r/Entitledparents Karen DOESN'T LIKE MY PARENTING, I Get Revenge!

Feb 4, 2021
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r/Entitledparents Karen DOESN'T LIKE MY PARENTING, I Get Revenge!
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    r/mr redditr/mr reddit24 days ago
    • Moral kml pulp] ⁿ

      Tony WileyTony Wiley22 days ago
  • 0:25 Relax Karen, in case you didn't notice, Mr. Reddit didn't say they weren't wearing shoes when they stepped on the Lego...

    A WilsonA Wilson18 days ago
  • Gotta love a parent that allows kids to express themselves

    chand youngchand young20 days ago
  • I bet good money the kids in the first story aren't well behaved at all!

    carnivaltymcarnivaltym20 days ago
  • 0:52 in. Don't punish your kids? You're an automatic Karen.

    TinyfatăTinyfată21 day ago
  • I hated group projects. I always ended up with incompetent people and by the first day of the project i would ask the teacher to let me do it on my own.

    HungryCatGamingHungryCatGaming21 day ago
  • I feel like I’m a little stricter than the first OP but I definitely am on board for letting children control their own bodies. I don’t force my daughter to hug or kiss family or friends, not even me. I’d rather her know that she can tell people no and be able to say no to unwanted contact as she gets older.

    Kat IzKoolKat IzKool21 day ago
  • Im sorry but the first parent should not be a parent.

    Wednesday AddamsWednesday Addams21 day ago
  • Mom you raise your children to be very proud, well balance and self esteem. Bravo 👏.

    Sylvie CarpentierSylvie Carpentier22 days ago
  • I simply love your channel!

    Sylvie CarpentierSylvie Carpentier22 days ago
  • I think the first OP's a good parent. I'm just concerned that she might be placing too much emphasis on the kids' boundaries and not enough on others' (where their boundaries end and others' begin). Yes the sister came around to what the daughter wanted to wear but it was her wedding and the daughter needs to learn when it's appropriate to do what other people want.

    Kathy BeckfordKathy Beckford22 days ago
  • Omg not just a dress, but a PRINCESS dress??? That kid is awesome

    Dante StriderDante Strider23 days ago
    • Sounds like something my youngest would do. Most days he wants to be addressed as Princess (son's name).

      Nicole HNicole H22 days ago
  • I love OP's parenting style in the first story. I'm so glad that people are now starting to understand that yelling and negativity don't really teach anything except more yelling and negativity. And it was always so frustrating as a child to have my appearance controlled. There's absolutely NO REASON to control your kids' appearance or force them to adhere to certain gender roles. It's a disgusting practice that only serves to harm kids' self-confidence, curb their personal expression, and limit who they can become as an individual. Gender roles and stereotypes harm everyone, men and women and anyone in between. Why are adults so obsessed with something so arbitrary?

    LadyDragonAKAJames_ WatsonLadyDragonAKAJames_ Watson23 days ago
    • Parents need to know who their kids are. Letting kids dress how they want is a good thing, within reason. Parents also needs to teach their kids sometimes they need to wear clothes that they don't like.

      Tony RockwellTony Rockwell22 days ago
  • That entire story about the wedding was just weird.

    Lisa FinneyLisa Finney23 days ago
  • San Peeeedro!

    Jessica Holcomb-KrasnowJessica Holcomb-Krasnow23 days ago
  • Um, the parent in the first story is utterly horrible. Even a Karen gets it right sometimes.

