r/Entitledparents Karen MOTHER Demands to CHANGE MY DOG'S NAME!

Jan 31, 2021
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r/Entitledparents Karen MOTHER Demands to CHANGE MY DOG'S NAME!
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    r/mr redditr/mr reddit28 days ago
  • What's going on with Karen? She's being nice.

    Robert BurgessRobert BurgessDay ago
  • Tina stole your sons property, sold it and kept the money. Price out what the replacement cost is and send her a bill for the games. A thief is a thief single mom or not.

    Bruce NapierBruce Napier5 days ago
  • I agree the wife is being a jerk for not even trying but at the same time to say it's her responsibility to learn and help her take care of hair she doesnt know how to treat is a bit unfair. I mean as the father you clearly understand what your daughter is going through, it would be less of a headache and problem for YOU THE FATHER to help her with her hair. Then steadily teach your wife to assist when you can't

    LunetteFoxLunetteFox6 days ago
  • These ones made me so sad. I hope that last kid has someone somewhere in his life who cares about him. And I hope the little girl finds some adult who will care for her and show her to love her hair. Both her parents are terrible.

    LillyianPuppyLillyianPuppy8 days ago
  • Ask if she’s rather replace the games or be charged with theft? Both the parents in the kid’s hair story tick me off! For the dad- you’re either a parent or you’re not, neither get to pick and choose when it comes to kids- BOTH of you learn! Grow up!

    Leopard ButterflyLeopard Butterfly9 days ago
  • Don’t tell that Karen my dogs are Pumpkin and Mango...... 😂

    Amanda RoseAmanda Rose10 days ago
  • IMO, Tina should be reported for theft. Yes, the games were "loaned" in good faith. BUT, when they were sold, that becomes theft!

    Jon A. PoeJon A. Poe11 days ago
  • I don’t think story 3 is a Karen. I just think she needed medical help. Maybe psychiatric attention. She handled that situation wrong

    Le'ah_2015Le'ah_201512 days ago
  • Why do you have to specify that you are a "Female Mom" and Jake a "Male Father" ?

    Lee DavisLee Davis13 days ago
  • Fantastic video

    Shomari MonroeShomari Monroe13 days ago
  • Not the jerk,should pay for games

    ann wallsann walls13 days ago
  • OMFG I can't imagine the amount of Karens going after me just because I named my cat Khorkina (Full name on vaccine card: Svetlana Khorkina. Yes, the gymnast.)

    Rê CardinRê Cardin14 days ago
  • 2 dogs here. Cadejo whos a black mastiff shepherd and Coltan a brindle heinz 57

    Stephanie MontgomeryStephanie Montgomery14 days ago
  • That hair story definitely triggered me lol why procreate and marry a Black person if you aren't willing to learn what makes your partner and offspring special? This includes hair, food, etc. I wish good luck to that little girl, she will grow up with a lot of self hate if that continues to be the dynamic.

    acaro1acaro115 days ago
  • What a terrible father for selling OP’s computer, taking his money, etc.

    ES KimberlyES Kimberly19 days ago
  • Here's my thoughts about the hair problem The mother needs to start doing something about it and the father needs to do so as well he should also put his wife in check about taking care of a child both parents are equally accountable for taking care of the kid so both parents need to start doing her hair however I also feel they should both teach their daughter how to do her hair and while their at it they should teach their kid why teamwork is important in parenting (The father need to get on the mother about it because he's clearly the sensible one my reasoning for thinking this is because the mother is ok with ending her family over hair which is illogical and inhumane)

    caelan rosscaelan ross19 days ago
  • Yeah under that exact same logic if your son borrows a car or a bike you can sell it because "you don't deserve them" it doesn't matter what it is if somebody owns something legally then you shouldn't steal it especially if that person didn't do anything wrong

    caelan rosscaelan ross19 days ago
  • That crazy, "drunk" lady sounds diabetic.

    RejistaniaRejistania20 days ago
  • Tina got money for all the games she sold. That money should have been used to replace her nephew's games.

