r/Entitledparents Karen GETS KICKED OUT of my House!

Feb 11, 2021
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r/Entitledparents Karen GETS KICKED OUT of my House!
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    r/mr redditr/mr reddit17 days ago
    • I like my coffee green

      booper dooperbooper dooper9 days ago
    • @r/mr reddit I love your videos and also love the fact you use voices for the characters....are you a Voice Actor?

      BrookeBrooke13 days ago
    • @LeSpaghet Hi! 😎

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit15 days ago
  • Ya know whats scary, lets say that 1% of the population is karens, that still means theres about 78,000,000 karens in the world that means they would take up over 1/5th of the united states population

    Raindrop EntertainmentRaindrop Entertainment3 days ago
  • WHERE IS THE KAREN?!?!?!?!

    Nathan HiggNathan Higg4 days ago
  • *Do not let mooching leeches into your houses people. Put them into long stay inns with kitchenettes. Pay for two months and that's it. *Wow, a guy Karen. *Karens everywhere.

    Birdy BanksBirdy Banks4 days ago
  • It’s your home kick them out there bums that are taking advantage of you so do what best for you You have done more than you should have paying there cars insurance that’s more than enough for you to do if that was me I would wait for them to go out and then put al there stuff out side and please don’t give them anymore

    Sonny KennedySonny Kennedy5 days ago
  • Best coffee is down the drain. My husband loves it, but I never developed a taste for it.

    Paula MoysinPaula Moysin8 days ago
  • My dogs name is also scout, but we don't let her bark outside.

    Caitlin WardleCaitlin Wardle9 days ago
  • 🤦🏾 stop making excuses for others and please stop having children 😒

    Shawn EdwardsShawn Edwards9 days ago
  • coffee strong and black. the kind that reaches out of the cup and slap's you.

    locke11216locke1121610 days ago
  • I think the guy with the Speech is not the jerk. He had no way to know that he woud winning. And the daugher Sound like she brings up that for the reason of a old grouds

    Anories SpaceAnories Space10 days ago
  • I love my coffee black as long as the beans are not trash like Starbucks or Folgers (who do not sell beans) or any restaurant style black which NEEDS to be full of milk which I am quite intolerant of. Currently I have been adding Keto protein powder to it. Chocolate. Delicious

    _ ASleepyDragon __ ASleepyDragon _11 days ago
  • The one that had the acceptance speech is the a hole. His first family are not holding grudges, just reminding him they were there, fed him ideas, supported his business and struggled financially to get him started and felt wronged by his actions. He's only the a hole in my opinion because when they bring this up he takes it as them holding grudges and won't apologize that he completely forgot about all of their sacrifices for him.

    Miss LizMiss Liz11 days ago
  • The only time you mention the price being wrong when you scan is if you found it with atleast 10 or more of that specific item and it clearly looked like it was SUPPOSED to be there (example: the same shirt is on a rack like 10 of them all different sizes and the price above says 7 and it’s ringing up as 12 or something then the discount probably just hadn’t been updated in the system) Otherwise just ask them to put it back if it’s more than you expected it to be.

    SwiftStar GamesSwiftStar Games12 days ago
  • Aw, the one with the little girl and now adopted uncle is really cute.

    Amanda GreeneAmanda Greene12 days ago
  • do you know how to amputate a leg wit a hand gernade

    vault boyvault boy14 days ago
  • I do not like coffee at all. The only time I drink it or am SUPPOSED to drink it is when I have a migraine.

    Heidi DietrichHeidi Dietrich15 days ago
  • my thoughts on coffee?: it is the sacred nectar of the gods!!

    Troy MooreTroy Moore15 days ago
  • I looove coffee. My favorite is english toffee mocha but of the "stock" varieties, caramel macchiatto is usually what I can find locally.

    Deb's YouTube Art StudioDeb's YouTube Art Studio15 days ago
  • All I have to say about that one with the speech and not thanking someone is: Men- We don't know what we did!

    Kosta KatsoulisKosta Katsoulis16 days ago
  • sounds to me like that Jay guy just wanted to stop the cops from hanging around, he might have been the reason so much crime was taking place there, ether indirectly or actually sending someone to rub the shop.

    jakstriederjakstrieder16 days ago
  • “Accept what I could not change”. Sounds like the Serenity prayer.

    Mary Sue BurnettMary Sue Burnett16 days ago
  • "Gen Z is way more polite than 'boomers'" yeah, that's sure polite. Then the shut up old geezer was sure proof of how polite some people are. Respect for elders used to be common. Why is it that some folks can call names and disrespect entire generations of people, yet if you start cussing their grandma, ya better watch out.

