Feb 21, 2021
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    r/mr redditr/mr reddit7 days ago
    • Mr. Reddit, you said "Be a Jerk to Fast Food Staff? Not while I'm here" in your intro but you didnt read it.

      Angelica HoppeAngelica Hoppe4 days ago
  • I was in Seattle, it was cold as heck and I didn't want to sleep on the street. The motel was just off a busy road, and they were cheap. It turns out they had major bed bugs, and roaches. My boy friend who I was staying with at the time got sepsis from the bug bites. Yeah probably a bad choice to stay there, but again it was cold as heck and we didn't want to sleep outside. Finding affordable housing in Washington is next to impossible, I'm not a drunk nor do I use drugs. I'm on SSI, and $1500 a month in rent is impossible.

    Rachel MartinRachel Martin11 hours ago
  • My worst teacher was "Mr. Pickle" my English teacher my freshman year of high school. He would give out detentions for no reason at all. I got the only detention of my entire K-12 years because I said "that's all right" to a classmate who accidentally kicked the back of my chair and apologized to me. The next year, he left teaching to sell Herbalife, and apparently was very successful at it, as he did it until he retired about 15 years later. So, while I have never used products like Herbalife, I acknowledge that many students owe them a debt of gratitude for sparing them from having "Mr. Pickle" as a teacher...

    DamonNomad82DamonNomad8217 hours ago
  • The worst hotel we ever spent the night in was the convention hotel in Portland Oregon. The room smelled and the bed linens weren't washed they were powdered! When you sat on the bed a puff of powder flew up. It was late and we had a wedding the next day so we were stuck. I had to spray perfume to mask the smell and slept on top of the bedding. UGH!

    Kathie EliaKathie EliaDay ago
  • My world history teacher was working on her doctorate; the topic was Nazi history, i don't have more specifics. This wasn't such a problem as she made comments about what the nazi's did or interpreted other events in history. My friends who had her for psychology had more of a problem as not all aspects of psychology are relevant to nazi history.

    Alyn CookAlyn Cook2 days ago
  • Mother-in-law in the wrong

    inferno Drakul Infernalinferno Drakul Infernal2 days ago
  • The friend Jenny is nuts! No one insulted her and needs to be more accepting of her friends choices, so no OP is not in the wrong, I think the friend does feel guilty and is projecting her true feelings onto OP.... I am a believer in a higher power but I project or push my beliefs or thoughts about what I believe in on other people... this is why religion, political views and money shouldn't be a topic for the work place or in groups bcuz you can accidentally offend someone in any place now a days... anyway that is my thought on it. I'm glad the friend Jenny did contact her friend later to apologize and explain things that is cool and mature if her

    Bobbie-JeanBobbie-Jean3 days ago
  • Them other in law is crazy! I have a mom and a mother in law and neither of them would ever just walk in or contact me b4 coming over for example, if my mom is in town she will text or call to see if I am home and say she is going to stop by, mother in law has no vehicle and always knocks if she stops by. Only my mother has my key to my apartment and only uses it if she needs to stop to use the restroom b4 getting home or if I asked her to stop by an let my dog out if I'm working.... so no I'm sorry the mother in law is the jerk

    Bobbie-JeanBobbie-Jean3 days ago
  • Sinep star emojis

    Pixel Cheese CakePixel Cheese Cake3 days ago
  • 24:30 I hope she dumped him.

    Gan LenGan Len5 days ago
  • Dump the jerk boyfriend. He doesn't respect your boundaries.j

    smith Smithsmith Smith5 days ago
  • We had to stay in a hotel last week because the roads to work were horrible (snowstorm 2021). There was some people above us who made alot of noise, like screaming, jumping, running, etc. I went and spoke nicely to the Gentleman at the front desk. I gave him an hour and a half to get ahold of them. They acted like they weren't there. I went back up to the front desk, and asked if I could pay for a jacuzzi suite for my husband, daughter, and I (it was the week of our 8th Anniversary, so we wanted to have some fun.) The nice front desk man gave us a free upgrade. He was awesome. I apologized if I sounded like a Karen. He said "No, you're super nice, and I appreciate that!" That jacuzzi made me relax and made my husband almost fall asleep. 😍

    B DizzleB Dizzle5 days ago
  • Break up with the cake stealing boyfriend!! Seriously! Don’t look back.

