r/Entitledparents Karen DEMANDS I go to Jail for Her, I CALL THE COPS!

Jan 28, 2021
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r/Entitledparents Karen DEMANDS I go to Jail for Her, I CALL THE COPS!
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    r/mr redditr/mr redditMonth ago
    • Hahahah 69

      6wekil16wekil1Month ago
  • 0:04 There are afew references in this XD

    Anubis YTAnubis YT5 days ago
  • Why should her? It's not her fault. If she take the blame then what happened? Her future ruined? Will u do the same when u know your future will be ruined? Daya totally know and aware she should not been driving at all. OP should not feel like a jerk though. She did right. If she take the blame her reputation take damage then drag family names and all. I kinda mad some people had nerves to tell OP she should not report this kind accident to the police. What will victim feel? Who gonna help him? What happen if his injuries serious or something?It doesn't sound minor accident though.

    Quratul AinQuratul Ain17 days ago
  • I like Chinese food but I all so like Italian food

    Danny The twoDanny The two19 days ago
  • Last story that got read... O.P. is not the jerk. It's his home, and he opened it up to people who were basically total strangers and gave them a place to stay. If they aren't comfortable with the owner of the home being present in the home, they should be the ones to leave. And if anymore of a stunt like that had been pulled, I'd have started calculating time and damages and demanded compensation for time spent in the house, and everything that went wrong in the house.

    Phoenixsorcerer24Phoenixsorcerer2427 days ago
  • Daya is REALLY Screwed... Driving without a License also means you're Driving without Insurance... Which means not only is Daya on the hook for at least 4 hefty Tickets (Illegal Turn resulting in an Accident, Driving without a License, Driving without Registration and Driving without Insurance), she's also on the hook for the cost of both cars AND the Medical/Hospital Bills for the Injured Driver... Daya is looking at $2,500-5,000+ in Fines, $15,000+ in Medical Bills and the Replacement cost of 2 Cars...she better have a REALLY good Job (or a Rich Family) to be able to afford that...

    A WilsonA Wilson27 days ago
  • I think Daya thinks of op more as her patsy rather than a friend because real friends would never pull that crap

    rita fryerrita fryer27 days ago
  • Last story not the jerk. It's Op's house not hers. She has a problem she's better off living in a hotel room on her own dime (Not Op's).

    Momma MiaMomma Mia28 days ago
  • OP is not the jerk in the first one. Serisouly, if you don't want to get arrested, then don't do anything that can get you into trouble. And honestly, even in minor accidents, call the police. You never know how the other is going to react.

    Fake_Gamer _CatFake_Gamer _Cat28 days ago
  • Italian food is my favorite

    Iconic CurlzIconic Curlz28 days ago
  • 2:40 if her light was yellow wouldnt his light be red?? Why was she found at fault?

    Mik KatMik Kat28 days ago
  • NTA you didn't do anything wrong glad you didn't change places in car or you would be paying for damages for the mans car as for your so call friends drop these fools and sue your ex friend for pain and suffering NTA

    Germaine SmithGermaine Smith29 days ago
  • UMM... Anyone telling Opie that she should have switched places is a scumbag if you want to drive a vehicle you do it legally and if that guy has anything medical later on down the line and he sues guess what it's not on her it would have been on Opie so Opie could have lost her entire life in litigation anyone saying that she's wrong is a scumbag and should honestly look at their lives

    Kevin McmahonKevin Mcmahon29 days ago
  • The first story is total BS... _"Daya"_ literally wanted OP to have a criminal record be put on OP so that she could get scot-free? Yeah... Nope... Also calling OP an entitled jerk for not facing severe legal consequences for the accident in place of _"Daya"_ ? I wonder who the entitled ones are then.

    Jesús Adrián Altamirano UruñuelaJesús Adrián Altamirano Uruñuela29 days ago
  • The neighbour I couldn't stand was a peeping Tom. He finally fell off his roof trying to look into my bathroom window. The perv was 70!!!!

    Deborah TillisonDeborah Tillison29 days ago
  • Belgian cuisine (I'm making a winter classic right now: endives rolled in ham, smothered in a béchamel sauce, and topped with grated cheese. It goes in the oven and comes out golden brown), French cuisine, Italian cuisine, Thai cuisine, and English cakes and desserts.