    Pamela LaubPamela Laub21 day ago
  • “Crazy Karen” at the hotel: I don’t want to enable Karen type behavior. But I think the OP needs to be more observant in the future. The way she was acting is textbook Low blood sugar type behavior. Seriously, listening to this story the first thing I thought was that she seemed to be having an hypoglycemic reaction *1. The first thing she did was ask the host for candy. Which by itself, seems like an odd request. But if a diabetic feels their sugar dropping they will usually ask anyone around for candy, juice, peanut butter crackers, sugar, etc... 2. The OP thought Karen was intoxicated, but there was no smell of alcohol. 3. Being so disoriented and forgetful are classic signs of low blood sugars. 4. Once a diabetic gets past the point where they know they need sugar the symptoms will get worse and the ability to swallow solid foods can become impaired. Eventually the person will lose consciousness. After hearing the entire story and remembering that the first thing she did was ask for candy, it really points to her being diabetic with low blood sugars. OP should have called the cops earlier than they did or should have called an ambulance. First and foremost they definitely should have found the woman something to help bring her glucose back to a more normal range. *If anyone reading this ever has an encounter with someone who seems drunk and is asking for candy. I suggest you give them candy or soda and call 911*

    Melissa DuntonMelissa Dunton23 days ago
    • That was my guess too, that or cocaine (best guess, part of my work entitles handling people on drugs and in my experience people who use cocaine exhibit really odd behaviors at times) or some form of mental breakdown/dementia. Regardless she wasn't an entitled Karen and was obviously very sick, OP should of contacted non-emergency the moment they noticed her acting so strangely & someone could of helped her a lot sooner.

      coyotecoyote21 day ago
  • 2:20 I got my first dogs name from the movie Anastasia. In the movie they call her Anya And Anastasia/Anya is a princess so you didn’t ever princess. Except my dog was a boy so Anastasia’s dog she got in the movie she named Pooka. And I saw the movie right before I got my dog. But back to my point if her name is Anya or Anastasia she is named after the lost Russian Princess

    mirokudivinemirokudivine25 days ago
  • I have adopted my granddaughter who is half black. True her hair is super curly, not course but I still had to learn how to do her hair. But I did. It's my job as her mother.

    terry greenterry green25 days ago
  • Tell Tina THIS single mother IS calling her a crappy parent, and a manipulative crappy person using that as an excuse! Grow up Tina! Get a job! And pay back for the games you're little thieving butt stole! You give single moms everywhere a bad name!

    AhlamkinAhlamkin25 days ago
  • A brick right thru the tv

    Snowflake SlayerSnowflake Slayer25 days ago
  • I have to admit I have a friend who has a mixed child and she is terrible about her hair. When she was a little kid her hair was so matted and dirty all the time. It’s better now That she is older and can do it herself

    Lynn WilliamsLynn Williams25 days ago
  • The video game story...she should use the money she got from selling the stuff to replace the games.

    Champ TooChamp Too25 days ago
  • The daughter's hair. Your marriage is not fine. She is neglecting your daughter cause she dosent like her hair. Take your daughter and leave.

    karina ashmonkarina ashmon26 days ago
  • Ahh Tina committed a crime was not her stuff to sell in the first place. Call cops

    karina ashmonkarina ashmon26 days ago
  • I have Buddy baba bear and Angel, both boys

    Jacqueline HenryJacqueline Henry26 days ago
  • The story about OP's daughter's hair, ESH. The mom for not wanting to learn how to deal with her daughter's hair or take her to a hair salon. OP for not wanting to take his daughter to the hair salon or to try to do his daughter's hair What was OP's wife expecting when she has children with a black man? Straight hair? you have got to be kidding me.

