r/Entitledparents Karen MOTHER Demands I Groom her Dog, I GET REVENGE!

Jan 29, 2021
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r/Entitledparents Karen MOTHER Demands I Groom her Dog, I GET REVENGE!
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    r/mr redditr/mr redditMonth ago
  • She did give up custody of her daughter. I was adopted and don't really see this as much different then what my bio mom did. I think this would be like my bio mom sending me money until I was 18 and then saying now that you are an adult I won't send money anymore. I think it’s sad that she doesn’t want a relationship with her biological daughter but she doesn’t have to. It’s like she gave up her daughter for adoption to her father. Once you give a child up for adoption your financial obligation stops. I think the fact that she sent money until the child was 18 was very nice and she doesn’t have to continue that obligation if she doesn’t want to.

    CrazyCatLady1981CrazyCatLady19812 days ago
  • Im confused by that dad... collectable or not, you bought your kid a toy and expect him (a kid) not to play with it?

    matthew flandermeyermatthew flandermeyer14 days ago
  • Father warned, son asked permission from mother and secured said permission. Son was careful with his *own* toys, and extended family wants him punished? Cut them out of your life before they start traumatizing that child!

    indigowulfindigowulf16 days ago
  • Every time I hear an “I don’t work here” story, I can’t help but think about why these people aren’t overly rude to them. I would take that opportunity and RUN with it. The customers assuming (and 9/10 times insisting) that this person works there are overly rude so I see it as fair game 🤷‍♀️

    sydneyyxDsydneyyxD18 days ago
  • Wow the mom with the disabled kid is a pos. You don’t abandon your kids like that.

    FuggindriverFuggindriver18 days ago
  • No way f that mom!!!

    Alexis BurgosAlexis Burgos23 days ago
    • And she is s, really was that a real post, there is no way a parent would think that way, right!

      Alexis BurgosAlexis Burgos23 days ago
  • A child does NOT stop being your child at 18!!!!!! I imagine the girl feels a lot of rejection

    gloria gloriagloria gloria26 days ago
  • I have had 4 dogs over my life. A sweet springer spaniel cross lived to 17, a belgian shepherd 13, a rotweiller/mastiff 14 and a staffie/boxer 11. All rescue dogs. I don't have one now due to ill health but love tales from Reddit about dogs and You Tube rescue dog videos.

    gloria gloriagloria gloria26 days ago
  • For college students with disabilities, it’s a good idea to check into services provided with the state Vocational Rehabilitation office. They can provide help with tuition for students when higher education is part of the students’ vocational plan.

    ES KimberlyES Kimberly27 days ago
  • I currently have a Red healer huskey mix puppy (Even though she is almost 3). She's definitely a momma's girl and is in the picture next to my comments. She's my baby. I love her so much.

    Momma MiaMomma Mia28 days ago
  • The mother refusing to help her 18-year-old quadriplegic daughter... because she “fulfilled her legal obligations” .. you don’t stop being a mother after the age of 18... smh.. People like this disgust me

    Prison Wife & Prison LifePrison Wife & Prison Life28 days ago
  • Last story - why was the bank card in the glove box in the car? Mine stays in my wallet, which is in my pocket!

    Pat MPat M28 days ago
  • I grew up with a mut that was 1/2 terrier & 1/2 peekapoo. She was born 1yr after I was, & her name saw Cannabis. I was 9yrs old by the time I figured out why people looked @ me strangely when I called her home. LOL

    Shannon HitchcockShannon Hitchcock28 days ago
  • wow, that mother of the quadriplegic child washed her hands of her own kid as soon as she could. not only did she give up custody of her, she "fulfilled her duty" by throwing money at her up until she turned 18. I'm sorry, disabled children especially need more support then that, through childhood and college, until they can truly take care of themselves on their own. and her daughter may never be able to do that without proper help and encouragement. she basically told them "good luck, I'm done with you finally - I have a better family and kids now" I hope her ex-husband takes her to court so that HIS daughter can have the chance at the future she deserves at that great college

    solarphoenix999solarphoenix99928 days ago
  • I looked up the story of the mother with the disabled daughter and read the comments. The commenters did the math and worked out that the divorce occurred right after the daughter became disabled and that is when the mother gave up custody. And going by the math and the age of her eldest kid by her current husband, the commenters suspect that the mother was cheating on her now ex-husband with her now current husband.

