r/Entitledparents "Karen DEMANDS to Enter my Apartment, I GET REVENGE!"

Feb 20, 2021
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r/Entitledparents "Karen DEMANDS to Enter my Apartment, I GET REVENGE!"
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    r/mr redditr/mr reddit9 days ago
    • You do NOT need to give cousin a darned thing!!

      Linda HowardLinda Howard8 days ago
  • Grandfather should put money aside for his grandchild when she is older

    Thomas AndrewsThomas Andrews5 hours ago
  • While I'm not military, I have family and friends in military and can confirm from them that malicious compliance is very common in the military lol

    FirstSwordCorvusFirstSwordCorvus11 hours ago
  • I have Bambi the Bamboo and Aloe.

    Neil HaleNeil Hale14 hours ago
  • We have a cowboy corgi and that kids mom sounds like a pet killer.

    FuquersFuquers15 hours ago
  • 1:24:00

    Lava 75Lava 75Day ago
  • The one where the OP's daughter gave the cat to the shelter made me furious. I'd kick the daughter out, too.

    Lady VLady VDay ago
  • The “Birthday Girl” that didn’t want her boyfriend’s brother in her pictures is horribly insensitive. It’s not like she had to post all the pictures on her social media if she wanted those pictures to just be about her. She should have encouraged him to take part in pictures to commemorate the day. Her boyfriend should take that as a red flag showing how self-absorbed she is.

    Innocent BystanderInnocent BystanderDay ago
  • ah'

    Gabrielle Castro3405Gabrielle Castro3405Day ago
  • Of course not!!! And it's not right! Karen... Smh

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra2 days ago
  • Meatball marina!!!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra2 days ago
  • No. They wanted to crash in someone's home. And no Karen it's not right!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra2 days ago
  • I've had 4 hamsters currently have 1, I used to know a guy who had a whole army of Guinea pigs lol

    Gabrielle .GGabrielle .G2 days ago
  • Conex isn't military speak. Its what they are called.

    Ryan HaydonRyan Haydon3 days ago
  • Man how do you pump out videos so fast this is the best Reddit story reader ever

    Antron EditionAntron Edition4 days ago
  • Woah this is the first OP I couldn't believe was that blind to see why she was so much in the wrong, not wanting the brother in the photo for a scar?! My gosh

    Adam BakerAdam Baker4 days ago
  • Heck I've caught people stealing in a Zehrs (Pokemon cards) and honestly just asked them to put em down and I bring them to the workers and explain what I saw, never had someone get angry at being caught

    Adam BakerAdam Baker4 days ago
  • 1:22:00

    Lava 75Lava 754 days ago
  • A Hatchetto the head

    Lazy_Fox 4686Lazy_Fox 46865 days ago
  • The great grandparents knew there were going to be more grandchildren. They could’ve left extra money if they wanted to. This was specifically set up for OP and the sibling. It is theirs to do what they want with. Also I’m sure the aunt that is complaining got her own money when they passed away that she could’ve used herself for her kid

    krystal floodskrystal floods5 days ago
  • Parents want OP's money story: RUN, as fast as you can to your bank and make sure they know that no one is allowed into your account but you. Also, no written notes with "your" signature allowing siblings to remove your money. Had a terrible experience with my ex-brother-in-law cleaning out his kids bank accounts for drug money.

    Pat's Stuff ClarkPat's Stuff Clark6 days ago
  • not an attention seeker hun? you literally said he's gonna have too much attention it's my birthday I should get all of the attention how in the world you have a boyfriend?

    matthew non existentmatthew non existent6 days ago
  • "they were absolutely simmering with rage". Is it me, or is there something not right with that sentence? In cooking, to simmer is to keep just below boiling point. Emotionally, to simmer is to grow stronger over time, under the surface. So to use the word absolute and simmer in the same sentence just seems contradictory to me. To boil with rage seems better. Op teaches English and I'm not even a native speaker so I might well be wrong. Can anybody weigh in on this? I'd like to know the correct phrase so I can better myself. Thank you.