    Kristin WieboldKristin Wiebold26 days ago
  • Mojo Kiki and Honey Boo Boo

    SeanSean26 days ago
  • I wanna hear mr. reddit curse so bad

    This_is_FineThis_is_Fine26 days ago
  • My diva hound is named Cali

    Crimsonfox2283Crimsonfox228326 days ago
  • The one about the kids hair makes me sooo mad. I am a lazy parent, like I really don't want to do too much in the way of combing and washing hair. So many days we just do a bun when we are home. But never, ever, ever will i let her leave the house like that. She has fine, thin hair that knots really quickly. Just a little wind can make it look unkempt. The work it takes suck! I hate it. Still, blaming your hubby for your kids hair, and being able to SEE and HEAR your kid crying over friends bullying her for said hair and still not be motivated to do jack, is just bad parenting! How, as a mother, can you not even get over yourself for your child's sake. It goes beyond me 😡

    Lune CoulsonLune Coulson26 days ago
  • 13:46 both of you are jerks and should not be parents. "Baby sitting" that is your child it's called parenting! Both of you need to either suck it up buttercup and take some parenting classes or choose what's best for your daughter which maybe giving her to someone who will love them. Like dam What is wrong with you?

    KagomeMorinoKagomeMorino26 days ago
  • Id give her a choice when II visit her her home. Id walk around and find items that would replace it then say you get this back when I have my games, if not Im calling police and reporting the theft and sales of stolen goods

    Genghis ChuanGenghis Chuan26 days ago
  • Take daughter to grandma's or auties for hairstyles that will stay for a week at a time. Tell wife since she is incapable of caring for child, you will leave child in care of them during the week.

    Cheryl WillinghamCheryl Willingham26 days ago
  • Totally unrelated but the second one she really named her kids Mike and Molly lmao

    Ari PinkberryAri Pinkberry26 days ago
  • 5:55 O.P. not the jerk. Tina... 100% the jerk. AND a bad mother... AND a bad aunt!! AND 100% A HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING!!!!! It does not matter the circumstances, selling something that doesn't belong to you is theft. Tina shouldn't JUST pay back/replace the games she basically stole, she should be facing criminal charges and serve some jail time.

    Phoenixsorcerer24Phoenixsorcerer2426 days ago
  • In the hotel story, it took OP far too long to get rid of that lady. I've done overnight hotel management, and she wouldn't have been on my property for longer than four minutes before I had the cops escort her out.

    The Red KingThe Red King27 days ago
  • Sold video games - never EVER ask a woman to be accountable.

    Rj RoyRj Roy27 days ago
  • I like how there's character Development

    gavin desormeauxgavin desormeaux27 days ago
  • Tina

    Bob SandersBob Sanders27 days ago
  • Seriously, that dad who sold the computer, I would have smashed the tv in the middle of the night and left without a word. Emptied my bank account and just walked to the nearest homeless shelter to my school and or job.

    demonheart13demonheart1327 days ago
  • I'm a bit confused, that hotel Karen sounded like she had legit mental issues. Like, not a Karen at all. Am I the only one getting those vibes.

    demonheart13demonheart1327 days ago
  • Maybe Anya likes the vegetable ha ha it’s so funny and I’m laughing hard that she responds to the name Onion !

    lyktah lyktahlyktah lyktah27 days ago
  • Crazy wasn't Drunk, she was likely High (or looking for a Fix)... When she asked OP if they had any Candy for her, she was asking if they sold Drugs... Candy is one of the Street Names for Benzodiazepines (Anti-Anxiety/Anti-Depressants)...

    A WilsonA Wilson27 days ago
  • I have a Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) named, QueenietheCorso! Her full name is on her registration but I actually call her Queen or Queenie. It's more than appropriate as she is most certainly a royal pain! 😂 But I love her and wouldn't have her any other way. 🖤

    Ashtin UlrichAshtin Ulrich27 days ago
  • Karen of first story would be horrified by my cat see profile pic her name is bean

    chickenhoundchickenhound27 days ago
  • Tina knew those games belonged to John, not her or her son and thus she had no Right to sell them. Tell her she will either replace them or she will be Sued for the replacement cost of the Stolen Games and Court Costs... And for God's Sake, FOLLOW THROUGH WITH THAT THREAT!!!

    A WilsonA Wilson27 days ago
  • I'm 66 and still have to sneak beer into the house

    doc Kaosdoc Kaos27 days ago
  • Last story: I'd make sure to break that tv and several other things the dad valued on my way out.

    Raven FoxRaven Fox27 days ago
  • Hey Dad, are you too macho to do daughter's hair ?

