Feb 22, 2021
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Welcome to another episode of r/entitledparents stories.
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    r/mr redditr/mr reddit6 days ago
    • @Jeremiah Jenkins Lmao

      *-Mitsumiko-* :D*-Mitsumiko-* :D5 days ago
    • Whats the name of your podcasts?

      linda Rungruanglinda Rungruang6 days ago
    • You should do “For every like, one Karen realises how bad her actions/kids are” or “For every like, one Karen works independently.”

      *-Mitsumiko-* :D*-Mitsumiko-* :D6 days ago
  • I'd shovel Karens snow. Right into a big pile in front of their door, so they have to go out the back door to leave the house. Kathy lied and got embarrassed when the lie came out, and tried to blame OP. That's called gaslighting.

    indigowulfindigowulf2 days ago
  • I'd say Cathy was at fault and the people that were offended by the guy calling the Bahamas offensive are probably snowflakes that find everything offensive unless it's something they like.

    Robert BurgessRobert Burgess2 days ago
  • I just listened to one of your posts from a year ago, boy your voice has changed. I almost didn't recognize you. It's nice to see that Karen has stuck with you through all this time though LOL 😜

    Shannon BrydonShannon Brydon2 days ago
  • I litterally had the snow shoveling story happen to me. Except I just closed the door on her.

    Straight TalkStraight Talk3 days ago
  • so the person from Belgium is just as ethnocentric as she accuses the US people of being. I don't think Bahamas as "exotic." I think of it as a mundane vacation spot. Europe IS a better Country as we don't go there as often as Mexico, cancun, panama, bahamas, etc.

    MamaaudriMamaaudri4 days ago
  • First story is great, but the mask embellishments were obvious and unnecessary.

    F40PH-2CATF40PH-2CAT4 days ago
  • Kathy is a jerk and so is the people that commented that calling Bahamas "exotic" offensive. Grow up people b/c I'm from the US and I would call Bahamas exotic.

  • "I have 3 kids!" Then get them to shovel your driveway.

    Justme StillmeJustme Stillme4 days ago
    • I would have said " condoms are cheap" and shrugged my shoulders.

      F40PH-2CATF40PH-2CAT4 days ago
  • last story, wrong move... just tell him, that he was set up for failure by her way of ordering his sandwich. I guess, the divorce proceedings are now running, it might not be too late.

    Robert HeinrichRobert Heinrich5 days ago
  • Go hungry with your sob🤮🤢🥶🤣charity!

    Righteous AgitatorRighteous Agitator5 days ago
  • I think it's more fun to not call someone out on something (Unless it may cause immediate harm to life), your victory will be so much sweeter when they make themselves look incompetent. Boss:"EMPLOYEE, WHY DID YOU, OUR SKILLED TRANSLATOR, GO TO A MEETING WITH OUR JAPANESE CLIENTS WITH A ENGLISH TO JAPANASE PHRASE BOOK WHEN YOU SUPPOSEDLY SPEAK FLUENT JAPANESE!?" Employee:"Um..."

    flashstudiosguyflashstudiosguy5 days ago
  • 7:58

    Joe MamaJoe Mama5 days ago
  • This man is a legend hes raised like 1000 dollars for charity

    Butterscooby GamesButterscooby Games5 days ago
  • People giving him grief over "exotic"? They don't know what the word really means.

    Rick Roll RizalRick Roll Rizal5 days ago
  • 48 seconds including washing hands....

    ArcadiusArcadius5 days ago
  • That dutch is 10/10

    aardappel gangaardappel gang5 days ago
  • I Love your video, thank you for making them

    Kyle KyleKyle Kyle5 days ago
    • Glad you like them! 😎

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit5 days ago
  • Language story: Never give ground to a bully, blowhard, liar. They will use your weakness against you. Since when is 'exotic' an offensive term? People really need to get a grip. Anything can be considered 'offensive', but that is only if YOU want to perceive it that way. As George Carlin once said, "Bad thoughts, bad intentions and just words."

    Gary SakamotoGary Sakamoto5 days ago
  • I would shovel snow. Into a huge pile in front of her driveway. 🤣

    donny trumptasticdonny trumptastic5 days ago
    • You mean in front of her door?