    XxPepperoni_ GirlxXXxPepperoni_ GirlxX5 days ago
  • πŸ‘‹πŸ’œπŸ‘‹πŸ’œπŸ‘‹πŸ’œπŸ‘‹πŸ’œπŸ‘‹πŸ’œπŸ‘‹πŸ’œπŸ‘‹πŸ’œπŸ‘

    Platte pussPlatte puss5 days ago
  • I actually used to work as a dispatcher for an alarm company. One of the top two in the country, at the time. I could tell so many stories...

    Cynthia PriceCynthia Price5 days ago
  • 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❀️

    kittykim3kkittykim3k5 days ago
  • Birthday cake. OP you are Not the jerk. Your immature boyfriend is. He is not your father, you are not his child, for him to "teach" you a lessen. His actions are immature, selfish and big tome jerk move on his part. It was your cake. You did not make an unreasonable request or decision. And then he chastised you? Oh no. Again. You are not his child. You are meant to be his equal. Not his lesser than. Dump him. He will only get worse. He will be more and more controlling. He will belittle you for your feelings and the way you react and express your feelings. He will belittle you fir your decisions. This was an attempt at control. If you let him have this. He will only get worse. You will dodge a bullet if you leave.

    Selma GamsbySelma Gamsby5 days ago
  • Ok so with the MIL the father is not the jerk. You don't just walk in to someone else's house.

    Straight TalkStraight Talk6 days ago
  • Had he waited, he'd have had a slice of cake anyway!

    flashstudiosguyflashstudiosguy6 days ago
  • If OPs boyfriend can't honor boundaries around birthday cake, can he handle larger boundaries? Major red flag.

    tanstaafl28tanstaafl286 days ago
    • Sharing is caring btw, how could you deny giving a slice of cake to your SO. He was gonna have it the next day either way so just let him have it now

      KalirusKalirus3 days ago
  • That was a jerk move of your boyfriend and if i was you id dump him you dont deserve that

    Kalley Joe CrouchKalley Joe Crouch6 days ago
  • Been years since I got an A+ I will take it thank you Great story as well

    Tracy DodsonTracy Dodson6 days ago
  • That ex-MIL deserves to be kicked from the house and even more. What part of "Until Death Do Us Part" did she not understand? 6-7 years is long enough to wait, and is more than reasonable and respectful to the memory of the deceased spouse.

    John YocumJohn Yocum6 days ago
  • Cake story: Your boyfriend is wrong. You got a birthday cake, and he decided that because he wants to eat it and you didn’t it entitled him to the ENTIRE cake? Then he tells you that you’re overreacting over it? Ma’am. He’s gaslighting you. Dump your boyfriend and get a new one because that one ain’t it.

    sydneyyxDsydneyyxD6 days ago
  • it is not about the cake, even if it is a big dissapointment. It is about the total lack of respect. RED FLAG. The former mother in law respects no boundaries. If it was me she could only come if invited.

    Nini RossauNini Rossau6 days ago
  • Me: had early shift, what to do next? OK, let's listen reddit to take a power nap.

    nerd in petticoat ALnerd in petticoat AL6 days ago
  • Made me scary

    redpro 2004redpro 20046 days ago
  • First story, momma bear bosses are the best.

    Maria FoxMaria Fox6 days ago
  • That mother in law needs therapy badly. Edit: omg cake boy is a full blown narcissist. Run for your life.

    KajatayaKajataya6 days ago
  • 🌟🌟🌟⭐⭐🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Sir FrydrykSir Frydryk6 days ago
  • OP, you were NOT overreacting about your b-day cake. Your boyfriend was, though. And you should seriously think about how his behavior would play out for life, if you're hoping for marriage or a lifetime partner of childen. He honestly sounds like an entitled person. If so, do you want to live under his, "I'm right, you're not, and I'll belittle you until you feel like stink and agree with me"? If you have children, do you want them living under that or becoming that? Just food for thought.