    Juliana HendrixJuliana Hendrix27 days ago
  • In the Onion the dog story, same thing happened to a girl in my kindergarten class...the teacher called her Onion by mistake

    Enrique LopezEnrique Lopez27 days ago
  • I feel like in the story in the hotel that the Karen was having some sort of medical issue (possibly low blood sugar, which would explain why she asked for candy) instead of being a Karen. Her actions/comments seemed too out of place

    Lindsay BoughnerLindsay Boughner27 days ago
  • I love Russian names.

    Kenshin HimuraKenshin Himura27 days ago
  • The single mom might not make much money but she sure made money off selling those games

    wingnutcarlwingnutcarl27 days ago
  • It it Not babysitting your daughter! It it patenting!!!!

    Patti TittlePatti Tittle27 days ago
  • I wish there was something you could do to get revenge on your horrible father. Have you even talked to your mother about this?

    TarotlynxTarotlynx27 days ago
  • I have a daughter called Sophie, who I sometimes call Soapy. She finds it funny but it confuses passers-by no end.

    Anthus TenebrisAnthus Tenebris27 days ago
  • If the hair is so important to this man, he can do it himself.

    TarotlynxTarotlynx27 days ago
  • being a single mother doesn't entitle her to sell someone else's games

    Jerseybytes2Jerseybytes227 days ago
  • Anya from Buffy for the win!

    Moon's DaughterMoon's Daughter27 days ago
  • If the troubled mom admitted she sold the games in a fury and didn't know and so on yeah OP would be a semi jerk having ample income to replace them and it sounds like sister is not as well situated, but this out of control family has no right to tell OP how to raise her kids and what games they can play then bring grandma into it knowing full well granny has no clue. Her kids need therapy and she needs to apologise and work out how she will pay them back for the games. Up to and including sweat equity or something if money is really that tight. could be a good family building effort doing some yard work or something as a family to pay for mistakes it sounds like they all made.

    Toy AiryToy Airy27 days ago
  • My dog's name is Lulu. my mom has two dogs, Peanut and Milo

    Ilze LouwIlze Louw27 days ago
  • with the dad stealing OP's computer stuff and selling it... pretty sure that's something to call the police over.

    Derek C.Derek C.27 days ago
  • Samson

    Richard Earl Deary Jr.Richard Earl Deary Jr.27 days ago
  • OP in the hotel story is confusing a Karen for a tweeker. Lady was high af.

    Pathoes RPathoes R27 days ago
  • He stole his computer and everything else that went with it. All brand new stuff that he paid for, so that his father could buy a TV.....

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra27 days ago
  • That's outrageous; that she's behaving like that to your daughter;🤨😐

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra27 days ago
  • Tina's the jerk! She had no right to do what she did; and should pay back for the games she sold!!!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra27 days ago
  • First story the married mom is not the jerk her sister and mom are

    Ron AshbaughRon Ashbaugh27 days ago
  • "I hear the phone ring. But before I can pick it up, it stops." One of the three sings that the Hash Slinging Slasher is coming

    Dalton GDalton G27 days ago
  • The first story was kinda funny because Anya was the name princess Anastasia went under in the movie Anastasia.

    ErinredfoxErinredfox27 days ago
  • Im dog's name lela her real name is Lady from Lady and the Tramp but she doesn't respond to that name so we call her lela

    Mayaxpico124Mayaxpico12427 days ago
  • I have a gamer daughter, she's now an adult. She had a loan that she had to pay for and she had to sell her consoles to make a couple of payments on her loan. She now knows that she actually needs to pay her own bills. I was in the hospital for awhile, kids become adults at some point.

    stacey jonesstacey jones28 days ago
  • we had a dog named SoSueMe we called her Sue for short.

    Niccole RilesNiccole Riles28 days ago
  • No offense mr Reddit but Karen kinda got you with the dog joke🤣

    sssupernoob llsssupernoob ll28 days ago
  • As a child I got to name our minature schnauzer. Pepples. Off of the flintsones

    9lives lie-cat-lie9lives lie-cat-lie28 days ago
  • I think the wife in the hair story is mostly at fault, but I also think the father should try to help his daughter with her hair too.