      Jason DyrkaczJason Dyrkacz5 days ago

    Neo RidleyNeo Ridley5 days ago
  • Why didn’t Karen’s kids shovel the snow? I mean her 10 year old did it anyway and 10$ to him would have been fair

    joimumujoimumu5 days ago
  • 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❤️

    kittykim3kkittykim3k5 days ago
  • Hilarious wjen mr reddit tried to read dutch, had to actually go back and read to know what he was reading

    dutch gloriusdutch glorius5 days ago
  • I would shovel her snow it would be piled in front of her doors !!😈😆😂😹😸🙀

    Qwerty you I op ??Qwerty you I op ??5 days ago
  • If you have 3 kids then have them shovel.

    Platte pussPlatte puss5 days ago
  • You do realize that karens are liberal hacks, right??

    Stephanie BoothStephanie Booth5 days ago
  • 👋💜👋💜👋💜👋💜👋💜👋💜👋💜👍

    Platte pussPlatte puss5 days ago
  • You should I have red flags when she decided not to get on the lease another word she could do what she want makes whatever messes she want and not have to pay the consequences for it in the future I suggest if you get anybody even without a leash very clear as to what you will and will want to lots of time people into this and forget if you don’t tell people from they want to keep a firm foot on it they take kindness for weakness and they will take every bit of the kindness that you want to let go

    Carmen CarltonCarmen Carlton6 days ago
  • Puppy pad story: NTA! However I would assume a VERY CHEAP brand of puppy pads are being used if they are seeping thru. They're supposed to prevent exactly that. Also, take a puppy pad outside with the puppy?

    Merlin AthrawesMerlin Athrawes6 days ago
  • 1st story: Karen has 3 kids one of whom is 10, we don't know the ages of the others but I'm willing to bet the youngest is at least 6. I used to live in the western part of Michigan where we would get plenty of lake-effect snow. As soon as my kids were big enough to handle a kid-sized snow shovel guess what they were doing? Not by themselves, my wife and I worked with them, but they learned early.

    Merlin AthrawesMerlin Athrawes6 days ago
  • Cathy seems as pleasant as a Catheter

    tishelle francoistishelle francois6 days ago
  • I agree with the snow Karen that 50$ is overpriced she was still an entitled B about it though when I was younger I earned 20$ each time I shoveled the snow for my parents more if the snow. Was the dense wet kind (harder to shovel) this included the drive and front walk and covering both with magnesium chloride pellets, (does not cause harm to pet paws nor does it damage grass/plants unlike salt )

    chickenhoundchickenhound6 days ago
  • 2nd Story: Do not apologize to her and when you walk by her call her names in another language!

    Pat's Stuff ClarkPat's Stuff Clark6 days ago
  • I like eat poopsicle

    command lasercommand laser6 days ago
  • 900th like 👍

    Rose RaynorRose Raynor6 days ago
  • By not laying on her back

    Nimi SilverbirdNimi Silverbird6 days ago
  • Yes, I listen these every night to calm down and to sleep.

    Enna MatildaEnna Matilda6 days ago
  • Getting rid of destructive dogs is never a bad thing. But then, I'm a total feline fan so any dog that isn't totally subservient to cats never has my trust.

    TarotlynxTarotlynx6 days ago
  • I hate being micromanaged and had a boss who was awful and even resented the fact that I knew more than she did having been at the company longer. I'll write a proper reddit post but reminded me of an incident when she went mental at me for answering an urgent email whilst she was in a meeting without discussing it with her first like WTF??? For context our understaffed "team" was like a revolving door of employees and managers (she was my 3/4 when I still worked at the company), so me being there there longest/most consistently I got cc'd into a lot of emails. I replied to an urgent email whilst she was in a meeting which took me t seconds to answer and she blew up as I didn't discus it with her 1st.... Really glad I left that job as that woman was a nightmare to try and work for

    Miltz69Miltz696 days ago
  • Nope. I pay 50 dollars extra rent I can't really afford so that I don't have to shovel my own snow, or do any gardening.