    Joetta BraggJoetta Bragg6 days ago
  • Yes OP you no jerks you my birthday cake jerk for leving and overreacting kickout boyfriend

    The little that engine could 20th anniversaryThe little that engine could 20th anniversary6 days ago
  • There is no such thing as an β€œMBA in political science”

    Janet MitchellJanet Mitchell6 days ago
  • Significant other sneaks my cake? Not going to happen! in this case her BF needs to gtfo!

    Donald WalkerDonald Walker7 days ago
  • The point isnt that its a cake...it was yours...it was for something special...you put up a boundry(for him not to eat it), he crossed it just to be vindictive...then went confronted he starts body shaming.... No you dump that piece of trash .... Could be worse next time, breaking something cuz hes not allowed to use it...vandalizing a car he cant drive it...steals credit card he cant have it...OP needs to see that as a red flag and leave for good

    BVB Girl1313BVB Girl13137 days ago
  • Would have tutored some of the other kids so they got at least an 80 and just break that prof

    BVB Girl1313BVB Girl13137 days ago
  • Cakeboy has no respect for OP and doesn't deserve a GF

    Aulduron SmithAulduron Smith7 days ago
  • Cake story: That BF is an immature jerk. He is the only one that over-reacted when he got called out on his BS. Last story: You really want my opinion? Alrighty then! You should never have had the first baby. You are financially unstable, emotionally immature, do not know how to properly supervise one child let alone two, and are in a very unstable relationship with a sperm donor. Anything else you want to know?

    Gary SakamotoGary Sakamoto7 days ago
  • 😑😑😑ohhh dont touch a girls cake

    Alex WagenerAlex Wagener7 days ago
  • "The curve" is fraudulent grading, always has been. All the academic pussies and entitled snowflakes rely in it, use it as an excuse to be lazy. There should be a return to the days when a pass was a pass and a fail was a fail, period. Enough of this reward for laziness and poor performance.

    GubbahGubbah7 days ago
  • OP I want you by Straight tell your parents why I have I have a new girlfriends will you have them so far yes that's why I spend my exLord mother like asthma Lord mother into the house oh and by the way you didn't know you know know what these curses granddaughter cuz I want for our granddaughter until we're not friends anymore telling my new girlfriend welcome to the family

    The little that engine could 20th anniversaryThe little that engine could 20th anniversary7 days ago
  • The mother in law is the jerk. If she wanted to come over she should have given the op a heads up.

    Joe ColeJoe Cole7 days ago
  • These never get old

    UnicornGamer191UnicornGamer1917 days ago
  • No your not the jerk

    den Dyerden Dyer7 days ago
  • About the baby. Not the jerk. It was sound advice.

    Heidi DietrichHeidi Dietrich7 days ago
  • Wow. The boyfriend disregarded her feelings and ate her cake? That wasn't nice at all. I don't think it's overreacting. The cake had significance. It was BIRTHDAY cake. Not ordinary cake.

    Heidi DietrichHeidi Dietrich7 days ago
  • It wasn't the worst hotel, but i was at this one where the power went out a couple of times over the course of one evening (if you've ever been to a public place where the lights went out, you know what i mean) and after the second time i hear a slam on the neighbors door slam and within a second I hear him knock on OUR door and p***ed yells "WHAT'S GOING ON IN THERE?!" Like we had something to do with it! At first i thought it was our friends but it was on the opposite side from where they were. Part of me likes to think drugs and/or pay per view *cough* videos (doubt it was the real thing if it was) were involved. Didn't hear anything else from him but part of me wishes he would've come back or the lights went out again so we could get payback (which we did consider).