    Inez De KleineInez De Kleine29 days ago
  • I love ❤️ the expression, in the last story. "You can't set yourself on fire to keep them warm". That's definitely one to remember. 👍

    Shannon BrydonShannon Brydon29 days ago
  • I have to admit that one of the finest and tastiest evening meals I, and my late wife, ever had was in a pokey, little 'Hotel de la Poste' in Northern France back in the early 1980's. Corrected for inflation, the room for the night came to $10. The 3 course meal (including 2 excellent half bottles of wine), $150. They comped the bar bill that should have come to at least $30! It was only when we were leaving (with a "Bon route" from la Patrone) that I realised that the hotel held a Michelin Star! In the UK, we call that kind of joined property a 'semi-detatched' as it's neither a 'terraced' (a series of joined properties all sharing common divider walls) nor a 'detatched' (single dwelling with no shared walls). I've lived in all of them at one time or another during my life and now live in a 'semi' bungalow with my dog and SO. I once worked for a long distance haulage company where I used to 'work' the occasional weekend servicing the truck i drove. That all changed when the (female) boss decided to pass all the maintenance work to her ex (divorced). No idea why, but he ran a small garage and maybe had some qualifications that I didn't. That meant that any major work put my truck off the road and I would lose time and pay. Eventually it all came to a head when the brakes went out on me after a long downhill grade. Only by the grace of Lucifer did the truck hauling long bar stock moved off before I ran into the back of him. I took the truck to the garage and they took it off the road for 3 days. This was following an engine change that took most of a week! The first day I got it back I noticed a bald tyre and offered to take it to a local tyre place where we kept built up wheels specifically for that purpose. The first thing I noticed was that the wheel rotated with the air impact wrench even though the parking brake was fully applied. I was not best pleased, so I called the boss and said the truck was going nowhere other than the scrapyard! Taking it there was an adventure (!) in itself. Save to say that I was on the verge of jumping for my life with just a couple of yards to spare. Needless to say I was job hunting that afternoon!

    a man of many partsa man of many parts29 days ago
  • Ohhh. If I was the staff I'd say to Gabrielle. Make like WW2 and give up.

    TheSolidMidgetTheSolidMidget29 days ago
  • #1: why should OP ruin her life for an idiot?

    Raven FoxRaven FoxMonth ago
  • 2nd- I would tell gabby “you don’t like the food, cook it yourself or go home”

    seatheous robloxianseatheous robloxianMonth ago
  • Would have been cheaper to turn the music down....

    nunuthings1945nunuthings1945Month ago
  • Sounds like she got what she deserved if you’re going to do the crime you Gotta do the time.

    Donna LovejoyDonna LovejoyMonth ago
  • Lol.

    den Dyerden DyerMonth ago
  • Is she kidding man she could get her license revoked

    Hrithwik MondalHrithwik MondalMonth ago
  • My favourate food is classic american. Its simple, and thats what makes it so customizable and so awesome because you can do anything with it

    Eric GoodwinEric GoodwinMonth ago
  • First Video: Daya, you can't just be mad at your friend just because you don't want to take the fault, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, IT WAS YOUR DECISION TO DRIVE WITHOUT A LICENSE, THIS, IS YOUR OWN FAULT, GROW UP, ACT LIKE YOUR RESPONSIBLE AND SHUT UP!

    Felipe QuadradoFelipe QuadradoMonth ago
  • For the last story: OP is not entitled to take care of a family that didn't raise him. I'm glad OP stood his ground and kicked SM out.

    Minami OokamiMinami OokamiMonth ago
  • At 3 : 00 lying to the police is A serious crime !!!!!!!!!!!

    Artillary Man 8187Artillary Man 8187Month ago
  • The Step Mom and OPs Home Story - evict her and her child, they are just people to OP and they will bounce back.

    Sebastian HopkinsSebastian HopkinsMonth ago
  • Karen, you’re losing your edge! I’m calling you’re manager!!🤣🤣

    Broken AngelBroken AngelMonth ago
  • story 1: want you to take responsibility for her accident (besides the fines, points on your insurance, possible jail, other person's medical bills, etc.), if you do it for that, what else is she going to want to pass on to you to cover for her? last story: dad and step in your house; too bad, so sad! you've been told, warned, and now considered squatters beyond said date.

