r/Entitledparents Karen Demands I PAY FOR HER WEDDING!

Feb 1, 2021
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r/Entitledparents Karen Demands I PAY FOR HER WEDDING!
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    r/mr redditr/mr reddit27 days ago
    • Can you please link the stories?

      SilverFatalis 5653SilverFatalis 565312 days ago
    • Not to be a Karen but 'Xmas' is pronounced 'Christmas'...

      Chez SnailezChez Snailez20 days ago
    • Also it’s a bomb of a Karen story

      TheStyle MerchantTheStyle Merchant27 days ago
  • With that last story, OP’s mother was committing tax fraud for likely over a decade. She could easily get found out and go to prison.

    PartySuviusPartySuvius12 days ago
  • Funny video

    Shomari MonroeShomari Monroe13 days ago
  • The one where he tells his sister she’s dating his bio dad he was right to do that because the relationship could evolve into something you don’t feel comfortable

    EsroganEsrogan19 days ago
  • Money, time AND a kidney aren’t enough?

    Champ TooChamp Too20 days ago
  • That 'Karen: Oh this is gonna be good' lol

    BabyspiderBabyspider21 day ago
  • 1st OP He literally gave his own blood, a whole effing kidney and the stepdaughter is so ungrateful.

    Rick Roll RizalRick Roll Rizal23 days ago
  • The Sister Dating Op's Dad Story ---- UHM Totally NTA OP --- You are the damned Result of that Secret & honestly did your EM thinks it was going to stay a secret forever!?!

    Sebastian HopkinsSebastian Hopkins23 days ago
  • The "Re-Connection Story" -- I'm not crying, You're Crying!

    Sebastian HopkinsSebastian Hopkins23 days ago
  • Ask for your kidney back

    Haley HarrisHaley Harris24 days ago
  • Sounds like her mom’s guilt is eating at her. Ironic that she called OP a traitor when you literally cheated on your husband & got pregnant LOL - not the jerk at all, your mom is!

    caseycalifornia14caseycalifornia1424 days ago
  • #2 story is lovely 🤗💕.

    Carol WilsonCarol Wilson24 days ago
  • The bio-dad. OP did the right thing! Her mom is a Karen.

    Elizabeth G Enat-HungElizabeth G Enat-Hung24 days ago
  • First story: I don’t see how the mom views it that way. My husband is my daughter’s step father and I would never tell him to do something like that. I would have a heart to heart with my daughter about pushing her step dad aside like that. It’s hurtful and not fair of the biological dad to ask that of his daughter to begin with.

    sydneyyxDsydneyyxD25 days ago
  • I cant believe the frist story step dad gave his kidney to his step daughter and she repays him by taking his money, being distant and not invite him to her wedding.... This is why u should be very careful with who u give money and body parts to lol

    Lu luLu lu25 days ago
  • op you are not telling in the wrong for telling your sister that she was dating your bio dad your mother should be a shame for not telling her who he was and if she keeps making the remarks about you well if it was me i would just say well i may not be able to keep a secret but you couldnt keep your legs close i bet that stops her from talking to you like that NTA

    Germaine SmithGermaine Smith25 days ago
  • Smile MOre Roman Atwood SHout out :)

    SMART CookieSMART Cookie25 days ago
  • That husband is insecure and jealous I was married to one of those and all he's going to do is make his wife hate him He should be happy his kids have a nice man to spend time with them but his selfishness will always come first

    Melissa LucasMelissa Lucas25 days ago
  • OP is definitely not the jerk b/c you literally gave your kidney to your stepdaughter and took care of her while her mother worked. Where was her bio dad through the kidney transplant? I can't believe your SD though it was ok to ask you to pay for her wedding but then turn around and tell you not to attend. The mother, bio dad and SD should be ashamed.

  • The stepdaughter is an ungrateful choosing beggar, choosing her bio father over a Dad who did everything for her. What an a$$hole!

    Wendy PWendy P26 days ago
  • Karen....

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra26 days ago
  • Not the jerk!!!! Mother is!!!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra26 days ago
  • If you're not invited to the wedding, I wouldn't be paying for it if you're not going to be able to get a invitation!!!