    TarotlynxTarotlynx6 days ago
  • "Your charging me when you didnt charge the old guy?" 😑yeah, cause he old. You dont want to be charged, then make your own kids do it.

    Rosewolf29Rosewolf296 days ago
    • That’s what I was thinking!

      Mary Sue BurnettMary Sue Burnett5 days ago
  • I probably would have just shoved it to keep her quiet I’m a push over

    Bubble BreeBubble Bree6 days ago
  • No, I wouldn't shovel her driveway. Too entitled. Why can't she shovel her own driveway? 2nd story; cathy is a jerk. OP is correct and acted logically. cathy is a jerk.

    Brian AndersonBrian Anderson6 days ago
  • The language & lying new co-worker, go to HR & document the incident. I have learned the (very) hard consequences of shrugging off such people, lost a position because of said entitled know-it-all. Funny thing, when the rest of the crew for this specific project found out, 75% of them quite that project (crew was all volunteer, team leaders were “assigned” by management) as they too were fed up with the entitled know-it-all. A few months later, that entire project failed because she did not know how to do the job, only wanted the status, blamed the crew for her incompetence & absolutely had no people/leadership skills. Sad really. Almost ruined the stores rep in the community for helping the community, donating to local causes & raising money/matching donations to a children’s non-profit. I left about 18 months later & the store still had not recovered from this bad egg. Because I didn’t cover my butt through HR, she got away with this destruction & by the time management realized what was happening, it was too late to repair/recover. Exotic to me is any place I have never been too. Exotic to me are cultures I do not know. Exotic to me are people from anywhere I have never been too. Exotic to me are foods I have never eaten/tasted. Exotic to me means “ different”. Exotic to me means “beautiful”. Exotic to me is an observation, meant as a compliment.

    Davel FooteDavel Foote6 days ago
  • Such crap🦊

    kk44kk446 days ago
  • About the language story, no need to go to HR about the coworkers lack of skill in speaking it, if she was hired for the skill of being able to speak it will soon become very apparent that she lied and will be called out for her lack of knowledge.

    Paul LennonPaul Lennon6 days ago
  • i can understand the person from the second post since i am from Brazil, and for me Beach, Sun things like that are not exotic, when i think exotic, i think Europe and some parts of Asia.

    Rafael Antonio Bazana dos SantosRafael Antonio Bazana dos Santos6 days ago
  • I’ll never understand the level of entitlement some of these people have. It’s mind blowing as an understatement.

    sydneyyxDsydneyyxD6 days ago
  • Haha. My idea of "exotic" is some faraway place like Bali, Tahiti, etc. Being exNavy, I have been to The Bahamas, and many other Caribbean locales - Jamaica, US Virgin Islands, etc. Not quite my idea of truly exotic. I spent a week in The Maldives, and consider it fairly exotic.

    Lance RevellLance Revell6 days ago
  • How does this vid have 5,076 views and only 555 likes???????????????? BTW its kind of odd that the likes is 555 lol, BTW love the content keep up the good work.

    Diego OlveraDiego Olvera6 days ago
  • Story 2. Cathy was the jerk.

    melanie zirixamelanie zirixa6 days ago
  • Sorry, wearing masks are the stupidest do nothing things right now. So, I have to say anyone who idiotically asks someone else to wear a mask, needs to get a clue. You want to wear a mask, fine, wear one, but don't push your idiocy onto others.

    Kevin BrockKevin Brock6 days ago
    • @Kevin Brock What you just said is incredibly insulting to all who died or had their lives ruined by the pandemic, and all who risk their lives to fight against it, while also being so idiotic it is a miracle you are even able to type.

      Lukáš JosaiLukáš Josai4 days ago
    • @Lamar Is Not Here LOL. No being a Karen is trying to illegally take away everyone's rights because of your irrational fears about something about as harmful as the flu.

      Kevin BrockKevin Brock6 days ago
    • No wonder your name is Kevin

      Lamar Is Not HereLamar Is Not Here6 days ago
  • Exotic is NOT something offensive in the U.S. I have no idea what these people are mad about.

    Mune YotsukiMune Yotsuki6 days ago
    • Its reddit. They seek out offense.