    Debbie ThomasDebbie ThomasMonth ago
  • Dear rslah may I tell a story of entitlement in the comments

    TheStyle MerchantTheStyle MerchantMonth ago
  • 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    kittykim3kkittykim3kMonth ago
  • My neighbor is part of an illegal animal trafficking ring that is disguised as a unregistered wildlife shelter...so yeah i cant say i like my neighbor very much

    StormStormMonth ago
  • Daya got the game f'd up! If the shoe was on the other foot she wouldn't have taken the L for OP. She's not a real friend for even suggesting that BS

    Keisha Iz AwesomeKeisha Iz AwesomeMonth ago
  • Gabrielle story: WTF? I've known good "cooks" and bad "cooks". Just having gone to a culinary school DOES NOT automatically make make you a good cook/chef. And quite frankly i''ve had some very good food prepared exactly as I like it that a "cultured food critic" would turn their nose up at and refuse to eat. Not everyone likes their food prepared the some way. Gabrielle, get over your "frenchness".

    Merlin AthrawesMerlin AthrawesMonth ago
  • Story 1: HUH??? "Daya" couldn't be bothered to get a license, get insurance or registration and wants OP to be the fall guy for the accident Daya caused??? OP is NTA!!! Who is TA? Daya and company.

    Merlin AthrawesMerlin AthrawesMonth ago
  • Been here since 1000 subs and this is still one of the best reddit readers

    QuestionableArtsQuestionableArtsMonth ago
  • NTA. Daya is the one who effed up. Let the other ppl get tickets on their record and have to pay exuberant costs in insurance

    Nimi SilverbirdNimi SilverbirdMonth ago
  • of course OP should not have taken the blame for the accident for Daya. Daya had no business driving without a license or insurance. Op would have had a bad mark on their insurance and their rates would have been raised.

    Que Areste EstaviaQue Areste EstaviaMonth ago
  • Ballsack

    Nate HNate HMonth ago
  • Neighbour story, I lived through that for 18 months.....sent me round the twist. 🤯🤯🤯

    Shahanna GreyShahanna GreyMonth ago
  • op is NOT the jerk

    Brandon RaskeBrandon RaskeMonth ago
  • Oh Daya you need to grow the f up and take responsibility for your mistakes. You need to learn a major lesson in responsibility and so does your mom and your friends

    Suzy Boyle AndersonSuzy Boyle AndersonMonth ago
  • In a country that requires reporting accidents, I imagine the penalties for not doing so can be nasty. Yes, Daya paid the price for the other offences, but I believe that not reporting would likely have been worse. Plus, I doubt the victim would remain silent about it if he or she wanted the insurance coverage...

    citrine dragoncitrine dragonMonth ago
  • I'm french and I apologize for people like Gabrielle. We find them annoying here too.

    Mary Anne AubertMary Anne AubertMonth ago
  • No

    monica kusekmonica kusekMonth ago
  • OMG we had a horrible neighbor most of it happened before my existence but she was unbelievable. Egging her own house then our house then calling cops saying my parents started it, blasting her music at 3am then Turing it down right before the cops came, insurance fraud by trashing her own home spray painting some derogatory words on her carpet and claiming she was robbed., my family witnessed her with a ton of her clothing in her car taking it back home from wherever she was hiding it from the “burglary” When my parents first moved in she was acting like the welcome wagon and wanting to see the house since the houses were built pretty much the same. After realizing what kind of person she was my parents figured she would probably claim my dad assaulted her or something 🤦🏻‍♀️

    Raven PoeRaven PoeMonth ago
  • The permit guy is a jerk.

    Alexis BurgosAlexis BurgosMonth ago
  • op in the first story needs new friends.

    Balake EmogakBalake EmogakMonth ago
  • No!!! Op isn't a jerk!

    Maria IbarraMaria IbarraMonth ago
  • I had neighbours and a very long time ago in FL and ATL who were raciast and the other one was extremely prejudiced !!!!

    Maria IbarraMaria IbarraMonth ago
    • I had a neighbour like that he had the audacity to put on a black Friends car Do NOT park outside my house. I had a Disabled Bay outside my house and he was angry about it as it lowered the tone of the St. The funny thing was he moved in more than 20 years after we did and because he didn't like the bay he got a friend 2 paint an illegal line outside his house saying that noone was allowed to park on it. Then Karma came and he needed a disabled scooter I couldn't understand why he was so angry that I needed the square yet wanted a line outside his house. I just ignored his ignorance.

      Jacquie ColesJacquie Coles28 days ago

    ladyfootZladyfootZMonth ago
  • Mexican food and Italian food and southern food are my favourites!!!

    Maria IbarraMaria IbarraMonth ago
  • True! Karen

    Maria IbarraMaria IbarraMonth ago
  • No! She's the one In fault for the accident and the other driver's injury! She and her family and your family and friends are way out of line!!!

