r/Entitledparents Karen MOTHER Refuses to Pay for Meal, GETS INSTANT KARMA!

Jan 30, 2021
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r/Entitledparents Karen MOTHER Refuses to Pay for Meal, GETS INSTANT KARMA!
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    r/mr redditr/mr reddit29 days ago
    • Pl

      Terri RiplieTerri Riplie17 days ago
    • feeling-reflection72

      Halo PottsHalo Potts28 days ago
    • I'm a big fan can you take a look at my mr.reddit

      Halo PottsHalo Potts28 days ago
  • Can't really stand entitled little Shin kickers hence why I reward manners ironic coming from an 1980s style Anarchist goth/punk but still

    Robert RighterRobert Righter4 hours ago
  • Ive heard the opposite of the chef story once. Guy was also bald as glass and bought some food on ifood. Whennit got it he found a hair in it asd called to complain Then the restaurant was saying it was his hair because they take care with stuff like that.

    Victor KappelVictor Kappel2 days ago
  • love my bb log mmb ok

    ghostyFNghostyFN2 days ago
  • as for the art story I would have asked if that person has had their art in a gallery or if they were famous if they answered no then they couldn't give advice

    Hoshi IusamaHoshi Iusama2 days ago
  • In the US it is NOT illegal to not wear a mask. Those that think it is are missing common sense.

    repomanrepoman3 days ago
  • I was at a family owned Mexican restaurant with my grandma and mom. I found a hair in my mouth, I pulled it out (clearly longer then mine) the waiter saw it and immediately came over to our table and started apologizing. The manager brought me a new plate and the entire meal was free and we got a ticket for a free group of 3 for next time we came. We continued to go there, accidents happen and life goes on.

    Marissa SmithMarissa Smith3 days ago
  • REDDIT!!! ❤️☠️ my only real news delivery

    majaspacemajaspace4 days ago
  • I’ll never understand why people think you can remove nature. “The frogs are too loud. Make them stop” like what do they honestly think could be done for that??

    sydneyyxDsydneyyxD5 days ago
  • all the dislikes are mad karens

    underswap papyrusunderswap papyrus6 days ago
  • Me and my fiancee plan on a small wedding

    Riddle Me FishRiddle Me Fish9 days ago
  • I saw 2 rats in my house!!! They're my pets tho XD

    Riddle Me FishRiddle Me Fish9 days ago
  • Sushi is JAPANESE FOOD.

    Sarensusan VansborgSarensusan Vansborg11 days ago
  • I actually had a mouse run across my foot once. My dad and i were looking for something in our basement utility room (otherwise we have a finished basement) and when i went to turn the light on (i was the first one in and it's a pull chain switch) and before my brain could put my arm down i simultaneously felt something on my foot and saw a small blur moving where i felt it going. First thing i told my dad was how we needed to lay out traps. And yes i have an entitled aunt and cousin(ea's adult daughter), they're the "can do nothing wrong" daughter/granddaughter despite starting (directly or indirectly) most fights with my dad and grandparents while my dad's the packmule sibling of the 2. We always describe them as Adam Sandler's jack and Jill but that's an understatement

    Nino MitchellNino Mitchell11 days ago
  • Man this guy can narrate like no other

    coco Boococo Boo12 days ago
  • I had mouses in my house but I also have three cats so.... they were taken care of pretty fast. Heck when my family moved, the neighbourhood we used to live in started getting rodent problems (we think it’s cause our cats hunted THAT much and they were outdoor cats) it’s kinda funny

    Magic GirlMagic Girl13 days ago
  • Pepper jack cheese is just the best hands down, provolone is runner up tho

    Kevin GrossenKevin Grossen14 days ago
  • I've got a pretty talented mouse catcher in my house, so she takes care of that herself when one shows up. I'm hoping she'll get to the current one soon. >.

    Courtney WoodburyCourtney Woodbury14 days ago
  • The 6-7 yr old kid who had already figured out how to manipulate people (running into the guy) and situations (throwing his phone & breaking it) so that he could get a new phone and then lying to his mother.... will have a fabulous time in jail when he's older!