    Mary Sue BurnettMary Sue Burnett29 days ago
  • Husky, and a husky lab and con hound mix

    black iceblack ice29 days ago
  • Haha! That first story _obviously_ did not occur in America. Americans don't hesitate to call police when being assaulted.

    jeaniebirdjeaniebird29 days ago
    • @jeaniebird Still untrue.

      Gan LenGan Len28 days ago
    • @Gan Len If you're American, then you're lying. If you're not, you're just wrong.

      jeaniebirdjeaniebird28 days ago
    • Untrue

      Gan LenGan Len28 days ago
  • kinda

    waterbottle 1waterbottle 129 days ago
  • I just wonder if the mother would have given up custody of her daughter if she wasn't disabled.

    Jag GirlJag Girl29 days ago
  • Hi (sorry for bad English)

    VilleVille29 days ago
  • I have one staffy and one Doberman mix

    The rainbow Aspie with the dreadlocksThe rainbow Aspie with the dreadlocks29 days ago
  • Quadriplegic mother so wrong but it sounds like she didn't work out all either she a stay at home mom the husband was taking care of the money and sending child support if it was me I want to stop paying i child support to that isn't his responsibilities its hers

    Heather JenkinsHeather Jenkins29 days ago
  • The mother of the quadriplegic 18 year old has discharged her legal obligations for child support (or more, to the point, her new husband has, even though he had no obligation to do so). Regardless of whether the mother wanted to continue to support the 18 year old, the money isn't hers and she has no independent income, so it isn't actually her decision. I would say her husband has more than done right by a child he had no obligation to support, and the decision is actually out of the mother's hands.

    Teddy -Teddy -29 days ago
  • Gentlemen come in all shapes, sizes and leathers! I love the image of him offering his arm to her and then showing her around. I bet the security footage was front and centre of her granddaughter's birthday party! Thanks for the gracious post. That's all we need, a little bit of graciousness towards each other. So lovely. Perhaps didn't completely fit the subreddit but am so glad you posted it anyway.

    Tamsin MooreTamsin Moore29 days ago
  • Story One: This reminded me fondly of my paternal Granddad. He was English and served through the entire WWI. He faithfully sent his pay back to his family, figuring on a nice nest egg when he got home. WWI had the most severe military casualties but Arnold made it back.... yeah, his family had spent the lot. He never spoke to them again but still managed a very successful garage and a one pump petrol station. I've the BEST photo of him, pre-war, standing behind a 1910+s motorcycle with him in a full length leather jacket , matching hat and goggles on the brim with a ciggie in one side of his mouth. More Jimmy Dean, than Jimmy Dean!

    Tamsin MooreTamsin Moore29 days ago
  • That lady with the special needs child is absolutely the jerk. Wtf. How do you tell your child best of luck but I'm not helping you with anything because I have two more kids. She is still your daughter smh

    Nyeema McCaskillNyeema McCaskill29 days ago
  • As the parent of someone who is also disabled, not in the same way, I have to say that mother is terrible. I love my daughter and would never just abandon her at age 18.

    NicholiNicholi29 days ago
  • I've got a female Golden Retriever named Bailey. She loves nipping at feet. When she's not nipping t them, she likes to lick them.

