r/Entitledparents Karen DEMANDS to TAKE MY POKEMON!

Feb 15, 2021
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r/Entitledparents Karen DEMANDS to TAKE MY POKEMON!
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    r/mr redditr/mr reddit13 days ago
    • @Libra Guy The Jaded Who doesn't love Pokemon? 😎

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit13 days ago
    • My pokemon is dodo my username is bendy12bendy25

      Bendy inkBendy ink13 days ago
    • Is Mr Reddit into Pokemon? I know I am

      Libra Guy The JadedLibra Guy The Jaded13 days ago
  • Actually Eevee is my favorite Pokémon

    Vocal VVocal V4 days ago
  • my husband learned years ago not to pull the whole "fix this for me" crap and micromanaging only gets me to go on strike. if a man isnt willing to cook then he shouldnt micromanage his wifes cooking same for women if a woman isnt willing to cook she should not micromanage her husbands cooking. and this can be fit into all gender roles and orientations or relationship statuses. if you arent willing to do half the work on something dont ask someone to do half of th ework on your task.

    That Creepy FamilyThat Creepy Family6 days ago
  • Hyper beam cant be super effective

    Taylor MayTaylor May9 days ago
  • There is a gender study at college level? Best you can do with that is get laughed at as you put that on your resume.

    Bob WoodsBob Woods9 days ago
  • My favourite pokémon is Gengar.

    Jenna Gets CreativeJenna Gets Creative10 days ago
  • 23:13 How does this one belong here? The only idiot in this story is whomever programmed the POS.

    Gan LenGan Len10 days ago
  • 17:51 This chick is stupid lazy. Cooking isn't that hard. Rinse as you go.

    Gan LenGan Len10 days ago
  • Hubby gets jerk points strictly bc he's a Brady follower. 😂

    Lee ScalesLee Scales10 days ago
  • Pleeeease remove the background music. It's so distracting! I have been listening to you for months to fall asleep but somehow the background music is new or louder. Don't want to have to find someone new.

    Melecia BoonzaaierMelecia Boonzaaier10 days ago
    • LoL 😂

      Melissa DuntonMelissa Dunton9 days ago
    • Bye, Felicia.

      Gan LenGan Len10 days ago
  • I love when people reading text say the word, then clap with the emoji...when in real life, you are truly clapping as hard as you can ON each word for emphasis :P bahaha

    Orion McNeilOrion McNeil10 days ago
  • Abra!!!!

    Shane ProctorShane Proctor11 days ago
  • she's sellin games

    DuckyDucky11 days ago
  • My favorite pokemon is blastoise cause it was my first starter in pokemon blue his name is Bubba and I've transferred him from game to game now he is in my pokemon sword

    Jon BakerJon Baker11 days ago
  • I take back what I said about having a gender studies degree being able to land you a job at McDonalds. If I was a manager at McDonalds and I saw you had a gender studies degree......I wouldn't hire you.

    Holden McGroinHolden McGroin11 days ago
  • I usually will clean up a little bit while I'm cooking to just reuse the thing I want instead of pulling out another one and having to wash 2 later or someone else having to wash 2 later. My S.o. and I don't have rules for each other, we're not children, we're adults and know how to manage ourselves we just do what needs done and help each other in being a family. Working together towards a common goal,

    Ricechrispy0527Ricechrispy052711 days ago
  • Mr. readout! Buddie thanks for your stories 😍🥰

    Cynthia AppletonCynthia Appleton11 days ago
  • Just commenting fave Pokemon...Skitty!

    RachelleBellaRachelleBella12 days ago
  • first story the store is probly gamestop

    Chase MilliganChase Milligan12 days ago
  • What kind of Karen is she? She said please! =p

    Justme StillmeJustme Stillme12 days ago

    Toasty Comfy GhostyToasty Comfy Ghosty12 days ago
  • I find it funny these guy's read about entitled people when they are even more so expecting money for content they didn't make. That is true entitlement.