    Amina VAmina V28 days ago
  • The dad who is complaining about his wife not doing their daughters hair is also an idiot. He refers to his wife’s hair as beautiful and straight but doesn’t see the same beauty in his daughters’ hair because it’s corse like his. Both of you need to learn how to do your biracial daughters hair. You assumed that the daughter would have hair like her mom and so did she. Neither of you made allowances for the fact that her hair would be more like yours. There are plenty of USworlds tutorials about hair. Find them and figure it out.

    Ms TemptationMs Temptation28 days ago
    • Plus watching your own kid isn’t babysitting. I feel sorry for your daughter because both you and your wife are failing her as parents.

      Ms TemptationMs Temptation28 days ago
  • My brother actually named his dog the N-word. We call him Tigger because it sounds similar. He won’t change the name. He loves the reactions he gets when he says the name around white people. My brother is black with a weird sense of humor.🥴

    Ms TemptationMs Temptation28 days ago
  • Mom "It's your fault she has this hair!!" Dad: "I didn't make you lay down & make a biracial baby with me" Mom needs to act like a REAL parent & take care of her kid... If Dad stayed home all day & Mom worked away from home, then Dad should be the one responsible for the house & kid. But since Mom is the one who stays home, then SHE is the one responsible. She just wants a reason to end the marriage & can't think of a better excuse.

    kaylo9600kaylo960028 days ago
  • Both jerks. Do her hair.

    deborah selldeborah sell28 days ago
  • ONION DOG!!!

    Quinn ZykerQuinn Zyker28 days ago
  • No doubt the last story about the entitled dad just wanted a new T.V. for himself and was trying to think of something to get it. The so called 'Punishment' was just his way to get money to buy it.

    Bonnie KittyBonnie Kitty28 days ago
  • For the last story I would probably wait till I have enough to move out then smash the TV and leave while he's out of the house

    josh neiljosh neil28 days ago
  • I'm sorry, but if I were OP in the last story I would've called the cops for theft on the dad. Idk if it's "punishment" or not, not only did he steal from his kid's room but he STOLE from his KID'S bank account!!! That's a FEDERAL CRIME!!!

    Abigail RosadoAbigail Rosado28 days ago
  • In the computer story, I would DESTROY the tv.

    Jared CastroJared Castro28 days ago
  • Being a single mother doesn't give you the right to sell someone else's property and keep the money. She must either buy the games back or give them the money or i would take stuff she owns and sell it.

    andy mandy m28 days ago
  • Karen looking for a house cleaner. "I need them tomorrow morning" Ya good luck with that one. Any good cleaner or company isn't going to be able to come tomorrow morning. I am a retired house fairy and have laughed at people who want me to come "today" Good luck with that

    Judy JohnsonJudy Johnson28 days ago
  • But Karen I thought you had a poodle...

    Lysandra RenshawLysandra Renshaw28 days ago
  • That young man in the last story needs to sue his entitled dad. You can't just take something bought with the kid's own money and sell it. That's theft, no matter how you look at it. The fact that he also stole money out of his son's account on top of that. Honestly, the son should take his dad to small claims court and get it all returned to him.

    Adam HamiltonAdam Hamilton28 days ago
  • Nope, a games is very expensive, you take something like this , you pay for it . Very simple.

    Audiogeeks Vintage SalesAudiogeeks Vintage Sales28 days ago
  • Yeah, this is a total Karen , WTF is she thinking. Are all Karen's this arrogant and plain stupid. Princess? Give me a break KAREN.

    Audiogeeks Vintage SalesAudiogeeks Vintage Sales28 days ago
  • i had a dog he ended up on a plate

    Terry the OutlawTerry the Outlaw28 days ago
  • Sue her on your son’s behalf. ASAP.

    Lana RoyerLana Royer28 days ago
  • 2:46 my dogs name is Mr bumbum... Bird is Chika Love markiplier lol

    just your regular Zombiejust your regular Zombie28 days ago
  • I don’t like stories that end with the Karen winning thumbs down

    Alfonso DelavaraAlfonso Delavara28 days ago