    Inez De KleineInez De Kleine6 days ago
  • I've had both a hamster and guenie pih

    Violet plazViolet plaz6 days ago
  • We had a guinea pig as a classroom pet and I’ve even petsat guinea pigs. Cute little things squeak and nibble on food quickly.

    Maria FoxMaria Fox6 days ago
  • I would set up a trust fund for my granddaughter and make sure his granddaughter didn’t get it till she was 21 to get her money

    Bonnie WooleyBonnie Wooley7 days ago
  • I had a Siamese Fighting Fish years ago.

    Wandering StarWandering Star7 days ago
  • The restaurant manager should have explained that if Karen wanted to pay separately for servers and cleanup crews wages for the time she was there she could have the carry out price .

    dennis langstondennis langston7 days ago
  • I have 7 rescue cats, 3 rescue dogs, one snake and a guinea pig. I absolutely love Rescuing animals from bad situations

    Star MadnessStar Madness7 days ago
  • OP you new girlfriend

    The little that engine could 20th anniversaryThe little that engine could 20th anniversary7 days ago
  • I would have dropped the daughter off at a shelter

    JackJack7 days ago
  • OP you no jerks I want to tell you I want to get that money for the college and came well offends partner no money return the money when you go to college can you come Richs when you come when you come and see me now you ain't got some money to your siblings no not now

    The little that engine could 20th anniversaryThe little that engine could 20th anniversary7 days ago
  • Port for the father I heard that is jobs working Walmart

    The little that engine could 20th anniversaryThe little that engine could 20th anniversary7 days ago
  • girl who didn't want boyfriends brother in the pic, you ARE the devil you self absorbed jerk. And the fact that you don't see how hurtful you were is a testament to how much of a huge jerk you are. You owe the entire family an apology. you don't deserve them

    wanda kwanda k7 days ago
  • I never had a guinea pig myself, but my stepsiblings did, and on one of my weekly visits, I met the Guinea pig. As I am a sucker for little furry things, of course I held it and cuddled and pet it. That's how I found out I am terribly allergic to guinea pigs. My throat got tight and it was hard to breathe, and my eyes swelled shut. After the symptoms went away, I did not go within 10 feet of the guinea pig's tank. (I know, overkill, but I was like 10 at the time.)

    Jessica LeeJessica Lee7 days ago
  • for the exiled father-money machine , i would file for custody of the grand child as its obvious the mother can father can not support the child with out outside aide . problem solved granddad gets to be with his grand daughter and the mother doesn't have to demand money from her father anymore

    TippyTippy7 days ago
    • At the very least, he needs to report the daughter and her bf to CPS or its equivalent. It's unlikely the daughter would hand her child over to the OP as long as she thinks that the baby is a cash cow.

      Lady VLady VDay ago
  • You should understand that scar is a victory banner! He is alive you are the jerk! Think about it the family finally gets him to take a picture and you act like a jerk. Didn't you say he's been depressed? You will have many more birthdays, what if you have a child, if that child had a deformity are you going to keep that child in a closet? You are defiantly a jerk!

    Jacqueline McCuneJacqueline McCune7 days ago

    heather leeheather lee7 days ago
  • mr reddit; it's getting hot out everyone listening from the usa: *to frozen to answer* Touch my pet, you get broken.

    indigowulfindigowulf7 days ago
  • Want to steal one of my animals? 1 warning before action, "any part of you that touches my pet, I will break that part of you." if they lay a finger on my pet, I will break the finger. I really don't care, my pets and my bf are my world. the dad trying to get custody should have asked for the security information, mom helping teen steal and act like that could have helped his custody case a lot!!

    indigowulfindigowulf7 days ago
  • The picture of the scarred boy would have been a way to keep track of the boys progress. You are beyond belief rude!!

    LeeAnna FitzgerelLeeAnna Fitzgerel7 days ago
  • Someone keeps in my mums parking spot in front of our house my dad decided to put a note on the windshield saying sorry for damaging the car to confuse the owner and freak her out

    Tiffany BirtTiffany Birt7 days ago
  • Dad ..Eliza's mom is wrong....your kids college fund is your kids.