    Amanda WhatelyAmanda WhatelyMonth ago
  • Southern Mr Reddit isn't real, he can't cheat you Southern Mr Reddit: 9:19

    Toy BonnieToy BonnieMonth ago
  • Living in Illinois, my husband payed child support until his daughter was 18. Then she wanted to go to college and my husband had to continue paying until she graduated. IDK how it is in other states or countries, but I'm pretty sure she is still obligated to pay for her daughter's tuition. OP is TA!!

    diane sabbathdiane sabbathMonth ago
    • @diane sabbath True. However, you'll note that the only parents that appear to be legally obligated to maintain support for college are those paying child support.

      Gan LenGan Len28 days ago
    • @Gan Len I don't think it should only be up to the parent paying child support. It should be up to both parents. Either way, one parent will get screwed.

      diane sabbathdiane sabbath28 days ago
    • That's a pretty messed up double standard. Why only force parents that pay child support to pay for college?

      Gan LenGan Len28 days ago
  • Why isnt the daughter also ops daughter?

    Explosive BestExplosive BestMonth ago
    • my guess probably because op sees her as "broken".

      j marinej marine29 days ago
  • Child support mom probably is not legally done. If I was dad I’d check the papers. At least if he’s in the states they usually end it at 18 UNLESS the kid is in school. Then it’s 25. I sure hope she still enrolls and tries for funding and they hit the bi+

    LA DukeLA DukeMonth ago
  • To B's Mom you are not wrong you pre warned his birth father that he would play with them so he is the jerk. And for family members bugging you about it when they have raised a special needs child then they can give advice until then tell them to shut up. That is advice from one mother of a special needs child to another mother

    Stephanie PedersenStephanie PedersenMonth ago
  • I've owned a half collie-retreiver mix. a foll collie---just like Lassie, a cocker spaniel, a shetland sheepdog and a chow mix.

    OldMaidWhovian akaNancyGOldMaidWhovian akaNancyGMonth ago
  • I have had dogs for my whole life. Wilbur: a border collie mix, RIP boy Basil: a black lab husky mix, he looked more lab then he did husky. RIP you brave boy Zander: a brindle shepherd mix, very hyper, has gotten out of the yard a few times and has helped catch a loose dog twice. We think he might be part boxer

    CelestiaFan ForeverCelestiaFan ForeverMonth ago
  • Sitting in the e.r. listening to you. Ty!

    Jaien GoreJaien GoreMonth ago
  • The dog bit you. When a dog bites you get the persons info. If you get sick you have no way of telling doctors where the sick dog is.

    Frankie FurbagFrankie FurbagMonth ago
  • I really liked the 'man in black' with good manners story. Bring us more; Lord knows we can use them.

    Robin MitchellRobin MitchellMonth ago
  • Not sure which state, if she is living in America that is, the woman paying child support is from. A number of states don't just stop when the kid turns 18. If they continue on to college, you get forced to pay for it, no matter what. I know. I had one go beyond 18 and still was paying child support for her. Not sure she got the money, it really should be a print out that shows just exactly where that money goes. I sure didn't care for the leather jacket my ex-wife got....

    David SeegerDavid SeegerMonth ago
  • she told her child "good luck." Did she also tell her "good riddance"? That OP is a cold beach and a bad mother.

    chuck sellerschuck sellersMonth ago
  • I have a pair of Pomeranians and plan to get a Shiba Inu in June.

    izzywolfloverizzywolfloverMonth ago
  • His toys, HIS RULES. dad wanted them for himself. BOO WHO

    gary anthonygary anthonyMonth ago
    • Once you give a gift the recipient can do whatever they like with it, it's their property. I hate it when parents force "collectables" on their kid when they want a toy to play with. I knew a girl who's parents would buy her Barbies but not let her play with them because they were "collectables". They just collected dust on her shelf. Some people are delusional to think the kid can get rich off them later, some are trying to live vicariously through their kids, either way it's bad parenting. Imagine if as an adult they were given brand new sports car they wanted but telling them they could never drive or even touch it because it was a collectable.