    F40PH-2CATF40PH-2CAT23 days ago
  • Personally, I think putting a 3 year old into a Dress is not a good idea. He should have been in a suit as well.

    bcsviewer1bcsviewer123 days ago
    • @Erica Venson Her sister wanted them to wear FORMAL Clothes. AKA: Boys in suits and girls in Dresses. While I have no problem with a Girl choosing a Suit, The 3-year old boy should have been in a Suit a light blue Suit perhaps. Allowing him to be in dresses can lead to the school wanting to put him on Testosterone-blocking drugs: People are crazy these days.

      bcsviewer1bcsviewer122 days ago
    • @bcsviewer1 it was her sister or something that wanted him to wear the dress and the kid was okay with it

      Erica VensonErica Venson23 days ago
    • @Erica Venson I'm not so sure about that: Did you check 1:22. The 3 year old SON was in the dress. The 5 year old Daughter was wearing the Suit.

      bcsviewer1bcsviewer123 days ago
    • I don't think she put her daughter in the dress her daughter choose to wear it if you paid attention you would know

      Erica VensonErica Venson23 days ago
  • the first one makes me feel sick. kids need direction, letting the kids do every thing they like is very wrong, i dont think there is anything wrong on how you discipline them but there does need to be a boundry

    Blossom TylarBlossom Tylar23 days ago
  • what happened to the REEE army and the karens going REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE??? the old times...

    HendoPlayzHendoPlayz23 days ago
  • I hated doing group projects. I was the social outcast in school, and always got paired with the class jerks.

    Dreamer RoseDreamer Rose23 days ago
  • Boys don't belong in dresses! Dresses are strictly for GIRLS AND WOMEN!

    Kristi FreiburgerKristi Freiburger23 days ago
    • A very unpopular opinion among the masses, but I agree. I do understand trans and gender nonconforming, but that’s when they’re old enough to really understand and make their own choices. Making a child believe there’s no “normal”, or that society is accepting of this, will set that child up with problems later. Once they’re old enough to comprehend society and it’s norms, but also feel like they’re willing to go against it regardless, then let them be how they want. But at 3? No, that child doesn’t understand yet. When my boys were young (2-5 years old) they’d walk around the house in my heels or put on my make up. It was only a game of dress up, and they probably would’ve done it in public if I let them. They grew out of it in about a year. I never told them it was wrong or bad....I just treated it like any other kind of dress up and costumes they used to do. Now, they’re both teenagers, and would be HUMILIATED if there was a wedding video or pics of them in a “princess dress”. Seriously, I think it would genuinely impact them negatively.

      AnieDAnieD23 days ago
  • OP don't tell your mom it's home on the bus boys bully put my A+ took my my brain took doing it for me on the bus and the teacher bullying me and fears to set the time in a mama bail all of you unplug my lawyer school

    The little that engine could 20th anniversaryThe little that engine could 20th anniversary23 days ago
  • Rewarding good behavior is also a form of discipline. So, I would side with OP on that. However, why would you let your kids wear "controversial" outfits in a wedding where so many people will see you and judge you. There is a time and a place for everything.

    MamuMamu23 days ago
  • OP you didn't quite think which quit your job you sound bad boss throw you jerk under the train you're under the trai⛈🌩🌩🌩🌩🌩🇬🇧🇬🇧

    The little that engine could 20th anniversaryThe little that engine could 20th anniversary24 days ago
  • First lady is an absolutely horrible parent.

    Robert HutchinsonRobert Hutchinson24 days ago
  • The image of the woman rubbing her stomach, then taking off her shades just cracks me up.

    Nathyn Brendan MastersNathyn Brendan Masters24 days ago
  • Posted 10 hours ago: I guess this is the earliest I've been. I mean, it was in my watch history, so I must have listened to it in my sleep

    Jillian BJillian B24 days ago
  • Woodland Hills!!! La

    heather leeheather lee24 days ago
  • We see through these stories so many cultural variations!

    Tom RuchTom Ruch24 days ago
  • Love your videos man keep up the good work❤️

    Z3de0nZ3de0n24 days ago
  • I don't remember having any group projects... but it has been a very long time, and maybe I have forgotten. It's distinctly possible that any such project was so mundane I was too bored to remember it.

    citrine dragoncitrine dragon24 days ago
  • Okay i gotta.... so sheep boy got a Baaaah-d grade.