      F40PH-2CATF40PH-2CAT4 days ago
  • Meatball sandwich.....sounded like wife set him up right? She ordered it, she said how much to put on it, extra this and that. So she knew it would happen and was ready to divorce him using this as the latest excuse.

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney6 days ago
  • First story: with the initial approach maybe if we're shoveling more snow on the driveway. If it's clearing EM's driveway then it's a solid ESAD.

    Gary SprandelGary Sprandel6 days ago
    • @Fandoms united Eat S**t And D(expire)e is what that means

      Gary SprandelGary Sprandel4 days ago
    • What does ESAD mean?

      Fandoms unitedFandoms united4 days ago
  • Reeeéeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Juan Marcano HernandezJuan Marcano Hernandez6 days ago
  • That's one cool bar manager. xD And Subway higher up, haha!

    KiraTheUsagii's WorkshopKiraTheUsagii's Workshop6 days ago
  • the mighty power of a meatball sub

    Scobrna NoScobrna No6 days ago
  • I shovel the drive and walks when our son is in school. When he's home and it's snowing, I can't do it because he's special needs and needs a lot of supervision.

    paden1865ablepaden1865able6 days ago
  • Lol love the videp

    Samantha UzarekSamantha Uzarek6 days ago
  • Hello, I'm a new subscriber to your podcast, nice work. I love it when you start to laugh and have trouble staying monotone. Thanks for the good stuff!

    Zeke T AKA HistoryStuffZeke T AKA HistoryStuff6 days ago
  • Never ever expect to get your full security deposit back, or any at all.

    Nickie the Hippie DragonNickie the Hippie Dragon6 days ago
  • That story with the driveway made me remember my childhood same thing happened to me when I was 16 and I shoveled my aunts driveway her neighbor wanted her driveway and yard front and back and tryed to give me 5 dollars then yelled at me when I said no thanks Dont feel bad happens to the best of us

    David JohnsonDavid Johnson6 days ago
  • I loved the nano-managing to get back at the micro-manager. 3 cheers from me!

    Adrienne GormleyAdrienne Gormley6 days ago
  • Yeah, no. With Karen being as rude as she was, I would've charged her a premium to shovel her driveway. However, living in, unfortunately, southern California, I don't have that problem.

    FredRated1967FredRated19676 days ago
  • The Karen (or Cathy, in the story), who said she could speak various languages like the natives of 2 or 3 nations. But said OP was suggesting that she was better then everyone else, when she spoke in the Dutch language. In fact Cathy was caught in a lie, about knowing those languages. Which in my mind, Cathy was the one suggesting she was better then everyone else.

    Lee HarriganLee Harrigan6 days ago
  • "Exotic" is not an offensive term in the US. Some people are just idiots and enjoy finding offense in anything/everything. They are a particular breed of the Entitled group. 😁

    KelfKelf6 days ago
    • @Lillian Hoigard Agreed. If referring to people it can be offensive since it's nearly always in reference to someone of ethnicity, but not for a destination.

      YN MonroeYN Monroe4 days ago
    • @Lillian Hoigard No.

      F40PH-2CATF40PH-2CAT4 days ago
    • Its not offensive to almost all of us, but to a select few who seek out to be offended (i.e. reddit users) .....

      F40PH-2CATF40PH-2CAT4 days ago
    • It can be if you are referring to a group of people or a person, but I don't think that I have ever heard anyone upset about it when it is used to describe a location.

      Lillian HoigardLillian Hoigard4 days ago
    • Another American here and I have never heard of "exotic" being offensive...

      Dustin DollmanDustin Dollman6 days ago
  • NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I MISSED A UPLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Miguel ValenciaMiguel Valencia6 days ago
  • Real dog potty pads do not leak through to the floor under them. I am not sure what pads they are using. I use human bed pads. They are cheaper and never soak through as long as the dog does not pee on the edge and actually gets the floor. And NO OP IS NOT THE JERK. DOG GOES OR RENTER GOES. Start eviction proceedings now.