    Katherine StahlKatherine Stahl7 days ago
  • Case of money hungry parents.. from the way you say it..,.your folks are looking at you as a money machine.. using you. No love no caring no gratitude. No money. No no no

    Katherine StahlKatherine Stahl7 days ago
  • Money machine daddy...,I would set up a fund for Grand daughter'...that she can get at an adult age ...like 18 for college. Or maybe 25 when she may have learned a little life. Maybe when she asks for money....demand time with Grand daughter......,not a measly half hour..more like weekend

    Katherine StahlKatherine Stahl7 days ago
    • That's what I meant by money machine daddy. How does he let his gd know he cares when the mother won't let him there.

      Katherine StahlKatherine Stahl7 days ago
    • disagree, he's better off just cutting them off than allowing his "daughter" to use her kid as a weapon. Once he lets her do that, she will never stop "selling" time with her to him. Better to not even get attached

      wanda kwanda k7 days ago
  • Couldn't kind Karen 😢

  • As a swim instructor, we're 100% allowed to be "mean" vs customer service oriented. If someone is placating you, they are not in aquatics, promise

    KelsKels7 days ago
  • Regarding the girl who didn't want the friends brother with the horrible scar to be in her birthday pictures. Yes you are the jerk, shame on you!!! His entire life changed forever and you don't want him in a photograph on Your birthday? The boyfriend needs to drop you like a ton of bricks!!! What about future wedding photos, family photos, niece and or nephew photos...he needs to cut his losses before the big pictures need to be taken.

    Granny GooseGranny Goose7 days ago
  • Hey, Mr. Reddit, could you stop using the dental video? It nauseates me.

    Amy RenaudAmy Renaud8 days ago
  • Yes!! You are the jerk. Birthday doesn't excuse rude ,tactless, actions!!! That was uncomfortable and embarrassing for the scarred young man to have her make issue of it!!

    Linda HowardLinda Howard8 days ago
  • Absolutely not! As you said, you could contribute some, moving forward but not from your kids savings. That daughter needs a job and trade school.

    Linda HowardLinda Howard8 days ago
  • The girl who did not want a scar in her picture, should be ashamed of herself. I spent months sporting burn scars and having people making comments and even had one lady pull her child close, and I heard her whisper to her kid, "honey stay away from her. You might catch some sort of disease from her." Honestly from burns? Eventually the scars faded, but the slights because of my appearance didn't. She really is an entitled B. and only thought of her own prejudices.

    P atchzP atchz8 days ago
    • She didn't realize she was wrong because she is a Karen in training!

      Akira EberhartAkira Eberhart5 days ago
    • People can be so mean..and yet do they ever stop to think they could be wearing the same shoes When I was just out of high school my parents joined this church group, I went to one of the meetings. This guy came toward me and I grabbed my sister and ran. She said he was a nice guy but his looks scared me. He was a survivor of a accident about 10 yes ago. About a year later I was in an accident...I received the exact same injury's as him. Either rehabilitation and surgery procedure had progressed or my Drs had more faith in my recovery His Drs figure Working with his broken jaw or therapy on his limbs was waste of time and useless. When he woke up from his coma muscle atrophy had set... Were as I got Drs and therapist who worked on everything right away This man came to visit me when I got out of hospital. He was one of my closest friends a true brother

      Katherine StahlKatherine Stahl5 days ago
    • I have no idea how she wrote that all out and didn't realize how terrible she is. I can't imagine lacking so much self-awareness.

      J TJ T6 days ago
  • You are not the jerk for not giving your parents your school money. You earned it. They can ask your sister who just had a 30,000 wedding!!

    Linda HowardLinda Howard8 days ago
  • Terrible that he cannot see his granddaughter doubt this will change if he gives his daughter money though. He could put money for presents or things he would give her in a bank account and give it to his granddaughter on her 18th or 21st birthday with a letter/note explaining he wanted contact, he wanted to help but circumstances didnt allow it or something like that, include his contact details and leave it up to the granddaughter. It is a sad thing when people use the kids as a weapon feel lousy for this father, grandfather.