    Nino MitchellNino Mitchell7 days ago
  • Cake OP posted an update that they ended the relationship. Power to them~

    pumpkintartablepumpkintartable7 days ago
    • that cake was personal to her, he would have bullied her more over time

      Elaine LucasElaine LucasDay ago
    • Girls tend not to like it when guys steal from them and then try to blame them when they get caught out, who would have thought

      pumpkintartablepumpkintartable6 days ago
    • Wow she ruined a relationship over cake, that's sad ? Good for that guy he can find someone who won't get mad over cake

      Anthony S mejiaAnthony S mejia6 days ago
    • Thanks for the info

      chickenhoundchickenhound7 days ago
  • No one gets higher then a 75 on the final, sounds like a crappy teacher to me.

    DrewDrew7 days ago
    • true. a lot of people don`t understand there are bad teachers. I had a bad teacher but when I try to explain why he was bad no one understood. It was an advanced class where you had to break a story apart and understand the elements that were not explicitly stated. for example, a story where people ate bread 6 times a week and hunted for meat on the 7 told you that was before the farming revolution, a European village no more than a few 100s or 1,000s people. and as you read more you need to decipher more. during a test about a short story of a black man picking his jazz musician brother from jail. do you want to know what was the question on the test? the country? no, the state? no, the time period? no, the question was about a football player 2 background characters talked about.

      j marinej marine7 days ago
  • OP your BF is an AH and this should be a huge red flag. Either he is insensitive to the fact that it was your present from a friend that he ate, which had nothing to do with him until he chose to steal it, or he is just an immature jerk who really doesn't care about your feelings at all and thinks that what he wants is more important than what you want, especially considering it was not his cake in the first place. He would no longer be my boyfriend if someone treated me like that. This time it was a cake, but it could happen over anything where he feels he has the right to over rule what you want because what he wants is more important. Maybe next time he will want to drive your car and you say no, so he takes it any how and wrecks it, then excuses it by saying it only happened because he was angry and you should have just let him drive your car and then he would not have had to take it and it was your fault that he had the wreck. It is the same mentality. He does not take responsibility especially for your feelings. This guy will in the end, make you miserable. Dump him.

    P atchzP atchz7 days ago
  • The religious thing at 16:00, NTA. Highly religious ppl are nearly always stupid, and yes, the way she subsequently behaved, she's brainwashing.

    rautamiekkarautamiekka7 days ago
  • Story of the Mother on Law. Agree Story of Salary vs Hourly, Agree except Access Codes. Story of Religion, Is it a better School? Denying the best education to your child? You can always tell him, We don't believe in it. Raising you child to be agnostic, is one thing, but falling to expose him to it, is setting him up for social failure and second, doing so, is no better than your friend Brainwashing hers. You are pushing your believe just as she is. You are NOT letting them make up their own mind. Youre denying the exposure to beliefs other than yours. I never understood why some call Religion "Fairtales" but encourage children to pretend to "Use the Force" to open Automatic Doors. There is a Generation who uses Star Wars as a philosophy.

    Neal ParkinsonNeal Parkinson7 days ago
  • you should leave that bf. if his attude is like this over your cake he would be like this over other things. the way he talked to you is insulting. for goodness sake leave him. he has no respect for you talking to you like that. they do not change.

    Blossom TylarBlossom Tylar7 days ago
  • Op should talk to the ex-mother in law I sure she is hurting but she has to have boundaries so she won’t mess up the relationship she wants to have with her granddaughter and ex son in law she will have to except he will move on but won’t deny her of having a bond with his daughter.

    CaustonCauston7 days ago
  • Hi Mr. Reddit, one of your stories in your intro was my story, and it didnt end up being read. I listened to the whole video but even though it was announced, it wasnt included. What happened?

    Angelica HoppeAngelica Hoppe7 days ago
  • Bf is a major AH and a brat. His "logic" for going behind her back and eating her birthday cake is equivalent to a toddler eating their cake slice and their sibling's because the parent deny them of two cake slices instead of one. He's acting like a spoiled toddler. Op is nta.

    michamochamichamocha7 days ago
  • Told a grown woman to go to her room. Savage πŸ‘πŸ»

    Ali TopAli Top7 days ago
  • Sure there was drugs involved, she was high on an illegal narcotics called toxic entitlement.