    Maria IbarraMaria IbarraMonth ago
  • My favorite kind of food is Genuine chinese food, I have a friend from China and she's a amazing cook

    Missile GreviousMissile GreviousMonth ago
  • The mom shouldn't have bought her daughter a car if she didn't have a license. If anything, the mother should have held on to the key until her daughter passed her driving test.

    Kinsey BrelandKinsey BrelandMonth ago
  • He was not the jerk! My husband tried to get me to take the blame for an accident he had! I would not!

    Linda HowardLinda HowardMonth ago
    • Linda Howard so, are you still married to him? I'd have left his sorry butt.

      Gloria AndersonGloria AndersonMonth ago
  • I love Italian food

    Mary GordonMary GordonMonth ago
  • The friend in the first story and Gabriella had it coming, both of them. Who the heck drives without a license and then get's angry because your friend won't help you cover a crime?! And Gabriella... Oh Gabriella... I truly hope she learned her lesson and stop behaving like a jerk.

    KiraTheUsagii's WorkshopKiraTheUsagii's WorkshopMonth ago
  • We got 777 likes!

    King of LightKing of LightMonth ago
  • First story: OP needs different 'friends'.

    Gary SakamotoGary SakamotoMonth ago
  • Daya learned there are consequences for your actions. Got caught driving no license, her own fault. Too lazy to go get it.

    Lois MlhLois MlhMonth ago
  • Favorite food -- Love Mexican!

    Sharolyn WellsSharolyn WellsMonth ago
  • To the crappy friend in the first story. Let me see if I get this straight you massively break the law and expect your friend to take the fall for you, and you expecting that isn't entitled, but she has a lot of privilege by not wanting to go to jail for you?

    Jon WaltonJon WaltonMonth ago
  • Wtf is peoples issue for the first one... A car crash in an intersection would have had the police there even if OP didnt call... The other drive may have or a person who can no longer get through the intersection may have...im sure the dispatchers recieved multiple calls that day about the same accident. Also what if they swapped...and a witness or the other driver saw and then outed them for lying... Then not only would the driver be arrested but OP, for obstruction of justice, lying and whatever else they can tack on...OP was right to be honest The driver was breaking the law before even hitting the car...if she didnt want to go to jail over an accident she shouldn't have been driving illegally to begin with ......... Also anyone who says they would swap and take the heat and risk being found out is a liar

    BVB Girl1313BVB Girl1313Month ago
  • Tres Hermanoz. I could eat there everyday and never get sick of there food

    Demonic DonnaDemonic DonnaMonth ago
  • First story; Not the butthead. The driver was guilty as charged. Daya should serve her time. Never take the time.

    Brian AndersonBrian AndersonMonth ago
  • I'm such a territorial person that if I has OP in the last story, I would not have let his dad and step mom move in in the first place. Knowing how hard it is to get people OUT these days. Yes I am selfish. But I worked all my life for what I have, nothing was handed to me. Married a man who wouldn't work and was selfish. DIvorced for 35 years. No inheritance, no grandparents. Nothing comes easy for me. I have 1 friend that I would let live with me, or I would live with her so we could help each other financially, but we both know how that ends up, so we never did.

    Mary MulrooneyMary MulrooneyMonth ago
  • American can cool? Fake news! ;)

    Hans-Joachim MaierHans-Joachim MaierMonth ago
  • the op in the first story is not the jerk they should leave that toxic friendship

    PiperPiperMonth ago
  • This is one time I will agree with Karen, as far as the first one is concerned

    Zaracha StellarisZaracha StellarisMonth ago
  • You do the crime You do the time.

    Michele KMichele KMonth ago
  • No she did the crime she does the time

    Liz BolickLiz BolickMonth ago
  • Calling someone else entitled when you break the law and expect that person to go to jail for you is the very height of absurdity.

    Alice BlueAlice BlueMonth ago
  • definitely liked the sprinkle of pro revenge and malicious compliance stories mixed in, possibility for a whole half hour readings of them in the future? who knows!

    Stephen SoftpawsStephen SoftpawsMonth ago
  • The post about the lady want her friend take the blame for the car wreck, OP is right for not taking the blame for someone else, If she took the blame her , she could be blame for all the legal cost for the accident , I bet the friend did not have insurance on the car.

    Earl BlackmanEarl BlackmanMonth ago
  • My favorite food in the world is Cheese and Bacon Fries

    MaverickBoy 303MaverickBoy 303Month ago
  • The last story... The dad would have been a crappy parent no matter what his career choice would have been. There are many great dads who served in the military.

