r/Entitledparents Karen DEMANDS I PRAY WITH HER FAMILY!

Feb 19, 2021
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r/Entitledparents Karen DEMANDS I PRAY WITH HER FAMILY!
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    r/mr redditr/mr reddit10 days ago
    • I’m here. Power was off and on for a little while this morning.

      Jo Buck87Jo Buck879 days ago
  • Wow stiffing people on their tip, how Christian of them.

    Aether ToastAether Toast7 hours ago
  • Oh holy reeeeeeeeeee

    Dimitrus RichardsonDimitrus RichardsonDay ago
  • I spent several years as an atheist. When living in Syracuse NY I had a t-shirt that said, 'THANK GOD I'M AN ATHEIST.' Boy, did I get accosted by the Jesus freaks of Syracuse! Tho America is a free nation, apparently some so-called 'Christians' believed that I HAD to believe in Jesus! I got harassed and pestered every time I wore that shirt...which is WHY I wore it, out of defiance. No offence to ordinary Christians, but these over-the-top robo-human Jesus jerks are more likely to drive me away than attract me to religion!

    OldMaidWhovian akaNancyGOldMaidWhovian akaNancyGDay ago
  • All hail the reeeeeeee 🤣

    Morgan IrvineMorgan Irvine2 days ago
  • "All hail the Ree." Best Karen moment ever.

    NyxxTheWryNyxxTheWry2 days ago
  • We had a 'roofing' party once, where we enlisted some friends to help re-roof our house. As per usual, several of them showed up with girlfriends/wives with children. While I liked our friends and their children, bringing children was always a bummer as the parents would start drinking and the children would run wild. Sometimes, the dads would show up to work with the children giving 'wifey' a day without them. Great! My own children's rooms would be wrecked in the havoc! LOL Normally, we would have cooked out on the grill with accompanying dishes from the kitchen. Chaos was so bad, I decided we'd order out. One of the big hamburger places was having a special on their large 'royal' burgers - 99 cents each. If the children didn't want that, their parents could deal with it. I called ahead as, by my count, we needed 25 of these burgers. The store was extremely grateful for the heads up and everyone was happy. Especially me, since it left me free to supervise 10 children and keep them from destroying my children's rooms.

    suruha2306suruha23062 days ago
  • As a pagan who tried multiple times to leave Mormonism, yes, I have been treated differently by people. A lot of "Don't you dare corrupt the children" and "You're just too influenced by fantasy games" and "You just want to be like your mother, who left you". Because of the second one, I was no longer allowed to play D&D, Skyrim, Mtg, and my other favorites.

    Ouroboros, JormungandrOuroboros, Jormungandr3 days ago
  • On the AITJ post... The OP was clearly the jerk, since she doesn't see how her sister's items are sentimental to her.

    Android! Hatsune MikuAndroid! Hatsune Miku3 days ago
  • I'm going to be a Karen! 23:41 You say she didn't make it when it says nearly died. WTH? Don't take so many liberties with the words. You have a easy job. Read what is in front of you. That's it and your still messing that up. Other than that, keep up the great work!

    Steve SandersSteve Sanders4 days ago
  • On the "Selling clothes"-part ... I would sell my second car and everything for my sister, but only if she is also trying to pay for herself! If she would be acting entitled like the one in the story, I would not give her a dime. If you are not even trying to get the money yourself, you are not going to get help from others (and you probably don't deserve it, as you are not entitled to anything, other people own!)

    Gecko 2.6Gecko 2.64 days ago
  • Yah I hate the church going crowd they never tip and they are so entitled 😑

    danielle dillerdanielle diller4 days ago
  • Honestly, that last story is something I hope never happens to me I'm agnostic and I rather not deal with people like that person whoever he/she/they are they have every right to decline the offer to pray people who are like this who force religion on you is like someone forcing their veganism or something like that

    Brianna PadgettBrianna Padgett5 days ago
  • People think that just because they sign a paper agreeing to something means it's legal...even if you sign a paper like that, that doesn't mean anything. Sadly, a lot of gas stations where I live do the same thing. They make their employees sign a paper saying any missing money from the till comes out of their paycheck...A friend of mine had that happen to him & his brother. My husband & I told them to report it, but they were afraid they'd get fired....can't get fired in retaliation. These gas stations still do this today I believe.

    Ariel MosierAriel Mosier5 days ago
  • People offer to pray for me and say god sent them to save me. I got so tired of it I started saying “thanks I’ll pray for you too”. Knowing I’m not a Christian this bothers them and they typically walk away upset and offended. I never pray for them because I don’t care or ever remember to. It’s just funny that they don’t see the irony.