    DJ BANZAIDJ BANZAI7 days ago
  • near the bottom in the 1st dome

    WanupgurlWanupgurl7 days ago
  • Teacher story: lmao there are so many teachers/administrators that are just so stiff and idiotic, and when their decision backfires they never accept responsibility.

    Morgen Glende-MichalskiMorgen Glende-Michalski7 days ago
  • Sorry, my dear unhappy birthday girl, but you're not the jerk here. He is. If he's so unconcerned with your feelings and willing to take revenge over a cake, goodness knows what else he'll steamroll you on. Dump him. A good boyfriend doesn't take your cake, he buys you one.

    TarotlynxTarotlynx7 days ago
  • Time to sit down with the MIL and have a serious chat. It is her granddaughter, however it’s your life. You have to move on and she should be allowed to VISIT but not run your life or dictate to you as to how you live yours.

    Paul LennonPaul Lennon7 days ago
  • In regards the last story, the OP prefaced her statement by asking her friend if she wanted the honest truth. Let's all be real, the moment someone says that, its them shouting "YOU LIKELY WON'T ENJOY WHAT I'M ABOUT TO SAY!" Her friend said she was fine with the honest truth and got it. Nuff said, OP NTA.

    Stephen SStephen S7 days ago
    • It’s very true

      majaspacemajaspace5 days ago
  • Wassup

    FBITeamFBITeam7 days ago
  • While I could still work, I spent years working retail/ customer service. I can tell you, the smallest bit of courtesy and respect goes a VERY long way. I find myself being as polite as possible to any retail/ customer service people I deal with. And believe me, it makes a huge difference.

    Sandra NelsonSandra Nelson7 days ago
  • The boyfriend who ate his girlfriend's (OP) birthday cake behind her back, what a total JERK! This has nothing to do about birthday cake and everything to do about respect. OP, this is a big red flag for how he sees you in the relationship. Run!

    Cierra BradleyCierra Bradley7 days ago
  • The one wih the cake I woild have hidden his game console and say he could have it back when he replaced the cake

    psychodishwasherpsychodishwasher7 days ago
  • Whatever steve🦊

    kk44kk447 days ago
  • karen was out of line and needed to be kicked out. Son in law was in his right however his should have let his Mother inlaw know by txt or ph call he was going to be entertaining and thus problems averted,

    ravenswolf57ravenswolf577 days ago
  • I'm just going to say this Opie had every right to defend his parenting against the only friend in the friend group that is a little more religious than the rest it's one thing to throw in your two cents it's an entirely different story to start bringing religion into it so technically the friend was overstepping their boundaries to begin with N O P did the right thing by defending themselves and it's a good thing a lot of the friends on one side did say that she should have not said anything to begin with and the other half did say it wasn't her business to begin with by getting involved with opu sensor parenting or where they should send their kids for school

    Albert GongoraAlbert Gongora7 days ago
  • He asked for a slice. She said wait till tomorrow. So he ate all of it. She is not ta but he IS a narcissist. RUN.

    angela wheelerangela wheeler7 days ago
  • A history teacher I had was bragging to a colleague that no one would ace a test because there'd be questions about a chapter we had covered. I spread the word. Everyone got those questions right. Even the ones that got anything else right. He threatebed to flunk all of us unless someine fessed up. I fessed up. He said, "Fine you fail." I said, "Fine I'll keave right now and tell the principal how you're giving questions on a test about chapter we've never discussed." I walked out. He tried to "call my bluff". Just before Ivwas out of earshot i heard a classmate say. "You better go after him, he's not bluffing." I aced the exam, but he watched me like a hawk and asked questions of the material to me repeatedly. I have a near photographic memory, I destroyed him on every question.

    Curtis BerardCurtis Berard7 days ago
  • DUMP the Birthday Cake Bandit. You deserve a more considerate boyfriend.