    Ann MAnn M8 days ago
  • Why let a Karen think she won, that is just going to fuel her ego and will continue her entitled attitude.

    msreduxmsredux8 days ago
  • It was not your wife or siblings choice. You had your own pain because lost your mother to their family who she loved and took care of while he suffered. He needed to find peace.

    k-no-dk-no-d8 days ago
  • 32:30 I had 5 guinea pigs and they lived for 7 -8 years.

    Ben PattenBen Patten8 days ago
  • Recommending kids to their high school level is the absolute worst part of teaching Middle School kids. (Especially in more wealthier school districts). You want a kid to succeed, yet not set them up for failure (and you would be doing so by putting them in a higher level than they need to be in). I had that same conversation (more than once usually) every single year.

    Hilary BlackwellHilary Blackwell8 days ago
  • I have a great pyrenees dog named Dakota

    Birds 3214Birds 32148 days ago
  • You are the jerk, OP, for not wanting your boyfriend’s brother to join the photo-taking. Are you so insecure that you think someone’s scar will take attention away from you on your social media accounts? What you did was self-centered, cruel, and hurtful.

    ES KimberlyES Kimberly8 days ago
    • What came to my mind is so this is what the mind of a karen is like

      Awkor DragoAwkor Drago8 days ago
  • I have a rottweilers, she's the best doggo and a very good girl but also has an attitude (if you have a rottweilers you know what I mean).

    jade gilliesjade gillies8 days ago
  • Whew, that one guy is soooooo lucky to be rid of Alice. Her daughters college is her responsibility or the daughters responsibility. Go to a community college for the first two years and take out loans for the second two years. Get a degree you can get a good paying job in.

    Ty BradyTy Brady8 days ago
  • 32:48 - the story about the dad who was “very young” when he had his daughter, had visitation rights but apparently his only involvement in his daughter’s life was to get her things when she contacted him... anyone else hearing this and how this daughter turned out to be entitled wonder whether she might have turned out differently if her father had been more present in her life and not just someone she reached out to when she wanted money or other things? The guy seems to act surprised that she grew up entitled when it isn’t clear he made much of an effort to parent her in a way that would help her turn out differently... Just saying

    Stephanie NStephanie N8 days ago
    • That's basically how you grow Karens. Most entitled people are deeply insecure. This young woman was taught by her father that love equals money and that you can only get that love on demand. It's actually really, really sad and that dad failed his daughter. He might not be responsible for her actions as an adult, but he is wholly responsible for bringing her to this point of Kareness.

      Inez De KleineInez De Kleine6 days ago
  • 4 dogs they're so spoiled

    Kirsty M.Kirsty M.8 days ago
  • Money cant go to anyone, wake-up scam

    luann Goodwinluann Goodwin8 days ago
  • “He’s just angry right now” said every enabler defending abusers ever

    Darlene CaneDarlene Cane8 days ago
  • im eating applesauce

    ziggieziggie8 days ago
  • Manager should have told Karen that op was a consultant rather than a customer. The fact that she isn’t paid doesn’t change the fact that she is a consultant regarding the blind rat

    Darlene CaneDarlene Cane8 days ago
  • I think the son should cook because THEN he will know how much work it is. Not the jerk.

    Heidi DietrichHeidi Dietrich8 days ago
  • For my birthday one year my older sister got me a hamster whos name was Sam. 3 days later "Sam" gave birth to 8 babies. That was a most interesting birthday!😂😂😂😂

    Aleta KeyAleta Key8 days ago
  • So let me get this straight about the one with the hand sanitizer. The girl's mother comes over to someone else's house, and bullies a minor without their parents present, demanding a privately owned item without any proof that it has been stolen? Does she realize what kind of situation she's setting herself up for?

