r/Entitledparents Karen MOTHER Demands to LIVE WITH ME!

Feb 5, 2021
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r/Entitledparents Karen MOTHER Demands to LIVE WITH ME!
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    r/mr redditr/mr reddit23 days ago
  • I have over 200 funko pops and nearly 1000 comics 😁

    6 and Six Collectibles6 and Six CollectiblesDay ago
  • If you want to run. Run. Nothing wrong with it. And tell Karen to stop judging.

    R TR T3 days ago
  • People are so insecure that just having a habit of running or walking is seen as bad. Let them be happy. They aren’t hurting others or themselves.

    MadxHezaMadxHeza4 days ago
  • Is "live love laugh" in the fuschia sweater your grandmom?

    Jeanus JohnstoneyJeanus Johnstoney5 days ago
  • On the last one, I would have left without her. The one with the lady doing 20,000 steps, you go girl, don't let anyone tell you your wrong for exercising. I sure wish I had done it more in my youth.

    christina henrychristina henry5 days ago
  • 3 funko pops: BB-8, a Porg, and a signed Gabriel Iglesias :)

    The Mad HackerThe Mad Hacker6 days ago
  • -3 that’s cute ☺️

    aries marsaries mars7 days ago
  • I have 15 Funko bobbleheads. I have Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Groot, Rocket Racoon, Jyn Erso, Rey, BB-8, Male Sole Survivor, Female Sole Survivor, Female Lone Wanderer, Paladin Danse, Nerd Rage Vault Boy, Dogmeat, and two Pikachus, one small, one large!

    H4rl3y_Qu1nnH4rl3y_Qu1nn9 days ago
  • Well it was my mom Cousins

    Chris MalseedChris Malseed11 days ago
  • In reference to the young lady that is into the walking. 1) your sister In-law is delusional! 2) Just because she doesn't want to do it obviously doesn't mean that you have to quit & 3) It doesn't sound as if you've been trying to push it off or shame anyone else because they aren't into it. 4) TOTAL AWESOMENESS for not letting sil get to you. Kudos!

    Bonnie GoyerBonnie Goyer13 days ago
  • How freaking entitled and spoiled can a student be, to actually break several alarm clocks, refuse to get out of bed on time, and keep people waiting day after day...& make THEM late?

    Nevaeh LumiereNevaeh Lumiere13 days ago
  • I have a Bernie 2016 funko. Paid $ 15.00. Now worth $169 :) .

  • *H O K A Y J*

    Mr. JellysquidMr. Jellysquid16 days ago
  • In the last story, op NTA. Your sister YTA. IF your sister refuses to be on time and not make you guys late for school, you have every right to leave her at home so you can be on time. Your parents are the jerks for not disciplining your sister. If little sister takes so long to get ready she should wake up earlier in the morning and go to bed earlier. It is not your fault. You have tried multiple times to help her but she refuses. She deserved what she got. You shouldn't be punished for she laziness and tardiness.

    Kristin WieboldKristin Wiebold17 days ago
  • In the first story, that ED can't get mad at OP because OP gave him every chance to take the item but ED refused. Not OP's fault, he just did what the ED wanted.

    Kristin WieboldKristin Wiebold17 days ago
  • The way he pronounced Hokage was so much cringe lol

    birchamasprimebirchamasprime18 days ago
  • The sister was in the wrong

    Katie MackeyKatie Mackey19 days ago
  • I love Funko pops I have seven in total I have the whole set of the Black Butler ones I love them I also have a special Hades pop that you could only get at Hot topic

    Katie MackeyKatie Mackey19 days ago
  • the Steps story; "It's unhealthy." "at least I stay active, Karen. Would you prefer I did Coke, Heroin and Acid instead?" Also, it's walking- These people on Reddit are acting like OP's doing 50 pound weights and doing 420 pushups it's walking, people. It's probably the healthiest form of addiction at this point

    Balake EmogakBalake Emogak19 days ago
  • Funko Pops? I have 4. The four members of Team RWBY, Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang.

    Dragon's TroveDragon's Trove19 days ago
  • It worries me how many people tried to hypothetically give OP an eating disorder.

