r/Entitledparents Karen KICKS ME OUT of my Apartment!

Feb 7, 2021
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r/Entitledparents Karen KICKS ME OUT of my Apartment!
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    r/mr redditr/mr reddit21 day ago
    • @Reaper legion I'll check it out! 😎

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit21 day ago
    • @Cookie Chan REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit21 day ago
    • @Kala Rowan REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit21 day ago

      Cookie ChanCookie Chan21 day ago
    • REE!

      Kala RowanKala Rowan21 day ago
  • i dont think the father is a jerk i think he just might have to come to terms with not being able to connect to his kids like he wanted maybe there interest will change but for now gotta live with it

    ItsDemolishaItsDemolishaDay ago
  • I was being interviewed for a managers position, may I say not my first managerial position. Used to handling my own budgets etc. So when I was told that if I wanted to buy hooks for the curtains I had to ask if this was OK. I thanked them for my interview and that l would not accept the position if they offered it too me. I was offered the position and refused. I had by this time been head hunted 3 times and enjoyed everyone, but left to expand myself in the area I was an expert in.

    Rosemary JeevesRosemary Jeeves4 days ago
  • The first roommate story, she's the one wrong, if she and her boyfriend have a problem with the living situation then SHE's the one who needs to leave, especially if you've lived there 2yrs before she moved in and are the one on the lease!! I would outright refuse and its unreasonable to ask you move out of your home that you did her a favor in letting her move in when she had no place to go, also why can't she move in with he bf so sorting out HIS issue and leaving you out of the discussion completely

    Miltz69Miltz694 days ago
  • I actually looked up eating an orange unpeeled and it said that the peel is bitter, can be hard to digest and might harbor pesticide residue on them making it extremely unhealthy and dangerous to eat an orange like that. So she did the right thing by refusing and her boyfriend and his family are in the wrong by trying to force her to eat something potentially dangerous to her body and health. That friend who posted that poor guys condo all over social media is a bad friend, yes it was her profile, but it was his place she was posting without permission being a violation of privacy and breaking his trust in her. She was in the wrong and he did right by reporting it, she was only doing it to flex about being a good friend and seeking attention by humiliating someone else.

    Sheena TudorSheena Tudor6 days ago
  • Background music ruins it.

    Kostas. k.Kostas. k.7 days ago
  • Hire an actor to act as the landlord and a Victor her. With the threat of arrest for trespassing if she's not gone in 10 days

    Jp gJp g8 days ago
  • Roommate needs to find her own place!

    Snarly MageeSnarly Magee13 days ago
  • I wouldn't be interested in doing anything for someone in the name of 'their' woman.

    Courtney WoodburyCourtney Woodbury14 days ago
  • On the orange story: boyfriend wants a compromise so peel it with your teeth. You're still biting it. If you want to hide the peel then act like you're wiping your mouth and spit the peel into the napkin. Malicious compliance exists after all.

    MsFenirMsFenir14 days ago
  • Maybe it's just me but I don't think a $6 tip on a $80 bill is a huge issue? Some ppl give nothing..should you tip $60? Not everybody is swiming in cash

    Robert XRobert X15 days ago
  • It's YOUR apartment. Sayonara, Karen!

    Rebecca RoweRebecca Rowe15 days ago
  • Business owner: *Treats their employees like crap* Also business owner: Why are so many people leaving?

    Mr. JellysquidMr. Jellysquid16 days ago
  • 💎💎💎

    Alyn CookAlyn Cook17 days ago
  • the father trying to relate to his daughter is a hard one. I give him credit for at least trying to understand what his daughters are into. As my parents have rarely taken an interest in my interest or out right insulted them at times. I do think his daughters should try a bit, but it seems like they are very different people. They might try when they're older, but his wife as an adult should be able to enjoy things with as he can with her interests.

    Rikkiroo1008Rikkiroo100817 days ago
  • Orange boyfriend. Talk about gaslighting. Run away quickly.

    SchismSchism17 days ago
  • Should introduce his fashion daughter to cosplay. But they're young so he should just wait until they get more mature, but I understand how hard it is to have nothing in common with your daughters, my dad had the same issue until I hit highschool. Maybe finding a fun game the entire family can enjoy would be a good idea like apples to apples

    Jay CrawJay Craw18 days ago
  • a real friend helps a friend or anyone without bragging about it on social media.