    Dagon Deep OneDagon Deep One12 days ago
    • Jealous?

      Gan LenGan Len10 days ago
  • If someone tries to take my Pokémon I will bust a cap ( Oh and my Fav Pokémon is Sceptile if you couldn’t tell by my username and PFP )

    Salty SceptileSalty Sceptile12 days ago
  • Shiny Umbreon. 😻🖤💙

    Angela McPhailAngela McPhail12 days ago
  • the story with the cats remind me of my old appartement. my neighbours were old people and as lovely as they were they kept complaining about noise during the night. Now i worked nightshift back then, so i either wasnt home or i was but when i was home i spent most the night in front of my pc or on my couch. my cat being a cat is most active at night... turns out their complain was that the cat was making noise when jumping from stuff and running and that they could hear me walk. Iseriously i walked on the tip of my toes, litterally walking on eggshells, trying to be as silent as possible and making my own life harder just to please them but that wasnt enough.. i somehow had to keep my cat quiet when i wasnt there and they wanted me to completely change my schedule on my days off to "live like a normal person" because according to them it's easy to just switch sleep schedule twice a week...

    Sunilda ArkElSunilda ArkEl12 days ago
  • This is so bad, hyper beam can never be super effective

    Rowan MelskensRowan Melskens12 days ago
  • Pikachu I know cliché but I’ve loved pikachu since day 1

    Shaggy IRLShaggy IRL12 days ago
  • Asian parents be like: Become doctor. OP to parents: Become billionaire.

    TheSolidMidgetTheSolidMidget12 days ago
  • Snuggles the evee in this story should be in the * category

    chanel113chanel11312 days ago
  • Found Karen - She's standing behind a counter wearing a black T-shirt.

    Imzadi83 FanVidsImzadi83 FanVids12 days ago
  • my favroite pokemon is charizard

    Zafar BZafar B12 days ago
  • My two favorite pokemon are easily Sylveon and Gardevoir. Love the typing, design, and overall aesthetic.

    Andrew GonzalezAndrew Gonzalez12 days ago
  • My favorite pokemon Is lucario

    saku räsänensaku räsänen12 days ago
  • Flygon's my favorite pokemon

    Thedragon lover95Thedragon lover9512 days ago
  • My favorite pokemon is actually Eevee and all Its evolutions.

    Edgar LujanoEdgar Lujano12 days ago
  • "it's cold in texas"

    Maeve HortonMaeve Horton13 days ago
  • I don't understand why they are giving the young man medication for BPD. I struggle with it as well, but I also know that it's not treatable with medication. I'm wondering if he means bipolar disorder instead of BPD, which is borderline personality disorder. If his psychiatrist is trying to help stabilize him with meds he needs to find a new one. DBT, or Dialectic Behavioral Therapy, and CBT, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are the best way to learn to control the mood swings.

    Paula MoysinPaula Moysin13 days ago
    • You can treat either with meds. Overall though, meds are not as useful for personality disorders.

      Gan LenGan Len10 days ago
    • As someone with BPD I take medication. A mood stabilizer to be precise and it makes a huge difference. It should be paired with therapy but BPD can be managed with medication.

      VixyGirlVixyGirl12 days ago
  • Pokemon story stealing from at least 3 or 4 other stories. Especially the dialogue. I am sure you notice this. Don't you get tired of this?

    Clyde DisneyClyde Disney13 days ago
  • As soon as you said gender studies i lost any respect for that woman

    Hugh Ma'anHugh Ma'an13 days ago
  • Who needs Pokémon when you have yugioh?

    Slifer The Sky DragonSlifer The Sky Dragon13 days ago
  • Corviknight, lapras and chandelure are my favourites

    RavenixaRavenixa13 days ago
  • Bulbasaur

    Tommy SouzaTommy Souza13 days ago
  • I lost it at the pokemon style reading😂😂😂 My 6 year old and I love playing Pokemon Go with our Golems. Pokemon came out when I started high school and it was HUGE - I always thought Team Rocket were the highlight of the episodes and I still have all my games and hand held systems to play them on :)

    The disco_timelordThe disco_timelord13 days ago
  • found her top right selling stuff behind the counter at the sell us games booth.