    Johnna GustafsonJohnna GustafsonMonth ago
    • I totally agree with great dads serving in the military. My dad isn't in the mood, but my grandfather and great-grandfather were. They were the greatest male family members in my family because they risk their lives for family and country

      DarkerMoonlightShadowDarkerMoonlightShadowMonth ago
  • Some dumb people really think calling the cops is bad yeah getting caught in a hit and run is better they both would be taken

    Akita_kongAkita_kongMonth ago
  • I think fried wontons dipped in sweet and sour sauce is my favorite food of all time.

    SciFi WriterSciFi WriterMonth ago
  • a friend called her privilege she didn't even want to get a license she didn't even have a surgery she didn't have nothing she just got in the car and they bought her and she just started driving that's privilege op not the jerk

    John ArispeJohn ArispeMonth ago
  • Gabrielle must have been a good lay.

    Charles MaguireCharles MaguireMonth ago
    • Ew

      Lil-MochiLil-MochiMonth ago
  • Daya is the privileged, and entitled, one if she thinks she doesn't need a license to drive a car. Dump her and the friends who sided with her!

    whofandbwhofandbMonth ago
  • OP you are not jerks people you friends taken the blame you get the mic thing to call the police but I glanced it for you is it your fault if I think you just hang up on you I don't know we're not friends anymore well I'd like you for watching me to call me jerks and that's why my feelings I I'm fell off the pythian new friends but I'm going to leave you my old friends behind

    The little that engine could 20th anniversaryThe little that engine could 20th anniversaryMonth ago
  • That karen must’ve thought they were some good friends

    Matthew Halo17Matthew Halo17Month ago
  • Mexicana or anything with fish. Could go for some good ramen or slushie right now.

    Ryan WesemannRyan WesemannMonth ago
  • If a person treats a wait staff badly then you don't need to be around that person. That person is showing you who they really are.

    biscuitninjabiscuitninjaMonth ago
  • upper right corner by the game buying table.

    WanupgurlWanupgurlMonth ago
  • I guess Chinese food. But not all Chinese food is equal. Mandarin for sure, but sauces, rice and a lot of ingredients are different at different Chinese restaurants. Favorite dish at Chinese restaurants......Walnut Prawns, fried rice.

    Mary MulrooneyMary MulrooneyMonth ago
  • Story 1: only people who are not willing to take responsibility for their actions would consider OP a jerk. Not only that OP would have gotten in trouble due to driving a vehicle without proper documentation or insurance, which not only would OP get everything that her "friend" did, but a suspended license and insurance going way up after the suspension and even more fines (believe me got caught driving with no insurance)

    Maniac MansonManiac MansonMonth ago
  • 1st Story: OP is NTA for switching places with Daya. There would be cameras to prove she wasn't driving at the time of the accident. She should ask those same friends who took Daya's side and see what they would do if it was them in that situation. That'll really open their eyes, and know that Daya was (and still is) in the wrong.

    Sir ZodiacSir ZodiacMonth ago
    • I feel like daya lied to turn the "friends" against OP to make daya look better.

      Rxe Plays MspRxe Plays MspMonth ago
  • Sounds like my old Mexican neighbor. They are rude enough to have party at 2 am several times. I built a history of police report and showed to the management, there was silence for 6 months. Justice!

    William ZhangWilliam ZhangMonth ago
  • So I guess OP is supposed to lose her place in the MA program if she was the one arrested

    Stephanie PedersenStephanie PedersenMonth ago
  • No op is not the jerk and I agree with Karen Daya isn't a true friend if she was willing to let op take the fall for her carelessness

    Mickey ReynaMickey ReynaMonth ago
  • Too bad for the SM & her son, but the house is his to do with as he wishes. Maybe he'd be willing to rent it to her as an income property, but if he wants them out, that's tough toenails for SM.

    Robin MitchellRobin MitchellMonth ago
    • He is being a bit cruel, and I wish he'd consider a constrained rental situation with the stepmother. But it is his home, ultimately. I just think he's taking his anger at his father out on his stepmother.

      TarotlynxTarotlynxMonth ago
  • Ramen is my favorite foood!

    Lache CastleLache CastleMonth ago
  • It's amazing the stepmom is a food snob and the daughter is a wanna be pastry chef. Even more amazing a lawyer involved with construction has awful neighbors who are construction workers. Isn't life amazing?

    MichieMichieMonth ago