    SilkandStonesSilkandStones5 days ago
  • If I were in the shoes of the first story OP, I would have said that I prayed in the morning, at night, and when I was about to eat. So unless Karen and her family were inviting me to join their meal, I politely decline.

    BigJay7410BigJay74106 days ago
  • For the couple with the disagreement about cooking, I would suggest a compromise. The husband should have 1 or 2 days during the week where he is responsible for the evening meal. The rest of the time, leave OP's food alone.

    Magical MedicMagical Medic6 days ago
  • The cop with the food was a tool. What kind of a person does that?

    KajatayaKajataya6 days ago
  • Egg man

    Andrey VAndrey V6 days ago
  • Kings island for the night win

    JOKER49022JOKER490226 days ago
  • That last story, that doesn't even sound legal.

    John SmithJohn Smith7 days ago
  • I am not religious whatsoever. I’m kind of anti-religion. Anyway I have a lot of family that’s religious and they pray mostly at big meals with the whole family. I just bow my head because as much as I want them to respect the fact that I will not go to church I have to respect the fact that that is what they do.

    charise cartercharise carter7 days ago
  • Wait wait wait pregnancies in the 7th and 8th grade bro I'm in the 8th and I only hear of girls getting pregnant in 9th or 10th grade bro

    The tAroqThe tAroq7 days ago
  • I'm religious and the first story annoys me so much. Christians what don't tip annoy me. When my mom was a waitress a large church group came, left a two dollar tip and a thing about "finding God" or something. She grabbed it, ran out to them and threw it at them, saying she didn't need their money and that she had already found God. They complained, but the manager took my mom's side

    Fake_Gamer _CatFake_Gamer _Cat7 days ago
  • If I catch someone putting crap in my food they will be cooking their own food from then on!

    hippy chiphippy chip7 days ago
  • If I don't want to talk about religion I just start talking about witchcraft and it works every time lol

    Haley HerbigHaley Herbig7 days ago
    • 1 Timothy 2:12 often comes in handy too, if it's a Karen that's hassling you.

      Stickie DminStickie Dmin7 days ago
  • WILD WEST CITY!! (Best westerns theme park)

    Wind RiderWind Rider7 days ago
  • Treated different for how you believe? Well, I have Celts on dads side and Gypsies on moms side, and grew up right on the border of a native reservation, so yeah, you should see their faces as I try to explain Im a sort of eclectic mix of magic, shamanism, and druidism. Some people break.

    indigowulfindigowulf7 days ago
    • 😂😉I for one know exactly what you mean ! I have the same heritage , celtic , bohemian, native American . I sort of just say non christian spiritual 😉

      Denese WarnDenese Warn7 days ago
  • Cooking story. As a chef I would have "fired" him immediately, dish duty for life at the very least🤣 Definitely would have put up restricted area signs in the kitchen as cops seem to understand those boundaries better than personal boundaries. Last story Not sure where they are from but it is not legal where I am from for us to force employees to pay for customer theft, just like most other retailers.

    David NorrisDavid Norris7 days ago
  • A restaurant that steals from staff when customers run out without paying 😡

    Percy JacksonPercy Jackson7 days ago
  • Messing with someone’s cooking is Not on 🤬 Cooking with someone is ok but messing around with a cooks food behind there back is Despicable as the chef may double up on ingredients.

    Percy JacksonPercy Jackson7 days ago
  • Yeah that last story is illegal Loss is on the management That’s why they are management

    Luca SkyLuca Sky7 days ago
  • All hail the Reeeee! 🤣🤣🤣

    Janice WilcoxJanice Wilcox7 days ago
  • The op with the food destroyer pig husband, should tell him as she's binning his latest mess that she's glad he has the money to keep tossing it out.

    Kellie PattersonKellie Patterson7 days ago
  • Tell OP that her husband messing with the food she cooks is a divorcable offense, and she should save the food then tell him that's all there is for him to eat.

