r/Entitledparents Karen GETS KICKED OUT of my Car!

Feb 12, 2021
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r/Entitledparents Karen GETS KICKED OUT of my Car!
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    r/mr redditr/mr reddit15 days ago
  • When you find your rock you should hit Karen with it.

    Ronnie HessonRonnie Hesson8 days ago
  • Good thing the drop out person is doing a tech College. I guess, though, it's the principle of the thing, huh?

    MamaaudriMamaaudri9 days ago
  • California....school project called impact....hmm. OP congrats for refusing to do what is most certainly an SJW project. You’re very cool!

    Wendy PWendy P12 days ago
  • The project I was forced to participate in was school.

    Richard OrtaRichard Orta13 days ago
  • The op with the bully in law is totally in the right, bully doesn't deserve his forgiveness at all, that's the cost of being a bully.

    Adam BakerAdam Baker14 days ago
  • Not the jerk. Ur mother is for giving out personal bank info. Change ur bank acct and dont tell anyone how much u have.

    rose blairrose blair14 days ago
  • Oh and tell the parents oh she's my sister? Yes she's also your daughter. And how dare you tell her what's in my bank account

    Kevin McmahonKevin Mcmahon14 days ago
  • And whose business is it of your parents to tell her how much money is in your bank account? And oh do like I didn't get student loans haha. Yeah and then end up divorced and miserable and asking my younger sister who's only 17 for money yeah you're a model freaking citizen you're a jewel of what I want to be when I grow up. Again suck it

    Kevin McmahonKevin Mcmahon14 days ago
  • It has nothing to do about the fact that it was just a rock. It's the principle. Like what if her grandmother had given her oh I don't know address that didn't fit her but she still held on to it because you know sentimental value and you let it get torn apart by wild dogs are you through it in a river or you set it on fire something along those lines. I guarantee everyone would take her side and say oh how could you. So I'm sorry you threw something of mine out the window and said it was stupid are you out of your effing mind? That means he'll you can throw my wallet out the window it's stupid right? How about this I left you alone on the side of the road good according to your logic anything stupid doesn't belong in the car and you're the biggest form of stupid I've ever seen so get out.

    Kevin McmahonKevin Mcmahon14 days ago
  • Found Karen! She's in the Gadget Zone in a red shirt standing by what I think is a rock.

    Imzadi83 FanVidsImzadi83 FanVids14 days ago
  • Senior project story - I completed course work in the first semester but to walk the school required me to return for the entire last week of school. Uh, no! I went as a guest and watched.

    Kat WelchKat Welch14 days ago
  • I would have shoved her out while the car was moving

    smith Smithsmith Smith15 days ago
  • It was a bit of a butt move for OP to kick her out of his car at night but they made a point to drop her off in a parking lot, where there's security and it well lit. I would have dropped her off on the side of the road near a puddle if I could find one if she behaved that way in my car.

    Jay CrawJay Craw15 days ago
  • My parents were great so even if (the school) they tried to pressure me on an optional project and I didn't want to do it. I didn't do it.

    Mario SMario S15 days ago
  • First story I would turned around and brought her back to work

    Mario SMario S15 days ago
  • We're _still_ sore at our (late) brothersnail for tossing our Lucky Charms (cereal premium) truck out the window as we were heading up to our grandparents' place. This was over 40-some years ago. _He_ died a quarter century ago... Still wish we could find that truck - even if just a replacement on eBay... Stupid school project? Having to attend? Car story - a (now late) unclesnail tried bugging mum for money so 'he' could buy one of his daughters a car. Thinking this was around the time another unclesnail died and left an insurance settlement for the rest of the family. Tried using all the emotional blackmail tools to wheedle her share. She didn't cave. Bullies are scum and as long as they remain so, should never be given an even break...

    Chez SnailezChez Snailez15 days ago
  • Senior project was our stupid project but they made it 80% of our final grade so we had to do it if we didn't want to fail. We weren't going to get to walk for graduation if we pulled a senior prank though. Made us sign an agreement and everything. We pulled the prank during graduation

    Lena McGeeLena McGee15 days ago
  • That school thing sounded like harrasment

    sanna kuuselasanna kuusela15 days ago
  • Sticker OP: DON’T GIVE YOUR ENTITLED SISTER THE MONEY! If she wants a car, she should save.