      Imzadi83 FanVidsImzadi83 FanVids29 days ago
  • Mostly family dogs, the one I remember most is Crackle. She was a ridgeback cross, she died late last year of leukaemia

    Heaven DuffinHeaven DuffinMonth ago
  • The “mom” of the quad daughter, what a scumbag. I would say the same of any man. What a pos to dump your kid and think that child support is all that is required. I feel bad for her other kids.

    christmasinachristmasinaMonth ago
  • as a toy collector myself (collect OG Power Ranger toys....some new) You never give a young kid (or one on the spectrum) collectables that are meant to be kept in the box. I never have any kids over my place. But if a nephew of mine did and wanted to play. I do have several not in their box so they could be played with

    Power_struggle55Power_struggle55Month ago
    • @Lady Phoenix i do have 14 power ranger funko pop figures. they still are in the box but can be removed (and have) easily without damaging it. most of the toys are out of box. But I have an original yellow auto morpher (head flips) still in packaging with of course all the weapons. One not is worth maybe $5, but still in packaging can be $50 (paid $20. know it can be $50 because I had a guy who sells them here and there look and said he has sold them for $50)/ There is one outside of the box that I wouldnt let them touch as it has small pieces

      Power_struggle55Power_struggle5524 days ago
    • You friend babysits her newphew and buys him Funko to play with. Funkos tend to be cheap, big, and not have tiny parts (unless it has a stand, in which case, don’t give the stand to the kid).

      Lady PhoenixLady Phoenix24 days ago
  • 👍

    Maria IbarraMaria IbarraMonth ago
  • not a jerk, just try again and explain bout the figurines

    Maria IbarraMaria IbarraMonth ago
    • not much to explain. it is a hard concept for kids to understand, they are the child toys so he should enjoy them, and his condition makes it even harder for him to understand. I think considering the child's condition I believe it would be best for the kid to have fun and play with the figurines.

      j marinej marine29 days ago
  • Son was given clear instructions to not remove them from the box. His father was also given clear instructions to not get him anything that is not a toy he can play with, because he will take it out of the box. If the adult is not held to following instructions, why should the young child be?

    Bluejay WomanBluejay WomanMonth ago
  • No. Op isn't a jerk!

    Maria IbarraMaria IbarraMonth ago
    • @j marine sorry I was distracted rl stuff, I got the first couple mixed up going to have to re watch it later;

      Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra29 days ago
    • @Maria Ibarra I have to disagree with you there. the one about child support is a huge jerk. 1st base on her words it heavily implies she left her previous relationship because their child was disabled. this can be seen in how she calls the kid "HIS CHILD". 2nd it is both morally and in some states illegal immoral to stop helping a child because the kid turned 18. if the kid is continuing their education many states mandate the child support continues till the age of 25. it is extremely immoral to abdomen a kid because they turn 18. 18 is not a magic number where you have life figure out and can go out on your own. the kid wants to continue her education with a college education and the father asked for help because he doesn`t make enough money for it and the kid can`t do unskill because she is a quadriplegic and the mother basically said Nah you are 18 F*** OFF and GOOD RIDDANCE. I have 2 nonbroken kids to think about.

      j marinej marine29 days ago
    • @j marine the one bout child support

      Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra29 days ago
    • which one? because there`s a huge jerk in one of the stories.

      j marinej marine29 days ago
  • I think it’s terrible if you know a daughter is disabled at the age of 18 just to completely financially cut Out of her life and I think that’s sad and just because you might have a new family that you don’t think you can try and support your daughter in her college and I I like it how you said his daughter when it supposed to be both of the daughters and I think that is wrong the father should also go and what have a job yes I agree with that but I think it’s wrong how the mum has put it and just because she has to wear the children doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her first daughter

    vicky and daniel fishervicky and daniel fisherMonth ago
  • Three dogs. Hades my Australian Shepard. Skadhi my wolf hybrid and Tempest our Siberian husky. Love my boy and girls.