    DavidFMayerPhDDavidFMayerPhD7 days ago
    • Was she considerate for denying him a slice of cake that he was still going to eat the next day? They are both selfish

      KalirusKalirus3 days ago
    • This, I can almost guarantee that this is a sign of things to come. Anyone that would be that childish and vindictive for not getting his way has some serious issues. This is a huge red flag, you need to nope out of this relationship, fast. If he is acting like a child because he didn't get his way over something as simple as YOUR birthday cake. Just imagine how he is going to act over money, career, children, etc... If you do decide to stay then PLEASE do not get married until he has shown you that is has grown up. I'm talking about at the minimum of a couple of years. He has proven to you that he does not respect you or anything that you want. Yes it was just a cake, this time, but in reality it was so much more.

      Randy SmithRandy Smith6 days ago
  • Last story - if you don't want or take someone's opinion - DON'T ASK FOR IT because you may not like it.

    Stephen DeCesareStephen DeCesare7 days ago
    • I didn't quite catch all of it but it sure sounded like OP had some very valid points

      Judy JohnsonJudy Johnson7 days ago
  • The boyfriend who ate the cake - he needs a slice of humble pie because he in no way, shape or form gave a rat's behind about OP's feelings. If he is that flippant and nonchalant about it - take it as a red flag because this relationship sounds like a one-way street to me.

    Stephen DeCesareStephen DeCesare7 days ago
    • What Birthday Cake Bandit needs is permanent "NO CONTACT".

      DavidFMayerPhDDavidFMayerPhD7 days ago
  • The one about religion was wholesome. Sometimes those stories are better than the ones where the people get what’s coming to them. As someone who’s agnostic, I feel bad for the parents of the girl getting picked on for being religious. No one should have to feel bad for what they believe. Someone needs to punish the girls bullies for telling her her beliefs are stupid.

    CupcaekCupcaek7 days ago
    • On the contrary. That 'bully' may have been cruel, but the girl might well start agreeing with him when she's old enough to read the bible for herself and sees what it has to say about women.

      TarotlynxTarotlynx7 days ago
  • The cake story OP was not being selfish about not sharing her birthday cake that a friend made for her She just didn't want any of it at the time The idiot boyfriend ate her cake!! I would be mad too!! Just cake huh?? He was helping with her diet my foot!! He ate it because he is a flat out jerk!!

    Andrea BryantAndrea Bryant7 days ago
  • OP with the mother-in-law issue did absolutely NOTHING wrong except give her keys to his place in the first place; recipe for disaster.

    Stephen DeCesareStephen DeCesare7 days ago
    • Indeed. And the Mother In Law considers OP a "cheater" because he's started dating again 6 YEARS after his first wife died? This woman should get a grip. Let the man live his life.

      Adrienne GormleyAdrienne Gormley7 days ago
  • Last story, Op is not a jerk, friend asked your opinion and honest opinion and then got upset when you gave it? Friend is the jerk. Let her be mad....maybe she will think about what you said even though she is upset and will not have another baby for awhile.

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney7 days ago
  • With the mother in law story op was in the right as the mother in law didn’t show and common courtesy or boundaries so op just took away her ability to break those boundaries and put her in a time out for a unspecified time. With the cake one the bf showed no respect for ops opinion/choice and what made it worse is made trying to have a option different to his will have consequences I am also imagining judge Rinder adding the boyfriends response to his little book of moron.

    crazy tcrazy t7 days ago
  • OP with the birthday cake. This isn't really about cake. This is about your "boyfriend" is an asshat and if he would do this to you over some food especially YOUR food/cake then blame it all on you, imagine what he could/will do later in life, he will not listen to your opinions/requests or have any respect for your feeling. Don't let him "make it up to you" like with jewelry or flowers etc. He knows you will forgive him for all of his discretions if you keep accepting gifts or excuses or apologies. I lived through 8 years of it and it never got better. Get rid of him now. It always gets worse later. No matter how he apologises, get out while you can. Yes I am saying this over a cake. It starts small, then when he sees you forgive him for everything, the issues get larger.