    WanupgurlWanupgurl18 days ago
  • You can't force your hobbies on your kids, it will only make them hate it more. Also, watch the shows your kids like, you are an adult, you'll live. Being a parent is not about doing things you like, it is about keeping a mini human alive long enough to pass your DNA to future generations, wait no, I meant love, yeah, it's about love. So yeah, OP is kind of the @$$hole here.

    dxjxc91dxjxc9118 days ago
    • Love is mostly about keeping mini humans alive to pass DNA along to new generations so you are right on both accounts.

      Gaye EnglundGaye Englund17 days ago
  • Ahhhhh Karen said my name!!!!!

    charise cartercharise carter18 days ago
  • I don’t blame you for not liking One Day At Time. The remake is terrible. You can watch the original series with Valerie Bertinnelli on FETV

    Cynthia JordanCynthia Jordan19 days ago
  • The female friend wants the person who invited her to live to move because of her boyfriend , well that boyfriend can either hit grow up , hit the road , or find a place , roommate is the Major jerk so is the boyfriend. Not on lease you have no say.

    Erik 1701Erik 170119 days ago
  • The roommate is the jerk. He lived there first

    Cynthia JordanCynthia Jordan19 days ago
  • Aura colour depents on mood so it can change ,however everyone has their own basis colour . Mine is violet, most of the time at least

    Annette MaderAnnette Mader19 days ago
  • OP parent with daughters. They aren't their playmates. He has to spend time with his girls doing things they like if he wants a relationship with them.

    tanstaafl28tanstaafl2819 days ago
  • First story, this reminds me of an episode on Seinfeld where George was jealous of his GF living with another man.

    Patricia ReddingPatricia Redding20 days ago
  • When I was attending Uni I worked at the only 24/hr gas station in town at the time. The station manager only called me by first name once. After that for six months it was every crude name you can think of. It got to the point the other employees began doing the same thing to me. I finally had enough and quit. I filled charges with the Dept. of Labor for creating a hostile work place. I was instantly given unemployment. Well the station manager decided to appeal my unemployment. I went in for arbitration at the Emp. Office, and this jerk of a manager was 30 minutes late. When he finally did show up he started calling me every foul name you can think of. Well the mediator found on my behalf right then and there. A few weeks later I got a job working for an antique shop. One day guess who walked in drunk as a skunk? My former manager thats who! When he staggered out to his vehicle I called 911 to report a drunk driver. He ended up getting arrested for a DUI on the spot. Go to heck Dan D. its called Karma ya jerk!

    DoctorRobertNevilleDoctorRobertNeville20 days ago
  • My dad was into cowboy stuff, I've always hated outdoors, ranchs, country music, etc. (everything cowboy except horses and cowboy boots, which I actually love), dad never really tried to force cowboy stuff into me... except for playing bad music when he drove, lol. I always loved Barbies and Rainbow Brite when I was little, obviously not exactly his cup of tea. But he got everything he could with RB and Barbie when I was growing up back in the 80s and 90s As an adult, we went to a mall in tha US and found a Rainbow Brite doll, "hey dad, look at that!!!", and kept on shopping.. on our way out he gave it to me. When it was Barbie's 60th anniversary, he got me one for Christmas. Guess which decorations I brought when I moved in with my better half? So.. yes, my dad may not be with me anymore, but I can brag i had a dad way better than crybaby nerdy OP.

    usagi18usagi1820 days ago
    • What you are describing about your father is a great way of bonding, I think. My grandson is into Pokemon and while I don't watch the shows or play the games, I get a real kick out of finding a Pokemon item in an op shop that he hasn't got. He does like Settlers of Catan, though, and plays it with his uncle. I don't like playing games but am often in the same room and we talk about the disappointments and triumphs of play and about how the game reflects life or what snacks to have at at break time. Bonding happens when you are interested in your children and their interests and not what interests they have in common with you.

      Gaye EnglundGaye Englund17 days ago
    • @Gabrielle Boilard thank you :')

      usagi18usagi1819 days ago
    • That's so sweet! I'm sorry for your loss, he seemed like a great dad. OP does not respect his daughters' interests and tries to force them to like what he likes even though they clearly don't. They are not friends, he is the parent, he is the one who has to make an effort to get interested in what his girls like, or he can take charge and propose new activities they can all try together.

      Gabrielle BoilardGabrielle Boilard19 days ago
  • The orange eating story has got to a joke. Don't eat the skin to an orange unless you want an upset stomach. There are so many chemicals on the skin that it will make you sick.