    Maria FoxMaria Fox15 days ago
  • Karen: Your rock is stupid! (Throws it from the window) Driver: No, Karen. YOU are stupid (throw her out of the car) Seems fair to me.

    IncuBBIncuBB15 days ago
  • First story: you’re nta OP. She kicked herself out the minute she said that it was stupid and threw it out the window. That rock is a connection to your grandpa and as someone who recently lost her grandma, if she did that to me I would’ve kicked her out too.

    Maria FoxMaria Fox15 days ago
  • I'm wondering if the Karen mom planned on being a jerk from the beginning to get back at OP always asking her dad to take her to the airport? How can you be so self absorbed as to, after knowing you're an hour late, demand going to lunch when you know the flight's going to take off before you get your food?

    Kathy BeckfordKathy Beckford15 days ago
  • 1979 grad, didn't attend graduation, only a couple of friends in senior class, didntt care for the rest and didn't want to be associated with them, never regretted not attending

    jeff10461jeff1046115 days ago
  • No, he was not the jerk to do that, she tossed the rock out of the window and called it stupid...he had every right to do what he did

    BrookeBrooke15 days ago
  • I actually helped a distant relative (mother's sister's sister-in-law or something) study for her GED when I was in 7th grade. Pretty sure it only required basic algebra for math, which is what I was helping with (my 6th grade school had a program where you could leave a class you were ahead in and do self study of more advanced subjects). I had a bad work ethic in school (hasn't really changed, but in real life taking shortcuts to streamline a job gives extra credit, not less) and sometimes I wonder if I could have tested out of it.

    dxjxc91dxjxc9116 days ago
  • Entitled sister you love but don't like? Been there, done that.

    Adrienne GormleyAdrienne Gormley16 days ago
  • That diamond ring you're wearing, can I borrow it for a sec? *flings ring out window* What's with that look? It's just a rock and rocks are stupid...

    MetaCynicMetaCynic16 days ago
  • Pretty sure every highschool has a senior paper for English class. Mine counted for 50% of our grade in that class. I can write a report/essay to save my life and have repeated English several times as a result. Luckily, various steps of researching and drafts made up the bulk of the grade, and my D+/C- from participating in these steps pretty much saved my class grade, despite not actually having written a final paper or doing a presentation. Since then I have only needed to write an essay once more for a college English class (another D), and haven't needed to write since.

    dxjxc91dxjxc9116 days ago
  • 11:06 Op did the right thing, and didn’t give in to peer pressure from the VP or the Principal.

    Nathaniel MooneyNathaniel Mooney16 days ago
  • OP you are not the jerks am I your sister is you got money for new car at no identity girl go straight to your parents and tone your own sister only a new car you had a gas job and then you buy a new car not the man or any I'm not getting my money you tell us a jerk but the your parents come with you your I got your money for college that's what money you work hard at it

    The little that engine could 20th anniversaryThe little that engine could 20th anniversary16 days ago
  • Dude who gave the chicken rice not a jerk I would have done the same thing I've lost sentimental things like that to a****** people who don't care what something means to you

    Km MorrisKm Morris16 days ago
  • All these stories sound like really sound and loving people being bullied and disregarded by familial narcissists. Walking away was the healthiest and happiest thing I have ever learned to do. They only want to know you when you can do something for them.

    Holly Mayfield WadeHolly Mayfield Wade16 days ago
  • Karen.

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra16 days ago
  • No!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra16 days ago
  • Don't give your sister a dime

    brendamontgomery850brendamontgomery85016 days ago
  • Oh! Now I understand why he's so upset about it!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra16 days ago
  • I really hope op finds that rock.

    Qorm135Qorm13516 days ago
  • Missed your flight OP. Don't worry. You were able to change flights so that's a win. Your AH 'rent will eventually get what she deserves--Karma's a b**ch.

    Robin MitchellRobin Mitchell16 days ago
  • Car loan OP is not the AH. If she wants to write up a contract to LOAN the money with a very strong wording that states that the loan must be paid back by such-&-such a time, and that failure to repay the LOAN on time = notice to the credit bureau = black mark on sister's credit report, then she can do it. But if it were me, there'd be no way in he!!.