    Nova KaneNova Kane8 days ago
  • My favorite theme park is Disneyland. It’s my favorite place in the world. It’s my happy place.🏰💖💖💖😁😍🥰

    Disney FantasiaDisney Fantasia8 days ago
  • PNW Hotel Story: detail about recent snow, about 2" worth. Sounds like Lynnwood area. The hotels are next to the freeway and are noisy, next to or "across the street" shopping center parking lot. And from my personal experience, the hotel employees lack any gusto even when it's busy. Routine, routine.

    k98237k982378 days ago
  • Actually, my favorite theme park is not really a theme park, but a roller coaster park, Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. They have some absolutely amazing coasters.

    jamiesuejefferyjamiesuejeffery8 days ago
  • OP you are not sick jerks reminder sister is nothing about you brother you'll find any one more money you got job you want me to dump on I'm looking for the money I'm going to take my clothes to with me for my own place to get my own apartment p.s. and by the way you're on your own sister good luck trying painting on bills making bills

    The little that engine could 20th anniversaryThe little that engine could 20th anniversary8 days ago
  • You sound like pennywise when you make the Karen voice I just imagine pennywise saying those things 😹🤣

    mint •mint •8 days ago
  • 23:41 “an much worse also didn’t make it, She’s slowly recovering but will need more care?” That confuses lol

    AsovereignsniperAsovereignsniper8 days ago
  • Momoyo semen when Disneyland man Universal Studios park

    The little that engine could 20th anniversaryThe little that engine could 20th anniversary8 days ago
  • 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟❤️

    kittykim3kkittykim3k8 days ago
  • In that last story, OP may want to check her country's labor laws. I don't think they can be forced to pay business losses.

    dxjxc91dxjxc918 days ago
  • For the 26-year-old you might consider maybe you shouldn’t have married that guy sounds like a jerk.

    B SB S8 days ago
  • Boy, would I have some choice words if I ever saw people trying to bully their waiter into praying with them. Honestly if I were the waiter I'd tell them to sod off myself, customer service be damned. However a lot of waiters wouldn't want to loose their job over this I imagine. So people overhearing should speak up.

    Els VerwilgenEls Verwilgen8 days ago
  • In the ruined cooking story (3 I think), I generally don't think you should ever blow up, but the husband has gotten plenty of warnings by the sound of it.

    dxjxc91dxjxc918 days ago
  • My family prays in restaurants like the first family but we don’t force anyone to join us. I’m in a Christian family, its something that we’ve always done

    Ashes FliverAshes Fliver8 days ago
  • I'm actually really confused about the husband who is terrible in the kitchen. Why, after so many failures, would he continue to secretly help in the kitchen? Is he an idiot? Does he not like his wife's cooking? Or is he intentionally trying to sabotage the food?

    all .horsefeathersall .horsefeathers8 days ago
  • I'm not religious, my immediate family did go to church growing up, and some of my family on my dad's side are. They know I'm not, they respect that others don't share the same beliefs as they do. I dont care what religions other people choose to follow, as long as they don't push their beliefs on me

    Jersey VegasJersey Vegas8 days ago
  • Whatever you say steve🦊

    kk44kk448 days ago
  • Thank their god, definitely reusing this🤣

    Michelle LeungMichelle Leung8 days ago
  • Story 1. In a way, I feel bad for EM'S kids, had their mother not been such a jerk, her kids could have won't. But the kids sounded like they have lots of their mother's bad behaviors.

    Kristin WieboldKristin Wiebold8 days ago
  • Op, I have a friend who’s the same as you. I can’t cook for the life of me unless it’s a grilled cheese so she would kick me out of the kitchen unless she needed me to find a pot or pan and i’d do the dishes in the end.

    Maria FoxMaria Fox8 days ago
  • The husband who resalts/spices his wife's cooking secretly should be told that she will no longer cook for him until he apologizes for ruining her food and making her parents sick.

    whofandbwhofandb8 days ago

    ladyfootZladyfootZ8 days ago
  • All hail the RRREEEEE!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Christine NelsonChristine Nelson8 days ago
  • Unfortunately the OP in the sever story is apparently in Virginia and docking pay for dine and dasher is legal in that state. Unless the employer violated federal law, nothing can be done

    Dalton GDalton G8 days ago
  • The server story: Depending on the area the actions of the restaurant may not be legal. Get a free lawyer appointment

    Alec EdgeworthAlec Edgeworth8 days ago
  • I like lego land and Disney world/land!

    Luke MLuke M8 days ago
  • No way would I pay for a walk out, those managers are coocoo

    Brenda LambertBrenda Lambert8 days ago
  • I love Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri. Been going there sense I was little.

    AdrianneAdrianne8 days ago
  • My favorite theme park is the only one I can go to. WALLY'S WORLD. Go after midnight for some great shows. FYI some of the shows may be rated OMG!