    DoctorRobertNevilleDoctorRobertNeville20 days ago
  • This is the same still shot from the girlfriend who will not pay US $900.00 a month in rent video.

    leon dillonleon dillon20 days ago
  • I feel for the dad. It is hard to bond with your kids. Kudos to him for trying and honestly his wife being unreasonable for not even trying to include him and encourage the girls to try and bond with their dad. as a mom of both genders it's hard on all sides.

    Esther HarperEsther Harper20 days ago
  • Who in the blue speckled f*ck eats oranges like that?!

    JohnnyTyrant93JohnnyTyrant9320 days ago
  • The “friend” only wanted to help to be able to present herself as a “nice” person.

    Champ TooChamp Too20 days ago
  • I was an executive assistant in a government office fresh out of college and I ended up doing all of his work and once he expected me to clean his hockey team’s locker room and to take the dirty towels home to wash, dry and fold for him. He was so shocked and upset when I quit🥴

    Champ TooChamp Too20 days ago
  • Orange peel is bitter! And...eating an orange as a Saturday family tradition...weird.

    Champ TooChamp Too20 days ago
  • Who else thought that when it said "we want a new server" thought it was talking about a computer server instead of a waiter.

    melanie zirixamelanie zirixa20 days ago
  • The orange family, she needs to RUN AWAY!!!

    Randa WilliamsRanda Williams20 days ago
  • On the condo-thing. It is understandable wanting to show everyone "look I helped a friend clean their condo, this is what it looks like before and after" but ONLY if the condo-owner is okay with that. allways ask firt. after all I would also feel uncomfortable (even though my apartment is clean and well organized) if someone would post pictures of my own rooms online without asking for permission first...

    Gecko 2.6Gecko 2.620 days ago
  • On the orange-problem: If someone forces their "right way" onto you, it is definitely NOT the right way, no matter if oranges, intercourse, pizzas, or what every, it does not matter. Let people enjoy their everything the way THEY like it, not the way YOU like it! As long as noone gets hurt by (what ever they are doing) it, ofcourse...

    Gecko 2.6Gecko 2.620 days ago
  • Wow, that father... what a baby! You don't have to be interested in your kid's interests but you DO have to be interested in your kids. Sounds like he can't even fake that. Those poor girls. That cleaning friend wasn't being a good friend, she was mining for likes. I'm disgusted with her and OP's other friends' behaviour.

    Inez De KleineInez De Kleine20 days ago
  • She was a guest so should not have been pressured the way she was. He and his family were in the wrong.

    paden1865ablepaden1865able20 days ago
  • What kind of monster eats the skin of an orange

    dmagician2783dmagician278320 days ago
  • Even monkeys and racoons discard the peel and only eat the actual food part of the fruit. I've seen pigs rip open oranges to eat only the meat and leave the peels. I have literally never heard of any human anywhere ever eating a citrus fruit whole like an apple. Those people are crazy.

    L BennettL Bennett20 days ago
  • Orange Family Bad!

    Martyn de WeertMartyn de Weert20 days ago
  • 1st story she isn't even on the lease? 😂😂😂

    Krysti HaydenKrysti Hayden20 days ago
  • Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee3eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Jay MJay M20 days ago
  • Re. the oranges and the bf's comment that she should just eat the oranges "the right way"....she absolutely WAS trying to eat it the right way, by PEELING IT. Those freaks eating the skin as well are the ones doing it all wrong, and to insist someone else engage in their freak behavior is just as wrong.

    DterrorDterror20 days ago
  • To be honest with you you are in the wrong because you can’t force kids to like your things just like you can’t always like your kids things but what you should do as a parent is even if you’re not interested you need to sit down and just watch thing that they’re interested in because they are your children so you might not like it but you know what your kids will appreciate it more and they might actually watch a couple of things with you little bit more if you watch some of their things more of I’m interested in all the things that you did but I must omit as may be a kid I wasn’t so much interested in all my things that my father like it wasn’t until later on and your kids would appreciate you more if you did think you didn’t like and they will be member that

    vicky and daniel fishervicky and daniel fisher20 days ago
  • For the first story I would say that he doesn’t have to move out the apartment is in his name and he’s been there for long time and OP was very kind to allow his friend to move in I’ll be more concerned with a boyfriend to be honest with you and hopefully she’ll realise that soon enough but he was definitely not being a jerk

    vicky and daniel fishervicky and daniel fisher20 days ago
  • the op in the first story is not the jerk that woman is NOT a friend

    PiperPiper20 days ago
  • People who insist people eat oranges a certain way are also the people who think everyone should have the same password.