    Robin MitchellRobin Mitchell16 days ago
  • ok so i became a channel member yesterday to help and support u, and u didnt give me the shoutout like u keep saying?

    Ravendeath ,Ravendeath ,16 days ago
    • @r/mr reddit oh ok. Make sense. Sorry about that

      Ravendeath ,Ravendeath ,16 days ago
    • Thank you for joining! I record my videos a few days in advance, so your shout-out will be on the video I post Sunday morning 😎

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit16 days ago
  • The first story. Oh no. God forbid leaving a woman in a grocery store parking lot that's filled with cars, people, and security as well as the store and only 5 mins from her house. That OP who's on her side, he needs to drop those friends 6 feet underground.

    TheSolidMidgetTheSolidMidget16 days ago
  • Hm ... - opens the door and boots the karen out and in to a swamp - ... SORRY SHREK !

    shadow raiden23shadow raiden2316 days ago
  • OP is NOT the AH. The rider is a GIANT AH. She threw away a part of OPs history and memories. The rock was not hers to toss. I'd have taken her shoes and thrown them out the window & let her walk home barefoot.

    Robin MitchellRobin Mitchell16 days ago
  • GTF Steve you bully🦊

    kk44kk4416 days ago
  • The “car story” not only is the sister an EB, but the parents are as well for divulging OP money amount status to some who should not need that information in the first place! And honestly who tells a 17 y/o that they NEED to help their 25 y/o sibling monetarily!?!

    Sebastian HopkinsSebastian Hopkins16 days ago
  • Karen: Why do you do this to me: Me: Why do you act entitled? Karen: Because it’s fun! Me: Now you know why!

    Jack-of-all-tradesJack-of-all-trades16 days ago
  • I taught high school for several years. This kind of project is as stupid as OP says. He was the kind of student I loved.

    Loana HoylmanLoana Hoylman16 days ago
    • Same thing happened at my school. I graduated 2012, and I just bs my entire project.

      OneEyedDemonOneEyedDemon9 days ago
  • Re: the bullying brother-in-law. I'm 50, and I was mercilessly bullied through school. (Funny how it all seemed to stop when I dislocated one kid's jaw.) Anyway...even though it was years ago, the side-effects are still there. If I met any of my former tormentors, if they didn't offer a sincere apology straightaway, I wouldn't have anything to do with them.

    moosecatmoosecat16 days ago
  • Got a few tokens in my car from my late wife's car had somebody pitched one of those items from the car they'd be leaving and count themselves lucky if I bothered with the courtesy of stopping first.

    Gary SprandelGary Sprandel16 days ago
  • She was using child support for her frivolity! Don't give her anything!

    Rose GomezRose Gomez16 days ago
  • How dare anyone throw something out that is not their own from the other person who has graciously given them a ride! Oh yes i would have kicked her out too!

    Rose GomezRose Gomez16 days ago
  • Reeeeee: buy me a new car Nobody, but NOBODY is entitled to YOUR money, especially those who have zero problem badmouthing you and the things you do. It sounds like the sister is the ultimate choosing beggar, so...no...no money for you, "lady"!

    moosecatmoosecat16 days ago
  • Wow I'm 6 hours late

    Gaming with jay JohnsonGaming with jay Johnson16 days ago
  • Then they are encouraging bullying and I would watch out for the bil kids to bully your kids under the facade of "just playing/joking around".

    Nimi SilverbirdNimi Silverbird16 days ago
  • I would've dumped the pho on her head. Little brother shouldve taken keys and walked you to the gate

    Nimi SilverbirdNimi Silverbird16 days ago
  • I can see why she is divorced

    Yea OverboeYea Overboe16 days ago
  • Her problems. Not yours. She can buy her own car. You owe her nothing. NTA

    Nimi SilverbirdNimi Silverbird16 days ago
  • In my opinion # 1 ,the girl didn't respect the guy's property and theu it out because she thought it was stupid # 2 the older sister can try selling her bags or even do hair and make up for low price if she's good at it

    sky parksky park16 days ago
  • Nta dont feel bad. Witch shouldnt have thrown something out that wasnt hers. Ever heard the phrase "keep your hands to yourself or catch someone elses"?. I wouldve made her find it dont care the time or weather.