    Nevaeh LumiereNevaeh Lumiere15 days ago
  • The MY OWN CHECKOUT LANE one, I could hear him dying of laughter

    Sapphire GamingSapphire Gaming15 days ago
  • r/mr reddit started laughing on the story with the round woman in the 50s and 60s.

    drippzzloveshunterxhunterdrippzzloveshunterxhunter16 days ago
  • You were making a point and he should be mature enough to accept that! Why is it more your responsibility than his? People have to work together. He wasn't willing to participate! You weren't wrong!

    Linda HowardLinda Howard16 days ago
  • Favorite Breakfast Food Eggs Benedict, I LOVED it... Surprised many waitresses/waiters as a kid 7-10 yrs old..... It sucks cause I can no longer eat it.. Developing food allergies AFTER being able to eat it.... haven't had EB in over 22 years....

    helookalikaman79helookalikaman7916 days ago
  • ARGH will this "It's the Law" crap end already? In my state it is a MANDATE with EXCLUSIONS and the stores call it a law.. And when the old/disabled customers (after repeating that they have a medical exemption) tell them right where they can put those masks, its like surprised Pikachu face.... Everyone needs to follow the same rules, that includes the stores....

    helookalikaman79helookalikaman7916 days ago
  • android baby

    Wolf359Wolf35917 days ago
  • Swaws

    KIK0KIK018 days ago
  • No long boarding here. Or skateboard. I wasn't that graceful. I just rode my 5 speed Stingray, until a stoner came around the corner and hit me.

    Bradley OgdenBradley Ogden18 days ago
  • What does OP’ mean?

    Teezy PeezyTeezy Peezy18 days ago
  • I love Gruyere!

    Linda HowardLinda Howard18 days ago
  • Do I like nature and wildlife? Hmmm... best answer is that we live off a lake next to a campground out in the boonies. lol

    dreyhawkdreyhawk19 days ago
  • I don't think what the guy/girl with clothlines do that much wrong. I mean how many times did the father not helping when people are bz? I know this kind of people. They would continue to stomp on u if u gave them cahnce. U should not apologize after all he did be a jerk n not apologize. So why u? Some people may think it was to much. Well me U DESERVE IT

    Quratul AinQuratul Ain19 days ago
  • Pouvlone cheese 😩 how ever its spelt. Cracker barrel cheese medium and Ted Mex its two types of cheese.

    Jonathan mckayJonathan mckay19 days ago
  • The video was so long but totally worth it. I totally love those kind of banshee get what they desserve. SOOO SATIFYING. Is it just me or everyone else too? It just feel so good to know they get their payback for being mean nasty people

    Quratul AinQuratul Ain19 days ago
    • But I want to see it live! But this is good.

      Bradley OgdenBradley Ogden18 days ago
  • Last time I saw a rat in my house I punched

    Jeffrey OwensJeffrey Owens20 days ago
  • Last time I saw at my house I punched it

    Jeffrey OwensJeffrey Owens20 days ago
  • my favorite metal is tungsten due to its heat resistance

    War ZoneWar Zone20 days ago
  • I had a pet rat named Buttercup. Miss her.

    Grandma NancyGrandma Nancy22 days ago
  • When I got married we had a really sweet small wedding. We each had family members who were entitled and made our day incredibly difficult. His sister made me cry on my wedding day because I had surgery the Christmas before and couldn't leave the house so didn't go with my husband to visit. So she hates me? On the other hand my mom is incredibly entitled and has caused a lot of issues. We have cut both of them out of our lives. Better to just focus on our marriage.

    Hailey RaeHailey Rae22 days ago
  • lol, sorry I just subscribed.

    Fayola OnlineFayola Online22 days ago
  • I just subscribed

    Row Row’sRow Row’s22 days ago
  • we havent had rats or mice in the house, we have cats BUT we did have a brown snake in the house when i was 10. if it wasnt for one of our cats, we might not of known. thankfully, other then a bad cat bite(cat didnt relise it was mum when she turned and bit her, mums words where "i saw the relisation in her face then the muscles gripping the teeth as she withdrew her teeth.") no one was hurt and the snake was removed.