    Maria IbarraMaria Ibarra26 days ago
  • The one with the neighbor is right the neighbor needs to be more like a man that loves his wife by getting a job and trust his wife

    Robbi LusherRobbi Lusher26 days ago
  • Gave her a freaking kidney. Wants you to pay for her wedding. Oh but you can't come. Likeeee...

    dizzysaurusdizzysaurus26 days ago
  • The story around the 23:00 mark is definitely walmart 🤣 Same crap happened to me but they would guilt trip me into unloading the truck while I had a broken leg and gave them documents that stated I couldn't lift over 5 pounds. Not to mention they refused to give me the 2 week notice paperwork so I basically had to just walk out. Walmart is a joke to work for. Dont do it.🤣

    KagomeMorinoKagomeMorino26 days ago
  • Its crazy to thinks that he gave up a kidney for this girl who later decided to uninvite him to her wedding and his wife cares more about her daughters feelings than her husband who literally pulled himself apart for her . A couple of selfish b!tches .

    John JacobsJohn Jacobs26 days ago
  • Third story OP was not the jerk the husband was. He was just jealous without reason.

    Florence ShulerFlorence Shuler26 days ago
  • I love the second story 💕. Happy endings are great 👍.

    Florence ShulerFlorence Shuler26 days ago
  • Is it too late to take the kidney back?

    Susan MinerSusan Miner26 days ago
  • That second story made me super happy and made me tear up that was so wholesome

    Anya SpauldingAnya Spaulding26 days ago
  • OP was wearing a Smile More shirt... It doesn't happen to be a Roman Atwood one now... does it?

    Ethan Carberry-HoltEthan Carberry-Holt26 days ago
  • First story? You *literally* gave her a KIDNEY, and it seems that her biological father wasn't even arsed to get tested. Neither she nor your wife get to ask for the time of day from you from here on out.

    EDS Wanderlust FairyEDS Wanderlust Fairy26 days ago
  • I was the 1000th like

    septic gamingseptic gaming26 days ago
  • If the step-dad isn't welcome to attend the wedding, then his money shouldn't pay for it. The mother should have been the one to tell the daughter to either tell her father that the step-dad has the right to attend if he pays or the father needs to pay the full cost if he is going to insist that step-dad is not invited. The mother and daughter are BOTH wrong.

    Paula RichardPaula Richard27 days ago
  • That little s**t after he gave her one of his kidneys the least she could do was invite him

    Jesus ChrisJesus Chris27 days ago
  • At one point, when I was overseeing both computer assembly and service/repair at a computer manufacturer, the company laid off both of my assistants and 4 of 6 assemblers at our branch. They still expected us to hit the same production goals, but that wasn't happening with 2/3 of the staff gone. I was salary and supposedly a manager, but they still had me (and everyone but the branch manager) punching a time clock. As a "manager" in name only I was supposed to come in early and stay until the expected workload was completed, but I started coming in and leaving exactly on time. The eventually realized that they were never going to make any of their expected targets and brought back the laid-off staff, but I kept on watching that clock on the production area wall. When they closed the doors of that branch, a few years later, I took the clock and it's still hanging on my bedroom wall, more than 20 years later ;)

    morallyambiguousnetmorallyambiguousnet27 days ago
  • Step dad did the right thing. Let bio dad pay. I bet that wedding wasnt as big as the step daughter wanted.

    Lanelle GipsonLanelle Gipson27 days ago
  • Smile more ~RomanianAtWood

    RoseAnime100RoseAnime10027 days ago
  • Oh my goodness I needed that second story! 🥰

    Brittany MillerBrittany Miller27 days ago
  • Honestly, I am just here for Karen’s input on the stories🥰

    Cynthia AppletonCynthia Appleton27 days ago
  • Op, your sister needed to know. You’re not the jerk.

    Maria FoxMaria Fox27 days ago
  • Second story:......AWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! That is the sweetest story I have heard in a very long time!!!! 😍😍😍♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Belle RainBelle Rain27 days ago
  • I hate to admit it but I actually agree with Karen 😱. That neighbor husband sounds insecure and controlling. He blamed OP for the argument he decided to have with his wife. Controllers alienate their SOs (families) from others. OP did the right thing by telling the wife otherwise the husband could control her further.