    Pyre DynastyPyre Dynasty20 days ago
  • I agree, I made it through the first season of Riverdale and just lost interest it's a terrible show. In my opinion😜

    bubbaj007bubbaj00720 days ago
  • "I can't pretend to be into things I don't like" so your gonna force your kids to be??? what?

    BabyspiderBabyspider20 days ago
    • I thought the same - if he can't pretend why should they.

      Gaye EnglundGaye Englund18 days ago
    • @That Creepy Family He didn't say he was forced into it just that he tried. (cld be wrong been a while since I've listen to it) Thing is its not a good compromise, its all about him. The best compromise would be to switch it off with everyone. My family and I all had different interest but we had a regular game/movie night and would rotate who's turn it was to pick. It allowed everyone a chance to indulge in one another's interest.

      BabyspiderBabyspider20 days ago
    • look at it from both sides, hes being forced to do things with them and they refuse to do anything with him. they want everything to be about them and hes only asking for a noght or so a week to maybe do things he likes. it isnt forcing it is compromise.

      That Creepy FamilyThat Creepy Family20 days ago
  • THAT'S just weird way to eat an orange

    Mario SMario S20 days ago
  • Hey, people like to peel their apples. Those are the type of fruit that anyone may eat with a peel. Oranges, how ever, even animals peel.... I think

    ETPangilinan1ETPangilinan120 days ago

    Dee OkeeffeDee Okeeffe20 days ago

    Dee OkeeffeDee Okeeffe20 days ago

    Dee OkeeffeDee Okeeffe20 days ago
  • Honestly, the orange boyfriend should have at least specified how they’d eat their oranges before hand, he has to know that wasn’t what she was expecting. Not saying they need to break up over this, but he really should have communicated to her better (but the again that’s just my opinion, there could be another side to this that I’m not seeing. I know the tradition sounds strange, but who knows what the story is behind it, maybe it means something to the family)

    Nox LupaNox Lupa20 days ago
  • The bad owner/manager stories amaze me. It never occurs to them that bad business practices are the problem. Then shocker! Good employees actually find jobs elsewhere that give them better pay and respect for what they bring to the business.

    M E G JM E G J20 days ago
  • Apt. Cleaning: your "friend" overstepped your boundries.

    Walt DohertyWalt Doherty21 day ago
  • That last one... The "friend" doesn't give a crap about op she only cleaned to get lauded about what a great person she is.

    Tori VincentTori Vincent21 day ago
  • Running the Store: now you know why the other guy left. Plus, he told you not to worry about the store, so, you didn't. Good for you.

    Walt DohertyWalt Doherty21 day ago
  • Oranges: The family was rude to you in insisting that you eat the oranges *their* way.

    Walt DohertyWalt Doherty21 day ago
  • oranges: wtf tradition is that dad trying to relate: dont fight biologically-motivated interests. find a middle ground like going to the park or road tripping. everything you like are male interests. friend posting friend's messy apartment: thats called bragging for likes. if it was truly a good deed, you wouldnt have felt the need to post it and embarrass OP. would you want pictures of your messy house blasted online?

    cherrylcherryl21 day ago
    • @chickenhound because its biology. i never said anything about something being only for certain genders. its just natural inclinations that draw males/females to certain hobbies. you are reading too deeply into what are common tendencies.

      cherrylcherryl21 day ago
    • Why are you unnecessary gendering hobbies ? Stop continuing the sterotype only guys are gamers it’s a very toxic stereotype

      chickenhoundchickenhound21 day ago
  • First story, why doesn't she just get an apt in that bldg? Idiot

    Selina KyleSelina Kyle21 day ago
  • Karen’s is black and red Mine most likely orange

    Demonic DonnaDemonic Donna21 day ago
  • The dad who wants his teen and pre-teen daughters to enjoy HIS things and is sulking that they have their own interests, IS the AH bigtime!

    Nancy FewNancy Few21 day ago
    • @Gaye Englund Nope just someone disgusted at so many people trying to put down a father for trying to bond with his kids.

      j marinej marine17 days ago
    • @j marine Are you the OP in this story?