    Saphira3441Saphira344122 days ago
    • @Nevaeh Lumiere it was clear she hadn't ment to bite and do damage, and the thing is, at the time she was still a kitten, it was kinda impressive how far down she had gotten her tiny teeth in my mums hand. Course becuse I was scared I was on the couch screaming about the snake XD

      Saphira3441Saphira344115 days ago
    • Ahhh poor kitty. Yes when they are in attack mode and man! They hate snakes. I could see them mistaking anyone touching them for the enemy snake.

      Nevaeh LumiereNevaeh Lumiere15 days ago
  • I once found a used band-aid in some refrigerated crab salad at a Chinese buffet restaurant. I wouldn’t have been nearly as upset if I had seen it BEFORE I put it in my mouth, but no...

    TexasMusicCaresTexasMusicCares23 days ago
  • What supermarket gives free products?

    Phoenix SkyPhoenix Sky23 days ago
  • I live with cats, I do not have foods without hair.

    Cay EnigmaCay Enigma23 days ago
  • As for the rats in our house... -*cough* I might have been the reason for those‐ They were in shock after being chased by my cats okay, I had to help them

    Dee MonDee Mon23 days ago
  • That art kid complained about being called attention seeking, and even starts to say "I only said that I wanted to leave.. Twice. Only two times" Groups aren't airports. Don't announce your departure. The guy was annoying but so was the OP. They don't seem to be able to take any criticism whatsoever from the start of this interaction.

    Katie HetheringtonKatie Hetherington24 days ago
  • I bit a donut and I literally had to fight it to get it off what I didn't realize was a long hair the guys in the shop offered a few doughnuts but he'll no

    Tyler KisterTyler Kister24 days ago
  • That icecream one seems fake to me. Why would the manager just casually slip her number into a strangers pudding?

    Dim_light54Dim_light5424 days ago
  • I'm a silver girl over gold. It's a calmer, cooler metal and being a neutral color, it meshes well with anything you wear

    NyxxTheWryNyxxTheWry25 days ago
  • I found a few hairs/lashes or eyebrow hairs in my food over the years and I've never said anything because they didn't do it on purpose. I'll just put it on the side off my plate and maybe say something discreetly to the waitress after eating

    Lea SokiLea Soki25 days ago
  • Complaining about animals in the middle of nature is like moving next to a cow farm and complaining about the smell.

    ReapersgirlReapersgirl25 days ago
    • People have done that. A group of Muslims decided to buy land directly NEXT to a hog farm. Then attempted to have it shut down because it was "offensive" to them

      Jim BobJim Bob25 days ago
  • I once found a hair in my food. The chef was bald in that case too. It just made it all the more disgusting, cuz that hair came from sonewhere.

    Lindis KonstLindis Konst25 days ago
  • Yo Sushi in UK. Me and my grandson love it, and Nandos

    gloria gloriagloria gloria25 days ago
  • Porridge with golden syrup and milk.

    gloria gloriagloria gloria25 days ago
  • The hair in the plate story is plain bs. The hair itself could have come from the waitress as well for instance, Any serious restaurant would just say sorry, get away the dish and re cook it new.

    Andrea CivardiAndrea Civardi25 days ago
  • I was new in town and went to a Wendy's for a loaded baked potato. As I went to take my first bite I saw a short curly hair. I took it to the cashier and asked for a refund. I refused their offer of a replacement. All of the staff were Hispanic women with long hair, not short. The thought of where the short, curly hair came from made me gag. I never went to that Wendy's again. 😝

    Pamela LaubPamela Laub25 days ago
  • ALL I EAT IS BRIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ 🤣🤣 loved that Karen cheese pun

    PartySuviusPartySuvius25 days ago
  • Most viewers wont subscribe to keep away from TOXIC karen

    Merulious LacrimensMerulious Lacrimens25 days ago
  • My favourite game of all time is KAREN IN THE CROSSHAIRS!

    Merulious LacrimensMerulious Lacrimens25 days ago
  • I prefer silver to gold, and have no time for platinum. Silver is rarer than gold and being consumed all the time. Silver is also cheaper than gold so one can buy more for the same money.