    Jourell1Jourell124 days ago
  • 1st story. Glad this person is willing to change strategy as needed. Means that if needed, the kids will be disciplined if they really need it/do something super dangerous. I will point out that if it works, great. If it's not broken, don't fix it. I also know (from personal experience) that some grandparents think their way is correct and will try to force it on parents and kids. One of my grandmother's (my mom's mom) tried to teach me stuff or discipline me because she didn't agree with how I was being raised. Things like turning on the lights if I had them off and was playing video games. Teaching table manners fit to dine with the queen. Disapproving of the way I show love to my parents (we all joke around and pretend to be rude and challenge them and stuff and she was worried that it would rub off on my younger cousins). There are just people out there who think they know best.

    Alissa MingAlissa Ming24 days ago
  • Story number one. That the kids could get bullied it's sadly true. Kids can be monsters to each other. But I think he would and will that explain to them why ther maybe get bullied

    RabeaRabea24 days ago
  • A little less strict from my mothers ideals, my mother is not strict, but a bit of a push-over

    The lightweight WarriorThe lightweight Warrior24 days ago
  • OP seems to think it’s better to be a friend instead of a parent.

    Mick SaundersMick Saunders24 days ago
  • I could never stand group projects working because I always ended up doing more, but NEVER got any credit for my efforts.😖😖😖😖

    Dame LewisDame Lewis24 days ago
  • As a 51 year old man who LOATHES suits and anything associated with neckwear (I don’t own a single suit or tie, hate the smegging things) I laughed out loud at the kids choice of wedding attire, good choice subverting the expected “standards”

    MacTechG4MacTechG424 days ago
  • First story- LOVE the mom for RESPECTING WHO her children are!!! Beautiful and her kids are so blessed❣️❣️❣️

    Dame LewisDame Lewis24 days ago
    • No. Just no. The parent here is just wrong.

      F40PH-2CATF40PH-2CAT23 days ago
  • Hey Karen give me a favor both a poop dogs make a Reddit

    The little that engine could 20th anniversaryThe little that engine could 20th anniversary24 days ago
  • I hate group projects

    Darlene CaneDarlene Cane24 days ago
  • First story: YTA EXCUSE ME OP you don’t punish your kids! You ignore bad behavior!? Yeah they’re going to grow up to be, obnoxious teens or even worse bullies. Kids need boundaries. I know this and I’m not even a mom!! OPS daughter: *punches disabled kid* OP: That’s ok XD OP Son: *talks back to teacher* OP: Totally fine!

    Lindsey PLindsey P24 days ago
  • As someone who grew up with corporal punishment, imo those kids are lucky to get that soft ‘discipline’.

    1992kcwolf1992kcwolf24 days ago
    • It doesn’t have to be corporal punishment to be discipline. My kids got put in time out, or didn’t get to have their video game time. We didn’t do physical punishment, I feel it rarely is called for or does any good. However, NO discipline of any kind? No boundaries? That will not work in the long term. What about when they get older and being ignored and not getting mommy’s attention doesn’t matter anymore? Even if she tries to change her approach, it’ll be too late, because, having never been “in trouble “ or disciplined before, they won’t even see her as someone to be respected and obeyed.

      AnieDAnieD23 days ago
  • There's a saying in the tech world: Adding personnel to a late project makes it even later. As OP alluded to in the programming segment, "conservation of productivity" takes effect as existing personnel lose productivity trying to bring new personnel up to speed. And, as in the physical world, more is lost at the beginning than is gained.

    Bob BlumenfeldBob Blumenfeld24 days ago
  • I have to disagree with the first story, you should never ignore bad behavior, just because you reward the good behavior, and I don't agree with parents letting kids make their own decisions, children don't know what they want, nobody likes or wants the same things they did as children, they might even resent you for letting them make these decisions that may get them ridiculed and that they'll regret, now if they still want these things when they're old enough to make them, go for it! Now I would never tell someone how to parent, but they can't be surprised if there's a bad outcome...