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney7 days ago
  • Good day guys

    Birds 3214Birds 32147 days ago
  • The mother in law is not a jerk. She just hasn't let go of the loss of her daughter. They need to sit down and talk about boundaries and mourning.

    Brenda LambertBrenda Lambert7 days ago
    • I feel bad for the MIL because she was thinking he was moving on from her daughter. But walking in as she did wasn't cool.

      Heidi DietrichHeidi Dietrich7 days ago
    • the mother in law is a jerk. she is an adult and should know better being the older person. sure she is hurting but that is life and no reason to act that way

      Blossom TylarBlossom Tylar7 days ago
  • Teachers. Suezy was my geometry teacher, 10 the GR. I was suffering menjers syndrome. (spelling off) it's a desease of the middle ear, and I was having hearing difficulty s. I'd be ask for things to be repeated, and I did speak louder. Then normal...so she referred to me as. Mouth. I didn't really care for hear Baby for that friend... No no she should not have babies. She's not the adult. Karen's. Comment fits,. Sometimes truth hurts and friend needs a reality check,. The kid is already showing sings of having issues

    Katherine StahlKatherine Stahl7 days ago
  • To the birthday girl. DUMP HIM! He's a narcist showing you he doesn't care about you.

    Melanie OrtizMelanie Ortiz7 days ago
    • I believe she updated the story and she dumped him.

      Amby Palm14Amby Palm14Day ago
    • exactly, this isn't about the cake, it's about him respecting her wishes, which he clearly does not

      Jerseybytes2Jerseybytes26 days ago
    • He was paying you back for not letting him have a piece? How will he pay you back if you go out with a friend? Go for a drink with Co workers, stay over at your parents one night? I'll tell you. He will stay out all night with random peopke, drinking, not coming home after work etc. My husband did that.

      Linda HowardLinda Howard7 days ago
  • You're a jerk if you bring a life into this world and you're not able to care for it physically, financially, or emotionally.

    Melanie OrtizMelanie Ortiz7 days ago
    • Yep. The kid was an accessory for her to play adult 'house'

      NovaGirlNovaGirl5 days ago
  • 1. So the story with the mother in law: the dad is not in the wrong. mother in law was overstepping. She should have at least called before coming over as its not her house. 2. The story with the cake: the boyfriend is a manchild. The girlfriend already said no to him and he did it anyway. no boundaries.

    Megan S.Megan S.7 days ago
    • mother-in-law, she overstepped boundries. granddaughter & grandmother, good to bond. mil has not jurisdiction over op's private life. he wishes to persue new realationships (very healthy) its his choice. good onya op.

      Pamela DykePamela Dyke6 days ago
  • Dump the entitled jerk Bf who ate the cake. If he can't respect you about a little thing like cake he won't see any problem with cheating on you.

    whofandbwhofandb7 days ago
  • most horrible experience with a hotel was Motel 6 and Super 8 in Orlando. First had lost our reservation, trash everywhere, and horrible smell in rooms. Second had ants parading across every flat surface. By the time we noticed we were too tired to make a fuss and the kids were asleep. Hardly slept and left super early

    Scobrna NoScobrna No7 days ago
  • Christian fundamentalism in schools is linked to religious trauma syndrome js

    BVB Girl1313BVB Girl13137 days ago
  • Birthday cake thief: The bf is the MAJOR AH for eating OPs birthday cake. It isn't the fact that it was a 'cake' but a special thing made by a friend as a gift to her. Bf needs to buy her a living room full of roses to make up for his juvenile stupidity and not recognizing this was a GIFT to OP. Or better yet, a real necklace or earrings (not those man-made jewels).

    Robin MitchellRobin Mitchell7 days ago
    • @Anthony S mejia you know it's not really about the cake.

      Liz CassLiz Cass6 days ago
    • When someone shows you who they are by acting like that, believe them the first time. If he is going to act this petty over having to wait for cake that isn't his, just imagine how he is going to act over something really important. She needs to dump this clown because no amount of jewelry or roses make up for being a TA!