    Adrian FisherAdrian Fisher25 days ago
  • I found a black hair in my food in Taiwan once. It clearly wasn't mine so they replaced my burger and that was it.

    Adrian FisherAdrian Fisher25 days ago
  • How can you have a good sandwich without cheese?

    Johnathan DolenzJohnathan Dolenz25 days ago
    • Lactose intolerance will do it. 😥

      libby Landscapelibby Landscape11 days ago
  • I have found hair in my food once I knew it wasn't my scent my hair is brown. And the one I had found was a long and blue strand of hair. It was in my fries that I have in my mouth and well I pulled it out and I didn't eat the fries anymore. 😖

    SugaxJimin BTSSugaxJimin BTS25 days ago
  • For years i maintained the pices of lawn between my front fence and the roadway. I planted flowers and bulbs immediately in front of the fence and parked off road on my own driveway. Working odd shifts ( on the railway 24/7 ) i would come home at all hours of the day or night. A strange car parked off road in my driveway so i couldn't get in and was forced to park in the road. I had just finished a fourteen hour shift plus an hour drive to get home was so tired i couldn't do anything about it. I did leave a note under their wiper. When i went to work the following evening the car had gone and my note was screwed up on the floor. The next night was the same so i let two of their tyres down in opposite corners. The next night i locked my gates and that same car was parked in front of my gates so i couldn't get in. I let down all four tyres, filled the valve stems with an epoxy resin and replaced dust caps. Result, four flat tyres impossible to inflate. That car never parked there again. This was in 1980s UK.

    Merulious LacrimensMerulious Lacrimens25 days ago
  • I think its wrong what dad did and right the way you handled it, and hes guilty because you showed him up.

    Merulious LacrimensMerulious Lacrimens25 days ago
  • If you hate wildlife so much, why the heck would you move into a nature reserve area? Must be as dumb as fu♧k.

    Merulious LacrimensMerulious Lacrimens25 days ago
  • In the 1970s five of us shared a house. One day our landlord just doubled the rent, no warning, just upped it. One of us was studying law and had help from work resulting in us taking him to court. The judge ruled in our favour, stated that for what we got the rent was too high, got our rent reduced. Lived there for for a further six months, rent free as payback for overcharging. Landlord not only lost rent but lost face as well. We got evicted in the summer, but by then the crack in the kitchen wall was big enough to get your hand in, the wasp nest under the kitchen sink was unbearable and the drains were smelly and blocked.

    Merulious LacrimensMerulious Lacrimens25 days ago
  • Right of death note book

    johanna ramirezjohanna ramirez26 days ago
  • Old rock is a matter of perspective..." Who put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp" LOL

    Donald McMillanDonald McMillan26 days ago
  • My favourite cheese is Stilton. But I like brieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, too,

    Alastair ArchibaldAlastair Archibald26 days ago
  • We had a simple wedding at the church where I met my wife. Members of the congregation pooled together, decorated the church, and even provided refreshments! I am still very thankful for the job they did, it was quite nice! With true friends and a loving family, a wedding doesn't have to be expensive for everyone to celebrate together. We've been together 30 years since then.

    Donald McMillanDonald McMillan26 days ago
  • Had someone move in who actually called the Sherriff because the COWS wwere mooing too loud

    Mary HenryMary Henry26 days ago
  • I live in the country I once had a rat snake in my kitchen on the counter. SCREAMED THE HOUSE DOWN

    Mary HenryMary Henry26 days ago
  • It’s funny in the art story the dude said she just can’t take criticism and she literally proved that by saying she reported there person for just giving criticism and is still livid about it all these years later . It’s like she was denying what she proved in her own words to be true lol 😂

    Timothy CarruthersTimothy Carruthers26 days ago
    • There are ways of giving criticism. Drawing over people's art, insulting their art style and the amount of time it takes to learn and just messaging them when they said they don't want to be messaged is not how you giving criticism.