    WanupgurlWanupgurl13 days ago
  • I love Eevee but the writing in that first story hurt horribly.

    AiyokukitsuneAiyokukitsune13 days ago
  • Pokemon story 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 oh me.reddit love the claps and snaps

    CaustonCauston13 days ago
  • Regarding the ending of the last segment: "I shouldn't have to feel like I'm walking on eggshells in my own apartment." I have a suspicion the downstairs tenant would complain about the eggshells, too.

    Bob BlumenfeldBob Blumenfeld13 days ago
  • sneasel is my favorite I like to be left alone or go in a group Edit not to mention I like the cold but not too cold

    Prince tdog sparklePrince tdog sparkle13 days ago
  • Fenneken is my favorite pokemon.

    Vivian MontegutVivian Montegut13 days ago
  • Influencer got a taste of her own medicine. Didn’t like being on the receiving end of advice.

    RKMD2489 CatsRKMD2489 Cats13 days ago
    • The way this could be ameliorated is for the influencer to remain aware that a lot of her followers can't afford to buy what she wants, but if they can find alternative sources for less expensive versions of items, to go for it. Including MAKING YOUR OWN. OTOH, Everyone has their own preferences. I know my body type, and I know what kind of clothing is comfortable for me to wear daily. I have several items that fit a general category, but they are all slightly different styles and colors, so I do get variation. And I do it on an easy budget, because I sew, I have for probably 3x the years the influencer has even EXISTED on this planet, and I do well enough I design my own and make my own patterns. C'est la vie.

      Adrienne GormleyAdrienne Gormley12 days ago
  • I love the first story And the story about the fashionista influencer, you were being a real friend and laying it out blunt, if she’s to fragile to take it, then somewhere down the line, it will be beaten into her for the point you were trying to make: on a side note, I would challenge her to make a series where she has to thrift store outfits and dollar store make up and create tips for that of she truly wants to be a fashion influencer, then she needs to learn that she can make anything look good, even a potato sack

    seatheous robloxianseatheous robloxian13 days ago
    • good point and anyone should learn to do that. Just waiting for the stores to get out of lockdown.

      Nini RossauNini Rossau12 days ago
  • Pokemon who's my favorite character Pikachu that's my favorite Pokemon all the time

    The little that engine could 20th anniversaryThe little that engine could 20th anniversary13 days ago
  • Not everybody is interested in Pokemon. Just as not everybody wants to enter the STEM fields. And just as not everybody wants to throw their life and labor away to enrich a corporate parasite while they get at best min. wage, either. Some people want to do something either poor-paying but meaningful, or something simple or academic.

    TarotlynxTarotlynx13 days ago
  • The teacher story: Proof that sexism can go both ways

    Mary Sue BurnettMary Sue Burnett13 days ago
  • Hey I’m early again refit love your videos for 5 mouths now keep up the work

    abzino clacoreabzino clacore13 days ago
  • Cubone..

    Anna GuajardoAnna Guajardo13 days ago
  • My favorite Pokémon is gengar all the way

    Meme CentereMeme Centere13 days ago
    • Gengar is a good Pokémon but in the games gengar is a heavy damage dealer but it’s defense is so weak magikarp’s splash actually does damage to it

      Slifer The Sky DragonSlifer The Sky Dragon13 days ago
    • my favorite Pokémon is Fennekin from X and Y

      ApianbelleApianbelle13 days ago
  • Charizard

    alan Garciealan Garcie13 days ago
  • eevee is best poke

    Adam WeberAdam Weber13 days ago
  • The "Reddit Story Readers' are executing "the clap" wrong. You must clap your hands simultaneously with the emphasized word(s) spoken.