    Mr. & Mrs. SmithMr. & Mrs. Smith24 days ago
    • You can let them wear and look how they want, but I think we need to be realistic with our kids and tell them the truth that they're opening themselves up for ridicule and bullying, that some people never forget about, and if they still want to do it anyway, then hey you do you 👍

      Mr. & Mrs. SmithMr. & Mrs. Smith24 days ago
    • I agree to the most part about behaviour I feel kids need to be repromanded for bad and rewarded for good but I beleav interms of there body as long as it's not permanent like a tattoo ( children should not get ) I feel they should be able to shave or grow hair and where what they want

      Gareth WeatherleyGareth Weatherley24 days ago
  • Grandmother is the jerk. Hands down.

    Florence ShulerFlorence Shuler24 days ago
  • Grandma should be happy that her grandchildren are happy and well behaved

    Stephanie PedersenStephanie Pedersen24 days ago
    • I have a feeling her kids are not that well behave as she said they are. You learn right from wrong from boundaries and discipline, and she herself says she doesn’t have them and not setting them. Discipline is not hitting, it having consequences to actions and an explanation of why these consequences happen. Half of parenting is guiding them to be functional adult that can support themselves. When they go out in the world they will be discipline, it called be fired, write ups or jail. Eventually those kids will run that house and that when they be out of hand. I worried for when they teens, and outside influences “parenting” them.

      Baby CakezBaby Cakez23 days ago
    • And heathy! When she brought out the word “snowflake”...NOPE! My kids won’t be exposed to people with that “mindset” (a way to put on in order to not be political) and beliefs-they are toxic and dangerous and will not do the children any favors as they get older (likely just start telling them how they “SHOULD” be by using shame a s money I would guess). Until she shows significant change (and drops certain stances...) she should be low to no contact until she issues a full apology and stops her behavior-showing OP over time that she had changed. No overnight “let it go” forgiveness at all! (By that, I mean that OP forgive...just not forget and be watchful of her mom when it concerns her kids. I certainly would NEVER leave her alone with them. ).

      Hilary BlackwellHilary Blackwell24 days ago
  • OP, with respect, you've abdicated your responsibilities and don't sound like much of a parent at all.

    Tiffani BranchTiffani Branch24 days ago
  • i dont like group projects

    Ace of HeartsAce of Hearts24 days ago
  • I swear Karen’s are form a different planet

    MonokumaMonokuma24 days ago
  • Oh I HATE group work. The only saving grace is when the teacher or professor grades individually.

    Absolutely RidiculousAbsolutely Ridiculous24 days ago
  • I've been stuck in the group thing that didn't work out. Sadly the group got published if one person didn't do the work. Even if the with was done by someone else, everyone had to present and the group got published if anyone didn't know their stuff. I had a high enough grade that I knew I would pass without doing the final project and so I didn't. My group member however failed (there was still individual make when though the whole group suffered). After the semester was over my group member complained to the teacher that he failed, so the teacher decided to try and get him some extra marks on the final project, but couldn't find it. I got asked where it was...I said I didn't do it because I knew I'd pass with my grade even if I didn't do it. He told I'd then fail the class of I didn't turn something in. I ended up having to do the whole thing alone (for various reasons I couldn't ask the good group member for help). Annoying group member ended up passing due to that when though he did no work on the final project and there wasn't a presentation involved in it

    Samuel LagaceSamuel Lagace24 days ago
  • First story, yeah you’re the jerk. Children need boundaries

    Major ManMajor Man24 days ago
    • @USworlds Lover All parents think their kids are well behaved. This is from her perspective. The kids could be hellions when OP isn’t around

      Major ManMajor Man24 days ago
    • They had boundaries they were also well behaved and it’s op’s choice

      YouTube LoverYouTube Lover24 days ago
  • Re: The first story: My cousin (a corporate lawyer) and his wife determined that they would never say "No!" to their kids. When they misbehaved, they did the redirection thing and talked with them. By the time the kids were 10 and 12 years old, they were the most obnoxious, destructive, and 'uncaring-of-others' children I had ever seen. It did not work. Pray your kids don't follow them, but that method of parenting DOES often create monsters.