      Lady PhoenixLady Phoenix10 days ago
    • That whole thing was hard to listen to/read

      NickodusNickodus23 days ago
  • Story about a Sushi place... "I love Chinese food!". I love this channel so I'm not aiming to be mean about it but... sushi is Japanese and this is (not kidding) the third time this month I've heard it mistakenly referred to as being Chinese. Lul. Just funny is all. But to answer the question... shaggy dog rolls are my favorite. Not exactly traditional sushi. I could eat them all day every day though...

    FoxfeathersFoxfeathers26 days ago
  • On the art story, I think your normal voice and speed would've been better. That's the only story I didn't enjoy listening to.

    RyuKazeRyuKaze26 days ago
  • Story time once when I was 18 years old I lived in Oklahoma I had we're taking my bed frame apart because we were going to be moving soon so I was laying on a mattress on the floor in the middle of the night I woke up and I was unconsciously with one little finger petting a tiny little mouse it was just sitting there curled up with its eyes closed enjoying the pets it ran away once it realized that was awake but it was adorable

    Amadia Stockbridge-gardunoAmadia Stockbridge-garduno26 days ago
  • Ima bout to beat some sense into him

    Kakashi HatakeKakashi Hatake26 days ago
  • The hair in food yes; I was out shopping with my parents and we decided to stop at a cafe get some drinks share some hot chips, halfway through there was a big black hair (defs not any of ours) they were very apologetic, comped our chips. It wasn't a big deal and we didn't want to make a fuss. Also I have a crazy landlady story slightly similar to the rat one. Ok so a few months after we moved in we had an ant problem, I am allergic to ants, we tried every thing to get rid of them and nothing worked I asked if we could get a pest controller in she said no. I told her I was allergic and showed her pics of both my bites and all the ants in the kitchen. Still nothing (btw this lady was so crazy we had to send her our rent receipts showing we had paid because she wouldn't check her bank account and just send us eviction notices even though we had done nothing wrong) well one day I walk down the hall towards the kitchen and step in a puddle, I woke my husband up and we investigated, thought it was the fridge and as we had to go out turned off and moved the fridge onto a towel and dried up the water. When we got home the water was back but way worse, the floorboards had startes to warl and a few tiles in the kitchen had cracked due to the pressure, hubs made the decision to turn off mains and I set to work taking pics and videos. Turned out a pipe in the wall had a pinpoint brake and had been slowly leaking out for a few years until it finally found a way into the open. Then when the guys came to fix the pipe they had to pull out all of the kitchen cupboards (the ones on the floor) and we found it; a massive and I mean massive ants nest underneath the cupboards Yes the problem was found and fixed due to a water pipe that if hadn't broken we would have taken her to court over it. She did not care about anything other than getting her rent money which she stupidly relied on to pay both her mortgages.

    Jasmine FordJasmine Ford27 days ago
  • Roblox

    den Dyerden Dyer27 days ago
  • iPhone SE second GEN

    den Dyerden Dyer27 days ago
    • I do too

      den Dyerden Dyer27 days ago
  • brieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . i lost it

    KyabiKyabi27 days ago
  • I remember when the silver price went crazy. It was because the electronics industry was using a lot and then speculators started buying it up. because it was during the credit crunch in 2010 and they couldn't speculate on property. I used to sell silver jewellery wholesale and I had lot of old stuff. I dug it out of my lock up and there was a LOT. just around Christmas I took it to Hatton Garden, the London jewellery district and checked out a few places. I met some seriously shady people but one guy said, do yourself a favour. Pull out all the stones and get it melted down at the assay office and you will know exactly what you've got and the bullion dealers will pay you the true worth.. So that's what I did. In December it was worth 0.60p a gram and it kept going up. The day that Prince William got married, the London market was closed. That was the day that they brought in a new rule in the USA. If you wanted to buy on the silver market you has to pay a 30% deposit. The market closed the day before at 0.94p a gram or £940 a kilo. I had bought this 25 years before when it was £250 a kilo. When the London market reopened it was 0.75p a gram and I had 38 kilos That meant it was worth £28,500! and it cost me £9,500 25 years before. But I decided to hold my nerve and see if the market would recover, because I had lost nearly £800 on the drop. I waited until it went up to £850 a kilo in Early September and collected £32,300 on the £9500 I paid 25 years before. On Black Wednesday in 1992 I got caught out in a silver import that ended up costing £7.000 more because all silver trading is priced in dollars and the pound fell 30% while the goods were in transit. So I had a good payback. By December the silver market calmed down and it was down to 0.60p a gram again. In my house I have a figurine of Lord Ganesh, the popular Hindu god of prosperity. On one side of him sits a chunky 5 inch moss agate bowl containing the hundreds of Garnets Amethysts Black Stars Moonstones Citroen Malecite and lapis stone from the jewellery. On the other side is an almost translucent 2 inch bowl of moss agate containing about 20 grains of rice and a few spices. Besides reminding me to keep the balance in perspective, its a very handy way to know if you have mice or rats in the house if the rice suddenly goes missing.