    Nimi SilverbirdNimi Silverbird16 days ago
  • I don't understand why people glorify/victimize single mothers so much. They DO NOT deserve any more than other people just because they are a single mom. What about single dads? Or people who can't/won't have kids? It's so darn weird!

    ColdxNorthColdxNorth16 days ago
  • Sticker girls sister didn't even know about the money so what was she planning on doing then? thats what she needs to do. Has little to do with how she treats op its all about working hard for something and knowing she won't ;pay her back and it sounds like sister merely has to tighten her belt and work harder and it sounds like that will be a good thing. maybe she'll spend more time with her kids instead of going out with friends and spending money on vanity. little sis needs to secure her education and future and if she attains financial goals maybe she would gift her sister with a trip to the spa or a new name brand purse.

    Toy AiryToy Airy16 days ago
  • Since your sister gave you guff over your "sticker hobby" and even while calling you still is putting down your business as being beneath her, I wouldn't give her the time of day yet alone and cash. My sister would never have done that to me, and neither would my brothers... If she treated you better, maybe that would be different, but since she can spend money for dinners out and spa days, tell her to use that money towards a car and learn to budget like the rest of the world and to leave your hard work alone.

    P atchzP atchz16 days ago
  • If brother-in-law tried to make peace then it wouldn't be a problem but it seems like the bully never changed actions have consequences and op isn't the jerk here

    J DJ D16 days ago
  • That wasn't just a rock. It was something that you were given by your grandfather so it was a reminder of him. Next time you see her purse, just grab it and throw it away. Tell her it was just a purse. She had no right to decide what you may have in your car, that is your job and you did it well.

    Mick ShottonMick Shotton16 days ago
  • Karen seems to almost learn her lesson.

    Esbat Von LichtensteinEsbat Von Lichtenstein16 days ago
  • The thing is that if she didn’t even come up with a payment it doesn’t sound like she’s actually ever give you the money back so what’s the point and you’re going to need it for uni eventually and if you don’t want to get alone why should you you’re not the four kids father you’re the auntie enjoy life and you can how the little bits and bobs but you don’t have to do and I don’t think you should

    vicky and daniel fishervicky and daniel fisher16 days ago

    That DudeThat Dude16 days ago
  • rip rocky the rock

    sysieriussysierius16 days ago
  • So relatable story. I actually almost didn't walk for my senior graduation because of a project that I needed to do. You had to make a sort of porfolio about the colleges you applied to, and which one you were most likely going to attend. Even students who weren't going to college the following fall were expected to do it (albeit with different criteria for the project). That was almost 4 years ago, and now I'm getting ready to graduate college.

    Ty'Lier BakerTy'Lier Baker16 days ago
  • Is it me, or does "Karen" not sound like a karen...

    Chaotic PhoenixChaotic Phoenix16 days ago
    • She's been going to thearpy. Its mentioned in a previous upload

      Rachel GallianiRachel Galliani16 days ago
  • The story about the senior project reminds me of why I hated public school so much

    Dan PetersDan Peters16 days ago
    • I had a tough time in high school. Went to 3 different high schools and got held back in 10th grade. By senior year I was done with public school. I wanted out. One thing I hated was being forced to participate in spirit week or go to pep rallies. I couldn’t have cared less about the school’s sports teams. I resented the fact that I couldn’t spend that hour the pep rallies were held in the library studying or something, it was such a waste of time. I was an adult (18 or 19), I didn’t feel like I should have to ask their permission to leave if I felt like my time was being wasted

      Dan PetersDan Peters16 days ago
    • @velvety2006 that’s exactly what it was. The project had nothing to do with furthering anyone’s education. The school just didn’t want to look bad

      Dan PetersDan Peters16 days ago
    • I graduated in January, started a good job shortly after, and have never regretted missing the hassle of the graduation ceremony.