    Richard WhaleyRichard Whaley16 days ago
  • OP is the jerk he should have thanked the first family first that was there for him through hard times. Shame on you OP

    Jewell MayoJewell Mayo16 days ago
  • I love the New Daddy story ♥️☀️

    Cynthia AppletonCynthia Appleton16 days ago
  • Dear Karen... Why do you think that everytime something will happen to a karen when the video reach 1000 likes you think it will be you?? The world doesn't revolve around you dear!🤗😂

    Amy GreemalderAmy Greemalder16 days ago
  • I can imagine what OP has to put up with in the dog barking story. I have a neighbour next door who has this small dog kinda like a shih tzu and its constantly barking. I have two cats and when I call them this dog comes running over and starts yapping its head off, theres one of those long bushes separating the houses so the dog can see us all the time. Even had a neighbour 7 doors down come to me and ask me if I have a dog because they constantly hear one barking.

    Gabrielle .GGabrielle .G16 days ago

    ladyfootZladyfootZ16 days ago
  • I drink my coffee as dark my heart and litlle sugar to cover bitterness

    Martti MalmiMartti Malmi16 days ago
  • As far as the speech is concerned yeah 0P you are the jerk and like fictional Karen said it’s an understatement… Geez you need more therapy. If you can’t see how you’re not a nice person for that maybe therapy isn’t even going to help you. You’re mean.

    B SB S16 days ago
  • I am an old, polite boomer. I don't generalize people for being younger or older than I am. I don't say that gen Z or millennials or anyone else is one way or another. I also tip well, having worked in food service frequently.

    Que Areste EstaviaQue Areste Estavia17 days ago
  • ✨⭐👍

    pappyjohn 99pappyjohn 9917 days ago
  • It's good to see mr reddit slowly curing karen.

    Robert TunellRobert Tunell17 days ago
  • Lighten up grouchy neighbor.

    Juliana HendrixJuliana Hendrix17 days ago

    That DudeThat Dude17 days ago
  • Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    That DudeThat Dude17 days ago

    That DudeThat Dude17 days ago
  • I hate idiot bosses who don't listen when someone tells them something. Just gave up trying with some bosses and maliciously complied to everything and acted as spiteful and sarcastic as I could without being fired

    Smeif ChapmanSmeif Chapman17 days ago
  • I would love to hear Mr Reddit's own opinion more often! If Karen doesn't like it, we'll be sure to be vocal about it~!

    ColdxNorthColdxNorth17 days ago
  • The award guy...yeah...a lifetime acheivement means...the family that started if anything is more supportive. I get thanking your current family but like have you never seen an acceptance speach. Like is you are friendly enough to come to the awards ceremony than they are supporting you.

    Rachel MRachel M17 days ago
    • Absolutely.

      Beve SmithBeve Smith16 days ago
  • Karen logic of the day; Why buy games for a system you don’t have? Why buy a system you don’t have games for? Because buying both at the same time is expensive

    izzywolfloverizzywolflover17 days ago
  • I cant drink coffee

    sisinka uchihasisinka uchiha17 days ago
  • Found Karen! She's in a yellow shirt.

    Imzadi83 FanVidsImzadi83 FanVids17 days ago
  • I drink 12oz red bull with my breakfast biscuit and gravy with back red bull bacon egg cheese biscuit dipped in gravy red bull sausage egg cheese biscuit red bull

    Cody SmithCody Smith17 days ago
  • Treating him like that when he was going through treatment for cancer... SMH.

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra17 days ago
    • As far as I'm concerned, he dodged a major bullet.

      Beve SmithBeve Smith16 days ago
  • Exactly. But she's got no business getting mad since it's not her account and it's up to the person whose name and password on there if they want to change the information; and as Karen said... Get your Netflix! Problem solved!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra17 days ago
  • I would have thrown them out long ago!

    Wayne BlackwellWayne Blackwell17 days ago
    • Yep, especially the boyfriend (under the law, a stranger) and let the sister decide if she want to straighten her hind end up.

      Beve SmithBeve Smith16 days ago
  • No! Yeah I agree with Karen and Mr Reddit;

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra17 days ago
  • Yeah.

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra17 days ago
  • Yeah. kinda a jerk move op during therapy session and that night.

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra17 days ago
  • Omg I too work in a certain toy store and I've already had a few "I want this toy for that shelf price it's not my problem it wasn't in the right spot", though the karens didn't get the price most of the time

    Dante StriderDante Strider17 days ago
  • Cafe with hazelnut or cinnamon french toast creamers!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra17 days ago
  • Op isn't a jerk!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra17 days ago
  • It is frustrating how the manager went over the supervisors head and let them have the toy. Hope the manager paid the 11 dollar difference. Should not enable the Karen cuz she is having a tantrum.