    Susan ValentineSusan ValentineMonth ago
  • My mum had 4 dogs during her life. I've had 3 so far. ALL rescue dogs... We now have Ozzie II, a rottweiler x retriever. so we have the advantage that if we get burgled and he kills the burglar he would bring us the body lol....

    tiredmummytiredmummyMonth ago
  • You aren't a parent for 18 years. You are a parent for life. What a b!tch. The ex was not asking her to cover the entire tuition, but to help with tuition.

    Shawn RashallShawn RashallMonth ago
  • YRTA - LAST LINE: AITA for fulfilling all my legal obligation and telling my ex that (HIS 18)year old is an adult now? I wish I could reach into this screen and shake some sense into you! The outrage this posting has instilled into my heart, has broken it for your ex-husband’s daughter. Because with that last line you have totally washed your hands of that life, it is almost as if you divorced your first born along with your first husband. You don’t want advise you want absolution, sorry chick you’re on your own with this one. Maybe someone else will give it to you. Had you been a man making this statement it would have already gone viral. (SMH)...😢😢😢

    LJ SmithLJ SmithMonth ago
    • Breaks my heart.

      Tasha SimmonsTasha Simmons22 days ago
    • I have a feeling that if roles were reversed, she'd be demanding that dad paid a share of college or she would take him to court.

      Tony RockwellTony Rockwell29 days ago
  • I have 2 golden retrievers. 1 male, 7 years old in may (name Cesar) and 1 female, 2 years old in may (name Timas) 🐶❤️🐶

    Golen Paw LifeGolen Paw LifeMonth ago
  • A lot of people are judging the mother concerning the child support payments. I thought I heard that she longer had a job but was a stay at home mother. Her husband had been paying child support all of these years to support her daughter and her ex husband. Is it fair to demand someone else to continue to support your child? She could help her daughter find organizations or programs which could assistance her daughter for school. I think she cares because she would not have asked someone else to help financially since she was not working

    MsLynette817MsLynette817Month ago
  • 12:11 What a horrid mother OP is. You can tell she doesn't want a disabled child and that's why she gave up parental rights to go start a new family.

    Gan LenGan LenMonth ago
    • That’s what a lot of the commenters on the original reddit post were saying.

      Mary Sue BurnettMary Sue Burnett28 days ago
  • I have never got the concept of buying something and leaving it in the packaging! If this dude was that touchy about it he should have just given your son some cash to buy what he wanted! NTA!!

    Delma PlainDelma PlainMonth ago
  • Karen my Rottweiler eats your poodle for snack.

    anna ruyeranna ruyerMonth ago
  • My last dog was a Doberman Pinscher named "Voodoo" and she was a very lazy loving girl. She passed from a cancerous tumor. Miss my girl terribly.

    Jay GarrisonJay GarrisonMonth ago
    • My condolences. Voodoo is a great name for a Doberman.

      Imzadi83 FanVidsImzadi83 FanVids29 days ago
  • Did I miss something with the Mother paying child support story? Because I sounds like she just bailed and remarried almost instantly when her daughter was 5.

    KillerChrono666KillerChrono666Month ago
    • you didn`t miss anything.

      j marinej marine29 days ago
    • she gave up her parental rights to the father so she had to pay child support.

      WanupgurlWanupgurlMonth ago
  • First story's Karen needs a few extra holes to yell from, or at least wheeze her last breaths...

    John YocumJohn YocumMonth ago
  • Eh, she gave up custody. She fulfilled child support. If it were a man he would have the same rights. It sucks that she doesn't care for her first daughter like a mother should but 🤷🏾‍♀️ not really the butthole.