    Fred FarquarFred Farquar24 days ago
    • @Jane Green No. All children require SOME discipline. It's important.

      F40PH-2CATF40PH-2CAT23 days ago
    • The only problem with that is when they do get older, it will MUCH harder to try and "ajust" your parenting at that point cause their too far gone

      Mr. & Mrs. SmithMr. & Mrs. Smith24 days ago
    • different children require different methods of discipline. I think the mother in that story is aware of that and even she said she’d make adjustments to her parenting style if it became necessary. Definitely wouldn’t work for everyone though

      Jane GreenJane Green24 days ago
  • Love the revenge stories

    Dreamcatcher 03.00Dreamcatcher 03.0024 days ago
  • Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Chrisel LuckhaiChrisel Luckhai24 days ago
  • Found Karen - That's just bananas!

    Imzadi83 FanVidsImzadi83 FanVids24 days ago
  • In the story where they cut OP’s salary when they said they needed OP, OP should’ve said “that’s not my problem”

    Kaden LemonKaden Lemon24 days ago
  • She's not pushing gender roles on her kids but instead allows them to be who they want and that should be OK

    naturalbabynaturalbaby24 days ago
  • ...I sure hope OP punishes her kids' bad behavior if it is horrid enough. There's a point when even the best kids make the worst decisions and cause harm.

    Absolutely RidiculousAbsolutely Ridiculous24 days ago
    • @CrunchycornflakeGacha 3 Sure they can. An employer certainly can. Many work places have dress codes.

      Plushie CatPlushie Cat13 days ago
    • @Melissa Dunton No it is their body no body can say no to them doing something

      CrunchycornflakeGacha 3CrunchycornflakeGacha 320 days ago
    • @velvety2006 and I agree with those people. Imagine you’re an employer looking for new hires and the person you interview decides they don’t want to follow the dress code, because they can wear whatever they want and Mommy told them that they didn’t have to follow societal rules. This can also be a problem in school. But I see the worst issues happening when they start to realize that outside of the home there are laws and rules that everyone must follow....even though Mommy says they don’t. Yeah....school and work is going to be a huge problem. And if they decide to try hard drugs or alcohol it’s the Mother’s own fault as they look at her and say...”it’s my body. I have completely control over it...not you”. The worst thing anyone can do when parenting is to be inconsistent. If she thinks she’ll “change her parenting style as needed” she’s in for a rude awakening. A dear friend of mine was never consistent in her discipline. Her kids had no clue what was permitted and what was not tolerated as it changed each time they did something wrong. Ex: daughter lies - mom ignores it, because it’s “not a big deal”. Daughter lies again: Mom takes away all of her electronics. Daughter lies again: Mom screams at her. Now the daughter doesn’t know what the consequences will be for lying as it’s been different every time.

      Melissa DuntonMelissa Dunton23 days ago
    • I heard this story before, several people warned her that she needs to teach them boundaries and to respect authority figures at least or she is setting those kids up for failure.

      velvety2006velvety200624 days ago
  • 4:40 - Can't wait Karen? I'll show you. NTA. There. You got what you wanted lol. Cause different is good, I can tell those kids are going to grow up into one of those people who end up being 'The fun teacher' or some other variation of 'cool guy/gal' status in their preferred profession when they reach adulthood.

    Quiet BlakeQuiet Blake24 days ago
  • Karen was right for once. At the beginning.

    Neil HaleNeil Hale24 days ago
  • Awesome! Thanks for the upload Mr Reddit!