    Kristin WieboldKristin Wiebold17 days ago
  • it's "Karen" that makes these videos funny to watch! awesome job to you too dude! you guys rock!

    Chris CarpenterChris Carpenter17 days ago
  • Karen FTW. That OP was a colossal jerk about his award speech. The daughter wasn't petty. It's your effin' kid, AH. You forgot them and they were listening. Sure, one can forget. Robin Williams made fun of himself when he left off his mother for an award. OP coulda and shoulda apologized for an obvious oversight. "Lifetime" Award but the wife of 1 year has more to do with it than two kids and an ex there from the beginning. JFC.

    Lisa KazmierLisa Kazmier17 days ago
    • I don't blame the speech OP for forgetting family. You're always going to forget things when you do speeches off the cuff. The OP's failure was in not having a prepared speech where he'd have had time to think about all these things ahead of time. And stop making silly excuses like jinxing and so forth for making the effort to be prepared. That's just a lame excuse for being lazy.

      crucisnhcrucisnh15 days ago
  • Matchmaking little girl story would have made a great romcom if they had ended up together

    Darlene CaneDarlene Cane17 days ago
    • Exactly.

      Beve SmithBeve Smith16 days ago
  • If Karen has noplace else to go, whose fault is that? Hmm?

    Adrienne GormleyAdrienne Gormley17 days ago
  • Really enjoyed the pizzeria story; it's both a very nice gesture to critical public safety workers, and a rather clever solution to a difficult problem~

    Alexis GrundenAlexis Grunden17 days ago
  • I just don't understand how anybody could think he's a jerk for not including them in the speech they're not happy that he won or anything but they feel like they're entitled to be in the speech

    Lamar Is Not HereLamar Is Not Here17 days ago
    • @Beve Smith then I'm a major jerk. Nobody has told me and given me a reason why I should feel any different if you can give me a reason and then that could change my opinion.

      Lamar Is Not HereLamar Is Not Here16 days ago
    • I hope you were being sarcastic, otherwise you are a major jerk. LOL

      Beve SmithBeve Smith16 days ago
    • Finally, I found someone I agree with LOL

      kaylo9600kaylo960017 days ago
  • coffee bad. chocolate good.

    Nini RossauNini Rossau17 days ago
  • Love the stories. Far as the one with the freeloaders I'd tell em look....your not my kids you have to do for yourself. By letting them live there Scott free as a precious addict myself I can tell you your not helping them your enabling them. But your money your house your choice

    Jason SimpsonJason Simpson17 days ago
    • Of.course they’re not interested in being set up in their own place. You’ve made yours too cushy. If they won’t leave on their own, EVICT.

      Michael WestMichael West17 days ago
  • YES !!!!!!! OP is a JERK. Horrible dad. How dare he thanks only one child who’s 1 years old and not thank his other children who understand what is going on

    kiiyanna hudsonkiiyanna hudson17 days ago
    • @Imzadi83 FanVids Amen, exactly what I wrote.

      Beve SmithBeve Smith16 days ago
    • He's bad enough for not including his other kids. What's worse to me though is that he isn't showing empathy for his daughter, he's belittling her feelings, and not hasn't even apologized.

      Imzadi83 FanVidsImzadi83 FanVids17 days ago
  • Vanilla frappuccino bottle only dont like the Starbucks store ones

    Matthew AldridgeMatthew Aldridge17 days ago
  • The lady complaining about the price I would have raise the price of the toy and see would she buy it

    Earl BlackmanEarl Blackman17 days ago
  • I like making coffee at home

    HoldMyMugHoldMyMug17 days ago
  • Can someone explain to me what the $32,680.00 of unpaid long over due invoices were for that his ex girlfriend owed? thanks.

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney17 days ago
  • I am very territorial too. So to me, OP is not the jerk for not wanting people/kids in his yard.

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney17 days ago
  • "They're not bad people, just....." Yeah, they're bad people.

    morallyambiguousnetmorallyambiguousnet17 days ago
  • Is it odd but the little girl who was finding a new daddy sounds kinda like a childrens book. Like encyclopedia brown. But the plot is a little girl watching ppl and how they are. Like the helpful guy who carries groceries. Mommy would never have to carry bags alone and she won't be tired type stuff.

    Nimi SilverbirdNimi Silverbird17 days ago
  • Point of interest, Boomers are 70 and over. The old lady is just a crab apple, I agree that she is rude but, telling her to shut up is just as rude.