    JLHuntJLHunt9 days ago
  • Good thing is, the people in the first story have to forgive her.

    Nino MitchellNino Mitchell9 days ago
  • I would go no cooking for a long time for the husband spoiling the food. Tell him he can cook if he wants to. When he cooks invite his friends over.

    Robert CromwellRobert Cromwell9 days ago
  • On the story where OP's husband keeps messing with the food, perhaps she should cook her husband's favorite dish liberally laced with a laxative. That way, he can enjoy his evening on the throne.

    FredRated1967FredRated19679 days ago
  • People who “claim” to be “Christians” ( I believe in the Christ message, structured religion not so much) who try to force their beliefs onto others clearly missed the part of the Bible & message about “choice”. This refutes their pious entitled proud attitude as pointed out in the Bible. Right up there with he who is without sin cast the first stone. They are false & completely miss the Christ message. That makes them hypocrites. Shining a “light” & sharing his word/message does not include judging, condemning or arrogantly proclaiming they are Christian to try & shove their beliefs down other people’s throats.

    Davel FooteDavel Foote9 days ago
    • FACTS

      It's Raining RhinkonaIt's Raining Rhinkona8 days ago
  • *$14K* (even starting with $5K "new money" cap) a year on clothes?! 😵😲😵😲 🔥🔥💰💰🔥🔥💸💸💸🚽

    Trichome GnomeTrichome Gnome9 days ago
    • That's uncomprensible. I don't think I spend a hundred dollars a year on clothes.

      Cindy JohnstonCindy Johnston8 days ago
  • In story 7, did it get read out that the sister had died or did i hear it incorrectly...its late and I am tired, and I'll probably forget to check it again tomorrow ..so, anybody, in his 1st breath, did he say that the sister didn't make it, and then, literally in the next breath say she's recovering slowly? I'm a little confused. So again, I'm sorry

    Leanne StandringLeanne Standring9 days ago
  • My favorite theme park is Cedar Point Sandusky Ohio. Second choice even though it's no longer in use would have been Boblo Island Detroit River Michigan

    Mark DamianiMark Damiani9 days ago
  • You said the sister didn't make it. She did but she almost died.

    Heidi DietrichHeidi Dietrich9 days ago
  • If you want people to go to church instead of working on a Sunday, then don't go into businesses on a Sunday. (Logic escapes some people, I guess.)

    L.S.SquirrelL.S.Squirrel9 days ago
  • Worshipers of the imaginary immoral monster of a magic sky wizard, described in that book of somewhat unoriginal bronze and early iron age fairy tales, can be annoying sometimes.

    Mark BeiserMark Beiser9 days ago
  • I don't think the kids should have been penalized for the mom's behavior. It wasn't right.

    Heidi DietrichHeidi Dietrich9 days ago
  • On the story about the frequent flyer miles CNN tried this many years ago. It got taken to court frequent flyer miles belong to the person whose butts in the chair not the company they can't do that.

    Robert BedardRobert Bedard9 days ago
  • Also it's illegal for restaurants owners to charge employees, for walkouts!!!

    Rose GomezRose Gomez9 days ago
  • Principal must have been Jehovah's witnesses, they don't celebrate anything, including laughter!! 😒

    Rose GomezRose Gomez9 days ago
  • I had an entire governmental run trade school treat me poorly because of my religion. Not surprised with the USA.

    Anthro ArtistAnthro Artist9 days ago
  • Karen between the stories you surprise me I thought you wouldn't have sins! I mean all Karen's are perfect in their deluded view of the world!"

    Curtis BerardCurtis Berard9 days ago
  • Husband jerk! Ruined dinner! then went out to dinner with friends??!!!

    Rose GomezRose Gomez9 days ago
  • "...and much worse, also didn't make it. She's slowly recovering..." I don't mind you adjusting the words a bit but this implies that she died and is now recovering from actual death. Lol

    Erin RobinsonErin Robinson9 days ago
    • @Erin Robinson Only in liberal snowflake land!

      hippy chiphippy chip7 days ago
    • @hippy chip Generally, asking if someone has a hearing problem would be considered rude. Especially to a random stranger immediately after you've disagreed with what they said they heard.

      Erin RobinsonErin Robinson7 days ago
    • @Erin Robinson How was I rude?

      hippy chiphippy chip7 days ago
    • @hippy chip ALSO, I do have a problem -- it's with you being rude

      Erin RobinsonErin Robinson7 days ago
    • @hippy chip 23:39 pretty sure he says "also" not "almost" as there's no m or t sounds involved.