    Lee ScalesLee Scales24 days ago
  • 👋💜👋💜👋💜👋💜👋💜👋💜👋💜👍

    Platte pussPlatte puss24 days ago
  • The grandmother is the jerk since she doesn't know her grandkids want and only want she wants and not take in consideration of her grandkids

    Mickey ReynaMickey Reyna24 days ago
    • This was from the moms POV, even if this was the exact truth, and the kids truly are as well behaved as she claims (most mothers will claim their kids are angels), but even if completely true, it seems like both the grandmother and the mother are slightly wrong. The mom is underparenting. Kids need boundaries and learn how to act in public and with adults. You can let your kids have their own boundaries and still teach them to be polite about it. I just think there’s a lot of missing information about this story. I’d like to see what the grandmother would write.

      AnieDAnieD23 days ago
  • she's near the pokemeat stand wearing a yellow outfit hand out promo stuff.

    WanupgurlWanupgurl24 days ago
  • I can totally see the first story happening more often than we'd like to admit, tbh even I don't know if I could be as accepting as OP was in the first story, but I definitely think the grandmother is out of line and would be lucky to see the children at all if I was in OP`s shoes. Idk it's interesting for sure

    Adam BakerAdam Baker24 days ago
  • Has 2 kids but doesn’t want to be a parent.

    Stephen BrownStephen Brown24 days ago
    • Right? Kids have friends at school, in the neighborhood, etc... At home they need parents, not two adult friends. When I was a preteen my mom had to take me to see a therapist, because I was having problems dealing with my parents divorce. The thing that was causing me the most anxiety and sadness was that I needed a parent. In my mind I’d just lost my Dad and my Mom decided she was going to be my bff rather than parenting me. So, I don’t know who these professionals are that are telling this woman that her parenting style is the preferred style, but I feel like they’re talking out their (_|_).

      Melissa DuntonMelissa Dunton23 days ago
    • Yep

      T Re CoT Re Co24 days ago
    • That’s what I was getting.

      Mick SaundersMick Saunders24 days ago
  • Grandma is being very old-fashioned but mom is being a bit over progressive.

    MichieMichie24 days ago
    • Imagine trying to "redirect the behavior" of a twenty year old. 🙄 A kid can be told something is bad/wrong a thousand times... But unless they also learn consequences for their actions.....they'll need to be "redirected" well into adulthood.

      KelfKelf24 days ago
    • @Michie all parenting styles will have good and bad effects/consequences. We can't predict how we'll turn out as we grow but I didn't say let them do whatever they want I said let them think for themselves. If we as kids can make a bad decision then we can make a good decision.

      Rita RodRita Rod24 days ago
    • @Rita Rod I said she was being old fashioned... Forcing kids to hug and such is an old fashioned thing... My parents did it...I however didn't. But the whole let them do whatever as long as they're well behaved won't play well later in life.

      MichieMichie24 days ago
    • @Michie I just feel the grandma is overstepping boundaries and trying to get OP to force her kids to form a relationship with her. You can't force any relationship with anyone including family members and I think OP is doing right by the kids in terms of letting them decide for themselves on what to wear, how to act and whom to get close to. Not everyone has the mindset to let kids think for themselves because they believe kids are incapable.

      Rita RodRita Rod24 days ago
    • @Rita Rod In an ideal world maybe. But one slip up and you've just made 2 snowflake mega Karens .

      MichieMichie24 days ago
  • I wonder just how much trouble those Chad bosses would have been in if OP had reported them for wage violations?

    Felix24148Felix2414824 days ago
  • NTA: Op is such a good mother for letting her kids be themselves. If they decided to change (as it happens being human and all) then OP will treat her children appropriately. Now the Mother of OP, you really need to understand that these kids are their own person. I have a son who used to love princesses and unicorns, while my daughter was more tom boy. But now they are liking (as the grandmother puts it via actions) normal gender behavior. OP keep being an awesome mother and I'm glad you are treating your kids right! As for group projects I never cared for them. I did enjoy a few of them but most of them I was one that did her best to work but never got a good grade (I was an average student) but I did have a group that nobody wanted to work with me. It hurt my feelings a lot.