      CraftybunnyCraftybunny6 days ago
    • Who breaks up over a cake a friend made, just ask them to make another with you, just invite them over

      Anthony S mejiaAnthony S mejia6 days ago
    • And the fact that he said, "I wouldn't have eaten it all if you had let me have one piece". How old are you for gods sake?!

      Liz CassLiz Cass7 days ago
  • Why did MIL have the key in the first place . It was actually OP fault for allowing this to happen . Although MIL is crazy

    Daniel HutnickiDaniel Hutnicki7 days ago
    • to babysit her grandaughter while op work.

      j marinej marine7 days ago
  • I don't remember the name but, it was for a youth group event I attended. The place was under construction and was missing half the rooms. Construction was stopped because they did not pay pillow tax. The rooms they did have some had heat, some had none. The ones with none were given space heaters. The food supplied by the hotel was horrid. Hamburgers had the texture of hockey pucks. The hot dogs were off and the relish you could tell had spoiled. The soda was flat and bland. Only thing that was really edible was the Twinkie. The whole place was a joke.

    Iron OxIron Ox7 days ago
  • I stayed at a hotel, arranged by a travel agency, and it smelled like mildew/mold and the carpet was wet around the mini fridge. Another hotel, previously a very posh go to place, the pillows smelled like sweat and you could see thru the sheets. It was was sad to see the decline.

    Champ TooChamp Too7 days ago
  • MIL moves to town. Tell her she can come by AT YOUR CONVENIENCE. BUT she has to call first. Do not give her a key--better yet, change all the locks. OP is not the AH but the MIL is lonely & needs to get out more with people her own age.

    Robin MitchellRobin Mitchell7 days ago
  • My wife & I went on a long weekend in the Scottish highlands. The hotel was "interesting". We went to the bar to have a drink before dinner. "Is it drink youse are wanting" was the greeting from behind the bar. Hmm.. Having sorted that out I asked for the dinner menu. I was immediately told that the "a la carte chef is off". Hmmm... Once we were seated for dinner our order was taken. My wife opted for pate. It arrived with oatcakes which my wife doesn't care for. She asked for toast instead. Our waiter was incredulous. "Did no one tell you the a la carte chef is off"? He never came back. As I said, interesting.

    Midnight MosesMidnight Moses7 days ago
  • The boyfriend who ate the cake without permission , Boyfriend got off easy been me I would made another cake with ex-lax in the icing and see will he eat the new cake without asking ?

    Earl BlackmanEarl Blackman7 days ago
    • @Judy Johnson yeah. I thought so too.

      Heidi DietrichHeidi Dietrich7 days ago
    • The thing that bothered me was that he whined about it, then went to his room and played video games. That's not a man, that's a child

      Judy JohnsonJudy Johnson7 days ago
  • worst hotel Ive been to was in st augustine fl. i was visiting my sister for her beach wedding. it was a tourist trap area (ripleys musem, "fountain of youth", etc). the hotel was the kind that one level with doors outside. the hotel room we had a stain on the ceiling. my bed had a cigeratte hole in the blankets. the decor was very cheap and tacky looking.

    Power_struggle55Power_struggle557 days ago
  • Religion school story - my grandmother is from Italy and if the pope says it, the. It’s true! My older sister is the same. I’m an atheist. Ten years of Attila the nun did that. My older sister had my daughter baptized without my permission. I used the church, win and walked away with a heap of $ from the catholic cult!!! Happy to hear Jenny apologised. My family did not

    Michele MarottaMichele Marotta7 days ago
    • i'm Catholic on paper only. I keep getting volun-told to participate in the neighbirhood rosary even when I had stated I don't want to. :/

      NovaGirlNovaGirl5 days ago
    • I left Catholicism too. It freaked my mother out. Eight years of Catholic school down the tubes. Oh well.

      Heidi DietrichHeidi Dietrich7 days ago
  • Just in time for my daily dose of Karens being insufferable. Thanks! Also, dude should change his locks because he has no idea if the mil made multiple copies of the key.

    paden1865ablepaden1865able7 days ago