      Gaye EnglundGaye Englund18 days ago
    • @Celine Turner is called bonding and by trying to bond with them he is showing interest in them.

      j marinej marine18 days ago
    • @j marine also is English your first language? There's no false narrative anyone is saying about him making his kids "mini" versions of him. It's the constant making them play his games that they HAVE NO INTEREST IN yet he is treating his children like they are adults and must interact with him. Let kids be kids and do what they want to.

      Celine TurnerCeline Turner18 days ago
    • @j marine he is the adult. They are children. He needs to show interest. It's his job. It is not their job. They are children. He needs to stop ramming his games and hobbies down their throat and get his own friends.

      Celine TurnerCeline Turner18 days ago
  • When lw was talking about the orange tradition I thought it was going to be everyone dressed head to toe in orange.

    AdrianneAdrianne21 day ago
  • The one about the person with depression...I get the feeling the friend only volunteered so they could look like a saint to the mutual friends and they didn't actually do it for OP's Benefit...which is sad

    annabel fazukimiannabel fazukimi21 day ago
  • Wow, so many comments to make! #1. Roommate is a little entitled to think she has a right to take over OP's apartment! #4. I'd break up with the boyfriend. If they're going to be that insistent about how OP eats an orange they'll be even worse about more important things! I've never heard of anyone eating an orange like that so the fact they'd try to force OP to do that's quite controlling! #6. What OP's describing is probably how the daughters feel. Neither of them like what the other likes. That's fine. Trying to force it is making everyone miserable. You can show them you care by occasionally getting something they each like. Build your relationship with them in other ways. #7. OP's "friend" isn't much of a friend! OP told them in confidence about a problem and they betrayed OP's trust! OP isn't overreacting. It seems "the friend" is trying to make themself look good at OP's expense.

    Kathy BeckfordKathy Beckford21 day ago
  • Last story. Yeah the friend is the selfish jerk there trying to make themselves look good instead of caring about their friend public feelings. Orange story, it is strange way to eat oranges way they did just a no win situation there.

    James SweatJames Sweat21 day ago
  • 1st story... OH H••L NO she didn't! Your place, your lease, she gotta go. You were life long friends and her bf is jealous? If you two hadn't hooked up by now, you never would. You are not the AH! Is he paying anything towards the utilities/rent? Doubt it. Remind her she moved into your place and you ain't going nowhere

    Barbara EverlyBarbara Everly21 day ago
  • Lonely in your own family. You are asking them to do the same thing they want you to do. When you said it hurt you that they didn't want to watch your show you where so hurt. Don't you think they were hurt when you started laughing at theirs ? When they were baby"s and you were watching them did you consider it baby sitting? You sure do sound like a spoiled brat.Try going to a zoo for your girls. camping hiking these are all things you can do as a family.

    shannon galliganshannon galligan21 day ago
    • Yeah he sounds extremely immature. There r plenty of things like what u mentioned that they could do together. He needs to step up as their dad and get them doing those things.

      regina simpsonregina simpson20 days ago
  • The last story is so messed up. She wanted attention for being such a "great friend" and saint, at the expense of OP's dignity and trust. Bragging about how great you are takes the shine off your kind deed, and it's very clear to everyone else how attention starved you are. Way to step on a struggling friend to raise yourself onto your own pedestal. SMH

    faeriefire78faeriefire7821 day ago
    • @Gintoki Sakata At least more people are starting to see through such obvious virtue signaling. But yea, social media is self-promotion for a lot of people so it corrupts the motives behind their good deeds.

      Gabrielle BoilardGabrielle Boilard19 days ago
    • And the fact that she thought it was her right to post the pictures even when OP begged her to take them down really shows where her priorities are.

      Gabrielle BoilardGabrielle Boilard19 days ago
    • We live in a world where virtue signaling grants people the moral high ground.

      Gintoki SakataGintoki Sakata20 days ago
  • Story 1: Okaaayy, why doesn't the girl move in with her boyfriend?

    Merlin AthrawesMerlin Athrawes21 day ago
    • His apartment is probably too far away from her workplace. That's the reason she wants her current place for herself and is arguing that she has a good reason to take it over.

      Alice xAlice x21 day ago
  • I feel lonely in my own family - welcome to fatherhood. (should have had some sons?")