    Momma MiaMomma Mia24 days ago
  • I really enjoy your commentary. You work really hard to make these videos enjoyable. I always hated group projects. I lived around an hour and a half away from the University, so group projects were super inconvenient. Members of the group couldn't come to my place, so we to cram into tiny dorm rooms, where other tenants would stare at me like I'm an intruder, or try to find places on campus to work.

    SciFi WriterSciFi Writer24 days ago
  • I think with the first OP, she's doing her best to be a good parent. She's definitely not the AH, she's just holding her and her kids' boundaries. I don't have much experience with kids in that manner, but I know it definitely works on pets. A lot of the psychology is the same, even though human beings are definitely more complicated. And she's willing to adapt as needed. I know that myself, and others who ended up with psychological issues in the long run, would've benefited more from the positive reinforcement and thought method, over things like getting beat or grounded all the time. Especially when what was done wasn't actually wrong.

    Amanda GreeneAmanda Greene24 days ago
  • Hi r reddit I watch your videos decause I like them and I watch your videos everyday

    Isamel ZorrillaIsamel Zorrilla24 days ago
    • Thank you Isamel!!! 😎

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit24 days ago
  • How is everyone morning going?

    Birds 3214Birds 321424 days ago
    • @Jason Keane you to

      Birds 3214Birds 321424 days ago
    • Birds 3214 That sounds nice have a great day

      Jason KeaneJason Keane24 days ago
    • @Jason Keane its morning for me I'm just in my room relaxing

      Birds 3214Birds 321424 days ago
    • Close to evening for me, it's great I'm having Tea and playing a Destiny 2 while listening to these stories. How's your evening going?

      Jason KeaneJason Keane24 days ago
  • 1st story mom is horrible.

    mark wmark w24 days ago
    • @mark w - I've seen plenty of parents fail who would do your thing, as well. She's explaining the rules, and teaching them about boundaries. You can understand how society works without necessarily "fitting in". IMO, the entire "fitting in" thing has more to do with not making other people upset that you're not like them.

      Amanda GreeneAmanda Greene24 days ago
    • @Amanda Greene OP. Its a parents job to guide their child through childhood and instill societal norms on them so they can actually survive in society. By letting the kids do what they want, when they want, dress how they want, etc, you are setting your kids up for failure. Sounds like she is trying to be the super fun friend and not a mom.

      mark wmark w24 days ago
    • OP or OP's mother?

      Amanda GreeneAmanda Greene24 days ago
  • Honestly, I feel stepping on a lego is a bit harsh of a punishment

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    • Wishing for someone being stuck in 2 hour traffic with a full bladder and it happens is harsh

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  • Not even a Karen should have to step on a lego.

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  • In the first story they are OP‘s kids she can raise them how she pleases and the mother gets no say. It’s amazing to me how that grandma says the kids don’t know boundaries when she herself he’s trying to tell 0P how to raise her kids Op 0/5 Mother 2/5

    Kaden LemonKaden Lemon24 days ago
    • @Ross Bob a bit too literally if you ask me

      Legendary Wolf GeneralLegendary Wolf General24 days ago
    • @Legendary Wolf General yeah, when the mother said “ignoring bad behavior “, so many people in the comments took it literally

      Ross BobRoss Bob24 days ago
    • @Kaden Lemon so it isn't ignoring bad behavior, per say. But rather being less forceful and physical in punishment, unlike how it was for the generations before

      Legendary Wolf GeneralLegendary Wolf General24 days ago
    • @Iris OP literally explained at the end of the post that she tells them why the behavior is bad

      Kaden LemonKaden Lemon24 days ago
    • Actually it's not a good thing to ignore bad behavior. You need to explain to them why it's bad and kids DO need boundaries and learn to handle emotions.

      IrisIris24 days ago
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