r/Entitledparents Karen MOTHER Controls My Life, I GET REVENGE!

Jan 26, 2021
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r/Entitledparents Karen MOTHER Controls My Life, I GET REVENGE!
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    r/mr redditr/mr redditMonth ago
  • No they were not a jerk if you have a favorite book and you don't want to let them borrow it you have every right to say no it's your book .say this book has meaning to me and I do not want to loan out to anybody because of this meaning so I'm sorry but the answer is no. I mean if you had a first edition copy of a book that is like worth money would you loan out to somebody no they would not so no.

    Mendy SMendy S12 days ago
  • I love your videos Mr. Reddit!

    Bookworm GirlBookworm Girl13 days ago
  • It is NO ONES business about your body/weight. No ones but yours and your doctor and even then if your not comfortable to discuss it then it’s not their business either. Providing you are being healthy, feel heathy and are not doing it for anyone but you then go for it:)

    Skull DinosaurSkull Dinosaur23 days ago
  • "Don't push it reddit boy" oml!

    tech still playstech still plays28 days ago
  • sounds like Rachel is jealous and wants to make OP feel bad so she can feel better about herself.

    Arylwren1Arylwren129 days ago
  • For OP in the first story and for anyone else with family members who have boundary issues I highly recommend the book "Boundaries" by Dr. Henry Cloud. It helps people to establish boundaries with family members, relatives close friends and other people you have to deal with regularly. If your at the end of your rope with these people then this book can help.

    Noah EllisNoah Ellis29 days ago
  • OP with the books should say yes, you can have the book, give me your wedding ring and albums for collateral on the books return, the ring and albums are just things right? Turn their logic on them

    Donald CampbellDonald Campbell29 days ago
  • I once had a teacher who "threw out" test questions if over 50% of his students got it incorrectly. His reasoning ( a good one) was the question was poorly written. He was a brillant man, but sometimes HIS intelligence got in the way of a good question.

    Wendy CrowWendy CrowMonth ago
  • That diet sounds nice. You can swtich the veggies and the protiens. Even the type of rice

    Hano HHano HMonth ago
  • The book story. There are 100s of 1000s of copies of that book flittering about, that one copy is unique and irreplaceable, if damaged or lost.

    Lord KnightymeLord KnightymeMonth ago
  • I know that your town doesn’t have a public library but does any of the libraries you have nearby offer a online ebook service, just something to look into.

    crazy tcrazy tMonth ago
  • You are not the a hole as Rachel was talking about it before your transformation and it was ongoing

    crazy tcrazy tMonth ago
  • TL: You should be available we want you to do something. Sounds like they expect a 24/7 on call service if such you must be compensated for the time you are on call so backdate pay at the on call rate

    crazy tcrazy tMonth ago
  • In the first story, OP should tell the parents that they should trust the way they raised her and back off. If they did right by OP and raised her to be honest and trustworthy, they aren't showing it by still trying to control her. Legalities aside, OP even said she had problems with boundaries. Most likely because her parents controlled everything for her. Too much control can cause a child, or anyone else, to be insecure, lacking in self-esteem and not recognizing themselves as an individual. Just sayin.'

    suruha2306suruha2306Month ago
  • Pretty sure that the youtube "star" mentioned in the story is Fred. Since he's the deffinition of annoying and got a show on nickelodeon.

    ichigozanghetsuichigozanghetsuMonth ago
  • For the book, not da jerk. The book meant something to OP it was important and was more then a book.

    9lives lie-cat-lie9lives lie-cat-lieMonth ago
  • Similar to the first story, I remember being in my late twenties and not allowed to go over to a friend's house for sleepovers. The one time I did, my dad came to the house I was claiming where the sleep over was to make sure my car was there. I was expected to live at home until I got married. On top of that bit, I was not expected to get married. When I separated from my first husband. My family held a meeting. Three out of four wanted to force me to move back home. My mom was the only one against it. She was called various names like Unnatural Mother.

