going to quit your job and leave you all homeless and poor 😂

    Mini Maiden AllieMini Maiden AllieMonth ago
  • 18:46 Ah. Tequila shots. Great way to get passed a disagreement.

    David YaconisDavid YaconisMonth ago
    • I'm just being a wise/dumb a... butt.

      David YaconisDavid Yaconis23 days ago
    • ​@Erica Schaidt The person's expression was like they'd sucked a lemon. So, take the shot, lick the salt, suck the lemon. Tequila.

      David YaconisDavid Yaconis23 days ago
    • Where did Tequila shots factor in there?

      Erica SchaidtErica Schaidt23 days ago
  • NTA The mother is the one thats playing favorites of the two siblings, it seems she's jealous of the daughter getting a job instead of the son. I feel that their gonna divorce some day if she keeps acting like an entitled woman. Maybe the two siblings should talk to each other and see how they feel about it.

    Bonnie KittyBonnie KittyMonth ago
    • I feel like the son isnt biologically his, but the daughter is.

      AhlamkinAhlamkinMonth ago
  • Dr. Pepper dr. Pepper is the wing man yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo yo you can tell ye Humboldt

    The little that engine could 20th anniversaryThe little that engine could 20th anniversaryMonth ago
  • The girlfriend told her boyfriend that she had allergies and he needed to be cleaned up before she came home NOPE!! he used HER car while she was gone because his was out of gas He is the Jerk because he knew that animal fur messed with her!! Be a man and get her a new blanket because it was him that let this dog use hers and didn't wash it like she asked!!

    Andrea BryantAndrea BryantMonth ago
    • I think it's better to let the boyfriend keep the blanket and get a new boyfriend instead.

      velvety2006velvety2006Month ago
  • the screen doesnt match up with the audio at one point

    calic6 ridl3ycalic6 ridl3yMonth ago