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney6 days ago
    • or maybe the roommate leaves them too long, it could explain why there was an exact stain.

      velvety2006velvety20066 days ago
  • Kathy needs to get over herself and admit she got caught in a very big lie and couldn't come off as a big shot at work when people she told this story to and spoke a BS language she didn't know thought she was so fabulous and everything else.

    Suzy Boyle AndersonSuzy Boyle Anderson6 days ago
  • I had a job where wer had little computers....they only were for accessing work stuff....we had to make time entries for the drive time from one job to the next and how long at a job, different codes for different types of work we did on each job, also put in our break times. They were not WIFI (don't think it existed yet) we would have to use a phone line to down load, and up load to send what we have done to that point and also receive new jobs/repairs if any came in. I didn't mind.

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney6 days ago
  • If the EM'S mom's son is 10 why couldn't he go out and shovel the driveway right away. I was 10 and shoveling the driveway and sidewalks. Her son seems lazy AF.

    Suzy Boyle AndersonSuzy Boyle Anderson6 days ago
    • The daughter who had the party to go to could've done it too.

      Jason DyrkaczJason Dyrkacz5 days ago
  • Found Karen! She's sitting on the front mast.

    Imzadi83 FanVidsImzadi83 FanVids6 days ago
  • 2nd story: OP is not TA. they didnt know she was lying. she was caught in a lie and trying to save face. I mean what wouldve happened if her job found out she was "fluent in 2 languages" and asked her to translate something (you never know). would she make up excuses....claim they are the ones lying. my sister is fluent in french. she took classes in high school and college (I believe french was her minor) and studyed abroad in france for a semister through a program in college. but she doesnt brag about it (it became one of those degrees that she cant do anything with. she does work as one note taker people in trials. then one that types and reads back not realted but a good job)

    Power_struggle55Power_struggle556 days ago
  • Good job OP#1 for making her rude a$$ think twice. OP#2 .... Kathy ITA 💯.

    Mrs. Phoenix JonesMrs. Phoenix Jones6 days ago
  • growing up we had a huge long driveway up a hill. I believe my dad shoveled and when we were 10 or older and he couldnt. me and my brothers did.

    Power_struggle55Power_struggle556 days ago
    • Makes me glad I ham a lifelong Floridian! I have dealt with snow while in the military, and I am happy to have left it behind. I'd help an older neighbor if they asked nicely, but the way Karen acted, no way!

      Lance RevellLance Revell6 days ago
  • Hello from Belgium 😀🇧🇪

    Jigsaw ManiacJigsaw Maniac6 days ago
  • Hey Mr reddit, long time no see!

    ThetwotuxedosThetwotuxedos6 days ago
  • Thats an E-9 the highest rank enlisted can reach in the Navy.

    restionSerpentinerestionSerpentine6 days ago
  • So is speaking a foreign language a qualification to get the job Cathy is doing? If yes, she should be reported to HR. If she really spoke Dutch, she would have at the least said some words in Dutch to say that is what she speaks. If Cathy continues to drag this on, then she is trying to cover for her lies by making OP the bad person. Also, if Cathy would lie on a resume, what else is she or will she lie about? Liars are thieves too, so watch out.

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney6 days ago
    • Or she's just trying to brag that she goes on 'exotic trips' frequently whethete true or not.

      NovaGirlNovaGirl5 days ago
  • In the last story the GM is right that marriage had problems long before the meatball sub

    Kaden LemonKaden Lemon6 days ago
    • can you imagine how that's gonna go in court 'your honor we want a divorce because he spilled sauce on his pants while eating a subway meatball sandwich' 🤣

      velvety2006velvety20066 days ago
  • OP’s house OP’s rules if OP doesn’t want that dog in that house then the dog doesn’t need to be in that house and if the roommate doesn’t like it she can move right out. Not only that but 0P lost her security posit because of that roommate and her mother’s dog so I see that is reason enough to say enough is enough. Also the roommate speaks about it not being on the lease but she didn’t sign the lease Op 0/5 Roommate 2/5 Roommate’s mother 2/5 for not taking care of her own dog or training the dog or finding someone to watch and train the dog