    Rach AnnRach Ann8 days ago
  • My favorite sandwich is Ham and Cheese, Bacon Chicken and Cheese from Subway

    Jennifer NunnJennifer Nunn8 days ago
  • Fun story, No I've never had anyone take credit for my work, there was one time when someone came to the desk at the Library where I worked. My co-worker pointed at me and said, "Ask him, he knows everything." I replied "I do not know everything." She said, "So what's the answer to his question?" I replied "The speed of sound is about 770 MPH depending on atmospheric pressure and temperature." She said "There you see?" I said "Just because I know the answer to that does not mean I know everything!" @ 47:30 I did not play a trick on my boss, but he played a trick on me. We had got a phone call just before my boss went on break. We could not hear anyone on the other end. My boss, just before he went on bread said "Where's your mother?" While he was on break, he called me and pretended to be the caller we could not hear. He tried repeatedly to get me to admit who it was that said that. When he came back he was laughing, admitted to me that it was him calling (Note, he had a cloth over the receiver to disguise his voice.) and told me I had handled it exactly right.

    Daniel GableDaniel Gable8 days ago
  • What a weird bunch of stories to wakeup too.

    Sir FrydrykSir Frydryk8 days ago
  • Should the dad take part away the saving of his daughters to pay for his new wife daughter ? NO the wife is looking at you as an cash cow for free money, Only thing you can do is help the wife daughter find scholarship to pay for collage and give he some spending while she is in collage would be nice.

    Earl BlackmanEarl Blackman8 days ago
  • Split the two college funds so the third kid can go? It isn't 'fair' but life isn't Fair. Third kid needs to get it in gear & start working 2-3 jobs in summer to pay for school. Also, talk to a counselor at the local univ. re possible scholarships/grants that nobody's heard of. Dept. of Education can also provide loans & is safer than going to a loan sharking bank.

    Robin MitchellRobin Mitchell8 days ago
  • Leut is a member of the family and has been a member her entire life. ' Preggo Daughter' would be living under a bridge before I'd let her back inside my house. I'd even pack her suitcase (assuming she had one) & leave it on the porch.

    Robin MitchellRobin Mitchell8 days ago
    • I would have agreed with daughter that it was probably not safe for cat and baby to live in the same house , so baby needs to be somewhere other than cat's home .

      dennis langstondennis langston7 days ago
    • a pet is your responsibility for all its life. an adult child is responsible for themselves. a cat who has been his buddy for 10 years is like a 3 child. family are only family as long as they treat you with love and respect.

      Nini RossauNini Rossau7 days ago
  • Kid earned his own money, and did an excellent job of it: Spending $30K on a wedding & getting a second mortgage to do it was stupid on the 'rents part. Why don't they ask the daughter for the money back? She's the one it was spent on. Keep your college money, kid.

    Robin MitchellRobin Mitchell8 days ago
  • Bottom left connor red-ish pink

    johanna ramirezjohanna ramirez8 days ago
  • @ 31:36 I've been told about things I said when I was drunk and could not remember what I said. I had to admit though I could not remember saying that, but the sentiment still stands. Mostly that was because I loved the person I said that about, and I was willing to stand by it. I would not have said that sober, but you know, liquid courage. That being said, I'm still friends with both of the other parties involved. We still laugh about it, and they say I was not being disrespectful. Still, I wish I wasn't black out drunk at the time. I have only their stories to go by.

    Daniel GableDaniel Gable8 days ago
  • That daughter that surrendered the cat is a real piece of work. I would have kicked her out too.

    Heidi DietrichHeidi Dietrich8 days ago
    • Perhaps called CPS to surrender the baby??

      Jayne SmytheJayne Smythe13 hours ago
  • Guinea pigs arnt supposed to be kept as singular there highly social and at the very least u need two for them to be happy it's actually a law in some places u can't buy only one unless you have proof of already having guinea pigs I state this because while the mom was drunk and stupid op only mentioned one and now I'm concerned about the guinea pig (guinea pigs are actually mistreated frequently because alot of pet stores don't teach proper care same with hamsters)

    kitty leonelkitty leonel8 days ago

    GeneralShibeGeneralShibe8 days ago
  • I can’t stand it when employees “fake fire” the so-called employees to placate the obnoxious Karens. This just reinforces their thought that they have the ability to get someone fired just on their say so. I would never go along with it even if it was just to get the B to calm down!