    Kathy BeckfordKathy Beckford27 days ago
  • In the first story i would tell stepdaughter that if i was not invited to the wedding i would not pay. I would slso tell her that i was the reason she was still alive to have her wedding and if she did not want me at the wedding i want my kidney back.

    Jay CooperJay Cooper27 days ago
  • loved the 2nd story

    Chris CarpenterChris Carpenter27 days ago
  • Can someone link me to the first story? I cant seem to find it

    jacthing1jacthing127 days ago
    • I'm trying to find it, too. I hope someone has the link.

      Roukera SatiRoukera Sati27 days ago
  • The Ricky/Sandy has to be best Reddit story EVER! My hopelessly romantic heart just melted.

    Gail PippinGail Pippin27 days ago
    • It helped restore my faith in humanity! ♥️❤️♥️❤️

      Belle RainBelle Rain27 days ago
  • Am I the only onewho would ask for my kidney back?

    AyaneVsWorldAyaneVsWorld27 days ago
  • That second story is so sweet

    w washingtonw washington27 days ago
  • First story: Ouch really. You donate you kidney to your kid and help them throughout their life then suddenly one day she just tells you to not go to her wedding for a dad who wasn't there when she needed him. Great just great.

    Random SomethinRandom Somethin27 days ago
  • Let her parents pay for the wedding

    w washingtonw washington27 days ago
  • First story: I agree op shouldn't have to pay for the wedding of he can't be there I understand that the bio dad will be there but who was there more for her as far as I know op was. I think it was very wrong that you want someone to pay for your wedding just not to even see it I believe op is correct.

    Tessa GoldTessa Gold27 days ago
  • Convenience store story seems to be Wally World

    Slushy JarlSlushy Jarl27 days ago
  • That story of the blind girl and op getting married is just too beautiful

    RainAngel111RainAngel11127 days ago
  • Gotta love the evolving relationship between Mr Reddit and Karen. very wholesome.

    Collin SlyCollin Sly27 days ago
    • I love how Karen still sounds like herself, but she's growing and evolving, and hasn't given a Reeee in ages.

      Michelle YoungMichelle Young5 days ago
  • Why did you marry Karen ew! That also means her name is Mrs. Reddit

    RainAngel111RainAngel11127 days ago
    • Naw, she isn’t Mrs Reddit even if they’re married. Karen’s seem to be the type to keep their maiden names. ;)

      Erica SchaidtErica Schaidt26 days ago
  • do not pay for the wedding

    DGHDGH27 days ago
  • sister dating op bio dad: If op and sister have same mom, that makes them half siblings, unless the sister is from the husband's previous marriage before meeting ops mom. In which case would be a very big deal if bio dad was dating her half sister, which I can only assume half sister looks like ops mom. 0.0 yikes. I know I wouldn't want my daughter dating someone who knocked me up and wanted nothing to do with the child.

    Breya Rima TerryBreya Rima Terry27 days ago
  • love the sandi/ricardo story. yay!

    sammy bubbasammy bubba27 days ago
  • Mr Reddit: “Am i the jerk for telling my sister she’s dating my biological father?” Me:”SWEET HOME ALABAMA!!!”

    Jimmy Bobbert JosephJimmy Bobbert Joseph27 days ago
    • I’m surprised “Dueling Banjos” isn’t playing in the background for that movie!

      Belle RainBelle Rain27 days ago
  • First story: Being a stepparent is almost always heartbreaking. You treat them and love them like your own but most of the time they will not appreciate it. I feel for that man, I hope he stuck to his word and didn't give a dime. He's already given enough.

    MsFluffySamaMsFluffySama27 days ago
  • That first story is just sad. I mean, the guy literally gave her his kidney, and she basically stabs him in the back like that. Gotta applaud that guy for not completely blowing up, I might.

    Kosta KatsoulisKosta Katsoulis27 days ago
  • Keep up the great work Mr.Reddit I love your videos!

    Kurt MillerKurt Miller27 days ago
  • And that first story I'm going to tell that stepdaughter give me my kidney back so she can get one from her real father

    Brian JardineBrian Jardine27 days ago
  • for the first one, i wouldnt have paid a dime. thats like paying for your friends to go to six flags then them telling you youre not invited.