    HeeLaL Is AllHeeLaL Is All13 days ago
  • Bore fest🦊

    kk44kk4413 days ago
  • All eevelutions tho my FAVE FAVE is leafeon

    Lil Bi LeafLil Bi Leaf13 days ago
    • No it’s Jolteon or Umbreon

      Slifer The Sky DragonSlifer The Sky Dragon13 days ago
  • The first story Karen is so dumb + stupid at the same time

    Falcon SquadFalcon Squad13 days ago
  • Asking for my favorite pokemon is extremely hard, as I honestly love a lot of pokemon and could give a list

    TrueGamer969TrueGamer96913 days ago
  • I really like the way you did the first story about the Pokémon and it’s from the point of you of the Pokémon plushy great job

    lyktah lyktahlyktah lyktah13 days ago
  • I still love your Karen voice! Some of “Karen’s” comments make me laugh out loud! Thank you for that!

    Stephanie NStephanie N13 days ago
    • Mewtwo for the win bruh

      Michael JMichael J12 days ago
  • Gender studies....loves cats....26 and never been in a relationship...yeah, thats not normal. The parents may be entitled, but they aren't wrong.

    F40PH-2CATF40PH-2CAT13 days ago
    • college degree, got a job, rescues cats, is not CURRENTLY in a relationship, seems pretty normal to me.

      j marinej marine13 days ago
  • I think that register got too tired and needed a nap after all those receipts, lol

    Scobrna NoScobrna No13 days ago
  • My favorite pokemon is Pikachu! I know it's cliche but I've always love the little electric mouse, I have like 5 or 6 plushies of the little critter. ☺🐭⚡

    Makayla JonesMakayla Jones13 days ago
  • My favorite pokemon is meloetta

    sailorjupiter444sailorjupiter44413 days ago
  • This first story is kind of cringy

    Roberto GaribayRoberto Garibay13 days ago
  • Wow the one going to school for gender studies....is making excuses and is projecting her problems

    daniel schlorfdaniel schlorf13 days ago
    • Not really. For one thing, the idea that everyone gets out of their parents' place and finds somewhere to live isn't actually sustainable (or affordable) anymore. Secondly, her path was chosen for her by the school. She's not in the U. S., or the U. K., so a lot of her life isn't up to her.

      TarotlynxTarotlynx13 days ago
  • Eevee

    Chris MalseedChris Malseed13 days ago
  • Pinsir!

    Blox PrimeBlox Prime13 days ago
  • I love Porygon!

    Amanda MillerAmanda Miller13 days ago
  • The way you involved Eevee in your storytelling was phenominal.

    Chris RittenhouseChris Rittenhouse13 days ago
  • You cant be booted without proof. They want to leave a notice saying get rid of the dogs. I would drag them into the apartment and say what dog. Sounds like the downstairs guy has the problem. Maybe he should move to a higher floor.

    Nimi SilverbirdNimi Silverbird13 days ago
  • Team rocket: wants a very powerful Pikachu but ignores the only talking pokémon in existence

    evil-chanevil-chan13 days ago
    • What about Arceus, Dialga, Pallkia, Hoopa, Mewtwo, Dyoxis Zoarark and many many more

      Slifer The Sky DragonSlifer The Sky Dragon13 days ago

    Kohaku9008Kohaku900813 days ago
  • My favorite Pokémon is beedrill I don't know why but he is so cool

    King juggernautKing juggernaut13 days ago
  • Is there actually a karen in the find the Karen image?

    Fir3 he4rtFir3 he4rt13 days ago
    • Yes

      Melissa DuntonMelissa Dunton9 days ago
  • Vulpix and Umbreon

    Mad ArnoldMad Arnold13 days ago
  • Boring steve. Big yawn🦊

    kk44kk4413 days ago
  • 5:36 it's definitely Noivern🤩

    Gabry_Gamer73Gabry_Gamer7313 days ago
  • To answer your question mr Reddit my favorite Pokémon is umbreon what’s yours

    Dakoda PlumleyDakoda Plumley13 days ago
  • STOP with the roleplaying thing. If it's in a post then warn us sane people beforehand.