      Holly Mayfield WadeHolly Mayfield Wade16 days ago
    • It reminded me of a boss who tried to force me to go to a company party I didn't want to go to. he said I was emotionally obligated to do so, I just worked there for two weeks lol. It sounds like an ego trip for the school 'look how well we taught these kids, now give us more funding'

      velvety2006velvety200616 days ago
  • there is a reason why sentimental value is always high....it could be something valuable or an everyday object. its the importance. I dont care if its a piece of cloth...if it has value for the person. Id treat it is if it was worth a billion dollars because to the person it might as well be.

    Power_struggle55Power_struggle5516 days ago
  • The missed flight story yah I'm so glad op got away from that narc, I'm personally surprised that op's dad didn't dress that "mom," down.

    danielle dillerdanielle diller16 days ago
  • You don't have to explain how it gives you piece of mind. I get it. The rock is important you.

    Superior'sLiveSuperior'sLive16 days ago
  • The third story: OP is not the butthole. Anyone who lives outside their means and then tries to bum money off of someone especially family pulling the familial connection card, is the villain. I used to know someone like the sister and she's still barely living above the poverty level. In addition to being a broke, irresponsible overgrown teenager trapped in a grown woman's body, she treated everyone around her like total crap. She's a mean spirited, insecure jealous witch who convinces herself, that everyone who works hard for what they want, has somehow unfairly tipped the scales in their favor. When her kids were younger, she used to resort to the immoral practice of using them as bargaining tools or sources of emotional manipulation while conning her latest target. Her son and daughter are grown and have long-since cut contact with her. I can't say I blame them.

    horrorflickguyhorrorflickguy16 days ago
  • My son's high school had that same project vs. walk thing. My eldest's sons last year, he went to a new technical school and didn't have to do it. My youngest son, well, he didn't fair so well and was sent to a continuation school for his senior year so he could graduate on time. He didn't have to do it either. I think the entire thing is a bit stupid, you aren't graded on it. I didn't even like attending the graduation at their school because of parking problems. You were lucky if you got a space within a half mile of the school. You had to show up almost 2 hours ahead of time just to get a space close enough to walk. Forget about a seat.

    TammohawkTammohawk16 days ago
  • The first story: OP is not the butthole. I used to know someone like that Karen and she always needed a favor, was down on her luck, broke, between jobs and used her two kids as sympathy to get handouts from people which she eventually never ever paid back. I could go on and on about that woman. Just as selfish as the Karen in the story, if not more so, I remember one time she wanted to borrow my car. Considering she never had money for anything and just wanted to use my vehicle because she didn't want to burn the gas in her vehicle, I said no. I asked if she would give me gas money. She whined and said she didn't have it. I told her no again. She started stamping her feet, pacing and flailing her arms while ranting about what a butt hole I was, while I sat there in awe watching this middle-aged woman behave like a spoiled toddler throwing a tantrum. I told her what she was behaving like and she calmed down. She did not get to use my car.

    horrorflickguyhorrorflickguy16 days ago
    • 😀

      killi txkilli tx16 days ago
  • In the story the bully brother-in-law isn’t family i’m pretty much giving OP negative points just for being cordial with him. Would you consider someone who bullied you through school and still hasn’t apologized family because I know I wouldn’t Op -1/5 Wife 2/5 Bully 5/5

    Kaden LemonKaden Lemon16 days ago
  • Hold on. How many Karens are in that car, Mr. Reddit? 👁👄👁

    1992kcwolf1992kcwolf16 days ago
  • The way you say "everyday" gets me every time Lol. Love it !

    Angel bbyAngel bby16 days ago
    • So true 👍

      Genea FrisbyGenea Frisby14 days ago
    • @Kelf You're not alone in that . Lol

      Angel bbyAngel bby16 days ago
    • I've gotten to the point where I say "every single day" along with him. It's like a favorite song. Lol

      KelfKelf16 days ago
  • No OP should not give her sister any money. (Never cash anyway) because it will set a presidence and sister will continue to feel she deserves more and more of your money. I always hate the phrase "I'm a single mother." well single mother, even if the man ran out on you, there are still ways to get the man/men to pay child support. Lots of "single moms" do just fine for themselves and take care of their children with out outside help.

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney16 days ago
  • Good morning ^.^ Hope everyone stays warm!

    Laura OrtaLaura Orta16 days ago
  • found her, semi middle of the screen near the Gadget Zone sign.