    Keith WoolumKeith Woolum27 days ago
  • Nope. No wedding money for you!! If he loves her sooooo much, let the sperm donor pay. That mother is ridiculous. 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Lana RoyerLana Royer27 days ago
  • First story op get your organ back her daddy can give up his since she loves him so much and you didn't do anything for her

    J DJ D27 days ago
  • The second story is so wholesome and cute 😩

    Rachael EdgeRachael Edge27 days ago
  • Dear neighbor husband, I believe in honesty and openness. Anything said to me may be put on a large sign with names on people quoted.

    Gregarious3Gregarious327 days ago
  • I met a nice Karen yesterday at church

    Seth DaultonSeth Daulton27 days ago
  • #1: so let me get this straight: OP took care of her. Was there for her. Donated a KIDNEY for her and now she's abandoned OP for her bio dad, disinvited him from her wedding, yet STILL expects OP to pay for it?! Talk about UNGRATEFUL!

    Raven FoxRaven Fox27 days ago
    • @Chez Snailez She's the joke and so is her bio dad.

      Raven FoxRaven Fox20 days ago
    • Well, the jokes on her given that _his_ kidney will be walking down the aisle with her...

      Chez SnailezChez Snailez20 days ago
    • He should demand the kidney back ;)

      MacTechG4MacTechG426 days ago
  • Yay! The last 3 stories are ones I read on Reddit and yep, STILL much better hearing them in Mr. Reddit's dulcet tones but I miss his REEEEEEEEEEEEEs :-(

    Loki WolfLoki Wolf27 days ago
    • Karen is so mellow these days. Like, she's evolving into a normal human being.

      Michelle YoungMichelle Young5 days ago
  • First story: I would be asking for my kidney back!

    johnnybgoodeishjohnnybgoodeish27 days ago
    • 🤣

      Tania BamsTania Bams27 days ago
  • Oh yes, I almost forgot. The O. P. did exactly right by warning her sister away from her (O. P.'s) bio-dad. Even if there wasn't anything tainted, a male who makes kids and wants nothing to do with them is bad news all round.

    TarotlynxTarotlynx27 days ago
  • Story about Sister dating half sisters dad....she needed to know, what if sister got PG by OPs bio dad? OP would be the aunt and the sister to the child and OPs mom have to see bio dad a lot if he was in the babies life. Too weird.

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney27 days ago
    • @Michelle Young Yes not a very fun thing all around.

      Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney4 days ago
    • Can you imagine the tension in that family if OP's bio-dad decide that THIS TIME, he wanted his child? Maybe marriage? Can you imagine the mother's pain, every time she had a family dinner, with her former lover, who dumped her and their child, but married her daughter, and THEIR child? Ouchies.

      Michelle YoungMichelle Young5 days ago
    • that would be a trip lol can you imagine the face OP's mom would make the first time she set eyes on her daughter's boyfriend? ten bucks on that guy cheating on the sister, too (possibly with the mom - weird!)

      solarphoenix999solarphoenix99927 days ago
    • okay, give me a moment while a draw a genealogical tree to understand what you said

      miss a.a.miss a.a.27 days ago
  • No, I wouldn't pay one orange penny for a wedding where you've been exiled. Period. As for the Rick & Sandy story, I thought that was so sweet. Quite the surprise. With the quota story, why hadn't you gotten some authorities involved at this point? That was well-beyond hostile workplace.

    TarotlynxTarotlynx27 days ago
    • One orange penny? Lol. I can honestly say I’ve never heard that particular expression. :)

      Erica SchaidtErica Schaidt26 days ago
  • When I tell you I almost cried when I heard Ricky and Sandi got married🥺❤

    Universe98Universe9827 days ago
  • he was there for her when she was sick and gave her his kidney and this his how she repays him. so not cool. he shouldn't have to pay if he's not even going to be there.

    WanupgurlWanupgurl27 days ago
  • she was wearing a smile more shirts i know which you tuber that's from.