    CloudedTear816CloudedTear816Month ago
    • She is a major butthole. both morally and legally in some states legally wrong to abandon a child just because they turn 18. depending on the states if the kid is continuing their education they are entitled to still receive child support until the age of 25. Morally speaking a parent's duty is to help their kids get an education so they may succeed. if she doesn`t want to be part of her child's life that`s ok, but she had that kid and should help pay for HER kid's college. A kid she abandoned and base on her wording subtext because the child was disabled.

      j marinej marine29 days ago
    • Disabled children can have extended child support if proven they can't live on their own. If she goes to this college, she would most likely have a nurse to assist in her day to day activities. She abandoned her child when she became quadriplegic and thinks "paying child support" makes up for that? Disgusting.

      Julia ConroyJulia ConroyMonth ago
  • I love that you use your own voice to make these instead of google like other Reddit story readers. I like the natural sound better than the robotic storytelling.

    Afflac AwakeAfflac AwakeMonth ago
    • @Lisa Finney I like the human voice with feelings and flaws. However if I am interested in other stories, I mute and read instead.

      Nini RossauNini Rossau29 days ago
    • Agreed! I've spent a lot of time narrowing it down to a handful that I love lol

      Lisa FinneyLisa FinneyMonth ago
  • Did anyone expect the op who helped the old lady to have a Karen demand they help her right as op was leaving?

    regina simpsonregina simpsonMonth ago
    • We have been conditioned 🤣🤣

      Cierra BradleyCierra BradleyMonth ago
  • I have had many dog thru the years.

    Champ TooChamp TooMonth ago
  • I agree OP had no legal obligation to support her daughter. However I hope she still does what she can to put her in touch with services and agencies that can offer her daughter assistance.

    Ronnie HessonRonnie HessonMonth ago
    • both morally and legally in some states legally wrong to abandon a child just because they turn 18. depending on the states if the kid is continuing their education they are entitled to still receive child support until the age of 25. Morally speaking a parent's duty is to help their kids get an education so they may succeed. if she doesn`t want to be part of her child's life that`s ok, but she had that kid and should help pay for HER kid's college. A kid she abandoned and base on her wording subtext because the child was disabled.

      j marinej marine29 days ago
    • To adopt, legally, in a lot of places, you have to agree to be willing to financially support the child for the extent of your life. I feel people that bring life into this world should be held to the same standard. 18 is not some magic number and the child is disabled, which could extend her child support further if proven she can't live on her own.

      Julia ConroyJulia ConroyMonth ago
  • Really curious to know if there is an update to the op with the handicapped daughter she basically abandoned.

    regina simpsonregina simpsonMonth ago
    • @Lady Phoenix An update would be good but what is there to update really. Her daughter is 18 she told her Ex that her husband is no longer paying and she told her daughter "good luck for the future" so she's wiped her hands of her past and clearly doesn't give a sh*t she gave up her parental rights so she didn't care 13 years ago either. She's clearly a fool for thinking she could post to Reddit and others would agree with her. She's an idiot.

      Sandra NashSandra Nash23 days ago
    • The story is only a week old so unfortunately no. Also the post was locked.

      Lady PhoenixLady Phoenix24 days ago
  • Well I don't know what 7000€-£ translalates to in $$$$ But the money was for OP's and his fiancee,s wedding later on So his mom thought he owed something to her?? Heck no!! Didn't he say she left him when he was a kid?? That money was in their bank account and mom thought she was going to get away with it Good thing the bank called them and said what was going on or that money would be gone

    Andrea BryantAndrea BryantMonth ago
  • Some states require you to continue support through college. Just because you don't want your child doesn't mean your obligation is over at 18.

    Christina MorrisChristina MorrisMonth ago
    • That's actually not a good thing. College is optional and something you typically do as an adult. Should your parents help you buy a house too?

      TinyfatăTinyfată20 days ago
  • I've called out this last story on other videos. On those, the money is in GBP, but the bank manager still uses "officer" to address OP, instead of "constable". I also don't know when the mother would have the opportunity to go through OP'S glove compartment, without OP...allegedly in law enforcement...not noticing. Also, who in law enforcement is going to keep a bank card somewhere as insecure as the glove compartment of his car?