    Suzette KathSuzette KathMonth ago

    ladyfootZladyfootZMonth ago
  • First story: They absolutely need to go no contact with those toxic people. I am actually surprised the OP is able to function socially given how they were raised. Bookworm story: I see why you were depressed during HS. Your parents are unsupportive and have no empathy.

    Gary SakamotoGary SakamotoMonth ago
  • I would have decked that Karen in story 2 if she did that to me

    Liana SmithLiana SmithMonth ago
  • Rachel needs mind her own buisness. Sure her coworkers can think shes "too skinny" but it's none if their buisness unless OP asks for help 😒

    Alberta the Anxious StrawberryAlberta the Anxious StrawberryMonth ago
  • Honestly the " weight issue" if you are really concerned you would have a constructive conversation and if they tell you that they don't want to hear it then stop. If its really conserning you could get hr involved. Making fast snippy comments and gossiping is not okay. I

    Shannon HensleyShannon HensleyMonth ago
  • Setting up the class as a whole is something i once fell foul of as when at junior school ( seven to eleven years old ), i and a friend instigated a practical joke. We told we thought it would be funny to get everybody in our class ( all 43 of us ) to drop our rulers on the floor at a set time. But i forgot. At the arranged time, my mate was in the library, so not in class and i was sitting at a separate desk doing a test i had missed on a previous date. There was a loud clatter as 41 rulers hit the floor and all the kids laughed. Our teacher was not amused, everyone who dropped their ruler got a rap across their knuckles on both hands. Teacher then said that he could not punish either my friend who was out of the room or me because we did not drop our rulers. No but the rest of the class beat us up later on. This happened in 1950.

    Merulious LacrimensMerulious LacrimensMonth ago
  • Rachel is the massive jerk, she should learn to accept that all people are not the same and to get rid of that humungeous chip on her shoulder. But if all people learnt to LIVE AND LET LIVE, then i suppose that Karens would cease to exist, well we can but hope.

    Merulious LacrimensMerulious LacrimensMonth ago
  • Typical schoolboy error in that something cannot be New and Improved it can only be one or the other. It is either "NEW" or "IMPROVED", never both.

    Merulious LacrimensMerulious LacrimensMonth ago
  • With parents as controlling as OPs its the best thing she did to break contact.

    Merulious LacrimensMerulious LacrimensMonth ago
  • On the first story I hope nobody in her family knows how to run an IP address search anything she does on the internet can take them to her house if someone is smart enough

    Two Wheeled AdventuresTwo Wheeled AdventuresMonth ago
  • You need to have Karen make a reaction occasionally after you tell everyone to like the video this one was a golden opportunity for a great joke

    Two Wheeled AdventuresTwo Wheeled AdventuresMonth ago
  • I haven't seen this channel in a while so when the Karen agrees I'm always shook.

    Straight Black GirlStraight Black GirlMonth ago
  • It's not 'just a book'. It's a heirloom of great sentimental value and an important tool for your mental and emotional health. And they need to understand that.

    Justme StillmeJustme StillmeMonth ago
  • The first OP was the jerk for laughing and hanging up but it’s exactly what the parents deserved.

    Johnathan DolenzJohnathan DolenzMonth ago
  • I don't think anyone was entitled in second story it's just that her co worker Is too talktive

    Ashutosh WaniAshutosh WaniMonth ago
  • On the book lending, it's not just a book, it's a MEMENTO. So, no, you are NTA for not lending it out.

    Adrienne GormleyAdrienne GormleyMonth ago
  • Ready Player One story: OP you're NTA!!! If the family can't understand that this particular book is very special to you for the specific reasons you listed then THEY, NOT YOU are TA!!!