    WanupgurlWanupgurl27 days ago
  • I think I would sarcastically ask for my Kidney back and have step daughter ask her bio dad to check if he is a compatible donor.....(just to make a point not reality)

    Mary MulrooneyMary Mulrooney27 days ago
  • The stepdaughter in the first story is the epitome of ingratitude. That man gave her a kidney, for crying out loud!

    Jeanie Schneider-MitchellJeanie Schneider-Mitchell27 days ago
  • so let me get this straight. OP donated his kidney for her when he didnt have to, was around for her even when he didnt need to. Bio dad just decides to be a dad.....Bio dad has a bigger say. I get it....step daughter wants her bio dad in her life....but it sounds like OP was more of a dad then the bio dad. I believe you dont need the same dna to be family and because you have same dna doesnt mean you are family. My dad has same situation with my step siblings. He was there for most of their lives. loved them as if they were his own. Their dad moved states away and they saw him occasionally. yet to them my dad is the devil and their dad was a saint. Theyd (and still do) make horrible lies about him to either get him in trouble (which almost worked once when cps showed up but one look at him and asking interviewing everyone in neighborhood realized the story why they were there was bs) or to make them feel good

    Power_struggle55Power_struggle5527 days ago
  • There was a home I worked at where I was responsible for loading, delivering and cleaning up post meals for the Alzheimer's and Dementia wing using a meals on wheats cart. Now, when I first started there was about 12 to 15 on the cart. But after about 4 years, that number gradually doubled then nearly triple the original number. However, the overall number of residents there was dropping and the staff was told hours would need to be cut by a half hour in the morning. Giving me a half hour less to do nearly triple the amount of work for a number of residents that couldn't fit on just the one cart we had and needed to double up on trays. I was however, able to talk the dietary technician, (the kitchen manager) into letting me maintain the same hours.

    Ryan WesemannRyan Wesemann27 days ago
  • The cheating mother story: OP is not the jerk. OP's mother just didn't want her dirty laundry be aired out so that she doesn't have to feel any guilt feelings about the affair. If anything, OP's mother needs some therapy (possibly also with the father) to go through it because obviously she has some seeded issues that really need taking care of. If it's anyone's fault, it's OP's mother who had the affair in the first place so SHE needs to deal with it and move on.

    Stephen DeCesareStephen DeCesare27 days ago
    • @uk 98 that's what I was thinking. Even them dating is kinda gross. That puts the OP in an increasingly awkward situation too.

      Joshua GriffinJoshua Griffin26 days ago
    • imagine if the sister got pregnant that would be his half brother slash nephew holiday would be really messy

      uk 98uk 9826 days ago
  • Regarding the "Quota" segment: A sixteen-hour "quota" in an eight hour shift? I thought we had abolished slavery.

    Bob BlumenfeldBob Blumenfeld27 days ago

    JustDerek_YTJustDerek_YT27 days ago
    • @r/mr reddit No Problem Man! Your my favorite USworldsr

      JustDerek_YTJustDerek_YT24 days ago
    • I thought the dislikes 👎 were Karen’s from the Reddit stories 😅

      Hannah LimaHannah Lima27 days ago
    • You jinxed it 3 dislikes as of the posting of this reply

      AnimeFighter7 INCAnimeFighter7 INC27 days ago
    • Thanks Derek! 😎 This is the first time this has happened lol

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit27 days ago
  • that 2nd story was cute

    Magikarp's GhostMagikarp's Ghost27 days ago
  • OP You are not the jerks Your next door neighbor jerks You been coming at the Husband house You don't want to come outside Well I might tell you thanks to you and Wednesday hand kiss and your wife You willing the friends I Keep this up Your ex-wife soon Yavapai other place asleep

    The little that engine could 20th anniversaryThe little that engine could 20th anniversary27 days ago
  • Nice

    assasin ytassasin yt27 days ago
  • Stepdad who gave the kidney is more of a father than the biological father. She's a little snot.

    paden1865ablepaden1865able27 days ago
  • First story: the one that pays the bills makes the rules. So, if that's how the real father wants it and wants to make the rules - he can pay ALL the bills for the wedding. The step-daughter should have the guts to say something to real father, but seeing that she won't, accept the choice you make and OP's wife either needs to ALSO say something or shut up and deal with the consequences that her daughter is making.