    KruheeKruhee20 days ago
  • 21:44) She "married up" and is "surprised" that her family wants to take advantage of her "good fortune" ?? Last story, I'm surprised that the ADA was not invoked. A man was fired for constantly being late. Like on an episode of the old "LA Law", his lawyer sued and won under the ADA. The episode was shown long before his being fired.The DC Nine upheld the verdict.

    leon dillonleon dillon20 days ago
  • When I was in college, I shared a room with my sister, who had to be up to catch a school bus at 6am. She would let the loud alarm at the head of her bed blare unceasingly, without waking up enough to even hit snooze. I think her record was an hour, and that was only because I gave up on my experiment and woke her up. All I had to do was whisper her name to wake her up, which could barely be heard over the alarm! For an entire year, I was woken up two hours before I had to, just to get her up for school. Talk about sisterly patience and love. :)

    Andrea ScurlockAndrea Scurlock20 days ago
  • I DID have a sister who made me late every morning. I spoke to my parents about it and warned them that I would now have to be getting her up an hour earlier to ensure I would not be late any longer. And I warned them that if she didn't get up I would leave her behind. They couldn't complain when the inevitable happened, and when they MADE her get up at the amended time, she moaned but had to and I would spend a little extra time before classes (we lived near my university, saved a lot living at home), drinking down a hot drink and reading up to get ready rather than being late into a lecture and obviously flustered.

    Charlotte InnocentCharlotte Innocent20 days ago
  • reee

    Alexander O'BrienAlexander O'Brien20 days ago
  • Have a Doctor Who Funko. 10th Doctor.

    OldMaidWhovian akaNancyGOldMaidWhovian akaNancyG20 days ago
  • I have the Team RWBY Funko Pops

    annabel fazukimiannabel fazukimi21 day ago
  • no disorder there are times when I cane get 30,000 steps in a day

    Charlene FergusonCharlene Ferguson21 day ago
  • Thanksgiving, after dinner tell SIL to take a hike , wear off that tryptophan

    lolcat ytlolcat yt21 day ago
  • The woman bailed on you when you were three. Who invited her to the wedding?

    Gary SakamotoGary Sakamoto21 day ago
  • Last one lol had big brother who was always late my parents gave up and I was one trying to get him up and he never stod up and I just said «blep it»and just got ready for school and he came down late as I was finishing getting out and was mad asking me why I did not wake him up and I tolled him «I tryed but you did not so not wakeing you up agen» lol He stod up afterwords and I think its a teen thing lol

    WencheWenche21 day ago
  • Is it bad that the Karen host has been correct so for in advice cause alots what I'd do and I try to avoid conflict.

    Daniel DuttonDaniel Dutton22 days ago
  • I got marvels zombie deadpool and zombie wolverine and a bunch of mandalorian funko pops and jack skeleton.

    Daniel DuttonDaniel Dutton22 days ago
  • i got soo many funkos about 40+

    Wayne KlineWayne Kline22 days ago
  • about the wedding, OP os the only legal parent her daughter deals with. OP's husband is not her father, and has not really had much of a relationship with the daughter so does not need to have him walk her down the aisle or dance with her,

    Que Areste EstaviaQue Areste Estavia22 days ago
  • the exercisers SIL is projecting her insecurities on OP.

    Que Areste EstaviaQue Areste Estavia22 days ago
  • Ah yes, poor OP. "Body positivity," the incestuous cess pool of catty, judgemental negativity fueled by hate filled gossips. Just being able to stand up insults these people.Of course they're harassing and bullying OP.

    Ornery LurkerOrnery Lurker22 days ago
  • Oh my gosh. Oh my holy wow. "Ho-kajee" How. How. How could you pronounce it like that. KAH-GEI. It's Japanese. Like Naruto. Hoh-kag-gei. That physically hurt me to hear. Ow.

    Mune YotsukiMune Yotsuki22 days ago
  • Love your stories! Thanks! 😀👍

    Rose GomezRose Gomez22 days ago
  • Was anyone a bit annoyed when he pronounced hokage wrong or just me

    YouTube LoverYouTube Lover22 days ago
  • i have a 2017 movie red ranger pop. got it for 5 bucks comicon 2018

  • Imagine spending $90.00, on a FUNKO POP of all things, during the pandemic

    Of Course You Can Pay Me In GumOf Course You Can Pay Me In Gum22 days ago
  • Go to a dollar store pick up an air horn she'll wake up

    JackJack22 days ago
  • My family and I are Walkers we walk all the time. Especially after a big meal, like Thanksgiving. There is nothing wrong with routinely walking. Your sister-in-law has her own issues.

    Karen RomanoKaren Romano22 days ago
  • the only pop figure that I own is of Princess Celestia from my little pony friendship is magic. I got her from my sister in law for Christmas a few years ago.

    CelestiaFan ForeverCelestiaFan Forever22 days ago
  • Chronic lateness is narcissistic.