    Merlin AthrawesMerlin AthrawesMonth ago
  • The person who lost weight using a diet that worked for her that also helped her with other health issues is a target from Rachel and the others for one reason and one reason only: They're jealous that she succeeded in reaching her target. They're claiming she's too thin? They're probably over the dieal weights for their own body types. Me, I am also overweight and have fought it all my life, but I finally got a doctor that diagnosed me with a thyroid problem so am now taking meds for that. In a case like that diet doesn't work; it's the endocrine system that's fubared and meds are the only thing to help. But, yeah, And I have other health issues, too. Some foods that are deemed "healthy" make me violently ill or cause hives thanks to allergies. Like tomatoes and bell peppers (both nightshades). So, yeah, they should mind their own f'ing business. and OP is NTA for threatening to go to HR

    Adrienne GormleyAdrienne GormleyMonth ago
  • There are many online places to rent or get use books

    Carmen CarltonCarmen CarltonMonth ago
  • The Rachel/food story: OP doesn't give a size/weight description of any of the co-workers but how much does anyone want to bet they're just a bit (or more, though maybe not obese) overweight and are just jealous that OP has succeeded where they have not?

    Merlin AthrawesMerlin AthrawesMonth ago
  • If you don’t want your family to know where you live means you should have minimum contact

    Carmen CarltonCarmen CarltonMonth ago
  • ....Has Karen turned good? Is She a Good Karen now? She makes accurate comments that aren’t lies or exaggerations of Lies

    JustDerek_YTJustDerek_YTMonth ago
  • Mr.Reddit this video Karen has so many agreeable quotes, Karen quit saying stuff for Me to agree about. 😜

    Midnight WildspiritMidnight WildspiritMonth ago
  • Chads voice makes me wanna throw hands

    JukeBox_ DrawsJukeBox_ DrawsMonth ago
  • Business may be business, but *NO* business likes fraud. Sad how some companies can't keep the two things separated.

    girl1213girl1213Month ago
  • And Op, you’re nta. Your cousin never returned your books, and when he did, they were ruined. And this isn’t “just a book” it’s a book with supportive messages and therefore a possible form of therapy. At this rate you should charge late and damage fees to your cousin for your books.

    Maria FoxMaria FoxMonth ago
    • The Cousin and Aunt has proven themselves unreliable, untrustworthy, and entitled by both demanding the book and the damage they already caused by to the other books. OP isn't a Library, but even libraries have books that are not allowed to leave the building. I was almost worried that the cousin, Aunt, or his parents were going to steal the book from him!

      dalancerdalancer16 days ago
  • The first chick is gonna be covered in tattoos and have a body count higher than a hill before she leaves her twenties.

    Eric CriteserEric CriteserMonth ago
  • Diet If it works for you keep it up and good on you ignore all doubters❤️

    Sarah ClappSarah ClappMonth ago
  • Gotta say, I love your dumb guy voice.😁

    Tanith McGlothlinTanith McGlothlinMonth ago
  • We have not heard a reeeeeeeeeee in a while

    John AndersonJohn AndersonMonth ago
  • 1. Definitely not the jerk, those parents are insane about wanting to continue to control her life. I would've gotten a restraining order against them because its clear they are insane.

    falcon3268falcon3268Month ago
  • Body shaming is such a horrid thing. That Rachael person is a monster.

    NicholiNicholiMonth ago
  • not 80 cents 80 pence

    storyguystoryguyMonth ago
  • Is it just me or is every video Karen is a bit nicer

    Danny The twoDanny The twoMonth ago
  • First story...I was one of those whose parents were like that. Trust me ya need to move, far away. I finally had to move 700 miles away. I was so happy, and still am over 30 yrs later.

    Kathy CollinsKathy CollinsMonth ago
  • OP was not a jerk - private property is just that, private property. He shouldn't have to have a reason to not loan out a precious book. Once I loaned a book that I cherished and it was never returned - this was the "book" (think high school yearbook) for the ship my late father had served on during WW-II. It is literally irreplaceable ... so, no, OP's not a jerk. BTW, Amazon has copies for sale (used) for $1.38 plus $3.99 shipping, so why is everybody making such a big deal about OP's legitimate choice to not loan out his treasured book.