    Kaden LemonKaden Lemon6 days ago
    • Wrong. Not op's house. Landlord's house. So landlord's rules. If not on the lease Karen has no rights to have the dog there in the first place; however not being on the lease may have been a violation of op's lease in the first place, so op is liable for her own bad decision in having Karen there at all much less with an animal. No pity for op in losing the security or the problem with roommate. She should have gone through proper procedures to make sure that the roommate got on the lease so that roomate would be responsible for damages. Op's own fault for trying to save a frw bucks on rent. Wound up costing her more in the end. Procedures are there for a reason and she shouldn't have had the girl there to begin with. No inversely, if she had followed those procedures and got the friend on the lease and the dog approved, like I said above, the roommate would then be responsible for damages. But at the same time in this situation the Karen would have had every right to say what she said when she said that it was also her place and could have the dog. If the landlord put her on the list, and approve the dog, then it wouldn't matter that the primary lessee didn't want the dog there. Should have no right to tell the girl who is paying rent and on the least with an approved dog that she couldn't have it there. Regardless of who was renting first. People need to understand these things before getting a roommate. What you might think is going to save you a couple of dollars, usually winds up costing you more when it comes to other people.

      Joseph ReeseJoseph Reese6 days ago
  • Grandpa was an outright savage

    RathRath6 days ago
  • The story with the languages: She is just upset that she got caught for lying. OP is not in the wrong, being conceited, acting superior, etc. If anything, that woman should take a lesson in all of this and actually STUDY other languages better instead of boasting. It's all too common for Europeans to know more than one than in the U.S. where most know only English. If people would reach out and actually learn something from other cultures and nations, we would ALL be better for it.

    Stephen DeCesareStephen DeCesare6 days ago
    • @doug perry european countries are more like US states. I lived in europe, and I do understand some Spanish, French and Italian, but I'm far from speaking it fluently. Which is why that, when I'm asked I say exactly that. French people always laugh when I tell em I played the part of a French cow on a 2nd grade play my school had. Only because I never got to say moo, and instead my line was, "je suis ici" (I am here). I guess you can say if I'm a pro at being a Parisian cow (my teacher back then was from Paris, so as a result I still speak the little French I remember with that same accent)

      Jerseybytes2Jerseybytes25 days ago
    • Its all about need. In Europe you travel 4 hours and boom you are in a different country where they speak a different language. Im in Seattle and if I travel 4 hours I won't need to know a foreign language. No such thing as Oregonian or Idahoan.

      doug perrydoug perry6 days ago
    • On a long bus trip, I once met two Dutch girls. I know a smatteting of high school German, so was able to practice a bit with them, as they spoke it too. Their dialect was a bit different than what I was taught. Think of a Texan and a New Yorker conversing. 😉

      Lance RevellLance Revell6 days ago
    • Totally have to agree on this. Heck, I studied two languages in college, but have hardly used them since. I can comprehend reading and understand spoken word, but my skills are so rusty, I tell folks "the rust if peeling off in sheets". For folks who do have the ability to use them properly as if native speakers, kudos. Like my friend from Aruba, whom I haven't met in person (but had voice chats with on line thanks to a MMORPG we both play). He speaks native Dutch, Spanish (because Aruba is so close to the South American mainland), French, and English, and his English is a lot better than most native English speakers I know. His English has to be good; he's a university prof in biochemistry, and a lot of technical papers he publish go to English language journals.

      Adrienne GormleyAdrienne Gormley6 days ago
  • I'm sorry, a SUB SANDWICH ended a marriage? That honestly sounds too ridiculous to be true *and* too crazy to be made up at the same time.

    aria0ft3hs0u1aria0ft3hs0u16 days ago
    • I`m with the manager on the story. if the sandwich was the straw the broke the camel back there were a lot of other things the pile up.

      j marinej marine6 days ago
    • I mean.... knowing people I'm sure that's actually quite possibly with how petty people can be

      jacthing1jacthing16 days ago
  • When the Karen who demanded OP to shovel her driveway, said she had 3 kids. What reply came to my mind was... "Well then, have them shovel your driveway." Which by the end of the story, one of kids did do it. I'm guessing Karen was demanding OP do it for free or for cheaper then what OP asked for..... was maybe because her own kids were asking more then Karen was willing to pay LOL.