    Alice BlueAlice Blue22 days ago
  • Idk why but I like to listen to this while I fall asleep

    Lumine SilverLumine Silver22 days ago
  • This is a general comment on how to beat Karens at thier own game. Next time you get good service, ask for the manager and give that employee a glowing review. i do . It makes up for a day of AH. BTW you can get free fast food by calling and leaving good comments. The 800 number is not just for complaining

    BobDaHomoBobDaHomo22 days ago
  • I have a couple of Doctor Who pops and quite a few Sailor Moon pops. I still need a couple Sailor Moon ones to complete my collection. And I’m on the hunt for 10Th Doctor with 3D glasses pop.

    TheHitsubasaTheHitsubasa22 days ago
  • I have Sailor Mercury and Tuxedo Kamen Funko Pop dolls... and Hawkeye/Ronin Funko bobble-heads.

    Alexcia ReynoldsAlexcia Reynolds22 days ago
  • I have a team RWBY funko pop set I got from a friend for Christmas.!

    Sierra BriganceSierra Brigance22 days ago
  • I have only 4 Funko Pops. One of Sesshomaru from Inuyasha. And one of each of the three Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus. Those three are still in the box. Shesshomaru is standing on top of my dresser.

    Kathie DornbushKathie Dornbush22 days ago
  • In regards to that last story, I feel for the OP, because I, too, can get physically sick if I think I’m going to be late when going somewhere.

    Wolf Cat19Wolf Cat1922 days ago
  • adhd or not she should try and be on time or be left behind both me and my brother have adhd and if we missed the bus we would have to walk to school because my mom works nightshift and doesnt get home till after 6 and my dad cant drive because he had heart surgery we either had to be on time or walk and i havent taken my adhd medicine for a while now and i can still be on time

    Rachael RhewRachael Rhew22 days ago
  • The way he said “Naruto Hokage” 😭😭

    Sarfaye GamingSarfaye Gaming22 days ago
  • It seems like walking it’s something you enjoy and I don’t see why this is bad I say do what makes you happy

    Carmen CarltonCarmen Carlton23 days ago
  • Left sister at home - mother isn't part of this conversation. Mother lost her right to comment when she left it up to you to fix the situation.

    Rj RoyRj Roy23 days ago
  • Wife is a maid - I would not allow my wife's family to disrespect her in my house. If my wife allowed herself to be disrespected behind my back, I'd be outraged at my wife. Tell me, and I'll throw them out. That said. Did they learn to show you proper respect?

    Rj RoyRj Roy23 days ago
  • 20,000 steps per day - Did you really think western people / western women would NOT attack you for taking responsibility for yourself? You obviously don't know us very well.

    Rj RoyRj Roy23 days ago

    ladyfootZladyfootZ23 days ago
  • Mother-in-law demands to move in - DUDE! Get an annulment NOW! Get away from this crazy family! Your wife let her mother INSIDE your house and then PRETENDED to be surprised she stayed two weeks. RUN AWAY!!!

    Rj RoyRj Roy23 days ago
  • I have a lot of Funko pops! 😆 I just recently got a couple more for my collection. I have a Creep from Creepshow pop one of my uncles sent me in the mail, my Grandma bought me a Edward Scissorhands pop, and I bought a Freddie Mercury pop from Hot Topic (Yes I buy stuff from Hot Topic and idgaf what anyone says about it lol).

    Makayla JonesMakayla Jones23 days ago

    ladyfootZladyfootZ23 days ago
  • OP doesn't have an addiction or disorder they're just sticking to a healthy routine. It sounds like everyone would like for that to not be the case which makes them all the entitled jerks. Why should he/she stop what they enjoy? Also, the in or whatever sounds like a sad individual and takes pride in being right.

  • 20000 steps - very cool. Tell jealous SIL to get a life and leave you alone!

    Michele MarottaMichele Marotta23 days ago
  • So do I understand right that ppl on Reddit were harassing the op that got healthy? If u overweight ppl shame I'm and then when u get healthy ppl accuse u of being addicted to exercising. Wow u can't please anybody. I was thinking of posting something soon. Not sure if I want to now.

    regina simpsonregina simpson23 days ago
  • You have to stand firm when it comes to your home and kids, no matter the out fall!

    NanaVicki1NanaVicki123 days ago
  • Leave your sister in bed it's her problem not yours! Might teach your parents t parent!! and go to school 💝🙏💝

    Melissa ReidMelissa Reid23 days ago
  • op is right her sister is wrong 100%

    Brandon RaskeBrandon Raske23 days ago
  • The funko pop got me 😂😂😂😂 i have over 400 and that made me laugh so hard lol

    TheNightAngel 22TheNightAngel 2223 days ago
  • The way he said Naruto hokage 😂😂😂

    Alfonso DelavaraAlfonso Delavara23 days ago
  • I have genji (O2 version) and baptiste from overwatch

    Apexlucifer 17Apexlucifer 1723 days ago
  • I would like a Mr.Reddit Funko

    Jammie RobinsonJammie Robinson23 days ago
  • Does Mr Reddit have a funko pop?