    Ned BarnettNed BarnettMonth ago
  • OP was justified to laugh and hang up. Her parents are beyond ridiculous.

    Ned BarnettNed BarnettMonth ago
  • why do i kinda like karen ....

    qvinzeqvinzeMonth ago
  • first story, you moved out. they really have no more control over you. figure that out and imagine the scenerios where they try to control you and how you would handle it, up to and including calling the police. They will find where you live. But they have no more right to control you. enjoy the freedom. my parents were very controlling and the worst happened at a fair. My mom and dad tried to force me to go home because it was too late for me to be out alone. i stood my ground and security/police (not sure which) showed up from the increasing volume they were demanding me to go home and they were told to leave me alone or leave. they left but it was sort of a come to jesus moment for them when they FINALLY realized they couldn't tell me what to do. we started building a good relationship where we even took a few vacations together where they understood i was a full grown adult and could be out after dark and talk to men any time i wanted to. My dad enjoyed how sassy i was to flirting guys i had no interest in.

    Toy AiryToy AiryMonth ago
  • Your chad voice is so funny.

    Jasper Cat .ProductionsJasper Cat .ProductionsMonth ago
  • r/lordreddit is your new name sir

    James LegaultJames LegaultMonth ago
  • The one with the classmates stealing OP's work is most likely fake. It is a common issue in business classes where people wrongly use negatives because it depends on the direction of cash flow. Also plenty of people who use excel functions would know you sometimes have to purposefully use a negative for that very issue. Either it is fake or OP is thinks way too much of themselves. Also if one person took the work, he punished everyone who unknowingly recieved it. So even if true OP sucks

    Compos MentisCompos MentisMonth ago
  • Op definitely wasn’t the jerk for laughing in her parents face.

    SteamPunk FoxSteamPunk FoxMonth ago
  • Constantly commenting about a person's weight and eating habits aren't going to help with disordered eating. Plus, that's not exactly acceptable behaviour at the work place. Rachel is a huge jerk. Tbh though, OP should really get that acid reflux checked out by a doctor. It could be a symptom of an underlying problem, which may or may not be serious. I also wonder what the healthy eating habits are that OP's parents instilled in her because it really does seem like she has a conflicted relationship with food. In any case, a trip to the doctor is warranted, I think.

    Inez De KleineInez De KleineMonth ago
  • The first time my dad tried to tell me what to do after moving out, I told him to go f-ck himself and didn't speak to him for nearly a year. Luckily he got mental help and is now a much better dad

    Eric F.Eric F.Month ago
  • Op parents are the only jerks It's his book and if his parents knew why he said no and they still telling him he should makes them the jerk

    Sarah Van AllenSarah Van AllenMonth ago
  • take my advice dentistry in order are your parents OP you and tell them that straight to your Go and Sunday entrust what happened Father Brown and trust you understand you he be Hebe understand but don't go straight to your landlord cuz is it going to rain tomorrow you're not going to tell him what time you were going to join you for not telling you but I need a present old war concert Barn wrecking someone's taking you I'm just saying but you know I want you no contact your parents but can contact to your little cousin p.s. you are not the jerks

    The little that engine could 20th anniversaryThe little that engine could 20th anniversaryMonth ago
  • “Great weather. Low 20 degrees Celsius.” Stares in American public school education.

    Erica MedinaErica MedinaMonth ago
    • @Dezi Stegient freedom temperature??? I laughed way too hard at that🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      DeAndre DouglasDeAndre DouglasMonth ago
    • @Dezi Stegient you are appreciated 🙏🏻

      Erica MedinaErica MedinaMonth ago
    • 68f in freedom temperature

      Dezi StegientDezi StegientMonth ago
    • I know what that is roughly, but I was hoping he would convert it.

      NicholiNicholiMonth ago
  • No curve for classmates; aww!