    WanupgurlWanupgurl16 days ago
  • It's disrespectful to throw away something that doesn't belong to you. Toss her out.

    Melissa ReidMelissa Reid16 days ago
    • Agreed

      Mario SMario S15 days ago
    • 👍👍

      w washingtonw washington16 days ago
  • Imagine saying now to $6000 and getting your nice car that you love so much towed out of spite

    Kaden LemonKaden Lemon16 days ago
  • Karen is the jerk because the rock belong to op grandfather and he considers it his lucky rock so op honor his grandfather and also consider the rock lucky

    Mickey ReynaMickey Reyna16 days ago
  • When you ride in a car that doesn't belong to you, keep your hands off of the other person's stuff and don't even dream of touching the radio. Someone tried to take my deceased father's lucky Buckeyes from my car ashtray once and got a severe sprain to their wrist when I caught them in the act.

    paden1865ablepaden1865able16 days ago
    • even if you think it is stupid, why throw it out the window just hand it back or throw it on the backseat.

      velvety2006velvety200616 days ago
  • In the third story if that was my sister I wouldn’t give her a single penny. Let’s start off with the fact that she thinks OP is a loser and for a while has marked Opie for her “dumb hobby”. And the sister has it rough does she? Well she has enough money for spa trips with friends unless that’s all she does I don’t see why she can’t afford a new car. I also hate how she use the old single parent excuse. Oh and the parents. Since when do they have business telling the sister what is in OP‘s bank account? Op 0/5 Sister 2/5 Parents 2/5

    Kaden LemonKaden Lemon16 days ago
    • Sharing financial information is just like sharing personal medical information. She needs money but still downgrades you and is jealous of your dedication and success. Not a penny. Walk away with your head held high.

      Holly Mayfield WadeHolly Mayfield Wade16 days ago
    • I can see why she is divorced

      Yea OverboeYea Overboe16 days ago
    • if she cannot afford to buy a car, she should ask the kid's dad for more money, give him custody of the kids, sell some of her expensive stuff, or mom and dad can take out a loan. why would Op who is just 17 have to solve an adult problem?

      velvety2006velvety200616 days ago
  • the op in the first story is not the jerk you should never throw away something that means a lot to someone

    PiperPiper16 days ago
  • 👍🏻

    James CaseyJames Casey16 days ago
  • LOL in the first story, for the first couple paragraphs I thought the "Rock" was his name for his car. But I figured it out when he said he kept his rock in his car.

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney16 days ago
  • In the first story it’s not just a rock it’s pretty much a family heirloom. That lady showed no respect to Op and honestly seems like a real piece of work. Op 0/5 Karen 3.5/5

    Kaden LemonKaden Lemon16 days ago
    • More like 6/5

      Mario SMario S15 days ago
    • She had no right to impose her beliefs in such a way. Total disrespect and she deserved OP's reaction.

      Holly Mayfield WadeHolly Mayfield Wade16 days ago
    • even if she felt it was dumb she could have just thrown it onto the backseat and not out the window

      velvety2006velvety200616 days ago
  • Mornin y’all

    Kaden LemonKaden Lemon16 days ago
    • Good morning

      Demonic DonnaDemonic Donna16 days ago
    • Good Morning Kaden!!! 😃

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit16 days ago
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    Ben vanassenBen vanassen16 days ago
    • Hi Ben!! 😎

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  • Good Morning Mr Reddit just woke up and I'm eating ramen out of the bag also I'm watching this before school starts

    • Good Morning VICENTE!!! 😃

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    • Good Morning Cooper!!! 😃

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  • I am early. Mr. Reddit Happy Valentine’s Day. Also one “every like Karen will have to call and apologize to someone she was mean too!”

    Demonic DonnaDemonic Donna16 days ago
    • Happy Valentine’s Day Donna! That's a great idea! 😂

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit16 days ago
  • Karen:taxiiiiiii, taxi driver: you can walk. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Richard WhittakerRichard Whittaker16 days ago
    • 😂😂😂😂 love this comment

      Demonic DonnaDemonic Donna16 days ago
    • REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Another great video to watch

    Taco MainaTaco Maina16 days ago
    • Good Morning Taco Maina!!! 😃

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