      Erin RobinsonErin Robinson7 days ago
  • I am so sorry; "So called Christians" give us all others a very bad name! We're not all like that.

    Rose GomezRose Gomez9 days ago
    • "We're not all like that." True. Most of them are much worse.

      Seven of NineSeven of Nine8 days ago
    • RIGHT

      It's Raining RhinkonaIt's Raining Rhinkona9 days ago
  • You did right in just backing up.

    Rose GomezRose Gomez9 days ago
  • Sea World is a cool park

    Mickey ReynaMickey Reyna9 days ago
  • It shocks and saddens me that people can behave this way.

    sheryl coetzersheryl coetzer9 days ago
  • As for the European bar story, that's Americans for you. You can't take them anywhere. Not even to their nearest grocery store. They don't want to grow up, and usually don't.

    TarotlynxTarotlynx9 days ago
  • I'd suggest neither of you bother paying the debt at all. No, really, I mean it. Paying off debt is really more something they use to get you.

    TarotlynxTarotlynx9 days ago
  • BTW, I dont care what a restaurant has you sign-Wait staff are NOT responsible for the bills from walk outs! If you do not share in the business profits-you should never share in the business losses. Your restaurant owner can take that off his taxes anyway! He is robbing you! Unless you have actual shares in the business as part of your paycheck -you are not an owner so you cannot be made to pay!

    beastshawneebeastshawnee9 days ago

    Pokeman2rg8Pokeman2rg89 days ago
  • To the server being charged for a dine and dash: THAT IS AGAINST THE LAW! YOU CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANOTHER PERSON'S CRIME! Sue your employer for WAGE THEFT!

    Kelly KoppelmanKelly Koppelman9 days ago
    • And to the people saying "Lawyers are to expensive" most law firms that specialize in employment law work on contingency- they don't get paid unless they win the case.

      FirstIsaFirstIsa8 days ago
  • Oh man, I feel for Opie who served the entitled Christian couple. People like that just rub me wrong. I am a Christian myself but don't see it as my personal duty to shove my beliefs down other people's throats. I treat others with respect regardless. Ugh.... Sorry Opie.

    Cierra BradleyCierra Bradley9 days ago
    • Right it's not my place and they need to learn the difference between spreading gospel and forcing down throats

      It's Raining RhinkonaIt's Raining Rhinkona8 days ago
    • Absolutely! And besides, Jesus worked on the Sabbath saving souls.

      Paula AndersonPaula Anderson9 days ago
  • >Reads title. >Hears first story. Yep. More proof religious people are very toxic. Karen: There's nothing more important than god. Me: The cure for cancer sounds more important.

    TheSolidMidgetTheSolidMidget9 days ago
  • Acab

    IzwolfloverIzwolflover9 days ago
  • Officer Mike is practically a deliberate poisoner. A time or two is a mistake. After that, it's all on purpose. Something's got him angry, but he's too cowardly to say it directly.

    TarotlynxTarotlynx9 days ago
  • Go away steve🦊

    kk44kk449 days ago
  • If I adjusted my wife’s cooking I would be given my head in my hands to play with!

    Paul LennonPaul Lennon9 days ago
    • probably well-done instead of rare...

      Gecko 2.6Gecko 2.64 days ago
  • linnanmäki is my favorite theme park its in finland

    Otto AaltonenOtto Aaltonen9 days ago

    WakeenWakeen9 days ago
    • @r/mr reddit omg u really read my comment omg mom bring the camera!

      WakeenWakeen9 days ago
    • REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit9 days ago
  • The fashion sister doesn’t understand geekdom stuff. She sold her stuff and made $7000 selling all the geek stuff would be lucky to get $700

    TheRuneTailTheRuneTail9 days ago
    • Whomever sold the geek's stuff would, however, get lots and lots of hagglers.

      TarotlynxTarotlynx9 days ago
  • Ok let me stop the server story before you go any further. If you're in the US, it is ILLEGAL to force employees to pay for walk outs. Period. Report your boss, and get the heck out of there! Easier said than done, I know, but also not. And also not worth the OTHER illegal practices I'm sure they commit on the daily.

    AhlamkinAhlamkin9 days ago
    • And fair or not to everyone else, it's NOT your fault they dont bother looking up the laws either. Its not your fault they payed instead of holding the company accountable. Oh...and you should be able to collect unemployment if you're fired, since seriously...its NOT your fault.

      AhlamkinAhlamkin9 days ago