    Maria IbarraMaria IbarraMonth ago
  • Eww... Hiding place

    Maria IbarraMaria IbarraMonth ago
  • Hmm. apologize but don't lend him the book

    Maria IbarraMaria IbarraMonth ago
  • Congrats on your weight loss! Keep doing what you're doing BUT Document anytime your ratty co-worker sticks her nose into your business again. Keep a diary and if she continues, take it to HR. Ditto for your co-workers. And if you can, make your screen saver a chart of height/weight/BMI so they can see it. (I had a coworker who sat at the desk behind mine & bitched, moaned, whined and complained all the time. I changed my screen saver to an obnoxious yellow with red letters scrolling: "No Whining". She stopped soon after.)

    Robin MitchellRobin MitchellMonth ago
  • Wasn't a boss; was a in law.

    Maria IbarraMaria IbarraMonth ago
  • Wrong! No because that's your friend's bf! Not yours; majorly jumping to conclusions about what their 20 something daughter...🤨 .

    Maria IbarraMaria IbarraMonth ago
  • Book OP. I would have used the part about the book having private messages in it to you, that you do not want others to read. I know what you mean about loaning stuff though. I loaned a brand new Karaoke machine to my adult daughter. When I asked for it back, she couldn't think of where it was, she said. "I think we loaned it to someone, I dont remember who, but its been a long time and you don't use it anyway, so get over it." And many things I loan to her gets to some how "I gave it to them." Arrghhhhh

    Mary MulrooneyMary MulrooneyMonth ago
  • Lol! Silly Karen!

    Maria IbarraMaria IbarraMonth ago
  • I bet it was Paul Logan the USworlds star

    Baker street gamingBaker street gamingMonth ago
  • Commenting on someones weight being "too thin" is no different from comments on someone being "over weight" OP has every right to go to HR to get it stopped. Same thing with anything about someones appearance. Sort of like the saying, "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all."

    Mary MulrooneyMary MulrooneyMonth ago
    • Absolutely. Don't comment on your colleagues unless it's a complement or they explicitly ask your opinion and even then tread carefully.

      Inez De KleineInez De KleineMonth ago
  • You don't need to justify why you don't want to lend something of yours to someone else. If it belongs to you, it's your decision. Their parents have no leg to stand on for making them share their book (as if was a gift from teachers, so they didn't pay for it, give them the money for it etc) the only person who should have a say in who gets to borrow it is the owner, full stop. A book is just a book, but that's irrelevant. If you own something, you make the decisions about it. If it's 'just a book', they can go buy another copy or borrow it from someone else. There's no reason that OP needs to share against their will. This isn't preschool, and the item isn't a communal item, there is no obligation to share.

    C.p.2.0C.p.2.0Month ago
  • Title is incorrect, entitled mother DOES NOT control your life at age 20...tell her to pound sand.

    John JacobJohn JacobMonth ago
  • The B.M.I. is itself unhealthy. People should be comfortable with whatever weight they are.

    TarotlynxTarotlynxMonth ago
  • The first girl was not an a****** for laughing. Her parents weren't a****** for trying to tell her what to do in her own house when there was nothing wrong in the first place

    happy smileyhappy smileyMonth ago
  • *hits like* i know a few Karens that deserve a cold slap of reality to the face!

    Jeremy CardewJeremy CardewMonth ago
  • Your Karen voice sounds like a Skeksis from The Dark Crystal (1982). Specifically the one voiced by Frank Oz. Sort of like if miss piggy ate fozzie and yoda, then caught a bad cold. Keep it up.

    L BennettL BennettMonth ago
  • What was the catchphrase? “You done f***ed it up!” ?

    Martyn de WeertMartyn de WeertMonth ago
  • I probably would have called her again to just laugh at her more and then hung up on her again and after that blocking her...

    ileee1ileee1Month ago
  • wow whenever i watch you you always surprise me thes people are way to entitled

    matthew non existentmatthew non existentMonth ago
  • Still like “who’s the youtuber?”