    M LewisM Lewis17 days ago
    • "Boomers are 70 and over.": Wrong. Most sources I've read have the Baby Boom era lasting until 1964. So I'm one of the later models (born in '63, currently 57).

      steve wildersteve wilder4 days ago
    • Agreed! I am over 60 but not yet 70. I remember the first appearances of the K beasts, before the species acquired a name. The entitlement virus has definitely spread both by root, and seed. Speaking of seed, try medicating, karens of the world. chill. 🖖🏾✌🏾

      Savannah TerraSavannah Terra17 days ago
  • True the speech was 3 weeks ago. Hiwever the stuff they had to endure and suffer through went on for years. So yeah YTA

    Nimi SilverbirdNimi Silverbird17 days ago
  • Yta and nothing you can say will explain it away. 1 this new woman has only been around a couple years. While your ex and first set of kids were there throughout the hard times. But apparently that didnt matter to you. Also why do I suspect the new wife is much younger than your ex? Still yta and you give appreciation to all. Not just who you are screwing at the time.

    Nimi SilverbirdNimi Silverbird17 days ago
  • 14 second 2 find karen lol

    Norma iris Ramos ayalaNorma iris Ramos ayala17 days ago
  • In that story about the girl whining about the Netflix account i’m with Karen if Netflix is so important to this girl she can get her own Netflix account instead of using someone else’s. While in her case a little more communication would’ve been nice at the end of the day it’s not hers it’s her friends Op 0/5

    Kaden LemonKaden Lemon17 days ago
    • At $9 a month, what the problem? Get her own.

      Beve SmithBeve Smith16 days ago
  • I like my coffee like my women. Cold and bitter

    Morbo GuanoMorbo Guano17 days ago
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Cooky_yarn_mom82Cooky_yarn_mom8217 days ago
  • Speech OP: the speech was just the cherry on the mountain of neglectful experiences. To bad he can't see that.

    Bluejay WomanBluejay Woman17 days ago
    • @Biggin Actually, I assume it is the fault of all adults in the relationship. I don't think it is the fault of the children.

      Bluejay WomanBluejay Woman15 days ago
    • @Biggin Actually I'm responding to what op said his children said. Those word didn't sound like fresh pain, they sounded like fresh salt in old wounds.

      Bluejay WomanBluejay Woman16 days ago
    • You presume the divorce was his fault.

      BigginBiggin16 days ago
  • I don't like nor drink coffee. But I like the smell of coffee.

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney17 days ago
  • The second story of the father a getting award. Is the jerk, how do you forget your older children and say you were tongue-tied 🤔 and wonder if your the jerk?

    Shelia WallsShelia Walls17 days ago
    • @Anories Space I would be understanding if he forgot to thank anybody, but I got soured on the fact he doubled down and didn't apologize to his family later.

      Beve SmithBeve Smith10 days ago
    • So you never forget something in the heat of a moment?

      Anories SpaceAnories Space10 days ago
    • @Beve Smith Yes, exactly. You are on youtube. Look how many actors, people who are used to the spotlight, people who are used to cameras, to talking to people that have won awards and got up on stage only to forget to thank very important people in their lives, You get tongued tied and forget to say things you wanted to say. Fight or Flight kicks in and you just wanna get out of there.

      BigginBiggin14 days ago
    • @Ranger 357 Absolutely. But, if he was able to be that thoughtful, then he could mention them by name if he wanted to.

      Beve SmithBeve Smith16 days ago
    • @Beve Smith I feel like instead of thanking the 1 year old, he should’ve just said “I’d like to thank my family” and leave it at that. Cause then his whole family will be included.

      Ranger 357Ranger 35716 days ago
  • *The girl who was trying to find her a new dad was pulling a freaking Bonnie from Pokémon lol! Also, that one was so wholesome!*

    Wolfa SketchWolfa Sketch17 days ago
    • @Beve Smith *I would so watch that movie even though I'm not into romances!*

      Wolfa SketchWolfa Sketch16 days ago
    • It would be a made for a movie moment, if the mother actually had made him the little girl's Dad.

      Beve SmithBeve Smith16 days ago
  • When people enable parasites, they continue to be parasites. They need a reality lesson. (probably on public assistance too and you don't know about it, if they have a baby or two, they will get more public assistance.)

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney17 days ago
  • Though I'll drink about any coffee if it's sweet enough, my all time favorite is a peppermint mocha frappe. I love to have Eggnog added instead of milk when Eggnog is in season. So good.