    Lee HarriganLee Harrigan6 days ago
  • Have a wonderful day everyone expect for you karen

    Birds 3214Birds 32146 days ago
  • S2,your so worker lied to your boss and when they find out that your co worker doesn't speak the Dutch language ,she's fired anyway for lying on a application form ,and if they hear back from your co worker that knew she doesn't speak Dutch ,you're in trouble so report her to HR .NTA

    Leigh NisbettLeigh Nisbett6 days ago
  • Like my dad always taught me, never say NO to anything just give them a reason to say NO THANKYOU!!!!!!!!! Way to go OP1

    Rude CanuckRude Canuck6 days ago
  • Lady make your 3 kids shovel your driveway

    Cory DayCory Day6 days ago
    • Exactly. The ten year old should have done it in the first place. And what about mom? Does she have two broken arms? I'm a 69 year old lady with two creaky knees, and I can still shovel snow.

      dianne lavoiedianne lavoie6 days ago
  • I would shovel the show on her car covering it in snow then write a friendly note saying "now that I shoveled the snow good luck getting your car out of the snow" making It impossible to get out 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂

    Maple ErbyMaple Erby6 days ago
  • Haven’t been here for a while and Karen is still here

    Hispanic MIGHispanic MIG6 days ago
  • In the second story immature? No. You know what’s immature lying about your language skills and then acting like a Child when you’re called out on your BS. That’s immature Op 0/5 Karen 2/5

    Kaden LemonKaden Lemon6 days ago
  • Good night (Indonesian timezone) mr. Reddit and Karen... Nice reddit story....

    oman setiyantooman setiyanto6 days ago
    • Good night oman!!! 😃

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit6 days ago
  • If Karen asked me nicely instead of flying off the handle and demanding I shovel her driveway maybe I would agree to it for maybe like 10 or $20 or cookies i’ll except warm cookies and/or snow cream.

    Kaden LemonKaden Lemon6 days ago
  • Just use the snow to trap Karen in her house for awhile. Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Richard WhittakerRichard Whittaker6 days ago
  • It was easier to find Karen when they made her head too big. LOL but I find her anyway.

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney6 days ago
    • I’ve luckily never found a Karen, but have had trouble with a couple Darens.

      Cheryl OCheryl O4 days ago
  • Keep up these wonderful videos Mr reddit and I hope Karen finds a good shovel to shovel her own driveway

    Jonathan RatseyJonathan Ratsey6 days ago
    • @r/mr reddit welcome Mr reddit

      Jonathan RatseyJonathan Ratsey6 days ago
    • Thank you Jonathan!!! 😎

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit6 days ago
  • I’m not early, I’m on time.

    EpicPersonEpicPerson6 days ago
    • @EpicPerson you are right because it means that you will be late. If you leave early, on time or late for something then you are either going to be on time for it late to it or just plain miss it. I don't know your personal life but I am going to say this as you are not. Let's say you are a manager for a company wanting to hire someone. Would you consider hiring them if they were early to the interview, on time for it or late for it? Now more personal, what about if you were early, on time or late to your kid's event that they love to do? and going back to read your comment now that i have the free time to. you must work in the passenger transportation field because then you are right. on time is on time, if you are ealry then passengers miss you because you got there and possibly left before they get there causing them to be late and the same thing with being late. on time is on time but for the rest of the world that doesnt deal with getting people to a location its like i said in my first reply.

      repomanrepoman6 days ago
    • Early can mean you’re on time, but being on time does not mean you’re early

      EpicPersonEpicPerson6 days ago
    • @Esbat Von Lichtenstein so you have a doctor's appointment at 230pm and you walk in to the waiting room right at 230? Or a flight? We are not talking about an hour or more but 5-15 minutes is fine.

      repomanrepoman6 days ago
    • Punctual or nothing. Early means my time is wasted and thus money is lost. Late means their time is wasted and money is lost. On time is on time.

      Esbat Von LichtensteinEsbat Von Lichtenstein6 days ago
    • @repoman that’s what I was taught! 💅🏽

      Mrs. Phoenix JonesMrs. Phoenix Jones6 days ago