    Rj RoyRj Roy21 day ago
  • Who in the heck eats oranges that way. the peel is inedible tastes horrible and aside from the orange part on the very outer layer and no nutritional value

    Sour ManSour Man21 day ago
  • Eating the whole orange is the nasty thing I've ever heard

    Km MorrisKm Morris21 day ago
  • Boot the roommate

    Km MorrisKm Morris21 day ago
  • Cvs bb. L

    ALL MIGHTALL MIGHT21 day ago
  • 27:18 - While not the total jerk, they are boasting logic that applies to both sides of the spectrum of likes/dislikes. One cannot and will not pretend to be a teenage girl, but your kids cannot equally pretend to like what you like. A balance should be done in favor of what you both like/could like. Broaden them horizons.

    Quiet BlakeQuiet Blake21 day ago
    • THIS IS THE ONLY LOGICAL RESPONSE I'VE SEEN. I feel Op us in between the lines because I understand how he feels

      It's Raining RhinkonaIt's Raining Rhinkona19 days ago
  • Yo, dad OP needs to come be my dad. He sounds hella cool.

    BiteMeMamaBiteMeMama21 day ago
    • Right he's daughters are missing out

      It's Raining RhinkonaIt's Raining Rhinkona19 days ago
  • The story about the oranges, OP was in the right. NO ONE should be able to tell YOU how to eat your food, unless you are using your fingers to eat steak, lol.

    Barbara HarrisonBarbara Harrison21 day ago
  • Oarnge peel is not normal to eat

    Katherine StahlKatherine Stahl21 day ago
  • wow. even my grandfather who will eat almost anything will not eat orange peels...

    Jersey VegasJersey Vegas21 day ago
  • No! Not a jerk, op I totally agree with Karen!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra21 day ago
  • Roommate story.....kick the guy out, if she says no kick her out

    Katherine StahlKatherine Stahl21 day ago
  • "I feel lonely in my own family." Then stop isolatng yourself, dumb@$$.

    Strawberry SimpStrawberry Simp21 day ago
  • One day at a time is a great sitcom from the 70s!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra21 day ago
    • @regina simpson oh.ok; Yeah I know about that one but just didn't watch it.

      Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra20 days ago
    • He's probably talking about the remake which is just as good imo.

      regina simpsonregina simpson21 day ago
  • The pith can give you a stomach ache

    Little FlameLittle Flame21 day ago
  • First story: Why doesn't she just get her own apartment in the same complex?

  • She tried to help you, and all she did was post a picture? Such an ingrate you are.

    TarotlynxTarotlynx21 day ago
    • She helped yes but op has mental health issues he didnt want his other friends to know about. She knew this so she used her friends illness to what get a pat on the back no she used it to humiliate her friend.

      Little FlameLittle Flame21 day ago
  • I'm sorry but the story with the father trying to get his daughter's to like the things he likes --- everything he likes are pretty much boy things. Yes, some girls are into it but obviously his girls aren't. They sound like the typical teenage girl stuff and he just can't bridge the gap. He's the parent. He has to make the effort for the most part and keep trying to find something that they all would like. My suggestion - ASK HIS WIFE. It's obvious the girls take after her. I would ask her (or really he kind of should know what his wife likes at this point because that could be an argument waiting to happen "what do you mean you don't know what I like?" like of thing), but definitely get some pointers from her. If there is nothing that all 3 can agree on - then HE has to suck it up and deal with it and do the things the daughters like or the gap will only grow bigger.

    Stephen DeCesareStephen DeCesare21 day ago
    • many girls not just "some girls" like the things he likes. and what his daughters like are specific targeted at teenage girls. his story can make him sound like he is trying to force his interest in his girl but when you pay attention to the details. he tried watching what they like and could not get into it but they didn`t try to watch what he likes so he is tired and put his foot down and want them to learn one of his interest. saying things like "then HE has to suck it up and deal with it and do the things the daughters like or the gap will only grow bigger." comes out as completely deaf when he tried watching what they like.

      j marinej marine20 days ago
  • Steve the neighbourhood big nose

    kk44kk4421 day ago
  • roommate

    Denise KennedyDenise Kennedy21 day ago
  • The orange tradition- that’s just weird

    Michele MarottaMichele Marotta21 day ago
  • Dad get your girls out on a bike ride, talk about what you see, My daddy work graveyard hours, so on his day off we all watch scifi and horror movies, close the curtains and popcorn great times as a kid. But try the bike riders it's a start, good luck, from a tomboy it makes it hard when you have girls all about frilly

    Barbara GarnerBarbara Garner21 day ago
  • Why eat orange peels ew

    William BranchWilliam Branch21 day ago
  • 80 dollar meals are expensive af to me

    William BranchWilliam Branch21 day ago