    Natural FactorNatural FactorMonth ago
    • Thanks I’m just curious lol

      Natural FactorNatural FactorMonth ago
    • I saw some people saying David Dobrik but I'm not 100% certain

      FriskPlasmaFriskPlasmaMonth ago
  • She should've ended the Skype call once her parents began pressing demands. Remember, if they set foot on your apartment, you can call the police and have them trespassed.

    TarotlynxTarotlynxMonth ago
  • And I believe the sixth story OP is not the jerk and doesn’t have to give The cousin anything. That book hold a special place in OP’s heart and if op doesn’t want to give it up op doesn’t have to if the cousin wants the books so badly he can buy his own very simple solution Op 0/5 Cousin 2/5

    Kaden LemonKaden LemonMonth ago
    • and 1 for the parents, why does op have to do something nice

      velvety2006velvety2006Month ago
  • I worked for a man as a property manager. He tried a few times to do things that were unethical, my husband and I called him out on it. This started after we had been working for him for several years. Within the year, we were fired. Best thing that ever happened. lol

    TammohawkTammohawkMonth ago
  • Anyone else remember the baby one where Karen said her and mr reddit were expecting

    random game masterrandom game masterMonth ago
  • If the controlling mom from the first story shows up at OP's apartment, call the cops and have her dragged off the property.

    whofandbwhofandbMonth ago
  • Some ppl dont understand acid reflux and stuff. They are just jealous you lost weight. Congratulations and stay healthy. You know your body better than anyone. NTA

    Nimi SilverbirdNimi SilverbirdMonth ago
    • @Baby Cakez also ppl who do keto lose alot of weight fast. Just make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated

      Nimi SilverbirdNimi SilverbirdMonth ago
    • @Baby Cakez I know how screwed up the things she has can make you feel. The pain and discomfort. Constantly feeling like you are gonna get sick from pain and nausea. The sick you do actually get from it. It's horrible. Plus you practically need a bed in the bathroom you go so much. That's why I said stay healthy. But those women were straight up harassing her and thatbis not right. Skinny shaming is a thing.

      Nimi SilverbirdNimi SilverbirdMonth ago
    • Depending on how much weight she lost and how quickly she lost it. If she lost a lot of weight very quickly, especially if she done it on her own with no dietary consultant, I would be worried about how she lost it and how it affecting her. It wouldn’t be healthy or sustainable, and if she had a unhealthy relationship with food before she could have just switched to the opposite side of the spectrum. Normal weight loss healthily is like 1-2 pounds a week. It a very slow process but rewarding. Just because you lost the weight doesn’t make you any healthier, or you mental health/ relationship with food any better. Personally if I was her I would have gone to the doctor to make sure this diet not causing problems internally, or problems for the future.

      Baby CakezBaby CakezMonth ago
    • @Shawna Burt that’s not how reflux works either. I’m waiting to be assigned a surgeon for issues related to acid and bile reflux. If I don’t eat, it’s worse than if I do. So you eat a mild, soft diet in order to reduce acids. My case is life threateningly severe. So I’d say I was an expert both on eating disorders and reflux. I had anorexia for almost 20 years. I weighed 91 lbs at 5’5 in college. I’m not small boned. I just was massively strict about what and when I would eat and how much until I was skin and bones. Part of my issues today are related to anorexia even tho I’ve been eating more or less normally for 30 years now. I ruined the nerves in my stomach. I didn’t know I had reflux until March when I couldn’t breathe. It was acid burns in my lungs. I can barely speak because my larynx was burned. Didn’t feel that either. You don’t stop eating to fix it. You eat a different type of diet. And take lots and lots of meds.

      Deb ShawDeb ShawMonth ago
    • @Deb Shaw No point eating if it's coming right back up though.