    S HarperS Harper13 days ago
  • sorry man, the cringe pokemon style made me quit watching the video, dont me get me wrong i love pokemon too, but this was full cringe

    Alvaro RodriguezAlvaro Rodriguez13 days ago
  • 1st was so cringe

    Of Course You Can Pay Me In GumOf Course You Can Pay Me In Gum13 days ago
  • My husband has always been a gamer...but as a kid he was in a strict home so they screened the game(until he could sneak home what he wanted) but he wasnt allowed to do anything with pokemon(they were demonic 🤦🏽) Meanwhile I was only allowed handhelds and my rents didnt mind pokemon so I grew up playing sapphire(how idk cuz my rents were also strict like I couldnt watch Beyblade🤦🏽) Now hes getting me into all sorts of video games(Diablo 3, ESO are my favs now) but now he wanted to play pokemon so I get to help him for once with game tips and tricks... I have too many fav Pokemon tho like Absol, Treeko, Darkria, Zapdos, and more....my husband loved pikachu even without being allowed to be into it ...... Now he calls me pikachu cuz im small, quite as a mouse, electromancy is my fav power type and I love ketchup(yes pikachu loves ketchup😂😂😂)

    BVB Girl1313BVB Girl131313 days ago
  • Been out of the pokemon scene for a good while, but I liked ponita and rapidash.

    Ryan WesemannRyan Wesemann13 days ago
  • The third story was amusing. My only question is if they spent two hours play cricket why didn't they have time to take a shower before heading to the next class? It seems they would have had the to if they finished up their game a bit earlier.

    Ida SchaefferIda Schaeffer13 days ago
  • I love treeko (i know it is wrong) becaus first pkm ever

    Luziver The WyvernLuziver The Wyvern13 days ago
  • The first story I listened to while playing battle league in Pokémon Go , definitely cracked me up a little.

    Becca CapshawBecca Capshaw13 days ago
  • 👋💜👋💜👋💜👋💜👋💜👋💜👋💜👍

    Platte pussPlatte puss13 days ago
  • It stats with just clean up a little while you cook, then one day you realise you are doing it all while he is fatbutting it on couch in front of tv and complaing that you can't be too busy to bring him a drink ! Op NTA.

    Delma PlainDelma Plain13 days ago
  • My favorite pokemon is Rapidash, because I love fire type pokemon that I see. 🙂

    FirePrincess HinoFirePrincess Hino13 days ago
    • @Imzadi83 FanVids Welp looks I became a Karen magnet, because I found a Gachatuber Karen in the comment section of my video and she said that my video was bad. So I did a little petty revenge is that I put that Gachatuber Karen on Reddit, because she made a stupid video for calling everyone peasants.

      FirePrincess HinoFirePrincess Hino12 days ago
    • That's my favorite too, but because I love unicorns.

      Imzadi83 FanVidsImzadi83 FanVids12 days ago
  • Imagine what would happen in a world where Karens and Pokémon exist at the same time.

    RealengoRealengo13 days ago
  • Either Floatzel or Samurott (my original starter) though I won’t say which I prefer out of the 2 of them mostly because I have no real deciding factor for which is better I mean they’re extremely similar both stat wise and even both being pure water types

    John BarcombJohn Barcomb13 days ago
    • @Slifer The Sky Dragon still they’re equal in how much I love them

      John BarcombJohn Barcomb13 days ago
    • Samurott is no lie slightly stronger and has slightly more max hp, don’t know about the defense though

      Slifer The Sky DragonSlifer The Sky Dragon13 days ago
  • Yay we’ve for the win

    Trevor ArnoldTrevor Arnold13 days ago
  • Charizard for the win

    Mickey ReynaMickey Reyna13 days ago