    Karma AkabaneKarma Akabane23 days ago
  • First story: YTA to your husband for not standing up to your long absent mother. She would not have spent the 2 weeks at my house.

    Robert CromwellRobert Cromwell23 days ago
  • I have one Funko Pop, Rey 104 from TLJ. No, I don't like the new movies for objective reasons that are too many to type, but my friend knew I liked... loved Star Wars and thought of me. Who would I be if I threw it away, if not a Kevin.

    deadeye4047deadeye404723 days ago
  • I have 13 funko pops.

    Demonic DonnaDemonic Donna23 days ago
    • Thank you for sharing them

      Kyo MebiKyo Mebi22 days ago
  • Why are people entering the walking op so much? Why us it so unreasonable for people to grasp the concept of a saiy walk or run to maintain a healthy routine?

    Ryan WesemannRyan Wesemann23 days ago
  • I basically collect OW Funko's, but if there would be a Karen one, i would 1000% buy it.

    TransactiecodeTransactiecode23 days ago
  • Don't like this vid Cruz karen will go away if we do so.

    Makaroshka TVMakaroshka TV23 days ago
  • OP feamle you are not a jerks you going to tell your sister any changes I still don't welcome to the pool install call me a jerk that's hurt my feelings

    The little that engine could 20th anniversaryThe little that engine could 20th anniversary23 days ago
  • Can you do a video that every thing is nice no Karen or revenge

    Red ShadowRed Shadow23 days ago
  • When I was in secondary school if we wasnt ready on time our parents would leave us behind and we would have to walk

    EzekielEzekiel23 days ago
  • Y'know what, i'm kinda glad you mispronounced "Hokage". It gave me a random chuckle.

    SoulEchelonSoulEchelon23 days ago
  • Love your videos and I do have a story. I am debating on posting it here or o n your reddit page.

    Spirit WalkerSpirit Walker23 days ago

    Ace of HeartsAce of Hearts23 days ago
  • OP I'm waiting my wife go to the doctor your you pull up all the time I think for you but kind of insurance you are pregnant but the snake tell your husband until why are your husband you're happy or pants albino wish but don't let me go tell your mom Lord husband father and mother Lord why do happy and by the way tell me about your own mother in your own house are you allowed to be you know I want them to my house

    The little that engine could 20th anniversaryThe little that engine could 20th anniversary23 days ago
  • Watched while wearing my Pikachu suit

    KeNFiS The ElectroidKeNFiS The Electroid23 days ago
  • A person I had over I could stand was actually my grandma. She was living in our basement and it was just so disruptive. She'd come upstairs randomly, her dog would bark constantly, and when she moved out the carpet, which was only two years old or something, was ruined. Now that I live down there it's so much better

    Captain SarcasmCaptain Sarcasm23 days ago
  • right side near the diskonect booth wearing yellow

    WanupgurlWanupgurl23 days ago
  • 👍👍👍

    pappyjohn 99pappyjohn 9923 days ago
  • Sounds like the sister in law has no life.

    smith Smithsmith Smith23 days ago
  • I think it’s great you have a walking routine. You’re down a few pounds and way healthier. It’s called a healthy routine not an addiction.

    Deb TurcottDeb Turcott23 days ago
  • Karen: WHY CAN'T ANYONE MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS?!? Everyone else: pot meet kettle

  • Op was the jerk for not understanding kids are kids if she really felt that her sister was the source of the comments then why is she holding it against her nieces and nephews who are like 4 SERIOUSLY I think op can’t grow up and needs to get over herself

    Natural FactorNatural Factor23 days ago
  • It's very unhealthy to walk 1000 steps a day?? 😭😭

    lyn78sezlyn78sez23 days ago
  • sister being late going to school , Yes, I would tell the sister at this time if your not in the car you will be left behind and I will not be waking her to go to school she is old enough to be on time.

    Earl BlackmanEarl Blackman23 days ago
  • The sister who thinks OP's walking is an "obsession" is jealous OP is doing something that she apparently cannot or will not do. If OP was telling everyone how great it was and that everyone should do it then maybe the sister would be right but OP isn't so drop it!

    whofandbwhofandb23 days ago
  • Some of these stories are dumb....like the one about the guy who just drove away....why tell us that story? Its dumb

    Patric ParkisonPatric Parkison23 days ago