    Kim SmithKim SmithMonth ago
    • @j marine I don't struggle to read. Neither do I struggle to comprehend things that make sense. My arguments at the validity of the post are sensible. You tried to argue with me, without making sense. Then you tried to insult me by saying that I "had nothing to say." When a lack of ability to clearly communicate one's point is far more indicative of someone, who as nothing to say. Your defense of the story doesn't hold water, as much as my arguments against it. You don't convey your defense in a clear, well thought manner. You keep digging in your heels and fail to realize, that you are digging a deeper hole. For your own sake, please do not seek the law as a profession.

      Kim SmithKim Smith29 days ago
    • @Kim Smith My original post you shouldn`t call someone a liar when the evidences you use are superficial. in the original post, I proceeded to highly how OP being an officer could have been on duty and it is not strange for people who wear a uniform to leave valuable items either in a locker or their car. what do you struggle to read?

      j marinej marine29 days ago
    • @j marine There is a difference between proper grammar and writing a post, which is so devoid of correct spelling, punctuation, and defined subjects (due to an overuse of pronouns), that the post is indecipherable. The best I could make out, was you accused me of calling someone a liar...which you spelled lair. You want to project issues onto me about my supposed obsession, when you can't even convey an intelligible thought. I'm not knit-picking. Your post is a mess.

      Kim SmithKim Smith29 days ago
    • @Kim Smith I was not aware this was an English class, and why are you relying so heavily on punctuation? you do understand demanding proper grammar on such minor detail is often considered a sign of not having something worthwhile to say.

      j marinej marine29 days ago
    • @j marine I might suggest, if you are going to call someone out, (especially about translating stories to English) that you try using English. For starters, periods have a purpose, other than being the dot in dot com.

      Kim SmithKim Smith29 days ago
  • The mother shouldnt be obliged to pay for the daughter cuz she didnt work. Her husband was paying anyway and if he wants to stop paying. It's up to him

    Hano HHano HMonth ago
    • @Sandra Nash I was going by the thumbnail. It said custody, but I stand corrected.

      Jen MalcomJen Malcom23 days ago
    • @Jen Malcom The OP clearly states at the start that she relinquished her parental rights. There was no mention of custody at any point.

      Sandra NashSandra Nash23 days ago
    • @Julia Conroy I only saw she signed over custody... not parental rights.

      Jen MalcomJen MalcomMonth ago
    • @Jen Malcom The problem is if she signed her rights away, the child support was optional.

      Julia ConroyJulia ConroyMonth ago
    • @Julia Conroy in US, if you marry someone with children, their obligations become YOURS! If she didn't work, and he was paying it, that doesn't absolve him, when HE chooses to stop paying. It's up to a family court judge. Mommy Dearest may still be on the hook, which means new DH may still be on the hook.

      Jen MalcomJen MalcomMonth ago
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  • Op is not a jerk. Her legal obligation is over. My brother paid his child support year after year until they both of her s children graduated from school. I watched him go without for years. Her obligation is over. Don’t feel bad about it I

    Kathleen GreenKathleen GreenMonth ago
    • morally and legally in some states legally wrong to abandon a child just because they turn 18. depending on the states if the kid is continuing their education they are entitled to still receive child support until the age of 25. Morally speaking a parent's duty is to help their kids get an education so they may succeed. if she doesn`t want to be part of her child's life that`s ok, but she had that kid and should help pay for HER kid's college. A kid she abandoned and base on her wording subtext because the child was disabled.

      j marinej marine29 days ago
  • The story with mom and quadriplegic kid: I find it highly hypocritical to expect that just because a person carried a child to term and gave birth to it, that they should automatically have a bond. It would be nice if the mom would help pay for college for a disabled child that will never be able to live on their own... But realistically speaking it's not their responsibility if they don't want to be. Just like millions of single moms everywhere, that single dad should be more than capable of accepting the fact that his ex does not want to have any part of their disabled child's future. And how dare anyone judge them for it. Would you really want a disinterested parent in your life when you already have one that is absolutely devoted to you? I'd rather have disinterested parent be gone and not have obligatory payments made begrudgingly towards a future that may never actually happen. So who cares how it came to be. The past of the past and it happened, you can't change it and you can't make it right.