    Stephen DeCesareStephen DeCesare27 days ago
    • right? lulz so bio dad where is your test to see if you can be a donor? you still got 2 kidneys? if your answer is no for the first and yes for the second then....get. bent. step daughter is confused but acting like trash in the midst of her honeymoon get together with bio. she seems maybe really thirsty for that blood connection.

      Paul ZinniPaul Zinni20 days ago
    • @Lady Phoenix I heard from a PI that in cases where an abandoned adult finds a missing parent, in 90% of the times it is for the best the parent stays missing. In the end, people almost always end up finding out the adoptive parent is the true parent,

      miss a.a.miss a.a.27 days ago
    • First story had me angry! Step dad most likely saved her life! No he shouldn't pay for the wedding, and shows the traits of an actual DAD if he didn't then point that very thing out even though it's true. Bio dad is a sorry dad, and she'll know it in time. Hopefully in time. 😪

      Lala ChenaultLala Chenault27 days ago
    • @Lady Phoenix Or bio dad does keep her around but just so that he can use stepdad indirectly as an atm. he needs a new car? manipulates daughter to get op to give her money. a new t.v? ask Op. There is no relationship to damage if stepdaughter chooses her sperm donor and sees Op only as an atm donor.

      velvety2006velvety200627 days ago
    • Yup. Daughter is making a mistake pushing aside the guy who raised her for the sperm donner. She’s gonna be in a world of heartbreak the moment sperm bank either realizes the daughter is too much to handle or that he did his “fatherly duties” and ditches her. As Yandu once said, “He may have been your father, boy, but he aint your daddy.”

      Lady PhoenixLady Phoenix27 days ago
  • 0 dislikes epic

    Edu ATAYEdu ATAY27 days ago
    • Wow that's a first! lol 😎

      r/mr redditr/mr reddit27 days ago
  • Cool. A trucker in the first story. My dad's a trucker and has been practically out of high school. He just turned 70 last october and is still trucking. Been in his blood and I dont see that ending anytime soon. Also, op in that story is in his right. Biological or no, his daughter has been slowly burning that bridge. I say finish the job. If she doesn't want you at the wedding, then f it and be done.

    Ryan WesemannRyan Wesemann27 days ago
  • So that mom who strayed would have no problem if OP's bio dad knocked the daughter and bolted, as per what is his pattern it seems? OP may have spared her sister a lot of trouble. That mom just didn't like being outed. The sister needed to know something that could have affected her entire life.

    Lisa KazmierLisa Kazmier27 days ago
    • I think you got a little confused. the problem wasn`t the man. we don`t know if he was aware the women he date was married. the problem was the mother she didn`t like her unfaithfulness being expouse. you are probably correct as there are no signs of the man trying to connect with his child.

      j marinej marine27 days ago
  • I used to deal with these types when I worked at walmart and a local tire chain This is a great reminder of why I work with the tools now. Karen's gonna karen.

    Recipes of RedemptionRecipes of Redemption27 days ago
  • For the first story do not pay for the wedding it seems that you are only wanted to save her life and an ATM 🏧

    Stephanie PedersenStephanie Pedersen27 days ago
  • In the fourth story OP is not the jerk. I think if I was her sister that would be a nice thing to know The mother on the other hand a complete jerk. The sister dumped him and that was that and the mother is going to go full mega Karen? It’s not that big of a deal Op 0/5 Sister 0/5 Mother 2/5

    Kaden LemonKaden Lemon27 days ago
  • No way he shouldn't pay for his stepdaughter wedding if she going to listen to her real father and not invite her stepfather to the wedding plus the bio father wasn't there for her at all after she was 11 year old

    Mickey ReynaMickey Reyna27 days ago
    • He should get his organs repossessed from her

      James OleloJames Olelo27 days ago
    • That family, including his wife, are entitled jackasses.

      Tania BamsTania Bams27 days ago
  • Wow he gave his kidney and is just getting slapped in the face that's horrible

    Rude CanuckRude Canuck27 days ago
    • Most likely being emotionally blackmailed by the biological father, that's why she didn't had the courage to tell him herself and asked the mother. the mother should have been the one to talk to her and the father and puted an end to all this before it even got to him

      Flávia FFlávia F27 days ago