      Shawna BurtShawna BurtMonth ago
  • 1st story: OP i don't want to scare you and I am sorry if this does but you might want to consider contacting your local police department letting them know about your family and what you have gone thru because I am sure that if your mother ever got your address, she would contact the police telling them some lie about how you managed to contact her because of some person in your apartment holding you hostage, so if they were to get a call from an out of the area phone number or police dispatcher giving them your address, the can ignore it or respond to it as a non emergency call since some calling in a hostage situation brings in almost every cop in an area.

    repomanrepomanMonth ago
  • Who is the youtuber...sounds so familiar but I'm drawing a blank 🤔

    F40PH-2CATF40PH-2CATMonth ago
    • @Baker street gaming agreed. i can't stand either of the paul brother's

      WanupgurlWanupgurlMonth ago
    • @Wanupgurl I know he has done some stupid stuff in the past and his fans are annoying as well

      Baker street gamingBaker street gamingMonth ago
    • @Baker street gaming does he do pranks where he dresses like and old man? I know david dobrik has and he's been on tv and stuff.

      WanupgurlWanupgurlMonth ago
    • Paul Logan?

      Baker street gamingBaker street gamingMonth ago
    • david dobrik

      WanupgurlWanupgurlMonth ago
  • I don't know about that first story. Reasoning why the parents were so helicopter-like - there has to be a reason. We are only hearing from OP's side of the story and she may have been a hellion before all this. We don't know. It could be they just are that overprotective but more often than not, there has to be a reason for them to be like that. If they just ARE that controlling - then definitely keep the distance, but for the parents trying to say what she can do while she is out of their house and she is 20 - no. That's where the parents are all wet, BUT OP (and it didn't sound like to me) needs to tell them WHY she is so distant from them. Sounds like she never confronted about it and just took off without telling - giving them a chance to realize what their actions are doing. Just sounds like there is more backstory we aren't getting.

    Stephen DeCesareStephen DeCesareMonth ago
    • The reason is that her parents are insane.

      Shawna BurtShawna BurtMonth ago
    • It doesn't matter. 18 is the magic number where you get to make your own choices.

      TarotlynxTarotlynxMonth ago
  • In the four-story OP honestly should’ve gone to HR a long time ago and Rachel needs to mind her own business Op 0/5 Co worker 2/5

    Kaden LemonKaden LemonMonth ago
  • No karen initiates the fight when she slapped you. You just defended yourself.

    Nimi SilverbirdNimi SilverbirdMonth ago
  • For the first OP no you're not the jerk for laughing. You're an adult, living on your own and have your own life. You're parents no longer have control over whom you associate with or who you date. And the family should butt out of your business and stop spamming your social media, etc.

    Susan AndersonSusan AndersonMonth ago
    • Thankfully they weren't

      Susan AndersonSusan AndersonMonth ago
    • Honestly I would have laughed too if my parents would have done that to me too lol

      Susan AndersonSusan AndersonMonth ago
    • Ikr? Lol

      Susan AndersonSusan AndersonMonth ago
    • Her parents are cray cray

      Eryn WellsEryn WellsMonth ago
  • Eating once a day is a terrible idea because even if u loose weight (which doesn’t always happen I only ate once a day and my body stored the weight) ur damaging ur body in more then one way I know this personally but I had an eating disorder that was terrible , that being said nagging and constantly bringing it up won’t work if u want to help someone. I think op needs to learn her work colleague isn’t trying to be harsh she’s just worried and is too intense In trying to force opinions but even if op is the right weight for her height she needs to be very careful

    LiLiMonth ago
    • @Inez De Kleine exactly

      LiLiMonth ago
    • Yeah... I also recognise some behaviours that could point to disordered eating: the bingeing before and now being restrictive, both in the number of meals and the ingredients. The acid reflux also worries me. Healthy people don't get acid reflux every day to the point of throwing up. It's possible she has some food allergies. It's possible she has a inflammatory condition etc. She should definitely go to a doctor.

      Inez De KleineInez De KleineMonth ago
    • @Wanupgurl Not for everyone, though. It's always best to consult a doctor before you choose fasting.

      Inez De KleineInez De KleineMonth ago
    • interemitten fasting is perfectly safe.

      WanupgurlWanupgurlMonth ago
  • 30 mins late but im back

    mini kyloren is crackedmini kyloren is crackedMonth ago