    Tavia BaldwinTavia BaldwinMonth ago
    • we dare to judge because it is both morally and legally in some states legally wrong to abandon a child just because they turn 18. depending on the states if the kid is continuing their education they are entitled to still receive child support until the age of 25.morally speaking a parent's duty is to help their kids get an education so they may succeed. if she doesn`t want to be part of her child's life that`s ok but she had that kid and should help pay for HER kid's college. A kid she abandoned and base on her wording subtext because the child was disabled.

      j marinej marine29 days ago
    • She stuck around for 5 years and left when the child became quadriplegic. You sound a little heartless. A quadriplegic girl doesn't deserve at least a chance because you think she may not have a future? Are you the mother in the story? The father can't afford to do it alone and the so-called-mother knows it. She is definitely setting a GREAT example for her children. When the going gets tough, run for the hills and start over until you fake perfection. You can take this crap and go somewhere else with it. She ran so she didn't have to deal with the hardships and you make her sound like a misunderstood victim.

      Julia ConroyJulia ConroyMonth ago
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  • HIS 18 year old?? Wow, clearly she doesn't have much of a bond with her child if she doesn't want to help her. I get being done with child support, but that doesn't mean your child is done needing help/money to get through things. If you're financially able, why wouldn't you help? Is she planning on throwing the other two kids out at 18 and saying good luck?

    Kelly DiVincenzoKelly DiVincenzoMonth ago
    • We also have to factor in that op doesn’t have a job or money since she is a stay at home mom so her new husband is the one who was paying. It’s not fair to make him pay for her college too...sooooo kinda makes since she said no but she should help on her own dime but if it’s her husband who’d be paying for college then no not his responsibility

      Chanel AaronChanel Aaron22 days ago
    • My daughter is 40, and I still help her out as I'm still working and can afford it. Mostly I do things like replace the struts on her car or buy new tires for her car (while singing "Happy Birthday" or "I wish you a Merry Christmas"). She's my only child and why wouldn't I?

      demondog momdemondog mom24 days ago
    • @Riun Larose 💯%

      G MoneyG Money29 days ago
    • Not to mention she never worked a day of that kids life and made her NEW husband pay all the child support for her kid..... This women is a monster

      Riun LaroseRiun LaroseMonth ago
    • No because those kids are"Perfect" as in no disabilities!! She's a horrible woman!!

      Tiffanie BrooksTiffanie BrooksMonth ago
  • I really hope I'm wrong but it kind of seems like the mother of the quadriplegic bailed as things got tough and started an easier life with her new family. Again could be wrong but from what OP posted, That's what I gathered. Just because you financially support your child doesn't mean you win parent of the year awards. A relationship with your daughter is so much more than just a support check. Kind of sounds like OP's daughter needs to cut her losses and realize her mom wants no part of her life.

    Cierra BradleyCierra BradleyMonth ago
    • She doesn't want her disabled child, but I'm sure she loves her normal kids. Breaks my heart😪

      Tasha SimmonsTasha Simmons22 days ago
    • @KillerChrono666 no she didn't she said his not ours it's easy enough to double check just watch it again.

      Sandra NashSandra Nash23 days ago
    • I agree. Mom clearly has no interest in a relationship with her eldest child. Really sad.

      ES KimberlyES Kimberly27 days ago
    • I feel the same way. What she doesn't know is because her daughter is disabled from birth her ex can file for support for the rest of the child's life.

      Kecia LewisKecia Lewis28 days ago
    • I agree with you.

      Jag GirlJag Girl29 days ago
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