    Brian NaghtenBrian Naghten27 days ago
  • Way back in the early 60s when I was in the 4th grade, my teacher, Miss Doody, did not like me or my waist length hair. If Mom didn't put it in a braid or ponytails, Miss Doody would storm over to my desk, grab my hair, and put it in a ponytail with a rubber band. One day, even though it was in a ponytail, she charged over to my desk with a pair of scissors and cut my hair off! I stormed out of the classroom and ran to the principal's office. He knew me and family quite well because of my younger brother who is blind. My mom was called. Trust me, she was NOT happy about my hair. I was moved into another 4th grade class.

    Donna BrewerDonna Brewer27 days ago
  • 👍🤟

    Linda Rae CarterLinda Rae Carter27 days ago
  • Doesn't matter what her role is, if an educator told me not to talk to my mother, she'd have gone NUCLEAR

    asheraelasherael27 days ago
  • I got a iPhone 8

    Gamingcadet 97Gamingcadet 9727 days ago
  • the story that mentioned the sushi and the platinum chopsticks , you said that now you were wanting Chinese food but sushi is Japanese..just for a bit of clarity :) but love your videos

    Michelle WillisMichelle Willis27 days ago
  • Only had like two mice from a field across the street...my dad caught it... Now I have mice and rats in my freezer cuz I own a ball python 😂😂😂

    BVB Girl1313BVB Girl131327 days ago
  • Target is nice but pricy . I go there a couple of times a year . Mostly go to big box stores .

    Never Buy a dodgeNever Buy a dodge27 days ago
  • I used to tell funny stories to my customers as they were being checked out, to make the time pass faster. So I've been in fine form one day, sent my current customer on her way, and the next person in my speedy check line steps up, his face looking like he sucked down an entire tree's worth of straight lemon juice. He feels the need to tell me, "You're not funny." Which more than 99% of my customers would disagree with, but whatever, right? I smile at him. "Guess what? They actually don't pay me to be funny!" I then checked him out without further comment until telling him his total. He may have been attempting to crush my mood, but happily, he failed.

    C ChastantC Chastant27 days ago
  • Platinum is ok gold and silver not to bad better to make jewelry with and other things to

    aundrea Streetaundrea Street27 days ago
  • The only type of people that are bad at art or just in general shity artists are people who "correct" other people's art or insult other artists that's just fax.

    bad at gamingbad at gaming27 days ago
  • I was a shy kid and when 12 th grade filled around, I didn't care and I became the kid ppl respected bc I started taking up for myself and not take crap from anybody

    willie taylorwillie taylor27 days ago
  • My favorite fast food restaurant is probably either rally’s/checkers or A&W. A&W has amazing root beer floats and rally’s has good seasoned fries

    TheBeardOfCos NekiAngelusTheBeardOfCos NekiAngelus27 days ago
  • I found a hair in a full salad at Wendy's when I was half way done. I showed the manager since she was the only 1 that could help with it and she asked what I wanted I said just a half salad since I ate half of it already and she smiled and got it for me. It looked at 1st it looked like she was ready for me to berate her or want a refund. But at the time I was really hungry and wanted that salad

    willie taylorwillie taylor28 days ago
  • Karen. Shhhh!!!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra28 days ago
  • Grrr. Mistreating a mute person!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra28 days ago
  • That's what I call a rude customer!!!!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra28 days ago
  • Whatever. Karen

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra28 days ago