    Alissa MingAlissa Ming17 days ago
  • The dad who forgot to mention his family who actually helped him build his career is a sorry excuse for a father. His new wife is only a few years older than his daughter. She got on the gravy train and wouldn't even be there if he was just starting out

    Lady ByrdLady Byrd17 days ago
  • That story with the little girl trying to set her mom up with someone was weirdly wholesome. I do hope they’re both okay, and that her father walking out doesn’t leave any lasting issues. Sounds like she’s got a good father in her life with her stepfather

    Kratos AurionKratos Aurion17 days ago
    • sound like they are doing ok. she got both an adopted dad and adopted uncle.

      j marinej marine17 days ago
    • Same here

      Juilho the powerfulJuilho the powerful17 days ago
  • In the 6th story yeah The neighbors are the jerks. OP said time and time again for the kids to stay out of the yard. Not only that OP has every right to put a lock on the gate because it’s OP’s property Op 0/5 Neighbors 3/5. They should learn to control their kids

    Kaden LemonKaden Lemon17 days ago
    • I'm 66. I remember as kids we played wherever. No one worried about such things. Nowadays, with people so eager to sue, it is a problem. I blame the courts for letting it get to this. Are you listening, Judge Judy?

      Beve SmithBeve Smith16 days ago
  • The last story: Managers who undermine their staff and throw them under the bus by disregarding store policy are the worst. I'm fortunate to have four very good bosses at my current place of employment as opposed to the two narcissistic sociopaths at my previous hellhole. I wonder what OP could have done to bring to light how their manager skirted store policy and allowed a financial loss to the store just to appease a vile waste of oxygen.

    horrorflickguyhorrorflickguy17 days ago
  • Was worried we'd be saying goodbye to karen. She and mr reddit are a perfect couple

    Mr Orc ShamanMr Orc Shaman17 days ago
  • That restaurant story is cute and hilarious.

    Tania BamsTania Bams17 days ago
  • First story: It's OP's house, and it's OP's rules. SIL and her boyfriend are adults (well...age-wise), and if they cannot abide by some pretty simple and easy rules, OP has every right to toss 'em out.

    moosecatmoosecat17 days ago
    • I might have tried tossing out the boyfriend only, just to see. I owe him no obligation.

      Beve SmithBeve Smith16 days ago
  • Pog chanp

    outboxoutbox17 days ago
  • Barely in the first 100 likes! And in the first 50 comments! Ha!

    MistaDittmanMistaDittman17 days ago
  • I think maybe that you should spruce up your Entitled Mom/Dad designs

    D1gl3ttgrlD1gl3ttgrl17 days ago
    • @keith hughes Not in particular?

      D1gl3ttgrlD1gl3ttgrl17 days ago
    • And you probably want it cheaper too

      keith hugheskeith hughes17 days ago
  • I'm a fan of columbian coffee, but love me some french vanilla cappuccino too.

    Ryan WesemannRyan Wesemann17 days ago
  • Good day amazing folks

    Birds 3214Birds 321417 days ago
  • Epic Video And How Are You Guys Doing To Day

    Luuk ZillaLuuk Zilla17 days ago
  • Aaayyyyeeee! Your video posted just as I started eating breakfast! Now I got something to listen to! ^^

    Gamma_ FoxGamma_ Fox17 days ago
  • In the first story wasn’t the deal that they need to keep a job if they want to stay and actually pay for and support themselves? OP is not a jerk here Op 0/5 Sil and bf 2/5

    Kaden LemonKaden Lemon17 days ago
    • Nice profile picture

      dreadful beefdreadful beef13 days ago
    • I agree, if they can't to simple basics, then they don't need to stay there.

      WolvenwargmusicWolvenwargmusic17 days ago
  • Such a karen

    ithebotithebot17 days ago
  • Here

    Jo Buck87Jo Buck8717 days ago
    • @r/mr reddit Lol. I was a little unprepared but I will be ready tomorrow!

      Jo Buck87Jo Buck8717 days ago
    • Good morning Jo! I published the video 5 minutes early today lol 😎

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit17 days ago
  • 3 minutes ago let's goooo😂

    • Thank you for being here so early VICENTE!!! 😎

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit17 days ago
  • Hi Mr.Reddit!! Thank you for all you do. We love you and Karen 🤣🤣🤣

    miss enveemiss envee17 days ago
    • Pics up superall I haven't cought evee get in

    • @r/mr reddit we love y'all and are here everyday for you. Your platform is amazing and is keeping a lot of us going. Keep on keeping on

      miss enveemiss envee17 days ago
    • Thank you so much miss envee!!! 😎

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit17 days ago