    Stuckinmo ProStuckinmo Pro8 days ago
    • I agree! It makes things worse

      krystal floodskrystal floods6 days ago
    • My thoughts too. If Karen’s and Richards think they win they get rewarded for bad behaviour

      Darlene CaneDarlene Cane8 days ago
    • Yes! This!!

      Stephanie NStephanie N8 days ago
  • Renting,Crashing, only God has a SLIGHT inkling of what an Entitled Person is thinking!

    flashstudiosguyflashstudiosguy8 days ago
  • Always a great day getting to listen to Mr Reddit while I do stuff. Thanks!

    Lee ScalesLee Scales8 days ago
  • I have a rabbit, when that woman mentioned her son wants to play with one my insides cramped up cos that rabbit would have bitten him and then probably dumped

    LiLi8 days ago
    • @Heidi Dietrich poor kitty

      LiLi8 days ago
    • I had kittens at my house and was looking for homes for them. This one lady was going to adopt a kitten in order to get her daughter to want to come home. She was in DSS custody. Then she would throw the cat out on the street. Game over. No cat placement. But thank you for playing.

      Heidi DietrichHeidi Dietrich8 days ago
  • Never ,never give a Karen the time of day. Never let them cut you off.

    gary anthonygary anthony8 days ago
  • sorry two hours? not preferred

    Donald WalkerDonald Walker8 days ago
  • I have not been wearing a mask and my states mandate says I do not have to as people with certain physical or mental health conditions cannot be required to wear one.

    Kayla FullerKayla Fuller8 days ago
  • Rats are very smart and affectionate. We had 2 when my kids were growing up and they were awesome pets. We’ve had a lot of pets along the way - currently I still have my oldest rescue Snickers, a gorgeous 15 year old Husky Shepard mix as well as his “siblings” - Ranger (Belgian Malinois mix), Sadie (Lab Shepard mix) and naughty boy James (Beagle Golden Retriever mix) as well as our big ole kitty. All are rescues. We’ve had a goat (bad choice- they need at least another goat friend - do your research before you succumb to your daughter’s pleas of please mom, come on mom, so cute mom), micro mini pigs and assorted cats that have sadly gone to heaven along with 2 of my dogs this past year. The pain of their loss does not match the joy they bring to your life whether your baby is a rat, cat, pig goat, or dog. I know I’ll be broken when my Snickers leaves me, so I cherish every moment of his life as well as all my animals.

    michelle martinovmichelle martinov8 days ago
  • I agree with Karen about the sandwich

    Cory DayCory Day8 days ago
  • I have a 5 year old pitbull and a 5ft long corn snake

    Cory DayCory Day8 days ago
  • Going to enjoy some Mr. Reddit while cooking!! Thanks for the video💖💖💖

    Adrienne CAdrienne C8 days ago

    WakeenWakeen8 days ago
  • perfect timing😌

    Angie LAngie L8 days ago
  • 156 likes closer to Karen not speaking to anybody’s manager for a week☺️☺️

    RuLu The CowtatoRuLu The Cowtato8 days ago
  • That hand sanitizer Karen, I would've filled up the bottle with Vingar as its clear that both the mom and the karen are too stupid to know the different.

    falcon3268falcon32688 days ago
    • Vinegar and ketchup.

      Lady VLady VDay ago
  • Found Karen! - Lower left, red suit, white vest.

    Imzadi83 FanVidsImzadi83 FanVids8 days ago

      Stella TStella T7 days ago
  • Never actually had a Guinea pig, but the gradeschool I went to had one we students would take turns taking care of over the weekends, and later a chinchilla. (Looks like the needarans and needarinas from pokemon. So fluffy and cute)

    Ryan WesemannRyan Wesemann8 days ago